Cat Attacks Dog Unprovoked : 7 Clear Reasons Why Your Cat Is Attacking Dog

Why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog? Have you ever seen a cat and dog fighting each other? If yes, then can you guess the reason why? We often hear that a cat attacking dog unprovoked without reason. “A cat attacked my dog” is a common challenge for pet parents.

Anyway, cat attacking dog is not always the case. A cat’s aggression towards a dog happens for special reasons. You may think – Why is my cat aggressive all of a sudden? Sometimes, your cat and dog can live in complete harmony, wondering about you. They can also become best friends forever. This only happens under some circumstances.

Cat attacks dog unprovoked situation is nothing new for pet owners. It may seem like a cat is attacking your dog unprovoked. But, it’s not true. The underlying reason behind the fight can be anything from social insecurity to mental health problems.

Cat attacks dog unprovoked
cat attacks dog unprovoked – why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog

 Let us explore the reasons for the question –  Why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog? and their solutions, one by one.


Why Is Your Cat Attacking Your Dog All Of A sudden?

Socialization issues

If you think, “Why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog?” there might be a reason for this. If your cat has never come across a dog when it was a kitten, then fights are common.

If your cat attacks dog unprovoked, then your cat grew up in such a condition that it rarely saw a dog or lived in the same house. So, when it sees the dog for the first time, then it gets tense and feels uncomfortable. So, it starts attacking your dog, to feel safe and secure.


Feeling Insecure

If you think – Why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog? This could be insecurity. If your cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be insecurity.

If your cat has already lived with a dog, and had a bad experience, then it ends up attacking it. Negative experience impacts animals a lot.

If it had a horrible experience, in the past, when it came across a dot. So, it feels fearful out of insecurity. To keep itself safe from being attacked, it attacks first. So, cat attacks dog unprovoked is nothing strange.


Viewing A Dog As A Predator

If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be due to self-defense. Unprovoked aggression in cats has a reason. Even though a cat is not prey for a dog, sometimes it can view it like that. Based on this reason, it can be used as self-defense.



If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be due to stress. We often redirect our whole frustration to work or something on others-like our family members. In the same way, your cat may be angry with something or someone.

At the time, your cat may be redirecting all its anger on your dog viewing it as a target. It is difficult to tell the reason exactly. Its just the result of stress. Cats mean to dogs, what other cats mean to them.


Protecting Resources

If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be due to protection. All the animals will have an urge to protect their belongings no matter what. So, whenever a dog comes near its surroundings, it attacks it. 


Mental Health Issues

If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, then you might want to check the cat’s mental well-being. If your cat is continuously attacking your dog, without any reason, then mental health issues can also be a reason.



If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be down to misunderstanding. Sometimes, your dog can simply try to be friendly with your dog and approach it. Your cat can misunderstand it as it is trying to attack it and defend itself.


If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, there are reasons for this. These are some of the reasons for your cat’s aggressive behavior towards your dog. Stress, mental health issues, feeling insecure, and stress can also be some of the reasons why your cats fight and against each other all of a sudden.


Do Cats Get Jealous Of Dogs?

If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, it could be due to jealousy. Yes, of course. Cats feel jealous of dogs. This may not be all the time. Cats feel jealous when you pay much attention towards your dog or neglect them, when you use its belongings, and when it sees you cuddling or playing with your dog. Stop behaving in such a way, so that it feels safe.

Hissing, swatting at your dog, and biting your dog are all signs that show that your cat is jealous of your dog.


What To Do If Your Cat Hates Your Dog?

Keep Your Cat And Dog Far Away From Each Other

If a cat attacks dog unprovoked, you can solve this problem. You need to think – How to get my cat to stop attacking my dog. As long as they are fighting, try to keep them separate. Do not leave them alone all the time. When your cat is with your dog, be there. Otherwise, your cat can attack your dog seriously. When you go out, then lock both of them separately, by providing all of its necessities. Don’t neglect your cat, if you get a new dog. Don’t give full access to your cat, if you get a new one.


Make Them Friends Slowly

Cats keep attacking dogs initially. Once you feel like both got used to living with each other, then try to increase their relationship further. Don’t rush through it. Give them the time to understand each other and feel comfortable with each other.

Cat attacks dog unprovoked
cat attacks dog unprovoked – why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog


Keep Their Food And Belongings Separate

Instead of keeping their places closely, keep them far away. Whenever you feed them, do it separately. Otherwise, both of them can fight for each other’s belongings.


Make Your Cat Feel Safe

Whenever you bring a new dog to your home, it feels a lot insecure. So, it is very important to make it feel safe and happy. Give a little bit more attention to it, until it feels safe. Avoid cuddling your dog in front of your cat.


Get Cat Toys

Whenever your cat feels aggressive for some reason, it can try to redirect it. Cats view your dog as a target at this point. So, get toys that can redirect its anger. Giving feather toys can be the best option. It can easily release its urge to attack.


Invest In Pheromones

Sometimes investing in pheromones can be the best thing you can do. Invest in pheromones that relax and calm down your cat.


Appreciate It For Its Good Deeds

Start appreciating your dog if it is friendly with your dog. Some cats like it when their owner appreciates it. So, getting appreciation can be redirected as its urge instead of fighting.


Make Sure That Your Cat Exercises

Making it exercise daily for some time can reduce its aggression and calm down. So allow it to go outdoors and have some fun.


Stop Being Attentive Towards Your Cat When It Behaves Aggressively

It may be natural for you to pay more attention to it after a fight to calm it. But, cats can take this as an advantage and attack your dog whenever it needs your attention.


Your cat may be attacking your dog all the time. The above methods can help you to create a friendly bond between your dog and cat. Stepping on cats is a dangerous thing so be careful while trying to use negative reinforcement training to your cat.


How Long Does It Take For Your Cat To Get Used To A Dog?

It differs for every cat. Some cats may get used to new dogs within a few days.

If cats have had any bad experiences meeting a dog in the past, then it can take a few months to get used to. It also depends upon how you treat your cat after owning a dog. If you start caring for your dog more than a cat may develop anger towards the dog and take a long time to get used to it.

The dog’s behavior too will decide how long it takes. If the dog you bought is very friendly and does not view your cat as its prey, then both of them can get used to each other  within a few weeks. If the dog is always trying to dominate the cat, then it will take a long time. Sometimes they hate each other until the dog changes its behavior.


How To Stop The Fight Between Your Cat And Dog?

Why does my cat hit my dog? Is not a new problem. You could learn how to get cat to stop hissing at dog. Even your cat and dog may be best friends. But sometimes, misunderstandings are inevitable. Whenever your cat and dog fight with each other, don’t go in between them. Do not try to yell at them loudly. Instead, throw a blanket between them.

If there is no blanket, then throw a splash of water on both of them.

This could help calm down the condition. You can also use cat pheromone to cat. For a cat attacking a new puppy, this is also useful for the question – How to stop my cat from attacking my small dog?


How To Punish Your Cat When It Attacks Your Dog?

Whenever we think of punishing someone, we immediately think of physical punishments. But it can develop fear towards you and can feel insecure.

By giving your dog physical punishment you can stop it from doing those activities for a short period of time. They can still do it in your absence.

Do not even go for mild punishments like a tap on his head. This can also generate fear towards you and increase anger towards your dog.

Instead, observe your cat. Notice when it attacks your dog and behavior improperly. Then use a long-range water pistol or remote control to chase your cat.

Use a water pistol by hiding at a secret nearby. You can also put a bell around your cat’s neck that indicates to your dog that it is coming.


Why Do Cats Hiss At Dogs?

Cats may hiss at different times with different persons. They may hiss at other cats, your dog, and at you. Cats show different emotions while hissing. The below table provides the reasons why?

Different PersonsHissing Reasons
Hissing at fellow cats and your dogThere are certain cases here. Cases like “Why is my cat hissing at my other cat all of a sudden?” or a cat hissing at dog. If you get a new cat or dog, then hissing means that they are just annoyed with the arrival of your new dog or cat.

Hissing at other times is a warning to other cats or dogs telling them not to mess with it or its belongings. It also hisses when it feels like the opposite animal is trying to attack it. This is the answer to the question – Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden?

Hissing at you“My cat viciously attacked me” is also common. ”You might think – Why is my cat hissing at me all of a sudden? Or “why is my kitten so aggressive all of a sudden?.”

If your cat is always hissing at you, then you need to understand that you are annoying it. 

It means that if you don’t stop it, it will attack you.

Cats also hiss when they are stressed out and worried.


How To Stop Cat Hissing?

Cat hissing is nothing but a warning not to disturb them. They generally hiss when they are uncomfortable with the other person or animal.

Leaving them alone can stop them from hissing. If your cat is continuously hissing at your dog then taking your dog away from it can stop it from hissing.

If your dog took your cat’s belongings then returning it  can stop its hissing. Don’t ignore your dog if it is hissing continuously.

Knowing why your cat is hissing and acting according to it is the best thing to do.


Why Does Your Cat Swat At Your Dog?

You might also ask – why does my cat swat at my dog? Cats swatting dogs is also common. Sometimes when the dog raises its paw in front of a cat it signifies that it wants to play with it. Generally, cats assume this as attacking and swat at the dog in anger. Cat swatting dog is very possible.


Final Verdict – Cat Attacks Dog Unprovoked

Generally, cats attack dogs for many reasons. Most of the time it means that it is attacking due to fear or stress. Cat stalks dog and attacking them is not uncommon.

Dogs generally don’t like things that are unfamiliar to them. Whenever a new dog or cat enters the home, it just feels insecure and feels an urge to protect itself by attacking them.

Don’t leave your cat alone when you get your new dog. Cat attacks dog unprovoked if you create and reward an environment where they can be mischievous. Treating both of them equally can not develop much jealousy and anger between them.

Cat attacks dog unprovoked
cat attacks dog unprovoked – why is my cat suddenly attacking my dog

Getting cat toys, investing in pheromones, appreciating it when it behaves well, and making sure that your cat is exercising daily can help to improve your cat and dog relationship.

Do not use any physical punishment if your cat tries to attack your dog. Use some of the non-physical punishments mentioned above in this article.

Noticing your dog and cat’s feelings and acting according to it can help you to improve their relationship. Have patience and wait until your cat and dog get used to each other.

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