Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart : 7 Interesting Facts From Chihuahua Teeth Diagram

Chihuahua teeth age chart is one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. Luckily, I was able to make a teeth age chart for Chihuahuas using the help of my friend who has a puppy.

Do you know that you can determine the age of a puppy by analyzing the front teeth? Yes! It is true. The Chihuahuas only have twenty eight milk teeth that fall out. These old teeth are replaced at the age of 8 months. And after that, there are solid and permanent 42 Teeth!

Chihuahua teeth age chart
Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart – Chihuahua Teeth Diagram – Chihuahua Teeth Chart

In this article, I will discuss the Chihuahua teeth age chart. The dog teeth diagram and the dog teeth chart for Chihuahuas will also be part of this blog post.


Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart

Chihuahua teeth age chart is not that complicated as it is often considered. The Chihuahua teeth diagram helps us clearly understand the age estimation. Let’s study the puppy teething age chart with a simple Chihuahua teeth diagram guide

Follow these simple steps to have all the relevant information about the Chihuahuas age:


Baby Teeth: When Age is About 3 Months

When Chihuahuas come into this world, they have no teeth. Within 14 days, you will notice the baby teeth coming out.

The baby Chihuahua will start getting teeth as soon as they open their eyes. In just a short period, these baby Chihuahuas will become more prominent and the ones you will love.

But, unluckily, if you only witness this baby teeth formation, if you have bought a puppy. Most of the owners do not enjoy this scene with their own eyes as they only get their Chihuahuas at 2.5 months.

It is a step-wise progression for the teeth to appear in dog’s mouth.

  • Incisors will come 1st.
  • Canine comes on the second spot.
  • Premolars will be in the mouth after six weeks.
  • After eight weeks, the baby Chihuahua will be with a mouth full of 28 milk teeth


Adult Teeth: When Age is 12 Weeks

After the baby teeth have come, there will be another phase of tooth development. The milk teeth will begin to lose and will be repeatedly replaced by the adult teeth.


When Are The Baby Teeth In Chihuahuas Lost?

The Chihuahuas will start losing their baby teeth when they are more than 12 weeks old. After this age, the adult teeth start coming.

There will be 28 teeth seen when counting the baby teeth. After that, all these 28 are replaced by thirty-two adult teeth. The age of Chihuahua teething is not much different than other dogs.


Teeth Stopping: When Age is 8 Months

Now comes the time when the teeth will typically stop growing. This is when the development is completed, and now, all the time will be taken up for the growth.

The teeth will now need a lot of minerals, and also, the body will need chemicals that will give it a lot of vitamins and energy.

This stage usually comes when the puppy is about seven to eight months. It is not a fixed age, but this is the average age for all the Chihuahuas.


Still Teething: Up to 2 Years

This is the last phase of teething. Sometimes puppies may not stop teething until they have reached a solid age of 2 years.

Until this time, they will constantly be becoming extensive and growing in size. But, mostly, the Chihuahuas will stop growing their teeth when they reach six months or older.

You will see that the molar teeth are at the back of their mouth.

It is a fixed rule for most of the Chihuahuas that they stop teething after six months. Still, if any unusual thing happens to these dogs, they will start growing for two years.

A total of 42 adult teeth are seen in these dogs.


How Many Teeth Do Chihuahuas Have

How many teeth does a chihuahua have? Chihuahua teeth age chart helps us understand the natural teeth of a chihuahua puppy.

Total Teeth of Chihuahuas

Thus, 42 teeth are here. You can easily use this table to remember the number of teeth in a chihuahua puppy.

Chihuahua winter coat


Do Chihuahuas Baby Teeth Fall Out?

The puppy teeth age chart tells us when the teeth will fall out. When your chihuahua puppy is about four months, it is time that its teeth will start falling out and will be replaced by the adult teeth.

Chihuahua teeth age chart indicates that the milk teeth are replaced when the age exceeds four months. After that, the development of adult teeth starts happening.

Chihuahua teeth chart also says that the adult teeth will be there permanently after eight months, and the puppy will stop teething.

When Do Chihuahua Ears Stand Up?


What Age Do Chihuahua’s Teeth Fall Out?

Chihuahua teeth diagram says that puppy age by teeth pictures is an easy way to see when they will fall out.

As we have seen in the Chihuahua teeth age chart, the teeth will fall out when the age is above 12 weeks. The baby’s teeth start falling out. This will make space for the new upcoming and permanent adult teeth.

At this time, you may need to upgrade and increase the nutrition of your dog. Hence, in this way, your dog will start getting strong and shiny teeth in adult age.

Chihuahua Bite Force


How Many Baby Teeth Do Chihuahuas Have?

Now, let’s discuss the Chihuahua teeth age chart for baby teeth.

A dog teeth map is useful while counting the Chihuahua baby teeth. A total of 28 baby teeth can be seen in the chihuahua teeth diagram.

When you see that in humans, it is only 14 teeth when a baby is developing its teeth, but the dogs will have a total of 28 teeth which we call “Milk Teeth.”

The baby’s teeth will eventually fall out. The permanent adult teeth constantly replace these baby or milk teeth until the age of 8 months. After this, the teething process will stop.

Chihuahua teeth age chart
Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart – Chihuahua Teeth Diagram – Chihuahua Teeth Chart


How Can You Tell The Age Of A Chihuahua?

With the help of Chihuahua teeth age chart, one can quickly tell the age of a puppy.

Dog teeth chart age helps us predict the estimated age of a dog. When you see a baby dog, it only has an empty mouth. But, after some time, when the Chihuahua gets its baby teeth, the puppy’s age is precisely three months.

After that, some significant changes occur in the body of the puppy. These changes are related to the teeth. Hence, the age will be six months when the adult teeth replace the baby teeth at an exponential rate.

This is the last phase change, and all 42 teeth are formed till the age of 8 months.

So, these 24 weeks are taken by the dogs to get mature teeth. This is how anyone with some knowledge of teeth estimation will depict the age of a puppy.


Do Chihuahuas Have 42 Teeth?

Chihuahua teeth age chart shows complete information about the chihuahuas. As we know that a total of 42

Chihuahua showing teeth less than 42 will be because it is in its growing age. Chihuahua teeth diagram also indicates that 42 teeth are there, of which 20 are molars and 22 and others.

If any puppy has less than 42 teeth, they are still developing their teeth and need some more time.


Is It Normal For Chihuahuas To Lose Their Teeth?

We have studied the Chihuahua teeth age chart so far. Now, this is the time to see if it is customary for the chihuahuas to lose their teeth.

Referring to the chihuahua teeth diagram, it is seen that when the puppy is above the age of 12 months, it would be losing its teeth.

It is entirely normal for any dog to lose its baby milk teeth. They are soft, and a dog needs more tough teeth to do all the necessary things.

Like, if your Chihuahua has to eat flesh and meat, adult teeth are very important.

So, losing the baby teeth to have new adult teeth is okay.


Chihuahua Teeth Problems

Chihuahua bottom teeth may have problems. The teeth may have many problems if they are taken good care of.

Just like the human teeth, the puppy teeth also need to have the proper care. Now that you have taken the responsibility of a dog, you have to make sure that you are taking good care of it.

The most common problems faced by the chihuahuas are the:

  • Gums
  • Teeth
  • Roots

All these problems can create a lot of trouble and mess for the chihuahuas. So, to get through this, you need to make your dog’s teeth clean with a brush regularly.

If this is not feasible, you can use a mouthwash for your dog. It would also be okay to use a mouth wash by directly pouring it into your dog’s mouth.


What Should I Do To Take Care Of Chihuahua Teeth Problems?

If there are gums, bleeding, and roots, you need to do the following thing:


Use brush regularly

The first step to make sure the teeth are okay is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly.


Make use of a Good Mouthwash

If the brush thing is not working, try using a liquid mouthwash.


Eat healthily

Never feed any junk food to your dog. It will save your dog from cavities and germs if you let it eat healthier.


Please take it to the Vet Dentist: For Bad Teeth

If the teeth health is terrible, there is a last option for you. Take your dog to a vet. He will see it and tell you what the possible reason is. And also, he will tell you the solution.


Chihuahua Teething Toys

A chihuahua teeth chart has been discussed. Now, it is time to see what could be some good toys for our puppy.

Chewing toys will make your dog’s teeth strong.

  • They are economical
  • Toys for teething are good for health
  • They have no side effect
  • The teething toy is readily available.


Top Teething Toys For Chihuahua Teeth Problems

These are the top teething toys you can buy for your dogs, and they can be used for fun:

  • Petstages Orka Teething Toy
  • Petstages Dental Chewing Toys

Chihuahua Teeth Comparison With Human Teeth

Chihuahua teeth age chart shows that the human teeth are half in number and take more time to develop. If you compare both teeth, it is seen that human baby teeth will not be falling before the age of 7 years.

Whereas the baby teeth of chihuahuas will fall after 2 to 3 months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can You Tell A Dog’s Age By Looking At Their Teeth?

The Chihuahua teeth diagram will help you depict the age of a dog.

Here’s how you can do this by looking at dog’s teeth to determine its age

  • New Born: No Teeth
  • 12 Weeks: 16 baby Teeth
  • 24 Weeks: 42 Adult Teeth
  • 6 to 8 Months: 42 teeth constant


What Age Do Most Chihuahuas Die?

Chihuahua teeth age chart does not give any information about this.

But, here’s what I have to say about this. The chihuahuas will die at the age of more than 20 years.

They are among the dogs with the highest life span. But, this lifespan depends upon the factors such as a healthy lifestyle and diet.


Final Verdict – Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart

Thus, it was all about the Chihuahua teeth age chart. We have discussed the tooth chart dog age by teeth pictures, making it easy to identify the age by comparison.

Chihuahua teeth age chart
Chihuahua Teeth Age Chart – Chihuahua Teeth Diagram – Chihuahua Teeth Chart

The Chihuahua teeth chart helps us see the actual age of the dog. Periodontal disease in Chihuahuas probability grows with their age. So, be a responsible pet parent and take of Chihuahua teething problems as they grow older with you!

If you want a more healthy and powerful dog and still have Chihuahua characteristics, then take a look at German Shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs.

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