Do Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails? 9 Clear Ways To Prevent Tail Rot

The bearded dragon is a favorite pet adapted by many enthusiasts. In the US, breeding in captivity is three decades old. Beardie pet owners are eager to acquire more knowledge about their pets, to give better care. Still, there are many misconceptions about bearded dragons.

To the question do bearded dragons drop their tails, the simple answer is no. People are mistaken to think that beardies can drop their tails at will, like in fight or flight as a defense, which can regrow. Even if it loses its tail due to injury or an accident, it will not regrow.

In this blog, we shall be discussing the queries do bearded dragons drop their tails and do bearded dragons tails grow back and other issues like the bearded dragons tail rot and many more similar questions on the bearded dragons tail.

Do bearded dragons drop their tails
Do Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails – can bearded dragons drop their tails – do bearded dragons tails grow back


Can Bearded Dragons Detach Their Tails

Bearded dragon enthusiasts want to know do bearded dragons drop their tails. It is a misnomer as enthusiasts ask can bearded dragon detach their tails or can bearded dragons drop their tails at their will.

No. The is no such thing as a bearded dragon tail drop at will, like in some other lizards. The bearded dragon tail is there forever.

However, to queries can bearded dragons lose their tail or can a bearded dragon lose its tail? The answer is this can happen in an accident or injury when the tail or portion of it is removed by surgery.


What Happens If A Bearded Dragon Loses Its Tail?

Besides the query do bearded dragons drop their tails pet owners also ask what happens when a bearded dragon’s tail falls off? Or when the bearded dragon tail bitten off. The first thing of course is pain and trauma.

However, if the bearded dragon lost tail action was for a medical reason, then still through healing period the poor beardie will be stressed. With proper medical care, the wound heals in a week.

The bearded dragon losing tail can affect its gait, as the tail aids in balancing its body during the walk, run, or maneuvering.


Can A Bearded Dragon’s Tail Grow Back?

It is commonly asked will my bearded dragon’s tail grow back, or another misconception is can bearded dragons regrow their tails. The answer is no. The bearded dragon regrow tail does not happen.


What Is Tail Rot In Bearded Dragons?

In simple terms tail rot is dying of the cells (necrosis). The tail tip tissues die due to the non-circulation of blood. The reduced blood flow to the affected area results in bearded dragon tail darker than body appearance. Over time the dead portion separates from the body.

Also called a bearded dragon dropping tail or bearded dragon drop tail.

A tail rot in bearded dragons picture can help a vet diagnose the illness and save time.


What Causes Tail Rot In Bearded Dragons

Pet lovers are quite concerned when they ask what causes bearded dragon tail rot? Another phrase used is bearded dragon tail black.

The blood circulation to the affected area is reduced or stopped due to any reason, resulting in dead muscles. After some time the dead portion separates and falls off.

The tail rot could be an accidentally pinched or crushed tail, bite by another beardie, infection, or mishandling during bearded dragon tail shedding.

Normally it starts at the tip end. The bearded dragon tail discoloration affects the area and darkens in color. It is difficult to judge in the beginning.

Pet owners report this as bearded dragon tail different color or bearded dragon black tail.

If the bearded dragon black tail rot is left untreated it can be fatal for the beardie with the infection spreading to the whole body.


How To Treat Tail Rot In Bearded Dragons

Besides the normal query of do bearded dragons drop their tails beardie owners are rightfully worried about tail rot bearded dragon.

They ask how to treat bearded dragon tail rot. The first thing they want to know if there is a bearded dragon tail rot home remedy.

Bearded dragon tail rot can turn into a serious medical issue if not taken care of at the proper time. If it is checked at the very start then simple bearded dragon tail rot treatment at home can be carried out as follows.

  1. Betadine solution soak. Soak the affected area of the beardie in 1 is to 5 ratios of betadine and water for 5 minutes.
  2. Dry the area by dabbing gently with a clean absorbent paper towel.
  3. Apply an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin. It should be without pain relievers, as the latter is toxic to lizards.
  4. Continue every day for 1 to 2 weeks. Betadine should not be used for more than 3 days at it will dry the skin and worsen the conditions.

The vet specializing in treating tail rot in bearded dragons must be consulted during this period.


How Do I Get Rid Of My Bearded Dragons Tail Rot?

Besides the query bearded dragon how to treat tail rot by medicines, some other measures have been highlighted by the vets and pet owners, as preventive measures.

Some are highlighted below.

  1. Purchase beardie from good breeder : Make sure you buy your beardie, in a healthy condition. Purchase from a reputable breeder than from an unknown or stranger.
  2. Proper beardie enclosure : Assure its enclosure is proper size and equipped. No sharp corners to injure the beardie. Maintain temperature & humidity and gauges to check. Keep it well maintained, clean and hygienic all time. Any bacteria or germs produced can affect the beardie.
  3. Fights & Stress : Fight between two beardies (male or female) is inadvertent, resulting in injuries, which can be infected and lead to complications. Keep them separate and calm and not angry most of the times.
  4. Hypothermia : Low temperatures can induce tail rot. Temperatures not properly maintained or heat bulbs old and not putting out the right power.
  5. Proper lighting : UVA and UVB of correct strength (wattage) is important for the wellbeing of the beardie. It helps in vitamin and calcium absorption. Replace degraded lamps. Learn how long beardie can go without heat.
  6. Proper diet/feed : Proper nutrition is important to build up a strong immune system to fight against infections. All food, supplements, and insects must be from a quality source. Maintain proper feed and play times for a healthy beardie.
  7. Shedding : Shedding is often associated with tail rot. If bearded dragon tail not shedding, do not forcefully remove the dead skin. Hydrate and apply oil, to keep it soft. Vitamin B deficiency results in poor bearded dragon tail shedding.
  8. Feed insects, especially crickets, should be removed immediately after the feed time. They have been reported to bite, which can infect the beardie. Too many crickets roaming in the tank after mealtime stresses the beardie.


Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Or Something Else

Besides the request do bearded dragons drop their tails, sometimes pet owners cannot differentiate between bearded dragon tail rot or shedding. Just by pondering on bearded dragon tail not shedding, time is lost and the tail rot issue becomes serious.

To help with tail rot on bearded dragon or something else, below are some signs in table format to differentiate between bearded dragon tail rot or shedding.

Tail Skin SheddingTail Rot
Skin color dullSkin darkens towards the tip & progresses towards the tail base
Skin peeling off in flakes as rest of bodySkin texture coarse, brittle and flaky, rest of body shedding is complete
Tail flexible, bendable, and suppleStiff tail, bent, kink will not go
Proper hydration helps in sheddingHydration and lubrication does not help
No pain on touching affected partPain on touching the affected part
No behavioral changesBehavioral changes like lethargy, lack of appetite, pain

A vet specializing in lizards should be consulted immediately when one observes a bearded dragon tail turning black.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon’s Tail Turning Black

Another general question regarding the bearded dragon dark tail is why do bearded dragons tails turn black?

There could be many reasons why is my bearded dragon’s tail black? When a beardie is stressed the body color darkens, including the tail. During shedding also the tail will darken.

The tail rot is one of the major reasons why is the end of my bearded dragon’s tail black. In skin shedding the dead retained skin sticks to the end of the tail and dries up, which constricts and reduces the blood flow.

Another reason why does a bearded dragon’s tail turn black could be due to injury to the tail and the infection has developed into tail rot.


Can Bearded Dragons Lose Their Tails?

Besides the query do bearded dragons drop their tails, people ask can a bearded dragon’s tail fall off? Or can bearded dragons tails fall off. The answer is no.

Beardies do not have the ‘autotomy’ properties, meaning they cannot separate their tails naturally as in the case of some lizards.

One pet owner reported a bearded dragon tail fell off? This is only possible if the tail was bitten off or accidentally, injured, or had a tail rot.


Baby Bearded Dragon Tail Nip

Effectively it means that the tail end of the baby dragon was nipped by another of its, most likely, senior fellow.

If the beardie has healed then it is ok. The short tail will be there for the rest of its life. Maybe a little less in value.


Bearded Dragon Bent Tail

Also referred to as bearded dragon broken tail. The tail has a definite bend almost halfway down. This could be since hatching time or from injury later on.

If the beardie is behaving normally, and it is not turning black, then it is ok. Could be due to a deficiency of calcium in the early days. A small normal kink is acceptable.


Does Tail Rot Hurt Bearded Dragons?

Tail rot is an infection and can get life-threatening. It can develop underneath the skin, with apparently no signs outside. It is decaying or narcosis of the body cells and gangrene sets in.

It is very painful for the beardie and owners report of the beardie biting off its tail in despair or trying to chew it off.

Do bearded dragons drop their tails
Do Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails?


Bearded Dragon Eating Tail

In many instances, pet owners have reported that their beardie has bitten its tail and injured it. With proper treatment at home, the injury was healed. It could be it had mistaken it as prey.

There are similar instances reported of the beardie biting its tail, in the end, a cyst inside, was found by the vet, and by surgery, the tail was amputated.

Sometimes during bearded dragon tail shed, the beardie eats its own shedding. The tail shedding is sometimes irksome, so it is trying to relieve itself.

One must be very careful in such instances and consult a vet specializing in the lizards.


Bearded Dragon Shedding Tail

People are curious to know do bearded dragons shed their tails. Skin shedding from all over the body is normal for the beardies and happens a couple of times in a year and takes weeks to complete.

The bearded dragon tail is narrow and thin, coming off of skin is difficult. The skin dries up and shrinks. Normally reported by the pet owners as bearded dragon tail drying off.

The bearded dragon tail drying up puts a constriction on the tail end. If not relieved properly, this results in a bearded dragon shriveled tail.

The constriction stops blood flow to the rest of the tail and the bearded dragon tail dying effect starts. Tissues die and tail rot develops.

Bearded dragon tail rot amputation is the only solution. If not treated by a vet, the infection can spread quickly, ultimately resulting in beardie’s death.


Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Surgery Cost

The bearded dragon tail amputation cost plus other expenses at the vet can go up to $400. It is important to attend to the first signs of the beardie’s tail problem, otherwise, it can become life-threatening for the pet.


Why Do Bearded Dragons Put Their Tail Up?

People wonder at the bearded dragon tail straight up, also called by others as bearded dragon tail up.

Pet owners report the bearded dragon tail up sign is when they are happy or when in a warm atmosphere or water.

Bearded dragon tail curled up is also displayed when running around, and chasing prey. It could be for having better control by balancing their body weight with the help of their tail. Sometimes, they could be laying flat to let the prey come close to them.


Can Tail Rot Kill Bearded Dragons?

Yes, bearded dragon tail rot can easily kill it. if the rot is not controlled in the early stages by amputation, the gangrene spreads quickly to the whole body.


Why Did The Tip Of My Bearded Dragon’s Tail Fall Off?

Do bearded dragons drop their tails off? The expression bearded dragon losing tail is more correct than do bearded dragons drop their tails. The fall-off could be due to the bearded dragon tail injury, either being bitten or through hard impact.

The injury results in a bearded dragon dead tail which would fall off with time.

The second reason could be stuck shed on bearded dragon tail. During shedding the dead skin sticks to the tail end and dries up, constricting the tail end, limiting the blood circulation to that portion.

This results in the bearded dragon end of tail dark and ultimately the bearded dragon end of tail dead and separating off.

In both cases, if an infection develops, then it can be serious and fatal also.


Can You Touch A Bearded Dragon’s Tail?

The tail is a sensitive organ of any animal, if the beardie has a good bond with you, you may occasionally touch a healthy bearded dragon tail, when you are caressing it.

Pet it from head to tail, with slow movement and gentle pressure. Normally the beardie does not like its tail to be handled.



Why Did My Bearded Dragon’s Tail Fall Off?

Pet owners ask why do bearded dragons lose their tails or do bearded dragons tails fall off or do bearded dragons drop their tails off. Separation or falling off of the whole tail is rare and a major incident.

It is always a small portion or tip of the tail which separates in this case of do bearded dragon’s tail fall off?

Mostly it is due to tail rot, or some injury like a bite from another of the fellow beardie, or accidentally crinkled, with the infection healed.


How Long Does It Take For A Bearded Dragon’s Tail To Grow Back?

People ask do bearded dragon tails regenerate? Or will a bearded dragon’s tail grow back? A bearded dragon’s tail does not regenerate or grow back once dropped or cut. So never do it.


Is Tail Rot In Bearded Dragons Contagious?

Tail rot is not contagious. The bacteria and germs present in the wound can infect others in contact with the sick beardie.


Is It Normal For A Bearded Dragon’s Tail Fall Off?

A bearded dragon tail falling off is not normal. It occurs only in case there has been an injury to the tail or there was a tail rot.

The affected portion of the tail dies and separates and the infection has not spread further and the wound healed.


Does A Juvenile Bearded Dragons Tail Grow Back?

The answer is no to the query do bearded dragons grow their tails back. The age factor does not matter. A juvenile dragon’s lost tail will not grow back.


Final Verdict On Do Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails

One of the frequent questions concerning bearded dragons is do bearded dragons drop their tails and do bearded dragons tails grow back?

The tail is a natural part of the bearded dragon’s body and helps it balance its weight during walking, running and maneuvering, and conveying messages through body language.

Can bearded dragons drop their tails is a misnomer. This quality is not found in bearded dragons. Tail dropping is common in some species of lizards like geckos but not beardies.

The tail being narrow, thin, and long sometimes pose a problem for the beardie. Either it is bitten or injured by an impact. If treated properly it heals. Or the end part rots and separates, without a problem.

If an infection develops and spreads then it becomes painful and if not treated in time, amputation is required to prevent further spread of poison and death of the beardie.

Another common problem arises during skin shedding. The dead skin sticks to the tail end and dries up, constricting the blood flow to the tip. This results in tail rot and ultimately tail falling off.

Do bearded dragons drop their tails
Do Bearded Dragons Drop Their Tails – can bearded dragons drop their tails – do bearded dragons tails grow back

Sometimes infection develops due to the beardie biting its tail in pain, which can spread and can be fatal if timely action is not taken. Make sure to train the beardie from young age and reduce mouth open phase as much as possible.

Simple home remedies are practiced to prevent tail rot incidences. Timely action and care are required, otherwise, the tail infection easily spreads to the whole tail or body.

Only a vet specializing in lizards should be consulted, as all vets don’t have experience of lizards.

Another inaccuracy is do bearded dragons tails grow back. Growing back of the tail is only possible in some species of lizards, not with the bearded dragons.

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