German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix : Temperament, Price, Training, 11 Interesting Facts

Chihuahuas and German shepherds are both adorable in their own ways. Chihuahuas are affectionate dogs, while German shepherds are fierce and loyal.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about German shepherd Chihuahua mix. What will happen if a Chihuahua mates with a German shepherd? How big will the offspring be? What traits will the offspring have?


Can A Chihuahua Mate With A German Shepherd?

The answer is yes, and we call them German shepherd Chihuahua mix. But certain conditions must be present for safe breeding. A male German shepherd mated with a female Chihuahua will be dangerous for the smaller dog, since there is no way to determine at the onset whether the puppy will be medium or large. The female needs to be able to carry larger puppies in her womb, so this won’t be possible with the female Chihuahua.

German shepherd chihuahua mix
German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix – Temperament Price Training

On the other hand, a male Chihuahua can mate with a female German shepherd, although needing great assistance.

Hybrid dogs like this one involve uncertainties, such as the physical appearance and the temperament. Usually, the one with stronger genes will almost always become obvious when the dog is born and grows.


How much does a German shepherd Chihuahua cost?

Full-bred German shepherds average costs are from $800 to $3000, while a full-bred Chihuahua costs $500 to $1500. On the other hand, the cost of German shepherd Chihuahua mix can be hard to estimate because of its rarity. To better determine the cost of a German shepherd Chihuahua mix, go to a trusted breeder that sells this hybrid.

Honest breeders will look for information on both breeds and show them to you. Make sure to talk to your local breeder for more information on this breed.


How big do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix get?

German shepherds are one of the largest dog breeds. They can grow as tall as 26 inches for male and 24 inches for female. On the other hand, Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. Chihuahuas are often considered “toy dogs” because of their size.

German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs are medium-sized dogs. Since this hybrid comes from the large German shepherd and the small Chihuahua, the physical trait can vary a lot. Some can look more like a German shepherd while others may look more like Chihuahuas.


Are German shepherd Chihuahua Mixes good dogs?

This may depend on the stronger gene on the puppy – whether it’s more as a German shepherd or as a Chihuahua.

The temperament of German shepherd Chihuahua mix can vary from one to another. But in general, this hybrid is loyal, intelligent and can become aggressive towards other dogs or people. They need significant amount of training to become well-mannered adult dogs.


How long do German shepherd Huskies live?

German shepherds were herding dogs that originated from Germany in 1899, and were initially bred as working dogs for farmers. Huskies were bred over 3000 years ago and were used as sledding dogs in places with cold climates. Both dogs are known as working dogs with high intelligence.

Mix breeds like the German shepherd Huskies, or more popularly known as Gerberian Shepsky, are expected to have a lifespan of 10-13 years. This breed is highly intelligent, thus can be trained easily. They require adequate amount of exercise which will help them stay clear from negative habits such as chewing and barking.


How long do German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs live?

German shepherd Chihuahua mix dogs tend to live up to 20 years. This hybrid, however, can be prone to some heart problems. It is better to check if any of the parent dogs (either German shepherd or Chihuahua) has severe diseases that it can pass on to its offspring.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Explained In Detail

History of German Shepherd Dogs

German shepherds came from Germany in the late 1800s. At first farmers utilized this breed as sheep herders and protectors from predators. Due to their intelligence and easy-to-train nature, German shepherds were welcomed as police dogs. These dogs helped police track criminals and illegal substances. German shepherds are also excellent sight dogs for the blind due to their patience and faithful observance to their surroundings.

The German shepherd we know today isn’t always what it looked like. Before, they had rough coats and short tails. But through the cross breeding work of Max von Stephanitz, we have come to know the now famous breed. German shepherds are reserve with strangers at first, but easily warms up with them. This trait makes them excellent watchdog for children, as they become protective of their humans. To avoid aggressiveness, it is important that they socialized during their pup years so they easily warm up to different people and animals.


Chihuahua Dogs History

Chihuahuas were first noted in 19th century. Many experts believe that the breed may have come from Techichi, a small dog kept by the Toltec people of Mexico.

In 1884, Mexican merchants began selling the dog to American tourist, who in turn brought them to the US. Previously it was known as the Arizona dog, Texas dog, or Mexico dog. But through time it has become known as Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas might have a bad reputation due to being aggressive. But that is only because they lack proper training and socialization when they were still puppies. The best way to train the Chihuahua is to use positive reinforcement on them. Take them out on a walk and when they show the correct behavior, give them treats as a positive reinforcement.


What does a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix look like?

German shepherd Chihuahua mixes are small to medium dogs. They tend to have black and/or tan-colored coat, short to medium-length coat, erect ears and a soft spot on their head, which goes away when they grow old.

Here is table summarizing the physical traits temperament of a German shepherd Chihuahua mix

8-60 lbs

(3.6 to 27.2 kg)

7-45 inches

(17.8 to 114.3 cm)

Black or black/tan

Short or long coat

Can be aggressive if not well-trained

Not advisable for families with small children

Will do well in families with older children

Since German shepherd Chihuahua mix is a hybrid, physical appearance can be uncertain. Depending on the stronger gene, German shepherd Chihuahua mix may look more like a German shepherd, or more like a Chihuahua.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix puppies

How to choose German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix breeders?

Breeders that breed German shepherd Chihuahua mixes can be rare to find, that is why it is also hard to make an estimate cost for this breed. When looking for a breeder, make sure to avoid puppy mills, as they tend to have unethical breeding standards. In addition, avoid getting puppies from the puppy, as they would most likely come from the puppy mill.

It is advisable to check animal rescue shelters for the availability of this breed. But since this breed is relatively new, you have to search far and wide to look for the perfect one. If there are no other choices, you can contact your local breeder for more information. Make sure that the breeder is ethical and honest.

To choose the best breed for German shepherd and Chihuahua, look for their parents and their mix. Check if they come from healthy stock and without any inherent issues. Another thing to do is to take German shepherd parent dog to “German shepherd puppy walk”. German shepherd mixes are known to be social and loves to be around people. Therefore, they need to be around people to keep stimulated.

For the Chihuahua parent dog, make sure that it comes from premium breeding stock. Don’t hesitate to ask the breeder more information about the Chihuahua. Ask your local vet to check if the Chihuahua is healthy and is able to breed with other dogs.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix puppies for sale

It might be hard to find a breeder that breeds German shepherd Chihuahua mixes, as well as estimating the price to pay for it. What you can do is visit your local German shepherd breeder and collect information on the dogs.

Make sure to consider the traits of the German shepherd and the Chihuahua, especially on their health and temperament. There are instances when the breeder will raise the price because there’s more than Chihuahua in the mix. Ask the breeder about this so you can decide if this mix is your ideal hybrid.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix for sale – Adult Dog

One way to find German shepherd Chihuahua mix is through rescue. Look into your local animal rescue to see if there is availability for the hybrid. Another way is to go to your local breeders and ask if they have available German shepherds and Chihuahuas to breed.

Remember when choosing a breeder: make sure that he/she is well-reputed and honest. This ensures that your dog will come from premium stock and reduce the problems on genes and health.

German shepherd chihuahua mix
German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix


Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix bad with kids?

This hybrid is generally highly intelligent. They can be kid-friendly if they are trained right at a young age. Passive owners may have difficulty making these dogs obey them, as they may become unruly and aggressive.

The secret to making sure that German shepherd and Chihuahua mix hybrid dog is well-mannered is to make them socialize at a young age. Exposing them to different people and animals help lessen their tendency to bark excessively or become reserve to other people.


Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix easy to train?

Since this hybrid is a mix of German shepherd and Chihuahua, German shepherd Chihuahua mixes can be trained fairly. Trainers must be firm and decisive so that these dogs can have leaders to follow. Socialization while they are still puppies is also crucial for this hybrid.

On some instances, this hybrid can be stubborn. On the other hand, they are highly intelligent. This means they can easily pick up on commands. Trainers and owners must be patient enough to train their dogs.

Potty training them while they are still puppies is important as well.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix temperament

Although coming from different breeds, German shepherd and Chihuahuas are both known to be affectionate and loyal dogs. They are both reserve to strangers at first, but they easily warm up.

It can be tricky to know the temperament of German shepherd Chihuahua mix. The puppy can take up after either parent, or they can show a mixture of traits. Training can also impact how this hybrid will behave.

In general, German shepherd Chihuahua mixes are loyal, intelligent and love to be around people. They also have protective tendencies towards people they are close to. If not trained well, these dogs can be aggressive towards other people or dogs.


Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix shed?

Shedding may depend on the dog itself. Chihuahua and German shepherd mix with short coats tend to have light shedding. The ones with longer coats may shed more. It is advisable to have vacuum cleaners to clean these dogs’ shedding.


How to groom German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

Grooming this hybrid can be straightforward. Dogs with shorter coats will shed lightly while dogs with longer coats may have more shedding.

Always make it a point to brush the dog everyday to keep the coat in excellent condition. Bathe them as often as you see fit, but do not overdo this to avoid drying their skin. Trim their nails regularly. Moreover, make sure to use your vacuum cleaner to clean after their shedding.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Weight

A male German shepherd can weigh from 65-90 lbs, while a female German shepherd can weigh 50-70 lbs.

A Chihuahua (male or female) does not exceed 6 lbs in weight.

A typical German shepherd and Chihuahua mix can weigh from 8 up 60 lbs. To make sure they are healthy, give them high quality dog food. Feed them according to their weight.


Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix like to cuddle?

It may depend on the temperament of the dog, but in general, German shepherd Chihuahua mix like to cuddle. Since German shepherds and Chihuahuas love to cuddle, it is more likely that this trait will pass down to their offspring. Just remember to train them to recognize people at an early age. In addition, making them socialize at an early age will help them get used to all kinds of people and animals.


Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Love Their Owners?

The answer is ‘yes’ – they can get very attached to their owners at a young age. Make sure to train them to be alone while they are still puppies to avoid developing territorial tendencies when they become adult dogs.


Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Dogs Loyal?

Since the common trait of German shepherd and Chihuahua is loyalty, it is possible that this trait can be passed down to their offspring. So, the answer is ‘yes’, these dogs are loyal to their owners.


How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Is Happy?

You can check a dog’s body language to know if they are happy. Typically, a happy dog will show any of these physical signs:

  • A partially open mouth
  • Relaxed ears
  • Relaxed posture
  • Waging tail with the whole body, or a wagging tail with a relaxed body. If your dog is wagging its tail but it’s standing stiff, it is usually a sign or alertness or nervousness
  • Rolling over for belly rubs
  • Making a “bow” (chest lowered with their bum in the air) to show they are ready to play.



How Long Can A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Be Left Alone?

It may depend on the stronger gene of the offspring. If the stronger gene is the German shepherd, it may require frequent pays and exercises. As a highly intelligent dog, German shepherds require physical and intellectual stimulus. Regular activities and exercise are a must.

If, on the other hand, the stronger gene is the Chihuahua, they can be left alone for longer hours. Make sure to leave them enough food and water, and a warm environment. But don’t forget to cuddle with them at the end of the day.

In general, German shepherd Chihuahua mix needs moderate amount of exercise. Letting them loose in your yard isn’t good enough, so make sure to play with them.


Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Dogs Aggressive?

The answer is ‘yes’ – if they are not trained properly. Training the German shepherd Chihuahua puppies to socialize is the key to a well-mannered German shepherd Chihuahua mix adult dog. Use positive reinforcement on them to develop desirable traits and discourage negative traits.


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Health Problems

Hybrid dogs tend to be healthier than purebreds because of genetic diversity. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot have any health issues, and German shepherd Chihuahua mix is no stranger to this. They can have a lifespan of about 8 – 15 years, and they have lesser chance of inheriting certain genetic disorders from one of the parent dog due to cross breeding. But, it is still good to know what health concerns may arise that can affect both breeds.

Hip dysplasia is prevalent in larger dogs, such as German shepherd. When a dog has hip dysplasia, the bones that make up the hip joint grew at a different rate, causing osteoarthritis that is very painful for the dogs.

Degenerative myelopathy is a disease affecting the spinal cord, which leads to weakness in the limbs and paralysis. This condition affects the older dogs, but can also happen to puppies in rare cases.

Luxating patella is a disease where a kneecap is dislocated. This disease can affect smaller breed of dogs like Chihuahua.

Hydrocephalus is the condition where the head becomes bigger due to cerebrospinal fluid that is unable to drain. This can cause a lot of pressure and may lead to

In addition, this breed can be prone to heart problems, such as congenital heart effect.

It is important for breeders to check any illness that the parent dog might pass on to the offspring. They conduct tests to make sure that the parent dogs are healthy and have no obvious disease whatsoever.

Bring the Chihuahua German shepherd puppies to a vet to conduct examinations for any possible disease.


Can I give my German shepherd Chihuahua mix jam as food?

Jams taste good on toast, but if you think of letting your dog have jam on toast as well, think again. Jams are very high on sugar, and it can cause diabetes to your dog. Other food high in sugar, such as jellies and chocolates, should be avoided given to dogs as well.

As much as possible, give your dog the proper amount of food and nutrition it needs.



German shepherd Chihuahua mixes are good to have as pets. They are affectionate, loyal, and protective of their humans. When trained correctly, German shepherd Chihuahua mixes can be well-mannered around other people and animals. Use positive reinforcement to encourage positive traits from them and lessen the development of undesirable traits.

Make sure to give them exercise everyday and play with them, as they love to be around people. Give them the correct amount of high-quality food to ensure they are healthy. Watch out for possible inherited disease from either parent dog, but in general hybrids like the German shepherd Chihuahua mix are healthier and have longer lifespan.

German shepherd chihuahua mix
German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix – Temperament Price Training

German shepherd Chihuahua mix hybrid can be hostile towards small children. If not supervised, they have the tendency to growl, bark and bite children. Proper training is important for these dogs to grow up into well-behaved dogs. They are not advisable for families with small children, but they do well around families with older children.

Since they can inherit genes from both parents, German shepherd Chihuahua mixes can have either the best traits from both parents, or the worst. They can be ferociously territorial and be hostile with anyone they don’t know. Again, the key is to properly train them and have them socialize with other people and animals when they are still puppies. However, at their best, this hybrid is intelligent, loyal, independent and have the sense to serve.

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