When Do Husky Ears Stand Up? 3 Healthy Husky Ears Tips

Husky is a working dog and a very famous pedigree of dogs. The Huskies make great pets for families with children. Like all dogs, they can be very tolerant of children but should be supervised when around young children.

Despite their affectionate nature to strangers, they get used to other dogs and also people through this.

In this article, we will discuss husky ears, when do husky ears stand up and if taping husky ears is a good idea.

When do husky ears stand up
When do Husky ears stand up – taping Husky ears


When Do Husky Ears Stand Up?

When do dog ears stand up, or when do puppy ears stand up? In most cases, husky puppy ears will start to perk up around the sixth-week mark. Keep in mind that time can vary from before six weeks to 10 weeks approximately.

It is not common to see Husky floppy ears at 8-10 weeks. The average length of husky ears is medium and about 4-5 inches.


How Do You Tell If A Husky Puppy’s Ears Will Stand Up?

All puppies have folded ears when they are born. There is something magnificent about dogs with ears that stands up straight, even in that breed known for their perky ear. Siberian husky ears at the time of birth also in form folds.

When do husky ears stand up? There is no prediction about the husky ears that whether it will be stand or floppy in adulthood. If your husky puppy ears are likely to stand, observe where they are set on the head. Ears that will stand even incompletely are then set higher on the head and closer together than pendant ears.

The cartilage bone at the base of a standing ear will begin feeling firm by four to six weeks old.


Husky Ears Down Meaning

Husky ears down because of fear, fearful dogs want the thing that frightens them to go away, or they want to make themselves shrink down and look small.

At this stage, their backs are hunched, ears are flattened down against their head, erect husky ears and tail held between their legs, and their muscles are tensed. Angry husky ears back against the chair mean that your dog is anxious or afraid.

In general, the attention of dogs can be determined by watching the movement of her years. If the Husky ears are not standing up or Husky ears back, it means that she is friendly.

If the husky ears are erect facing forward indicates that she is engaged. When do husky ears stand up? On the other hand, if the husky ears lay tightly back against the head tells us a fearful and timid reaction.

When do husky ears stand up? Husky ears can stand up in fight or flight conditions. It is also a sign of fearfulness in dogs.


Why Are My Huskies Ears Floppies?

Husky puppy floppy ears are in his childhood when he or she is just a puppy. Husky Floppy ears are because of not full development of ear cartilage and bones. At this age, husky puppy ears are in the growing stage. There is no predicted speed of growing ears. Every husky puppy ears may take a little bit more.


Husky Teething Phase

A puppy is born teeth less. Siberian husky puppy goes through two teething periods. After these two teething periods, the dog’s teeth are strong and become adult teeth. Siberian husky teeth period is critical for both owners and even much harder for puppies.

If you notice that your puppy starts chewing or biting your hands or legs, this is his teething period. Chewing is essential for your husky puppy when he is teething.

The teething period will stop when your puppy reaches the age of 7-8 months.  Siberian husky have 28 babies teethes.

At the age of four weeks or above, your puppy’s baby teeth or milk teeth will begin to come. These are not long-lasting teeth. The milk teeth start falling out after some time. You will find the teeth of your puppy on the floor in the falling period.

When do husky ears stand up? If your dog is in the teething period, then his ears become floppy and couldn’t stand up until the completion of this period.

The second teeth period starts when the baby or milk teeth fall then permanent teeth begin to appear. Until the age of 8-9 months, your puppy milk teeth will be replaced with permanent and robust teeth.


Cartilage Weak and Yet To Fully Develop

As we have discussed early, husky puppy ears are floppy in his childhood. In childhood, there is less development of bones and cartilage that why husky ears become floppy. At an early age, there is the process of development of ears. So, you see the Husky ears floppy.


Breeding Issues

The breeding issue can be a problem of the floppy husky ear. Floppy ears are a dominant trait in dogs.

Dominant features require only one copy of a specific gene for expressing markers in dogs. If the father or mother has dominant traits in the genome, then offspring will indeed produce the traits.

Both parents have floppy years in genetics; then, his puppy represents the floppy year traits. However, in recessive traits, both parents should have attributes then their offspring will show the features. When do husky ears stand up? It is according to the breed of dog and it generally requires six to ten months for Husky ears to stand up.


Will My Husky Puppy’s Ears Stay Floppy?

When do husky ears stand up?  Their ears will become erect when will mature. Siberian husky puppy ears are floppy when they are born. The Siberian husky ears become upright and straight when he becomes an adult. Other changes happen in a puppy-like face mask lightens, especially around the eyes.

At what age do husky ears stand up? Between four to seven months, husky ears become erect. Typically, husky puppy ears are floppy at an early age, and at four to seven months of age, Siberian husky ears stand up.


Do Husky Ears Always Stand Up?

All puppies belong to different breeds that have floppy ears when they are born. After few months, their ears gain an erection. According to the dog’s breed standard, the years of Husky do stand up.

When do husky ears stand up? Typically in Husky, the ear erection starts from the age of six months, and in some cases, it can be delayed because of the breed genetics. Some huskies require six months for their ears erection.


How Do You Make My Huskies Ears Stand Up?

It’s a normal thing when your pup is grown up; the ears will begin to perk up. There are many methods to trains your husky ears to erect up.

The best way is to let them take time to grow their ears on their own. Make sure that you should take much care of your husky. It is necessary to take good care of his ears and regular cleaning of their ears.

When do husky ears stand up
When do Husky ears stand up – taping Husky ears


What Age Do Husky Puppy’s Ears Stand Up?

The husky floppy ear is because of the dog’s age. When do husky ears stand up? There is no authenticity to answer this question. It depends upon the breed you have. Most commonly, dogs start to perk up their ears at the age of six months. There are also many cases that dog perk up their ears at the period of 10 months.


How to Keep Husky Ears Healthy?

Many healthy practices can keep husky ears healthy four common ways help keep huskies’ ears healthy.

Diet and Vitamins

Feeding your dog with a perfect diet is an essential thing for healthy ears. There are many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are not present in feed. You should feed your dogs with all such nutritional vitamins and minerals, etc., that are not present in the regular dog are feed. Healthy dog fats, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals are the best things that keep husky ears healthy.



Glucosamine is a natural substance that is very effective for development in both humans and dogs. It is a well-known supplement. It provides joint lubrication and maintains the body cartilage.

It is the best to supplement for older or grown adults; however, if you want to feed the puppy with glucosamine, then consult your vet.


Chew Toys

Chew toys are also perfect for the healthy development of a dog’s ears. It will make your puppy’s teeth strong and promote the development of jaws and a strong neck. It helps to maintain the neck muscles’ strength and ultimately leads to the healthy nourishment of the ears.


Could You Not Play With Dog Ears?

Ears are not a place to play. Some breeder suggests the massage of ears; it will increase the blood flow of ear and ultimately results in the healthy development of ears. This is not good practice. My suggestion is to keep your hand off from their ears.


Are Huskies Prone To Ear Infections?

Huskies are prone to ear infections.  They are very flat and vulnerable to skin infection known as zinc-responsive dermatosis. This is because of less intake of zinc, or their body doesn’t absorb enough zinc, which is helpful for them.  Oozing skin around-ear, mouth, chin, and eyes are symptoms of this disease.

There can be many reasons for ear infections in huskies. The most common cause is allergies that may be due to food.

Yeast and bacteria can grow in dog’s ears because it is a favorable environment for them. They can cause allergies and other serious problems.

Recurrent otitis is also an endocrine hormonal disease. The most common endocrine disorders are hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism.

Hypothyroidism is caused when the thyroid gland makes no proper thyroid hormones. Hyperadrenocorticism is due to the excessive production of stress hormones cortisol. These both are ear infections, and your husky may is victims of both of these two.


Are Taping A Dog’s Ears Cruel? Do You Clip Huskies Ears?

Taping husky ears are suitable for dogs or not. Many people say about taping a puppy ear upright to help the puppy stay there and develop if you are not already aware. This is not recommending the practice for dogs by the vet.

The reason behind not taping husky ears is sometimes you are taping husky ears in the wrong position. And would you honestly know for sure that you have trapped them in the correct or proper place?

If you tap the puppy’s ear out of place, it could cause them to grow in the wrong position. It can cause permanent cartilage or bone damage. Hence, taping husky ears is refraining by the vet, and this practice is discouraged.


What Breed Of Dogs Ears Stand Up Naturally?

Many breeds have naturally stand-up ears.

  1. West Highland white terrier
  2. Siberian husky
  3. Australian Cattle dogs
  4. German shepherd
  5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  6. Chihuahua
  7. Samoyed
  8. Portuguese Podengo

are the breed of dogs that stand up their ears naturally. These are the dogs with ears that stand up once or before they become adults.


Why Is My Husky Ear Suddenly Floppy?

Husky puppy ears are floppy in his childhood, and after the age of 6-9 months, it becomes erect. When do husky ears stand up? It depends upon the breed, some breeds early develop their ears, and some require time.

Some vet says that when these muscles are under stress. The dog’s ears are will floppy as a natural response. During the teething period, it’s widespread to see the dog’s ears floppy or flop down.


Final Verdict – When Do Husky Ears Stand Up

Husky is the very famous pedigree of dogs. It was situated in the northern areas of Siberia (Russia) about 3000 years ago. It is well known for its work, adaptability, and affection.

At his early age, the Husky’s ears are floppy. It is because of the underdevelopment of cartilage and bones. After six months of his generation, his ears start gaining an erection. This duration may be changed because of the breed. Some breeds take longer to stand up their ears.

When do husky ears stand up
When do Husky ears stand up – taping Husky ears

We have discussed husky ears, husky mix with floppy ears, when do husky ears stand up, taping husky ears, and Siberian husky ears. There are many ways by which we can keep the dog’s ears healthy. Following these points keeps our dog’s ears healthy and clean.

When do husky ears stand up? Husky ears may be floppy in the teething period, but after a teething period, they will stand up. Breeding issues and cartilage under development may be the cause of floppy ears.

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