Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dog In House – 5 Good Ways To Stop

“The increase in dogs’ aggressiveness is directly proportional to the increase of your dogs in your home,” says a popular USA dog behaviorist.

Rather than waiting for your dogs’ aggressiveness to escalate, try out the best remedy techniques from us, beginning from your dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.

We have brought to you the latest information about your dog on dog aggression in the home and special game-changing ideas on how to deal with your dog growling at other dog in home.

Dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house
why is my dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house


Why Is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dog In House?

Your dog is expressing dominance over your other dog. This behavior is normal and can be a result of these two factors: genetics or learning aggressiveness.

Usually, dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house are common to dogs of the same gender. The male unneutered dogs are the most vulnerable.

Sometimes, this case of aggressiveness may indicate a sick dog, especially if the behavior is sudden. Please check our corrections in the remedies section for dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.


How Do I Stop My Dog Attacking My Other Dog?

Conflicting dogs are common in homes, but there is a way to manage that. Despite being domestic animals, dogs do not always get along well with each other. Being social, they sometimes, however, disagree with one another like humans, something which is not only common in the US but the world as well.  

It begins with your dog suddenly aggressive to other dog at home and later a dog attacking another dog in the house is noticed. This article has captured three recommended ways of dealing with dog on dog aggression in the home.

Deal with your canines’ current environments so they don’t have the chance to offend one another.

Determine your dogs’ stressors and weed them out as many as you would, be prudent to keep them further from their bite thresholds while you adjust their conduct.

Seek assistance from a dog behaviorist if the behavior gets out of your depth.

A dog suddenly aggressive towards other dog in your home can be serious, but you can reduce the tension as early as when you notice.


Why Has My Dog’s Behavior Changed Suddenly?

While a dog’s behavior remains generally invariable even after maturity, the most cause is an illness. Sickness in dogs has a sudden effect on the animal’s conduct. We have highlighted other physical situations that can make your dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house below.

Heath issues such as digestive issues, eye, and ear problems, hip dysplasia, arthritis, or sore teeth are common to a dog’s sudden behavior change.

Introduction of another dog in the house, see our candid way about the slow introduction of new dogs below.


Why Is My Dog Acting Crazy Suddenly?

Your dog might have experienced sudden fear, suffered from stress, anxiety, a sudden change in its routine, or a combination of these. As you can tell, acting crazy differs from dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.


Can Dogs Live Together After Fighting?

Most times they do. You can help them regain their mutual trust by teaching them the NILF(Nothing In Life Is Free) slogan. This means having full control of your dogs, by requiring them to be disciplined and get used to commands.

You should always watch out, if your dogs are involved in a fight, you should keep them separate between 36 to 48 hours. Give them time to relax and chill out for goodness sake.

You are just about to learn more staggering cases about dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house. The best time is now. Let’s learn about the roots of the problems for why has my dog become aggressive towards my other dog in our next subtopic.


Should I Intervene When My Dogs’ Fight?

Forthwith. Do not hesitate. You should not wait to see the scary pictures of your injured dogs.

There has to be a capable and risk-free process if you want to escape injury-free from your pets. We have arranged a plethora of recommended ways on how to stop dogs fighting in the same household.


How To Stop Dogs Fighting In The Same Household

Intervening physically may seem to be a bright and straightforward idea, however, do not be deceived. Fighting dogs can bite their owners as well. See our methodical process below.

  1. Spray some water to your dogs, aim more directly at the most aggressive dog in the fight. If you have an aversive citronella spray, it is the best spray shield to settle the fight.
  2. Use a piece of heavy clothing to distract and disrupt the fighting process.
  3. If there are two or more, you can pull the dogs apart simultaneously and a little more for the aggressive dog.

Above all, it is better to prevent dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house than waiting to see a fight.


How Do You Know If A Dog Fight Is Serious?

You can easily notice a serious dog fight where the dog growling on other dog at home is low-pitched, and the fur stands still. Before the start, you will notice low growls from the dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house. For now, let’s make this easy to digest in a table format.

Dog PlayingDog Fighting
Loud and exaggerated growl Dogs emitting low-pitched growls and body hair stands still
Continuous snarls, exaggerated body falling movement which is repetitive and looks intentional Movements are sharp and dogs seem not to be taking any chances, no blind turns, curled back lips, and fixed flat ears.
Dogs chasing one another and taking turns, just playing light-hearted silky games The less aggressive dog/weaker seems to scamper for safety unhappily.

If you notice your dog suddenly aggressive towards other dog, separate them before you even watch the real saga, your dog attacking another dog in house. Prevention will always come first for any of your dogs’ problems.

Getting these dogs’ ideas is the best thing that you need if you want your dogs to have a good time. Be quick to act when you notice even the slightest dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.


How Do I Stop My Dogs Jealous Fighting?

First, it is good to note that jealousy in dogs does not mean protection or dominance. Your jealous dog envies the love and cares you have opted to give one of your dogs.

But, note the point is before you start to wonder why is my dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in the house, your aggressive dog is only jealous and is looking for your attention. The jealousy also brings the alpha’s dog aggression towards other dogs in home.

Jealousy in dogs is a dime a dozen, do not take it seriously because it is easy to calm down jealous dogs fighting. Check our outstanding ideas here.

Command them to sit down as you offer the other less jealous dog the treat. Give the treat to the jealous dog also, as you praise it and go for notice of a positive reaction from the dog. Reward the jealous dog until it has a calm behavior, and no longer gets pushy with its actions. This is also an advisable way on how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs.

Good to note that you should never encourage the behavior by giving attention or showing laughter. Just make sure, as far as the jealousy is concerned, food guarding is not the issue.

Otherwise, the best way is to prevent jealousy. If you don’t mind, maybe you can look at our precise steps on how you prevent dog suddenly aggressive towards other dog.

Dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house
why is my dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house


How Do I Prevent My Jealous Dogs Fighting?

Note down any signs of jealousy starting from a dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.

  1. Treat your dogs equally, by offering the same attention and meals.
  2. Ignore your dogs when you come home so that there is no excitement to eliminate aggressiveness.
  3. Do not pet one dog so that no prejudice turns out to bring jealousy.


Why Does My Dog Attack My Other Dog When He Barks?

Your dog feels jittered by the bark and is trying to send your barking dog away. Sometimes your dog may be excited, fearful, or aggressive. This results sometimes when your is dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house because of the barking sounds.

Other uncommon causes are when your dog wants to meet your other dog forcefully, the excitement gives the dog a stronger sense of aggressiveness than calmness.


Why Do Dogs Fight In The Same Household?

So many reasons. The common causes are dogs’ dominance, possessiveness, anxiety, and fear. Where one dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house, the less aggressive dog has no option but to fight back.

Such dogs have jealousy competing who would win the owner’s attention or who the owner pets most. Please refer to our recent information about how to stop dogs fighting in the same household below.


How To Prevent Dogs Fighting In The Same Household?

As already aforementioned, the best way to prevent a dog’s fight is by learning the causes of a fight. These are dominance, jealousy, over-excitement, and fear. Let’s break the preventions, focusing specifically on individual causes.

  1. Keep away from rewarding aggressiveness. Do not reinforce any alpha-related status.
  2. Treat your dogs equally to prevent any cause of jealousy and aggressiveness. If it treats time, do not discriminate against your dogs.
  3. Separate your dogs to prevent over-excitement, starting from the feeding bowls and sleeping areas.
  4. Have a systematic way to introduce your new dogs into the family. Dog behaviorists suggest meeting the dogs in a park first rather than quickly bringing the new dog to your home.

Let your dog interact with other dogs, but safely to prevent diseases or physical injuries. You can realize this by inviting your friends to visit you with their calm and trained dogs so that your dogs will gradually learn the socialization processes. This way, you will no longer worry why is my dog suddenly aggressive toward my other dog.


How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting?

To discipline your dog means to help it get along well with the other dog. When disciplining your dog you aim at instilling positivity in your dog that will stop it from another fight. Here is the procedure.

Stop the fight immediately and reorient your dog’s focus to something positive. Walk both of your dogs without worrying if you may create another chance for the fight. American dog behaviorist, Cesar, says that it would be better to forget that the fight happened as your dogs will.

Another workable method is through positive reinforcement in your training. 


Why Would My Dog Kill My Other Dog?

Most likely, fighting arises where there is a hot desire for the same resource. Killing would be experienced where the weak dog struggles to wrestle with your tougher dog.

Judging from the pooch’s perspective, it is normal because the alpha character defines all dogs to be extremely competitive for the desired resource. The situations include meals, sleeping places, possessions, and even mates.

Killing may occur if your dog challenges your ill dog which is unable to protect itself, or when your large dog attacks your smaller dog from the situations above. Happily and in good time, dogs killing one another is rare and can gain mutual relationship as they mature.

This is usually not common to well-socialized dogs that avoid serious fights as they can. Unsocialized dogs cannot express or communicate correctly with other dogs. However, if your dogs are not well socialized, take a step whenever you notice a dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house.


Final Verdict – Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dog In House

We would like to let you know that all the remedies are a continual process and take time. Fighting dogs should not stress you out at all, dogs can amazingly forget their behavior and change to sociable pets.

Dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house
why is my dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house

Depending on how amazed you are, why is my dog suddenly aggressive to our other dog, you can manage that before anything serious happens. If your dog’s behavior has grown, why has my dog become aggressive towards my other dog? Because you didn’t act when you noticed first.

It is never too late, and the second-best time to deal with a dog suddenly aggressive to other dog in house is now.

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