Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones? 7 Clear Symptoms And 3 Health Issues

Fish is one of the most popular and healthy forms of protein in the American diet. Because it is such a healthy and popular meal, more people buy fish and give it as a treat or at least add it to their dog’s regular diet.

Unfortunately, while the fish makes a great treat, how about fish bones?

Can dogs eat fish bones? No, Dogs can’t eat fish bones. Fish bones are brittle, hard texture, and dangerous. They can be a threat to your dog’s life because they can lodge in several parts of your dog, starting from the mouth, throat, or intestines.

My dog ate fish bones and whining after one hour. After seeing it, it turned out that there were fish bones stuck to his teeth.

Can dogs eat fish bones
Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones Daily?

Since it’s dangerous for dogs, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about dog and fish bones.


Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones?

The danger from “can dogs eat fish bones” is a small and sharp form of fish bones. From its sharp form, if it is directly swallowed and is not bitten by your dog, it can cause sores when it goes through the throat to the stomach.

Can dogs have fish bones? Avoid your dog for fish bones of anything from the head to the tailbone. Even more dangerous is the fishbone on the body of the fish because it is sharp and fragile.


Can Dogs Eat Raw Fish Bones?

Can dogs eat fish bones in raw form? Fishbone remains dangerous in raw form. Fishbones can become shrapnel because they easily break apart, and the sharp edges can cause injury and cause throat lodging, organ perforation, or intestinal blockages.

Dog ate fish sometimes don’t pay attention when eating a whole fish, eaten up to the bone. Avoid that to happen. Separate the flesh and bones. Can dogs eat raw fish bones? No. Don’t let your dog get raw fish bones.


Can Dogs Eat Cooked Fish Bones?

Can dogs eat fish bones in a cooked form? Cooked fish bones are easy to crack, and if bitten by a dog, you will become jagged pieces. The rough details make cuts in the dog’s mouth more quickly and can be a more dangerous choking hazard than raw fish bones.

Can dogs eat cooked fish bones? No, even though it’s given in a bit of amount. My dog ate cooked fish bones and felt discomfort because a part of the bones stuck in the teeth.

My dog was whining for a few hours, and I had to find the cause until I finally found out because a fishbone stuck in the tooth.


What Will Happen If My Dog Ate Fish Bones?

Several things can happen if your dog ate fish bones. One of them is vomiting because when the fishbone gets into the throat, it will cause blockage, and their body forces them to remove the bone fragment.

You will need to provide a home remedy for bone stuck in dog’s throat. You will need to use a pair of tweezers to pick up the bone stuck in your dog’s throat. Don’t take it with your hands right away, as it can cause bones to get stuck deeper.

This is one of the bad things about “can dogs eat fish bones” because you have to think of a way to get the bone out of their throat.


Can Fish Bones Kill A Dog?

The fish bones can kill your dog because they can be a choking hazard, a cause of internal bleeding, intestinal blockage, and other risks that can endanger your dog.

Eating fish bones raw or cooked can cause sores in the mouth, throat, stomach, the intestines. If your dog swallows the fishbone and its body forces to expel it because it is lodged, it will become dangerous as vomiting can obstruct the breath.

Can dogs eat fish bones once you know it kills them? Please avoid giving your dog fish bones in any form.


Are Fish Bones Digestible For Dogs?

Your dog can digest several types of soft bones. Can dogs digest fish bones? Yes, they can if the soft bones are like sardines, soft-boned fish, presto fish, or other processed fish that are soft bones.

Can dogs eat fish bones and digest them? If you give the cooked fish bones, it is a harder structure and dangerous for your dog. The main problem is the hard fishbone and if the fragment will cause higher risks for your dog.


What Will Happen If My Puppy Ate A Fish Bone?

A very dangerous condition for a puppy is if the dog ate sharp bone. Puppies who still have to eat foods with a soft texture will find it difficult to swallow sharp bone or broken bone.

My dog ate fish bones, experienced discomfort a few hours later, and immediately took it to the vet. Especially if this happens to the puppy, it can be fatal.


Can We Give Fish Bones To A Three-Month-Old Puppy?

How many kinds of a dog and regardless of their age, are still dangerous if given fish bones. The risks are always the same and do not differentiate between puppy and adult dogs when eating fish bones.

The main problem is if your three-month-old puppy swallows fishbone and they start gagging. You must know how to remove bone stuck in dog’s throat, especially if you know that the puppy’s throat is still small and very difficult to remove.


What Happens If Dog Swallowed Fish Bones By Mistake?

Some dog owners ask about “can dogs eat fish bones” because their dog swallowed fish bones accidentally or was beyond the owner’s supervision.

Even if it’s not on purpose, it’s important to be aware of some things that can happen if your dog accidentally or not accidentally swallows fish bones.

Two things that can happen when your dog swallows fish bones by mistake are peritonitis and gastrointestinal blockage.

Can dogs eat fish bones
Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones Safely?



The sharp edges of fish bones can open a wound to the intestines wall. The gut bacteria can enter into these wounds and can cause severe infections.

This is one of the worst cases of “can dogs eat fish bones” because the wound in the intestines cannot be seen directly, and there is a need for a veterinarian medical examination.

The peritoneum can become inflamed due to severe infections, and this is what is known as peritonitis. If your dog has peritonitis, then it can show discomfort and pain if you hold their belly.


Gastrointestinal Blockage

Blockage can occur if a foreign object enters the dog’s body intact. If your dog has a gastrointestinal blockage, it can be dangerous because it can be difficult for your dog to eat or to remove the stool.

Do fish bones dissolve in stomach? Not all types of bones can dissolve in the stomach. That’s why fish bones can cause blockage and more serious problems.

My dog ate fish bones and needed to be taken to the vet after a day of feeling discomfort and unable to remove the stool. After being given vet treatment, the fishbone that became blockage was removed, and my dog had to go through recovery for up to two weeks.


Symptoms After Dog Eating Fish Bone

After the dog owners ask about “can dogs eat fish bones,” and they already gave fish bones to their dogs, of course, you will ask more about what should I do if my dog ate fish?

There are several symptoms that dogs often display after eating fish bones of the raw or cooked form.



You can begin to notice the early symptoms of dogs eating fish bones if they start with a fever. Your dog’s body wants to fight the infection in the body caused by fish bones.

Fever can be a sign of an ongoing infection, and you should always check their temperatures not to exceed 101-102 Fahrenheit.


Pale Gum

Can dogs eat fish bones even by accident? You have to avoid this from happening. Another thing that becomes a symptom of your dog after eating fish bones is pale gum.

Dog’s normal gum color is a white shade or pale pink. If the fishbone injures the dog’s gum, it can become infected and cause pale gum. Pale gum usually occurs because there is internal bleeding as well as infection.



My dog ate fish bones, and there was blood on their stools after being taken to the vet. This is because the sharp edges on the fishbone create a sore in the intestines, causing the stool to have blood color or blood in it.

If you already see your dog’s stool color is dark red or black, immediately take your dog to the veterinarian.


Appetite Loss

Can dogs eat fish bones? No. If your dog has had fishbone wounds in their mouth or in their stomach, then they will be traumatized and cause loss of appetite.

Even if you feed them their favorite food, dogs can be traumatized by pain in the mouth or internal injuries from fish bones.

If your dog continues to lose the desire to eat, then your dog will lose weight, weaken the immune system, and cause other diseases to occur more easily in your dog.

Appetite loss can occur if there is a gastrointestinal blockage, so your dog is not interested in eating because something is blocking the food from entering your dog’s body.


Frequent Vomiting

If your dog wants to get the fish bones out of the throat or in the stomach, the dog will vomit, and it can happen several times until the fish bones disappear from the throat or stomach.

If your dog vomits just once, you need to take them to the vet, as vomiting is not normal. Dogs vomit because they have serious problems inside their body or have been exposed to dog poisoning.


Abdomen Pain

If your dog sleeps in a strange position, then they walk like they are helpless and whining all night. Try to check them by holding their belly. If they are in pain when you hold their belly, then it is the symptom of abdominal pain.

You can check if your dog has eaten fish bones a few hours before on your watch because abdominal pain can occur due to gastrointestinal blockage, infection, or experiencing abdominal cramps.


Things To Do When Your Dog Swallowed Fish Bones

There are several things you can do for your dog if you have swallowed fish bones. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Things To DoExplanation
Check your dog’s behaviorCheck your dog for no energy, sleep in a strange position, and loss appetite.
Do not induce vomitingDo not force your dog to vomit, because it can be dangerous for your dog. Let it happen naturally.
Look for the remaining fish bones in their mouthCheck your dog’s mouth, and look between their teeth for any fish bones left.
Bring your dog to the vetIf you have dangerous symptoms such as gagging, vomiting, abdominal pain, immediately take your dog to the vet.


Final Verdict – Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones

Many are asking how dogs eat fish bones Reddit because dogs can eat fish meat. Sometimes there are also dog owners who provide them with the bones at the same time.

Can dogs eat fish bones
Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones Frequently?

Giving your dog fish bones is dangerous because it can cause many things, including peritonitis and gastrointestinal blockage. This can be fatal for your dog, as it can cause intestinal infections and lead to death.

Fishbones are also difficult to digest because of their hard texture, except for soft-bone fish such as sardines or processed fish. Raw or cooked fish is dangerous for dogs because it can become a choking hazard, mouth damage, and several other diseases.

Do not give your dog fish bones because there are many chances that your dog will have to be taken to the veterinarian because of the bad effects of fish bones on your dog’s body.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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