How Long Can Hedgehogs Go Without Food And Water? 7 Cool Facts

You should know how long can hedgehogs go without food and water? It is very important because it saves your pet from getting different issues related to health as we know that less intake of food and water can spoil the health of any living thing. That is why regular feeding is necessary.

How long can hedgehogs go without food and water? No matter if they are insectivores or omnivores, food is very important for them. They can survive for a long period of time without eating any food items. If there is a controlled environment, they can survive about a week without eating and drinking. But you should feed them regularly.

How long can hedgehogs go without food and water
How long can hedgehogs go without food and water?

In this article, we will discuss how long can hedgehogs go without food and water, the dying symptoms of hedgehogs, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of How long can hedgehogs go without food and water.


How Long Can Hedgehogs Last Without Water?

How long can hedgehogs live without water? The vet recommends that regular feeding is essential for them. You should give water to them and the period should not exceed more than twenty-four hours. Although they can survive for a long period without drinking, it is not healthy practice.

How long can a hedgehog go without water? When they don’t drink water, they may get severe issues like fatty liver issues. They drink water when they feel thirsty. So, there is no proper schedule for them to drink water. You should know how much water you can give to them in one day. If a hedgehog is healthy, you can give 2 to 3 tablespoons every day.

They should have easy access to fresh water to drink water when they feel thirst easily. You should not leave water in a dish for a long time. It is best practice to replace the old water with a new one. Young hedgehogs drink more water as compared to old-age hedgehogs. If you have young hedgehogs, you can give four tablespoons after one day because they need this amount at an early age.

It is a natural adaptation in living things that they can get moisture in large amounts from food when they eat wet food. That is why vet food is considered the best diet because it is easily digestible and easily taken by any living thing.

How long can hedgehogs go without food and water? They may go for twelve hours without water and food. There is no specific quantity of drinking water by hedgehogs. It varies from species to species. You can estimate the rough idea of your pet and how much water they can drink.

In other conditions, you may consult with your vet; he will tell you the amount of water by knowing hedgehogs’ size, weight, and pedigree.


Can Hedgehogs Be Left Alone For A Few Days?

I forgot to feed my hedgehog; is it harmful to him? They don’t require regular maintenance. They require less care than other pets, but it doesn’t mean you can leave them alone for many days. They have emotional contact with their owners. If you can do this, they may get stress and other health-related issues. In some cases, they may also stop eating foods.


How Do I Know If My Hedgehog Is Dying?

Hedgehog dying of old age, you should know the symptoms that tell us hedgehog is dying. You can increase hedgehogs’ lifespan by giving them a quality, balanced diet and proper care. In this way, their life expectancy can be increased.

Many times they see dead you will see no dying symptoms because it is sudden death that can be due to cardiac arrest. Sometimes they stop eating and drinking and show weakness, and you will find him sleeping all day and night. It means that they are ill, which may be due to the shutting down of organs.

Hedgehog died unexpectedly, which can be because of the tumor, cancer, and several other reasons. It is the best way to consult with your vet without wasting time for any dying symptoms. The vet will diagnose the cause of sickness and tell you the treatment accordingly. Following are the symptoms that may appear when hedgehogs are about to die.

  • Lumps and on the body and head that may be due to cancer
  • Incapable of balling up
  • Wobbling don’t walk in straight
  • Feeling confused and walk-in circle
  • Lethargic
  • Sleepy all the day
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Panting
  • The stool has black and green color with mucous
  • Not drinking and eating
  • Weight loss
How long can hedgehogs go without food and water
How long can hedgehogs go without food and water?


Do Hedgehogs Drink A Lot Of Water

No, they don’t drink a lot. Drinking water by hedgehogs depends upon the size of the body. When there is a large body size, then they drink more water. When there is a small body size, then they consume less water. You should give them 25 to 40 milliliters of water per day.


How Long Can A Hedgehog Live Without Food And Water?

How long can a pet hedgehog go without food? Feeding should not be exceeded by more than one day. It is because it makes them weak when there is no proper feeding. In the wild, they may hunt and eat at night.

That is why it is best to give them food when there is darkness outside. But this is not feasible for many reasons, like a job, and you can set the feeding schedule at another time of day.


How Long Can A Hedgehog Go Without Food?

How long can hedgehogs go without food and water? They can go without eating food for about twelve hours, but this is not a healthy practice. You should give them food two times per day. It is best to set the schedule and keep the hedgehog bowl full of edibles. So they can eat food when they want. But this thing can make them obese and leads to obesity.


Do Hedgehogs Know When To Stop Eating?

People assume that hedgehogs naturally eat insects and supplementary foods. They misunderstand that they eat things when hungry, and they make their bowl full of feed. So, they can easily eat food when they are hungry.

They may stop eating food when their stomach is full. It can be because of overeating. As we know that they are insectivores and when they overeat insects, they get certain health issues like bone metabolic diseases.

It would be best if you only gave them insects with fruits in moderate amounts. Dry biscuits and vegetables are also a good thing for them if you include them in your diet.


How Long Do Hedgehogs Live?

If you take proper care and give them a balanced diet, then the lifespan of the hedgehog can be eight years. Normally the life expectancy of the hedgehog is almost five years.


Can Hedgehogs Eat Centipedes?

Yes, as they are insectivores and carnivores, they can eat centipedes. They can also eat frogs, scorpions, snakes, etc. they remain unaffected by poisonous and venomous insects like bees, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, etc.

Do hedgehogs eat caterpillars? They can also eat caterpillars. They may get toxicity when eating caterpillars because many people use insecticide spray on crops and grasses. So, caterpillars get poison from the place where they sit.

How long can hedgehogs go without food and water
How long can hedgehogs go without food and water?


Final Verdict On How Long Can Hedgehogs Go Without Food And Water

Hedgehogs can survive for a week without drinking and eating, but you should feed them two times per day. It is recommended diet timing for them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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