Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot : 5 Clear Biological Reasons

Corgis are a sight to behold, low to the earth with ears pointing to the skies. So are you bringing a corgi puppy home and are concerned about your corgi puppy sleeping a lot.

What to do if my Corgi puppy sleeps a lot? You may expect your Corgi puppy to sleep for six to ten hours every night. However, especially before the age of three months, they will certainly necessitate one bathroom break throughout the night. If they’re whimpering or barking in their kennel after they’ve gone to the bathroom at night, don’t give in.

Corgi puppy sleeps a lot
Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot

These lively small canines are excellent companions for a wide range of humans. Corgi pups, who are bold from birth, like wrestling with their puppy companions and want compassion and direction from their owners.


Are Corgi Puppies Lazy?

Well, why are we in such a rush to respond to this? Knowing the fact that Corgi Puppies sleep a lot, first and foremost, many individuals are curious, which is natural! People want to know if their future pet will be rushing about all day or lazing around all day!

No, corgis are not lazy dogs. The Corgi, on the other hand, is a proud, active dog who is anything other than a couch potato. 

Almost anybody who has had these wonderful and active critters in their home can attest to this. But what if you were hoping for a sluggish little Corgi? What does this have to do with you?


Do Corgis Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Many dog owners wonder aloud, “Do dogs sleep with their eyes open?” Of course, they’re startled since their napping hound still appears to be keeping an eye on what’s going on around them!

The image of a sleeping dog with its eyes open might be disconcerting. Perhaps it appears a bit out of place. 

Did you know that one in every five people is considered to sleep with their eyes partially open? In reality, many animals, including dogs, have the capacity to sleep with their eyes just partly closed.


Do Corgi Puppies Sleep A Lot?

So are you also thinking that corgi puppy sleeps a lot? So yes they absolutely do! So how long do corgis sleep? Corgi puppies can sleep anywhere from 18 to more than 20 hours each day.

Even when they reach adulthood, they will continue to sleep more than 15 hours each day.What happens while they’re awake?

If they aren’t napping the day away, they will be highly active, adventurous, playful, and always racing all around the home.

You know what corgi puppies can literally sleep anywhere at any time. Whether it is home or outside. Sometimes a corgi puppy sleeping in the backpack can make you go WOW.


Should I Be Worried If My Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot?

Do you believe your dog is the dumbest dog on the planet since it sleeps a lot and for approximately 15-18 hours a day? Then you are absolutely wrong.

Your dog is most likely sleeping poorly. Most typical dogs need to sleep more than that. A corgis’ usual sleep time per day is about 18 hours or more.

However, if your dog used to be highly active and has only lately changed, there may be something wrong with it, and you should investigate the cause.

So it is not about that you should never be worried. Puppies need to take a lot of sleep in order to grow physically and mentally. You have to be concerned if your dog is not active even after taking long naps. In such situations, one should consult a vet.


Will Corgis Sleep With You?

As we all know, Corgis are attention seekers, so yes your corgi will sleep with you and they will enjoy sleeping with you.

Some researchers have proven that sleeping with your dog may increase oxytocin levels. It is a hormone that balances the heart rate, relaxes, unwinds, and helps in distressing you.

On top of that, other research shows that owners that sleep with their four-legged companions have much less anxiety, aren’t depressed, don’t stress that much, and have overall better health! 


How Much Should My Corgi Puppy Sleep?

Hopefully you have enough information about how corgi puppy sleeps a lot. Just like us many other people also wonder how long do corgi puppies sleep? So here is your answer.

A Corgi sleeps between 8 and 10 hours a day, which is slightly less than that of an average dog.

Of course, this is dependent on your particular Corgi exercise and sleep requirements. Because the Corgi was originally developed as a working dog, they generally have a lot of energy to burn.

However, with lots of exercise and activities to keep them occupied during high-energy periods, your Corgi may sleep a lot during the day. 

Corgis, in addition to their daily naps, sleep for around eight hours at night, depending on how well they acclimatize to your sleep pattern.

Have you also seen a corgi puppy sleeping on the back or a corgi sploot and now you are thinking about it. Well there is nothing to be worried about. They sleep in this position as it helps regulate their body temperature.


Why Do Corgi Puppies Sleep So Much

Corgi puppies sleep a lot due to various reasons. Just like human babies they also need an adequate amount of sleep for their proper functioning and growth.

The puppies grow at a very fast rate so they also need a lot of sleep for the proper growth of their mind along with their bodies.

Your puppy can consolidate what they’ve learned by sleeping and absorbing what they’ve observed when awake.

It also enables them to grow physically, shaping and developing their muscles and bones.

Corgi puppy sleeps a lot
Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot


Following are also some reasons that cause corgi to sleep a lot

Dog’s Age

Dogs can nap for more than 12 hours each day, although they generally sleep for 12-14 hours per day. Large dog breeds, old dogs, and puppies require more sleep, and pups can sleep up to 18 hours per day, which is perfectly normal.

The pups’ activities cause them to get easily tired, which might be the cause.


Anxiety, Distress, and Tiredness

A dog who is suffering from psychological difficulties such as anxiety, stress, or boredom may sleep excessively. If your dog is apprehensive, you will notice them becoming lethargic and frequently nodding off. 


Level Of Activity

Dogs who have duties that need their attention will devote the majority of their day’s activity to fulfilling those chores. The amount of sleep required by dogs is also determined by what they are bred to accomplish.


Deficiency In Thyroxine

This is also known as hypothyroidism. Under-secretion of thyroxine typically decreases chemical activities happening within the body’s cells, particularly those connected to metabolism; as a result, the dog seems sick.

Hypothyroidism is more common in older dogs, although it can also occur in younger dogs in rare circumstances.


Infection In Bacteria


This is a highly infectious illness caused by bacteria. 



This is a very infectious viral infection. predominant in pups between the ages of six weeks and six months.


What To Do If My Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot?

So if your corgi puppy sleeps a lot. I would like to give you some corgi puppy tips about how to discipline a corgi puppy regarding sleep.

First of all, I would suggest you make a proper routine for your dog. For instance, after a great game of fetch, chase, or keep away, it’s time for food, a walk, and then a nap. 

You don’t want to over tire him, but make sure he hasn’t been sleeping so much that he’s wide awake and ready to play when it’s time to go to bed for the evening.


How To Stop Corgi Puppies From Sleeping A Lot?

Looks like you are also very worried that your corgi puppy sleeps a lot and you want to stop him from doing so.

So for this purpose you have to make a proper sleeping routine for him. Also make a proper exercise routine for him. You should have alternative activities for the dog so that he gets too busy in them and avoids sleeping.

In this regard vets can guide you in the best possible way.


How To Train Corgi Puppies To Not Be Sleepy As They Grow?

Are you also concerned about the sleeping routine of your corgi and you want him to be active as he grows. For that you have to set up a proper and defined routine for your corgi.

Make An Exercise Routine For Your Dog

First of all, make an exercise routine for your pet. Help him be physically and mentally active. Take your corgi on long walks, play games like fetch with him, take him swimming at a local pool.


Give Tasks To Your Dog

Give some tasks to your dogs, train him like the way you want and arrange a few treats after he completes his tasks to encourage him. Performing the tasks regularly will make your dog mentally active that will make him sleep less.


Make A Proper Sleeping Routine For Your Dog

You have to make a proper and balanced sleeping routine for your dog. Consult the vet and ask for suggestions of how much sleep is required at every stage as your corgi grows. 

After that, make a proper routine for him. Take him to bed on time and wisely wake him up as per routine. Plan some treats for him until he gets used to that routine 



Why Is My Corgi Puppy So Sleepy?

Do not panic if your corgi puppy sleeps a lot. As a puppy, it usually does not follow a sleeping pattern.Even if your corgi spends the entire day resting, give it a day or two to see whether his energy levels return to normal and bounce back.

Your corgi puppy may be a ball of energy and out of control one day.The next day, it may sleep for the entire day, feeling sluggish and exhausted.

The temperature may also be a reason that your corgi is sleeping a lot. On hotter days most dogs sleep more than on usual days.


How Much Sleep Does A Corgi Puppy Need?

Answer to how long do corgi puppies sleep is based on fact that basically a corgi puppy will need at least 18-20 hours of sleep a day.  As adults, they will need 14 hours of sleep a day.

While they are awake they will be very excited and you have to remove their energy.


Final Verdict – Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot

Are you worrying your Corgi puppy sleeps a lot? But what is it about Corgis that causes them to sleep so much? When it comes to mature Corgis, keep in mind that they require more regular naps to compensate for energy loss.

Corgi puppy sleeps a lot
Corgi Puppy Sleeps A Lot

In addition, sleeping time will be determined by how much energy your Corgi uses during the day – as well as a variety of other factors. Ensure that your puppy gets adequate sleep throughout the first few months of life, as not getting enough sleep can lead to physical and mental issues.

Do not do everything on your own rather consult the vet about the routine and sleeping habits of your corgi as he can guide you in a very good manner. Learn how the royals treat their corgis.

Furthermore, if your Corgi is sleeping a lot yet appears sluggish, melancholy, or refuses to eat, you should take him to the doctor. Don’t procrastinate or try to figure things out on your own because there might be many health concerns involved.

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