Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water? (9 Interesting Facts!)

Did you know that bearded dragons cannot properly drink their water if they are not helped? If you plan to keep your bearded dragon as a pet, you should ask yourself whether or not you think you will be able to provide adequate water for them. Keep in mind that bearded dragons are very active animals and owners need to think about keeping your pet beardie hydrated.

Do bearded dragons drink water? In captivity, bearded dragons drink water, but they won’t drink without being prompted. If not, then bearded dragons will never drink. Even if you put water in the bowl, it’s still not enough for them to drink.

Do bearded dragons drink water
do bearded dragons drink water – bearded dragon water – how often do bearded dragons need water

To find out how much water does a bearded dragon need, we must know all about bearded dragon water so that they get enough drinking portions every day.


Do Bearded Dragons Need Water?

Bearded dragons in captivity need fresh and clean water sources every day. You need to clean the water every day to keep your bearded dragons hydrated.

This means that if you do not think you can provide adequate water for your bearded dragon, you might want to consider other options for your pet, such as exotic fish or a reptile tank.

Do bearded dragons like water in their tank? Even though they can’t be in high humidity, but yes, they like and need water. Staying hydrated is the key to keeping your bearded dragons healthy.

Do bearded dragons drink water? Yes, they can drink water, although they can’t do it alone. You have to supervise your bearded dragons to drink, or you need to help them if necessary.


Do Bearded Dragons Like Water?

Bearded dragons like water. They even like to play with the water. Bearded dragon drinking a lot of water around them. They are also excellent swimmers and can go deep into the water without any problems.

In the wild, bearded dragons are typically adapted to living for long periods without water. Because they are naturally adapted to rough deserts, they can easily go for long periods without enough water to hydrate them.

In captivity, how often do bearded dragons need water and get the right nutrition need to be precise to enable them to have a long healthy life span.


How Do Bearded Dragons Drink?

Bearded dragon drinking water with their respective behavior. Some cannot drink the water in the bowl if they are not helped.

They may also drink from a shallow bowl provided for them if they prefer to mix their drinks from the ground. There are also bearded dragons who prefer to access the water by entering ponds or approaching wet plants.

Do bearded dragons drink water? Yes, they do. Because they need water to stay hydrated, you have to entice them to drink and teach them to keep them fresh in captivity.


How To Get A Bearded Dragon To Drink Water?

One way to provide your bearded dragon dehydration with a sufficient amount of water is to provide him with a water tank. Water tanks are specifically designed to hold one or more liters of water, which should be enough to adequately supply your bearded dragon’s needs.

Do bearded dragons drink water and need clean water? Bearded dragons will also require access to clean water throughout the day, which is why it’s advisable to provide a separate tank for drinking and other daily activities.

One of the most convenient ways to provide your bearded dragon with access to clean water is by using an automatic water dispenser.


How Often Do Bearded Dragons Need Water?

Another question that you might have when wondering how often do bearded dragons need water is whether or not he prefers to drink from a bucket or from a water bottle. Some bearded dragons will drink from a bucket, while others prefer the ease of drinking out of a plastic bottle.

This is simply a matter of personal preference, and what works for one bearded dragon may not work for another. As long as you provide clean water that is kept in a separate container than his cage, he should be happy and more often drink with this new addition.

Normally, bearded dragon water requires drinking not just one bowl but more. And they need to be hydrated twice a week so that their metabolism runs smoothly.


How Much Water Do Bearded Dragons Need?

If you ask because “do bearded dragons need water” and are still confused about how much water is right, you should also know the weight of your bearded dragons.

For every kilo of bearded dragons, you need 10-30ml per day. Let’s assume that your bearded dragons weigh 2kg, and you must give at least 20 ml per day. Bearded dragon and water are arguably the main needs in captivity to stay hydrated.

Do bearded dragons drink water? Yes, they do. Although not all bearded dragons like to drink alone, it’s still your job to provide them with fresh water or a clean water area.


Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water Through Their Skin?

No, bearded dragons don’t drink through their skin because they don’t absorb water with their skin. Bearded dragon drinking water can be from a bowl, misting, or getting water from the vegetables or insects they eat.

Bearded dragon water must always be kept fresh and clean because bearded dragons cannot survive in places with high humidity. Giving them enough food according to their size will help them stay hydrated, and their skin will not dry out.


How To Rehydrate A Bearded Dragon?

A dehydrated bearded dragon can be a serious problem. If you think about it, a reptile is not human and will not feel like you do when you try to rehydrate them. They have very different needs than cats or dogs, but they are still a reptile and require some care.

Water also helps to flush toxins out of the system. Make sure that you do not skip the bearded dragon water feed. It is important to feed your bearded dragon twice a day, the first one hour before you plan on going to bed.

This allows them to absorb all the nutrients from the food. You should always monitor their water intake to ensure that they are getting a sufficient supply of water.

You can make a small pool for them to soak and drink at the same time. You can also do misting every day, so they feel more fresh and hydrated.


How Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water In The Wild?

Wild bearded dragons often get their water from the plants or insects they eat. If there are puddles or small rivers, they can also dive to access the water and drink. Bearded dragons water does not need attention when in the wild because they also know when to drink and rehydrate.

Do bearded dragons drink water in the wild? Yes, there is no difference between captivity and the wild. All bearded dragons need a drink.


Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water?

Yes, bearded dragons can drink through tap water, but you need to understand how to get your bearded dragon to drink water. Moreover, the water quality from tap water must be considered, if necessary, use dechlorinating products so that the water consumed by your bearded dragons is safe.

Clean bearded dragon water will also give health to your pet. Don’t be confused if the bearded dragon doesn’t drink directly in the bowl or tap water even though you’ve prepared it because not all dragons can drink right away. Guide them slowly until they can drink without being guided.


Can Bearded Dragons Drink Cold Water?

Many bearded dragons do not like to drink still water. Immediately give them fresh cold water until they drink it, don’t let it reach the humidity point because they won’t drink it either.

How to give a bearded dragon water? You can entice your bearded dragons by dripping fruit juice in the bowl of water until they smell the fruit and are tempted to drink.

Do bearded dragons drink water? Bearded dragons are difficult to drink directly in still water and require owners to entice them to drink. There are even those who will not drink even if they are dehydrated.


Bearded Dragons In Water

Bearded dragons need to have access to water constantly. For bearded dragons in water is the only way to purify their blood and keep their body temperature constant. Without water, they are likely to die because of thirst.

This is why you should always include water in the lizard’s enclosure. In addition to that, make sure your bearded dragon can climb up ladders easily because they do that in the wild too.

Do bearded dragons drink water? You can buy or construct a small water bottle, which can be filled with water and placed in the cage of your bearded dragon. You can also make a small water dish from plastic or wooden bowls, which can also be filled with water.

Make sure the bearded dragon water is easily accessible and not too big for your bearded dragon. Another option is to buy or build a large water tank which you can keep in your kitchen. The bearded dragon will get lots of water from this tank.

Do bearded dragons drink water
do bearded dragons drink water – how often do bearded dragons need water


Bearded Dragon Water Fountain

For the pet lover who likes to be in nature, a bearded dragon is one of the best choices you can make. They can live in the wild, but if you want to keep one indoors, you can buy a kit that will let you add the bearded dragon fountain to your environment.

Do bearded dragons drink water? Bearded dragons require to have a constant source of clean, fresh drinking water in their natural habitat. To supply this need, you can either give them a bearded dragon water dish, or you could purchase a special bearded dragon water fountain.


Bearded Dragon Water Dripper

There are different types of how to hydrate a bearded dragon. The bearded dragons get most of their nutrition from their habitat. The bearded dragon water dripper contains a tank, a cover, and a drip tray. The tanks are usually big enough to house water for several days.

But it is best to change the water at least once a day. Water drivers usually contain non-toxic elements that are easy to maintain clean (inside and outside).

So, you can just make sure that there is no debris inside the bearded dragon water so your bearded dragon will not ingest any harmful chemicals or substances as part of its habitat.


How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Water?

Depending on why bearded dragons can’t get water, they can survive without water for from 3 to 14 days. Although your bearded dragon will probably never die from dehydration, losing enough body weight can cause other health issues if left untreated.

How do bearded dragons drink water in the wild? Although bearded dragons do not directly drink water, they can eat plants or insects that contain water. Do bearded dragons drink water? Sometimes they also drink from still water, although you will rarely see them in the wild.


Do Bearded Dragons Need Water Bowls?

The answer is yes. Without a bowl, they would not drink from the water. They live in such a way that it is hard to imagine they have any other way to get a bearded dragon water dish.

Do bearded dragons drink water from bowls? It takes a lot of hard work and time to care for them, making sure you have everything you need to make their living situation comfortable and convenient. Make them able to drink every day to maintain their health.


Do Bearded Dragons Need A Water Bowl In Their Tank?

If you have an indoor lizard, it may be good to purchase a water bowl with a bearded dragon water conditioner. Just make sure that you do not buy one that has a bulb on top of it.

This bulb can heat the water to uncomfortable levels. You should also keep the bearded dragon out of the water bowl during the day to prevent him from becoming overheated.

You do not have to spend lots of money on fancy aquariums and things like that. All you need to do is provide them with a tank capable of housing their physical and emotional needs.

With do bearded dragons drink water in mind, you will find that your beardie will live a lot happier and healthier than if you simply left him in his standard indoor tank and get access for them to drink.


Running Water For Bearded Dragons

Water fountain for bearded dragon is an important part of life for them. However, it is rare for them to enjoy it.

A dragon that runs from one end of its home to the other continuously has to drink. Even if it can go out without running into obstacles and predators, he or it still has to keep moving.

This is because their bodies are not flexible, and they cannot easily change the direction. In such cases, running water provides a much-needed source of water.

You should be able to find running water for bearded dragons around the locality. However, you must know how to clean and refill the tank regularly.

Do bearded dragons drink water from running water? Since bearded dragons are not interested in drinking still water, running water can be a way to increase their drinking.


How Often Should You Feed A Bearded Dragon?

When every lizard owner asks about “how often should I feed my bearded dragon.” I would say three times per day is a good amount.

Three times per day is a good rule of thumb for juveniles, although many bearded dragons require frequent feeds in their adulthood. The bearded dragon is not picky about its food and will eat whatever you give it.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must, and you should always wash and peel the fruits before feeding them to your bearded dragon. Vegetables should always be cut into large chunks.

Do bearded dragons drink water after eating? Although you don’t have to drink regularly after every meal, there’s nothing wrong if the bearded dragons are given regular drinks and adjusted to their meal times.


Foods That Good For Your Bearded Dragons

Besides asking about “how often do bearded dragons eat,” you should also know what foods are good for a bearded dragon’s healthy diet.

Below this table are some foods that are beneficial for your bearded dragons.

FoodsHow to prepare
GrapesNeed to be chopped to prevent choking
ApplesPeeled and cut for a bit size
StrawberriesDo not give them too often, but good in oxalates
KaleFull pack of vitamins and a staple food
ZucchiniSafe to eat but don’t have a lot nutriens
CabbageGive them in moderation with small chopping size

For insects, you can give crickets, ants, super worms, and earthworms. If your bearded dragons are juveniles, providing a few crickets per meal will provide them with a great source of nutrition.


How Often Should I Bathe My Baby Bearded Dragon?

Two to three baths per week are good for bearded dragons. Use warm water, so they also enjoy bathing. Per bath, they take 10-20 minutes.


Final Verdict On Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water

For the question, do bearded dragons need water to drink? Yes, bearded dragons must stay hydrated, especially if they live in captivity.

Do bearded dragons drink water
do bearded dragons drink water – bearded dragon water – how often do bearded dragons need water

Many are confused about giving the bearded dragons a drink because most of the bearded dragons don’t want to drink the still water in the bowl. Although there are some, if your bearded dragon does not want to drink, you have to help them so they don’t get dehydrated.

Bearded dragons should always be given fresh and clean water because they cannot live in humid and dirty water environments. You can buy a water filter or water conditioner to maintain the quality of their drinking water.

Keeping access to clean water for them to drink will prevent your bearded dragons from experiencing dry skin, lethargy, and weight loss.


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