Crusty Scabs Around Dog’s Mouth : 5 Causes And 9 Menacing Symptoms

The crusty scabs around dog’s mouth are commonly seen in many dogs, but there’s nothing to worry about, as a little care will make your dog return to its normal state.

If your dog has crusty mouth, don’t worry about it, it’s not a very big thing for a dog, as 20% of dogs always have this condition in winters, and due to lack of water consumption, but the main cause of sores around dogs mouth is parasites; these are the organisms causing diseases in animals, and are not seen with the human eye. Several types of parasites cause crusty scabs on dogs.

In this article, I will discuss what causes crusty scabs around dog’s mouth and do you treat it. The black crusty scabs around dog’s mouth will also be addressed here.

Crusty scabs around dog's mouth
Why Do Crusty Scabs Around Dog’s Mouth Occur?

Let’s start discussing crusty scabs around dog’s mouth and in ear without wasting more time.


Crusty Scabs around Dog’s Mouth

The scabs around dog’s mouth will be due to many causes, and several things in medical science explain crusty scrubs.

The “dog crusty lip” condition is associated with skin infections and diseases that one must control in time.

Dog lips crusty scabs are very frustrating if left untreated, but every disease has a solution, and we can also resolve it. Scabs on dogs lips might be due to infections, and going to the vet will be very effective rather than doing some home remedies.

We can treat black crusts around dogs mouth by giving some proper vitamins, routine checkups, and maintaining cleanliness in dogs.


Why Does My Dog Have Scabs Around His Mouth?

A dog has crusty scabs on lips and mouth; what is the cause of this problem? Several factors are causing the crusty scabs around dog’s mouth.

Let’s discuss all these causes:



I’ve seen dog irritation around mouth, and it might be due to allergies. The sore on dog’s lip that won’t heal, is caused by many pathogenic viruses, and dog lip dermatitis is the main adverse effect caused by allergies.

When a dog starts getting an allergic reaction on its skin, there are mere rashes, but licking the rashes or scratching over, again and again, will cause crusty scabs around dog’s mouth.

Canine atopic dermatitis is a disease caused because of heredity caused by pollen grains, dust particles, and toxic air-borne substances such as lead coming out from the vehicles.

The allergies can also be due to:

  • Shampoos
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Law products

If the dogs start eating plants in your house, allergies are likely to happen because of oxalic acid, disturbing the mucus membrane.


Canine Acne

Canine acne is also one of the common symptoms leading to crusty scabs around dog’s mouth.

Acne is defined as the severe pimples on the skin, and crusty scabs around dog’s mouth also remark swollen lips, bloody wounds, and crusty scabs.

Facial structure trauma and genetic predispositions mainly cause acne, and if you don’t treat this thing, they can leave permanent impressions on the dog’s skin.



Water is the medium of life, and it is not just a phrase; it is the reality of life. In many cases, even in humans, less water consumption causes acne and lesions on the skin.

The crusty scabs around dog’s mouth might also be due to dehydration. The reduction in water composition in the body will cause many infections, and you will be saying that I noticed around my dogs mouth is red scar.

The dog cracked lips are the most vital sign when dehydration occurs, and always make your puppy drink plenty of water to keep it healthy.


Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalance is defined as more or less the amount of hormones present in a dog’s body than the normal amount.

Hormonal conditions are always because of genetic diseases, and you might see Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism mainly in dogs with crusty scabs.



Infections are the biggest cause of crusty scabs around dog’s mouth. Primarily, three types of infections occur in dogs, and these are:

  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungal Infections
  • Parasitic Infections


Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections cause sores on outside of dog’s mouth and may also contribute to canine lip fold dermatitis.

Bacteria such as Folliculitis are the biggest enemies of animals and cause irritations in the skin, which may aggressively become scabs.

Don’t let your dog bite his skin, as it might worsen the condition, and take it to the vet as soon as possible if dog skin infection scabs become out of control.


Fungal Infections

Fungal infections mostly cause ringworms which are the direct products of crusty scabs around dog’s mouth and body.

Ringworm might look like a round red patch which is highly infectious for humans, and pet owners might need to stay away if the dog catches fungal ringworm.

Soil infected with ringworm fungi will be the new source of blisters on dogs lips and chin. So again, cleanliness is essential for avoiding crusty scabs around dog’s mouth.


Parasitic Infections

In parasitic infection, a dog has blisters around mouth, and there are a lot of parasites that contribute to these infections, such as

These can cause sores on the skin, and red rashes will be violently converted to crusty scabs around the dog’s mouth and whole skin if the dog starts rubbing and scratching it repeatedly.


Nutrient Deficiencies

The black crusty scabs around dog’s mouth might also be due to some nutrient deficiency which makes the immune system susceptible to getting infections.

The crusty scabs around dog’s mouth and in ear are because of the following nutrient deficit

  • Vitamin B
  • Iron
  • Zinc


Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a complex vitamin formed by 12 essential sub-vitamins. One of the most important vitamin B complexes is Vitamin B12, which helps retain good skin and oral structures.

Less proportion of vitamin B causes anemia, tongue inflammation, and crusty scabs around dog’s mouth and lips.



Iron is essential for making the blood concentration and Hemoglobin levels in balance.

If iron is not present in the minimum amount, several bad skin conditions occur, and they cause crusty scabs around the skin.



Zinc is very crucial for new cell formation and healthy skin. If your dog’s diet isn’t adequate with zinc, it can also get hair loss and puss-filled crusty scabs all over its mouth and skin!

So to avoid “dogs lips red and raw,” zinc is very important.


Symptoms of Crusty Scabs in Dogs

Following effects are seen, and these parts of the dog’s body have problems when scabs occur:

  • Dog lip sores
  • Dog lip skin peeling
  • Dog fold dermatitis
  • Blister on dog lip
  • Dog dry lips
  • Crusty patches on dogs back
  • Crusty spots on dogs skin
  • Raw spot on dog’s lip
  • Redness on dogs lips

Furthermore, lip fold pyoderma in German shepherds is very common due to crusty scabs which need immediate treatment.


Which Dogs Are Most Affected by Crusty Scabs

Crusty scabs can occur in almost all dogs, but there are special sagging skin dogs prone to getting these scabs.

Following dogs are:

Due to the sagging skin, the chemicals, irritants, and the food particles and water might get in the lips, the skin, and groins, and they get very crusty and red.

Crusty scabs around dog's mouth
Why Do Crusty Scabs Around Dog’s Mouth Occur?

After that, redness might have itching, and dogs start scratching these areas, which are then transformed into crusty scabs.


How Do I Treat Crusty Scabs On My Dog?

What should I do if my dog has black crust around mouth? I know you also think my dog has sores around the mouth, and I think it is in pain, is there anything I can do myself?

Crust around dogs mouth might need attention when your dog is making noises and severe skin allergic reaction is seen; calling the animal services in your area might be the best option.

There are some of the best things and proven methods that might help your dog in such a horrible condition.


Crusty Dog Skin Conditions

The dog crusty skin infection causes a lot of inconveniences for the pet owners, and they need to be resolved as soon as possible.

The dog infection around the mouth causes different skin conditions, and many people would see the dog lip infection pictures and find the dogs very pit in such infections.

These skin conditions are common in dogs:


Dog Lip Fold Dermatitis

Why does my dog have red bumps around her mouth? Dog lip fold dermatitis is a condition that is caused by a wet and moist environment.

The area of the lip that is sagging in most dogs is often stuck with food or other liquids, which will gather moisture, and infections occur.

The moist areas seem to be very red in appearance, and dogs get very irritated.


Dog Lip Fold Dermatitis Treatment

We can treat the red sore on dog’s mouth with proper care and affection. Your vet will prescribe several oral and topical creams depending on the area of infection.

The doctors usually adopt these treatment mods:

  • Antibiotics
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Steroids
  • Surgery
  • Topical Chlorhexidine treatments

Surgery is the last option, in which the skin is removed from the dog’s body, and it may be very painful for the dog.


Dog Lip Fold Pyoderma

Lip pyoderma in dogs is a skin condition in which dogs have inflammation in the folding areas, such as the lips, the sagging skin, the neck, and the groins.

Dog scratching lips aggressively may also contribute to pyoderma, as scratching causes more redness in those areas.

Several viruses, infectious fungus, and bacteria are responsible for this, and proper treatment is needed.


Dog Lip Fold Pyoderma Treatment

Pyoderma dog lip condition causes sore on dog’s outer lip and also in the groins region. Lip fold pyoderma also occurs in the mammary glands in females, so we must use these ointments:

  • Antibiotic creams
  • Shampoos to eradicate the moist
  • Steroids creams (for aggressive allergies)

Lip fold dermatitis is also known as the Dog Jowl Infection, in which the pet owners might be experiencing dog lips red condition.

Dogs might need surgery; if the dog has crusty scabs all over the body, it is because it has been scratching very much that caused scabs over the body.

Consult your vet immediately if you think that your dog can’t take the infection, and the vet will describe the best available treatment for your dog.


Types Of Dog Crusty Rash

The redness around dogs mouth causes several types of crusty stuff on dogs skin. But the black scab and the brown scab are seen in the dogs.


Black Crusty Scab On Dog

Sore on dog upper lip of a dog causes black crusty scab. It is usually due to over-itching and over-scratching of the targeted area.

In this case, first, the skin appears red, and after aggressive itching and scratching, the redness starts Turning into black scabs. Black scabs are very severe types of scabs that affect dogs.

Proper treatment, including proper water consumption, bathing the dog, using medicated shampoos, and other oral treatments, help soothe this condition.


Brown Scab On Dog

My dog has red lips; will these turn into scabs? Brown scabs are also some vascular skin diseases that are responsible for making dogs very sick.

Brown scabs appear because dogs are very sensitive to the pollens and many other things present in the air.

Many irritants such as pollens, dust, lead chemicals, and other ozone and primary and secondary pollutants will also cause brown scabs.

The only treatment for the brown or any other skin condition is immediately taking your dog to a vet without wasting time.

But you can also use some home remedies for the crusty scrubs in dogs.


Home Remedies For Crusty Scrubs

Taking your dog to a vet with crusty scabs should be the option when it has conceived a very severe infection, but if the rash on the skin and lips is not severe, it could be treated at home.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common remedy that everyone can use for their dog’s skin scabs. The antibacterial and soothing properties of Aloe Vera will help the scabs press down,  and your dog will get a soothing effect.



Honey is a natural treatment for every disorder in the world. No matter how bad your skin is, Applying honey on the skin will help you.

You can also use honey for dogs and see the pleasant effects of hone for crusty scabs around the dog’s mouth and lips.


Use Water

As I’ve explained earlier, water is the most important compound for the body. When you see crusty scabs around dog’s mouth, be prepared to feed a lot of water to your dog.

Water will make the lesions, crusty scabs go down, and the dog will recover in a few days.



Vinegar is known for its antibacterial properties and is part of many skin ointments.

If the allergic reaction due to the crusty scabs is not severe, you can use vinegar in water to make the rash on dogs lips and redness on the skin decrease.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Dogs Get Scabby Mouths?

Dog lip infection and scabby mouth often occur in horses and dogs with sagging skin and areas where moisture holds, and then rashes appear.

The rashes get swollen and appear red as crusty scabs on the dog’s skin.


Why Is My Dog’s Face Crusty?

If your dog keeps scratching mouth and face, rashes appear, and crusty scabs appear on the skin. There is a 90% chance that this crusty scab is due to allergies caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

RingWorm, Folliculitis, and eczema are the most important diseases that the dogs might contact due to crusty scabs.


Do Ticks Leave Scabs On Dogs?

If a dog has sore lip, don’t keep it unchecked. Sometimes, ticks on the dogs are not seen very well, and you will see that these ticks leave the skin with very severe rashes and irritations which cause scabs.

So yes, ticks leave scabs on dogs.


Why Does My Dog Itch And Have Scabs?

A dog scratching mouth and its skin will have a very high degree of irritation, which can become scabs.

If your dog is itching, check if it is not getting any moist place where bacteria and fungi can make their houses and have scabs.


Why Does My Dog Have Random Scabs?

My dog’s lips are bleeding; is that because of random scabs? Scabs occur at any time when the dogs get exposed to an allergic atmosphere.

All the perfumes, pollens, and irritants in the air, such as Carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases, make the dogs sneeze and itchy all over their body. That’s why dogs have random scabs anywhere.


Final Verdict On Crusty Scabs Around Dog’s Mouth

The dog inflamed lips are the primary symptom of crusty scrubs, which we should control in time with proper treatment.

Crusty scabs around dog's mouth
Why Do Crusty Scabs Around Dog’s Mouth Occur?

I would never let crusty sores on my dog unchecked and immediately take it to a vet for proper treatment.  Use any antibiotic ointments or cream to treat your dog with scabs. That was all about the black crusty scabs around dog’s mouth.

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As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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