Why Is My Cat Acting Weird? (7 Menacing Facts)

Even though humans have lived with them for years, cat behavior can still be strange, and sudden changes can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. Maybe sometimes strange cat behavior seems like a cat’s another playful way to disturb its owner, but she might be telling the owner that something is wrong.

Some cat behaviors are very difficult to decipher and the owner may ask why is my cat acting weird? Well, there can be many reasons why a cat is behaving weird including depression, stress, fear, threatened, sickness, incompatibility with owners.

Why is my cat acting weird
Why is my cat acting weird?


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird All Of A Sudden?

Sudden change in the behavior of the cat is common which leads the owner to ask why is my cat acting weird all of a sudden? Cats can change their behavior due to many reasons. Some of them are explained below.


If The Cat Is Depressed

Many cat owners may not believe this factor but it is true. Studies find signs of depression in many animals which including cats. Cats can be depressed due to many different reasons including- loss of a partner cat, death or separation of kittens, environmental change, deficient food or water, other dominating cats etc.

How to Help: The owner should first observe the routine and engagement of the cat, once the owner finds what is wrong, they should make changes accordingly.

For example, when a cat loses a partner, the owner should take the cat to the park where the cat can socialize with other cats. If the cat is depressed due to separation with kittens, it should be left with the partner cat and if possible it should be given back its kittens.

If the environment or food and water are the problems, the cat should be reintroduced to a similar environment like an old mat, old bowl and fed their favorite food. If all else fails, the vet may prescribe antidepressants.


If The Cat Is Stressed

Cats take a lot of stress if their environment is changed. If the owner has shifted to a new place, together with the owner it may be very difficult for the cat to face and get mixed in the new environment. Stress is one of the major reasons for ailments and illness among cats. The cats stress more if they live most of the time alone.

How to help: Interrupt your cat’s routine as little as possible by keeping her with her old toys, litter box, food, and bed. Being surrounded by familiar objects and smells will help her feel more at home.

Also, if the owner has to leave the cat for a long time, it is recommended to hide 3-4 treats somewhere the cat can find easily throughout the place. This will keep the cat busy throughout the day and help it get used to the new place.


When The Cat Feels Threatened

Many times cats don’t like other cats. Pet cats, especially if they weren’t raised together, can have cold shoulders for other cats. When a new cat comes home, the old cat can naturally act weird because it feels that its home, food, and family has been threatened.

How to Help: Make sure that every cat in the house has a safe place to eat and use the litter box, and create escape routes with cat trees and shelves. This lets cats know that their territory is not under threat. Playing with cats simultaneously can also redirect the energy they normally use to fight against each other.


If A Cat Is Sick

Cats are very much capable of hiding signs of illness. If the cat misses several meals, drinks excess water, seems lethargic, hides for more than a day, stops using the litter box, or suddenly changes her temper, she may be telling the owner that something is wrong. The protrusion of his “third eyelid” can also indicate disease.

How to Help: Chances are it’s nothing major, but to be sure that the owner is not overlooking a potentially serious health issue, the owner should take the cat to the vet.


The Cat Doesn’t Go Along With You

Sometimes people don’t go along with cats very well. Sometimes cats can also become choosy with whom they want to stay. So it is better to observe that even after many tries and treats if the cat doesn’t like the owner, it should keep its distance. 

How to help: Cats have distinct personalities, so sometimes the owner may not get along with them at all. If a cat doesn’t like you it is better to avoid having contact with it and maintain a safe distance.

A cat is a very sensitive animal so the owner should look for ways in which the owner can nourish the relationship with the cat. Some of the ways include petting the cat, playing with it, feeding it treats or favorite food, going for a walk and buying and playing with favorite toys.


Why Is My Cat Acting Scared?

  1. Age factor – Sometimes age plays a vital role in cats getting more scared. As cats get older their cognitive function starts to decline which leads to them behaving differently and often getting scared. Age not only increases the fear but can also lead to agitation among them or sitting alone are all elements a cat can face.
  2. Bullied cat – Another major reason why a cat may persist in human contact is that it may be traumatized by some neighbors or naughty kids when the cat goes on a walk alone. The owner should look for any sudden injuries that might have come upon the cat’s body and follow the cat for a day.
  3. Injury or illness – Sick cats tend to become overprotective of themselves. When a cat is sick it often tends to stay alone or try to bite the owner or hideaway to protect itself. The best thing a cat owner can do is to leave the cat alone. Giving it some space and time will help her to recover and lessen her stress.
  4. Change of environment is also a factor that leads to cats acting strange. The owners should be available for the cat and try playing with it and its old toys.
  5. Traumatic stress – If a cat saw or experienced something bad like a dog chasing it or seeing a dead cat may lead to generating stress among cats. If the owner observes a change in behavior if they brought home a new pet, like a dog, it could be a possibility that the cat is afraid of dogs and had bad experiences in the past.
  6. Even though cats like to stay by themselves, separating from partners or even owners can cause them stress. Providing some games to the cat sometimes prevents this behavior.
Why is my cat acting weird
Why is my cat acting weird?


My Cat Is Acting Strange And Scared

If the cat starts acting strange suddenly it is recommended to observe the recent changes that took place in the life of the cat. It can be anything like a change of place, the arrival of a new pet, introduction to a new food, after coming back from a certain walk, recent medication going on for the cat. All these factors can help in understanding why the cat started acting strange.

Another way is to observe cats for long hours, it can be done by being physically present or by looking at the cameras. Some other factors can also contribute towards the change of behavior of the cat that also including even change in furniture. Sometimes if a cat meets a new person that it doesn’t like, it may also contribute towards the changing nature of the cat.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird And Meowing?

Weird behavior together with excessive meowing can be a sign that the cat is hungry or thirsty. It can also be possible that the cat is feeling pain. Another area of pain that strikes excess meowing is getting a thyroid or kidney infection. The owners after feeding and putting water for cats should consider going to the vet if the meowing persists.

Sometimes cats also meow excessively, just to grab the attention of the owner.


My Cat Is Acting Weird And Sluggish

Cats do act weird and sluggish if they are facing some common fevers or infections. Getting to the vet and providing some antibiotics will help the cat in most cases. However, this behavior also comes when a cat is going through a natural age cycle as it gets older, it slows down.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird And Hiding?

It is very natural and common among cats to hide when they feel stress or anxiety. The owners should check and find factors that could be potentially stressful in the cat’s environment and try to remove them. Most probably this won’t last for much time, if it does, a vet should be consulted.


My Cat Is Acting Weird And Not Eating

Stress also causes some cats to not eat. It is not common for a cat to not eat its food. The owner should provide a safe environment for the cat and get it checked by the vet if the problem persists.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird After Being Spayed Or Neutered?

A cat can behave weirdly after getting spayed or neutered. It can be due to the anesthesia injection. Sometimes cats also get stressed when they reach and come from the vet. This weird behavior can stay for a few days.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird At Night?

Sometimes cats don’t sleep at night at all because their instinct makes them hunt and roam in the night. This behavior is called crepuscular.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird After The Vet?

Cats are very sensitive creatures. When visiting a vet, they often smell different medicines, people, objects and meet new cats, maybe that is the reason for their weird behavior. If the cat is behaving weird after coming from the vet, it is probably the medication that the cat has taken or if the cat has absorbed different smells of different humans and perfumes on its body.


Why Is My Cat Acting Weird After Shots?

After getting the cat vaccinated, it is normal for cats to behave differently. Loss of appetite, dizziness or other weird behavior is connected to vaccination and it is normal. This should not stay longer than 48 hours.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Cat Acting Weird

Cats are very entertaining and funny animals to pet. Many people consider petting cats more than any other animal. However many people notice that cats go through a cycle where they act very strange and may say my female cat is acting weird. Cats acting strangely is normal and often seen behavior.

A weird behavior can be caused due to various factors including change of environment, bullying, medication, instinct, illness, stress or depression.

Why is my cat acting weird
Why is my cat acting weird? why is my cat acting weird in captivity? why is my cat acting weird in the wild?

The most common requirement a cat may need in the cycle of its weird behavior is the care of its owner. The owners should make necessary changes if required for the cat.

If a cat is sad their moods should be boosted by providing them with treats, toys, favorite food, walk and taming. However, if a cat needs some space, the owner should understand the situation and the behavior and support the cat.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet cat a good and comfortable life!

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