Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna? 7 Cool Food Facts

Since hedgehogs are very unique pets, many owners don’t know what to feed their pets. Many people are confused about whether their hedgehog can have fish.

Can hedgehogs eat tuna? Yes, hedgehogs can have tuna fish. However many people advise not to feed tuna fish to hedgehogs because of mercury content in Tuna. Tuna fish does provide nutritional benefits to the hedgehog when given as a treat.

Can hedgehogs eat tuna
Can Hedgehogs eat Tuna?


Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna?

can hedgehogs eat tuna fish? Tuna fishes come in different packages that have different nutritional values. Some experts advise not to feed the tuna fish to the hedgehog but hedgehogs can eat tuna fish.  Even though hedgehogs can have tuna fish, as they do eat fish in the wild, feeding hedgehogs tuna fish that has more than 30% protein can cause problems among the hedgehogs.

Furthermore, eating tuna fish also causes stinky poop among the hedgehogs. It is recommended to feed tuna fish occasionally to hedgehogs as treats.


Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna Cat Food?

Can hedgehogs eat tuna cat food without any health issues? Tuna fish has mercury content that is harmful if taken in a lot of quantities. However, feeding the hedgehog a tuna fish as a treat once in a while is completely safe. Tuna fish is very healthy as a food and it can boost the mood of a hedgehog.

Feeding different foods to hedgehogs like tuna fish ensures that the hedgehog is having a variety of food, which enhances its life.

However, owners should understand that sometimes, tuna fish can cause side effects. If a tuna fish is good for your hedgehog or not depends on the place from where the tuna fish is bought. The best way to feed only good food to your pet is to consult a vet before feeding the tuna fish to hedgehogs.

If the owner is feeding their hedgehog a tuna fish for the first time, it is recommended to feed a little quantity of tuna fish and observe how the hedgehog and its body react to the food.

To conclude the question, do hedgehogs eat tuna? Yes, hedgehogs can eat tuna fish.


Can Hedgehogs Eat Frozen Tuna Fish?

Can hedgehogs eat fish that is frozen? No, a hedgehog shouldn’t be fed frozen tuna fish as it won’t have any taste and it may give the infection to the hedgehog. The tuna fish should be properly cooked without adding salt or oil or any other ingredients or spices in it.


Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna In Brine?

can you feed hedgehogs tuna in brine? Many people recommend not to feed the hedgehog’s tuna fishes but hedgehogs can eat tuna fish. Even though tuna fish makes their poop smellier, tuna fish provides the protein and fat that the hedgehog needs.

A hedgehog will eat the tuna without any problem. If the owner is feeding tuna fish for the first time, a little portion should be given first to check if the hedgehog likes it or not.

However, some hedgehogs may refuse to eat the tuna fish while some may have it without complaint. It depends on individual choice. If the owner is feeding tuna fish to their hedgehog, they should note that they should not feed raw tuna fish to the hedgehog, as it increases the risk of infection among the hedgehog.

Can hedgehogs eat tuna
Can Hedgehogs eat Tuna?


Can Hedgehogs Eat Canned Tuna?

Can hedgehogs eat canned tuna? The owner should properly cook the tuna fish before feeding them. When cooking tuna, owners should not add oil, salt, or seasoning to the tuna fish as these ingredients affect the digestion of a hedgehog negatively.

Furthermore, when feeding a hedgehog a tuna fish, the bones in tuna fish should be taken out and tuna fish should be cut into pieces to avoid the risk of a hedgehog choking.


Can Hedgehogs Digest Tuna?

Yes, hedgehogs can digest tuna fish. Though many people consider that since hedgehog poop becomes smellier, hedgehogs can’t have tuna fish. However, that is not the truth. Tuna fish contains nutrients that are regularly digested in the digestive tract of hedgehogs and they can digest tuna easily as well.

Can hedgehogs eat frozen tuna fish and digest it? No, frozen tuna fish shouldn’t be fed to hedgehogs.


Nutritional Chart Of Tuna fish

Nutritional valueSpecifications (100 grams)Benefits
Protein26-30%All hedgehogs have a requirement of protein around 20-50%. Tuna fish provide a good amount of protein to the hedgehog. The hedgehogs’ body breaks down the protein into amino acids. Amino acids are very beneficial in the bodies of hedgehogs as nails, hair, muscles, and many other tissues, and even hormones are built with the help of amino acids. 
Calories130 caloriesGetting over-fed can lead to serious health issues among the hedgehogs. Tuna fish is beneficial because it doesn’t have many calories. In addition to being rich in protein. Tuna fishes have fewer calories. This is the reason what makes tuna fish an ideal treat. 
Omega-3 Fatty Acids2-3 mgOmega 3 is another good source of fat that is good for the health of hedgehogs. Omega 3 replaces bad fats with healthy fats. Omega 3 also is known to benefit the eyes and may reduce the risk of tumor. 
Vitamin B122.3 μgCobalamin or Vitamin B12 is very vital for DNA production, nerve functioning, blood cell production, and metabolic processes. 
Vitamin B61 mgPyridoxine or Vitamin B6 also helps in metabolic processes, the health of the heart, the functioning of muscle, nerve function, and promotes immunity. 
Magnesium44 mgTuna fish also have magnesium which is good for the strength of bones, healthy heart, regulates Glucosamine, energy, immunity in hedgehogs. 
Calcium37 mgTuna fish also have calcium that is good for bones and teeth. 


Risks Of Hedgehogs Eating Tuna

There are no major health risks related to hedgehogs eating tuna fish. However, sometimes it gets difficult for the hedgehog to swallow the tuna fish. Hedgehogs carry the risk of swallowing the bones of tuna fish. If not bones,  big pieces of tuna fish can also get stuck in the throat of the hedgehog.

The owner should make sure that they feed cooked tuna fish, frozen fish is also harder than cooked fish. Further, the owner may ask can hedgehogs eat cooked tuna fish? Yes, hedgehogs can eat cooked tuna fish.

Furthermore, before feeding the tuna fish, the owner should take the bones out of the fish. The owner should feed boneless fish to their hedgehog. In addition, the owner should also cut small pieces of fish so that it is easy for the hedgehog to swallow the fish.

Furthermore, tuna fishes contain mercury that is not good for the hedgehog. While a small amount won’t have an effect, regular intake can create problems. So the owner should schedule the time of the hedgehog having tuna fish. Hedgehogs shouldn’t have fish regularly but as a treat.

Further, the owners may ask Can hedgehogs eat tinned tuna fish? Yes, hedgehogs can eat tinned tuna fish but the owner should cook the fish before feeding.


Final Verdict – Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna

To answer the question, can hedgehogs eat tuna? Yes, hedgehogs can have tuna fish. However, after feeding the tuna fish to the hedgehog, the owner should understand that the hedgehog may have stinky poop. Many people consider not feeding tuna fish to their pet hedgehogs but hedgehogs can have tuna fish. It is a very healthy diet for hedgehogs.

Can hedgehogs eat tuna
Can Hedgehogs eat Tuna?

The owner should also note that hedgehogs should be given tuna fish as a treat and not as a full fledged meal. Furthermore, it is advised not to give frozen tuna fish to the hedgehog, as it can cause trouble and it is also less nutritious.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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