Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat : 7 Clear Differences

Do you want to have a large size? You can choose between Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat. Apart from being a large cat breed, these two cats have similarities that you don’t even know much about.

There aren’t any secrets in how to tell the difference between the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat in a purebred cat. Both breeds are pretty much the same in appearance, size, and markings. The only real difference between these cats is their coat lengths.

To find out more clearly between these two breeds, let’s start learning about the Norwegian forest cat Maine coon.

Maine coon vs norwegian forest cat
maine coon vs norwegian forest cat


Maine Coon Vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Similarity

The appearance of Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat is similar, and both are very fluffy. Both Norwegian forest cats and Maine coon are large breeds of cats and have long coats. The one trait they do have in common is how quickly they will grow.

Some experts also say that it is possible that the Maine Coon is a relative of the Norwegian Forest Cat, judging by the many similarities between them.

Some equate Maine coons with Siberian because of their closer appearance. Sometimes when pet owners want to own one of the three cats, they must first learn the difference between Maine coon, Norwegian forest cat and Siberian.


Difference Norwegian Forest Cat vs. Maine Coon

If you look at the difference in look, their head shape and coat has a bit different. In terms of coat, the Norwegian forest cat has longer hair, and there is a difference in the tail.

Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat has a fairly significant difference in the shape of the head. Maine coons have high cheekbones and a wedge-shaped head. Norwegian forest cat has a flat forehead, straight nose, and a triangular-shaped head.

The Maine coon prefers to play for activity, while the Norwegian forest cat is more on the lazy side. There are also some differences in their personality. Even so, both Maine coon and Norwegian forest cat are well-loved breeds.


Maine Coon Temperament

Maine Coons have a friendly, goofy, affectionate, gentle, sweet-tempered, playful temperament. Maine coons are often chosen by pet owners because they are obedient and good with the family. Their playfulness makes pet owners enjoy interacting with them.

Having a Maine coon is not difficult to train and care for, as they are easy to adapt to every environment, and they love their owners. Before choosing this breed, make sure you make a Maine coon comparison with the Norwegian forest cat in terms of personality.


Norwegian Forest Cat Temperament

Norwegian forest cats are gentle, friendly, calm, curious, and intelligent. Even though Norwegian forest cats are sociable cats, they don’t need much attention because they are more independent.

When comparing Norwegian forest cat personality to the Maine coon, the Norwegian forest cat prefers to stay indoors and sleep, while the Maine Coon prefers to play outside or inside the house. Norwegian forest cat is not like a main coon who likes to be on your lap.

If you want to compare the Norwegian forest cat and the Maine coon based on which is better for a family companion, you need to compare not in terms of personality. Pet owners prefer the Norwegian forest cat size comparison because the main coon is better in terms of affection.


Maine Coon Vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

You’ve seen the difference between the Maine coon and the Norwegian forest cat in terms of personality. If you want to have a cat with lots of activity, likes to be around you, then the Maine Coon is the right choice.

Norwegian forest cats are not a breed with a bad temper, and it’s just that they are independent cats who prefer to be alone and don’t like too much affection from their owners.

Norwegian forest cat is also often chosen because the Maine coon looks alike and also includes large-breed cats.


How Big Maine Coon Can Get?

When distinguishing between Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat, pet owners refer to is Norwegian forest cat vs Maine coon size. Even though they are both large breed cats, most pet owners know that the Maine Coon is the biggest cat in terms of size.

The table below is the average Maine coon size. Please remember that the data below is the average full-grown state of the Maine coons, and depends on how healthy their diet and their genetics are.


Average SizesMale Maine CoonFemale Maine Coon
Length19-40 inches19-40 inches
Height10-16 inches8-14 inches
Weight15-25 pounds8-12 pounds

If you want to choose a bigger cat than the main coon, you can make a Maine coon cat size comparison with other breeds. Of course, there are still cat bigger than Maine coon if you ask the breeder.


How Can Big Norwegian Forest Cat Get?

After knowing the Maine coon size, let’s look at Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat size. Norwegian forest cat is a large breed but not as big as the Maine coon. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Average SizesMale Norwegian Forest CatFemale Norwegian Forest Cat
Length12-18 inches12-18 inches
Height9-12 inches9-12 inches
Weight12-20 pounds9-18 pounds

When compared from the two tables, Maine coon vs Norwegian forest cat, it can be seen that the Norwegian forest cat is only higher for females than female Maine coon. In addition, for height, length, and weight, the Maine coon is larger.

If you want to measure other breeds, compare Norwegian forest cat size vs normal cat. Normal cats tend to be smaller than Maine coons or Norwegian forest cats.


Maine Coon Coat Colors Variation

We have seen the Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon in terms of personality and size. Now let’s see what coat colors are owned by the Maine Coon.

Maine coon has many color variants, and some say up to 85 different colors. Several classes for colors from the Maine coon, namely solid, tabbies, smoke, shaded, bi-color, and parti-color.

Solid color is the single color of the entire body. Common colors are white, black, blue, red, and cream.

Tabbies are divided into three color classes by CFA (Cat Fanciers Association): classic tabby pattern, mackerel tabby pattern, and ticked tabby pattern.

Other colors that are no less interesting are cream smoke, blue smoke, shaded silver, shaded blue silver, black and white, black and red, and many more. Find complete information about Maine coon colors at the Norwegian forest cat for sale in Maine.

In terms of color, maybe Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat will be won by Maine Coon because there are so many color variants.


Norwegian Forest Cat Coat Colors Variation

Norwegian forest paint also includes paints with many color variants, from solid, bi-color, tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby fur patterns.

The colors that are often in demand are white, cream, black, blue, red, golden, and silver for solid colors.

In terms of color, because the variation is not as much as the Maine coon, many compare the Norwegian forest cat vs ragdoll.


Norwegian Forest Cat Vs Maine Coon Price

If you look for a Norwegian forest cat price at a registered breeder in the US, the price ranges from $800-$1500. Maine coons are much more expensive because of their large size; the range can be as high as $1500-$4000.

You can look for Maine coon Norwegian forest cat for sale at the same breeder, so you can compare overall from price to all characteristics.


Final Verdict On Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine coon and Norwegian forest cats are large cat breeds compared to other normal cat breeds. There are several differences in these two breeds, from the shape of the head and the length of the coat hair.

In addition, in terms of temperament, the Maine Coon is a playful cat and likes to be active, while the Norwegian Forest Cat is more lazy-side.

For color, Maine Coon has many color variants, and Norwegian Forest Paint has fewer color choices.

Maine coon vs norwegian forest cat
maine coon vs norwegian forest cat – norwegian forest cat vs maine coon – maine coon vs norwegian forest cat behavior

From that many differences, you can expect the price of the Maine coon to be more expensive than the Norwegian forest cat because, in terms of size, the Maine coon is also much larger. Make sure your Maine coon doesn’t grow into a fat tabby cat.

If you are confused about choosing these two breeds, try asking the breeder if a Maine coon or Norwegian forest cat mix will work for your expectation.

Take a look at our Chocolate point Siamese vs Seal point Siamese cat comparison if you want to know about another cat breed.a

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