Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells? (7 Clear Food Facts)

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding ferrets is on whether the ferrets can eat egg shells. Read on, to find the answer.

Can ferrets eat egg shells? Yes, ferrets can and should eat egg shells. From egg shells, ferrets can get calcium, which they need for optimal health. Just ensure that the egg shells are clean and finely ground, before giving them to the ferrets.

Can ferrets eat egg shells
Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells?

Egg shells are among the best natural sources of calcium for ferrets.


Are Egg Shells Safe For Ferrets?

One of the biggest concerns about ferrets eating egg shells is on the safety of it. So, are egg shells safe for ferrets? Or are egg shells bad for ferrets?

Egg shells are largely safe for ferrets. That is provided the egg shells are clean and finely ground.

If the egg shells are not clean, they may harbor pathogens that may cause diseases in ferrets.

And if the egg shells are not finely ground, they may choke up or tear up the ferrets’ inner parts.

But if they are cleaned, finely ground and eaten in moderation, egg shells are safe for ferrets.


Are Egg Shells Beneficial For Ferrets?

Egg shells are beneficial for ferrets.

In egg shells, there is a lot of calcium, which ferrets need if they are to be optimally healthy.

If ferrets don’t eat egg shells or get calcium in any other form, their health may be compromised.

Thus egg shells are good for ferrets, to the extent that they provide them with the necessary calcium.


Can A Ferret Eat Egg Shells?

A ferret may egg shells as a supplementary food. This is to say that you can’t serve a ferret egg shells as a main/exclusive meal. But you can provide them as supplementary food.

For instance, while feeding ferrets on raw eggs, grind the shells and offer those as well.

When a ferret is offered egg shells, it easily recognizes them as edible, and goes ahead to eat them.

You just need to ensure that you grind the egg shells first (using a coffee grinder or a pestle and mortar). Once they are finely ground, you can provide them to the ferrets.

With regard to this grinding, there may be a controversy on what is the ideal egg shell size to give to ferrets. But you generally need to grind the egg shells so finely that they can’t choke or tear up the ferret’s alimentary canal.


Can Baby Ferrets Eat Egg Shells?

Baby ferrets may eat egg shells. That is provided you first grind the egg shells so finely that they don’t choke or tear up the ferrets’ internal parts. The shells also need to be clean.

Since baby ferrets need quite a lot of calcium for proper growth, egg shells should be good for them.


Which Egg Shells Can Ferrets Eat?

Egg shells may be available either in raw form or in softened form. What we now proceed to explore is the question of which of those forms of egg shells is right for ferrets.


Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells Raw?

There should be no problem in ferrets eating egg shells raw. That is provided the eggs are well cleaned, to rid them of any pathogens they may be harboring.

Such raw egg shells would also require thorough grinding, to make them safe for ferrets.

Can ferrets eat egg shells
Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells Daily?


Can Ferrets Eat Softened Egg Shells?

Ferrets may eat softened egg shells.

What may be challenging is grinding the softened egg shells finely enough for ferrets to eat. But if you can somehow grind them finely enough, there should be no problem in them.


How Much Egg Shell Should Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets should only eat moderate amounts of egg shell.

We therefore need to work out how much is enough and how much egg shells is too much for ferrets.

As it turns out, ferrets should only have a maximum of one ground egg shell per day.

The next logical question that then arises is on how often the ferrets can eat egg shells. For instance, should they eat it once in a while? Or can ferrets eat egg shells daily?

The answer is that ferrets should ideally eat egg shells regularly, but not necessarily daily. Like if you can feed your ferret on egg shells in moderation (just one in a day) twice or thrice per week, that should be alright.


Final Verdict – Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells

Ferrets can eat egg shells. Egg shells are a rich source of calcium, a mineral that is essential for ferrets’ optimal health.

Can ferrets eat egg shells
Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells Safely?

The eggs that ferrets eat need to be clean and finely ground. Cleaning is to get rid of any pathogens on them. And grinding is to ensure that the shells don’t choke or tear up the ferrets’ inner parts.

Ferrets should eat egg shells in moderation: like just one (finely ground) egg shell per day.

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