Where To Buy An Axolotl? (9 Good Axie Buying Tips)

The axolotl is an endangered animal with critically endangered status. Even so, there are still many aquatic pet owners who want to have axolotls in their aquariums. Many people are interested in this adorable pet but don’t know the right information about buying Axolotls.

Where to buy an axolotl? Because the axolotl is an endangered species, the axolotl is not widely licensed in some states in the United States and some of them also prohibit owning, selling, or buying axolotls. But if certain states allow it, then you can have an axolotl as a pet.

To find out where axolotls can be bought, what axolotls need, and how much the axolotl costs, check this article until the end.

Where to buy an axolotl
Where to buy an axolotl?


Can You Legally Own An Axolotl?

You can legally own an axolotl if you are in New Mexico. Even if you are legal, you cannot import axolotls from other states. The axolotl is an animal originating from Mexico, although its natural habitat has begun to drastically decrease due to water pollution, habitat loss, and urbanization.

In New Mexico, you can find axolotl for sale because it will be challenging to find directly in the wild with the number left in the hundreds. Many axolotls have been taken from their natural habitat for scientific research and the rest for captive-bred animals.

In the United States, many ask where to buy Axolotl salamander. Not many states allow this endangered species to be traded. Buying axolotl can only be in certain states because many states require to take axolotl to be treated directly by the authority.


Where To Buy An Axolotl?

Many ask about “where can I buy an axolotl” because they are confused about buying this adorable pet. They should ask permission from their local authorities if they can buy and care for an axolotl.

When there is a place that can buy axolotls, you also need to ask how to care for them starting from water parameters, how to feed, or how to do breeding if needed.

Many are interested in looking for leucistic axolotls for sale because leucistic axolotls are the most popular among other types of axolotls. If it’s your first time caring for an axolotl, you’ll need to know which breed you want to choose and how to care for them.


Do Pet Stores Sell Axolotls?

Not all lizard or reptile stores provide axolotls because the pattern of care must be at a cool temperature between 16-18° C. If anyone asks where to buy axolotls, they can only find them at axolotl enthusiasts or private aquatic pet breeders.

If you are confused about where to buy an axolotl, you should ask local authorities if it is okay to have an axolotl as a pet. If you know that California prohibits you from owning axolotls, you will have a hard time finding axolotls for sale California.

Look for states that allow axolotls to be cared for, such as Florida. The next step is to look for axolotls for sale Florida and choose the type of axolotl you want.


How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Axolotl?

The price of axolotl will vary depending on size and rarity. For basic axolotl, you can search for a price of $30 – $75. You can get healthy adult axolotls, while for young axolotls it will be cheaper.

For example, if you are looking for a melanoid axolotl for sale, you can get it in a price range of $65-$75 because melanoid axolotl is still common in pet stores. Melanoid axolotl is the 8th most popular among other types. Black melanoid is an adorable pet with stunning colors.

You can look for price references according to the desired axolotl color. If you want to search the purple axolotl for sale, ask the breeder if it is available in the color you want and for the rarity because common axolotls have a relatively lower price range.


How Much Recurring Cost Is It To Have Axolotls As Pets?

The cost of caring for an axolotl is between $35 and $65. The cost is a calculation per month for food and water cleaning needs. 80% cost for food, and the remaining tiny portion is for enclosures.

Owning an axolotl only costs a lot at the beginning. Preparing the tank and its contents, then the price of an axolotl is based on its rarity. If you choose to look for axolotls online, you can order axolotl with the color and type you want.

If you want to immediately find where to buy an axolotl, ask relatives and the axolotl lovers association to tell where the axolotl for sale USA is.


Can You Buy An Axolotl At PetSmart?

You can ask in advance if PetSmart provides axolotls and choose several types when we go to the store. Buying an axolotl will be easier if we know the pet stores that sell axolotls near me.

Visit the PetSmart website, and try typing in the search bar about axolotl. If you find the search results, you can find out the price and availability of the axolotl in that store.

I tried it and found no results. You can try to call the store or come to the store to make sure in person. Find another place where to buy an axolotl and look for an aquatic pet store near your area.


Where To Buy Food After Buying Axolotls?

Now that you have an axolotl, it’s time to think about axolotl care. You can buy axolotl food at the axolotl pet shop, where you can get axolotl or order it online.

Immediately after getting the axolotl, you need to ask what food is suitable for the axolotl and buy it directly for the next few months. If you want to find out where to get axolotl food, you can also look for a place where to buy an axolotl.


Where To Buy Axolotl Tank After Buying Axolotls?

After placing an axolotl order, choose a suitable tank for the axolotl with a nice and spacious design. All types of tanks can be used for axolotls, and you can find an axolotl tank for sale like you are looking for fish tanks in a pet store.

Pay attention to the size of your axolotl after purchasing, and provide a minimum of 10-gallon tanks and can live freely. Giving axolotls enough space to move around will reduce their chances of stress and keep the water clean.


Where To Buy Gravel After Buying Axolotls?

Use a safe substrate for axolotls, as gravel can be a major cause of axolotls experiencing impaction or constipation. If you are looking for a baby axolotl for sale, do not put gravels because it can be a choking hazard.

Use fine sand to be safe if axolotls eat substrate and don’t become a problem in their digestive system. I found the axolotls for sale near me, and at the same time, bought fine sand for substrate and some live plants.


Where To Buy Tank Mates For Axolotls?

Axolotl as pets are advised to live alone in tanks and do not require tank mates. If you can’t keep the tank clean or give a proper meal, the axolotl can get stressed and attack its tank mates.

If you can make sure the axolotl can live in peace, you can look for tank mates in the place where to buy an axolotl. Don’t be careless in choosing tank mates. If you choose an aggressive fish, the axolotl can conflict with other fish, and the life expectancy between your two aquatic pets will decrease.

Where to buy pet axolotl will also understand what tank mates are suitable for placing in the same tank. Putting more than one axolotl in the tank can also be an option, as long as you don’t put young axolotls who still have a highly aggressive level.


What Color Axolotl To Buy?

As a beginner in caring for axolotls, you can look for common axolotls at low prices while learning how to care for axolotls properly.

Leucistic axolotls and white albino are two of the most popular axolotls to choose from. After knowing the procedure for caring for, you can look for other types of axolotls as you wish.

Looking for unique types such as blue axolotl for sale or GFP axolotl for sale, make your home full of axolotl tanks with various morphs.

To get a choice of several types of axolotls at once, you need to find a special place where to buy an axolotl that provides uncommon to rare axolotls. Not all pet stores have axolotls with various rarities.

Where to buy an axolotl
Where to buy an axolotl? Where to buy an axolotl in pet shops?


What Type Of Breeder To Choose To Buy Axolotl?

You can look for breeders who usually take care of exotic pets such as reptiles, salamanders, or rare aquatic pets. Caring for an endangered species has a big responsibility because you are also their savior from extinction.

Ask an exotic pet breeder about an axolotl pet for sale, and learn some important things about caring for an axolotl to become a long-lived aquatic pet. Start with albino axolotl for sale. The price is low, and you can get the number two most popular axolotl that many axolotl owners have.


What Should I Know Before Buying Axolotl As A First Time Pet Owner?

You can find complete information on where to buy an axolotl, ranging from suitable tanks, water parameters, proper food, and tank mates. The axolotl is an aquatic pet that is sensitive to water conditions, and you should keep the ammonia and nitrites levels at 0 ppm.

Axolotls need to be provided with a suitable place to live with a minimum of 10-gallon tanks. Feed the axolotl according to its age. Adult axolotls need to eat every two to three days.

For tank mates, try to choose fish that are not aggressive in small numbers. Axolotls can be stressed if overcrowded.

Look for leucistic axolotl for sale USA and choose one as your first step in caring for an axolotl. After choosing axolotl adoption, allow a few days for the axolotl to adapt to its new home.


Axolotl Price Based On Rarity

If you already know about the procedures for caring for axolotls, it’s time to learn about live axolotl for sale.

Although more axolotl owners only take the common axolotl, knowing the prices of other types of axolotl can also be your reference as an axolotl lover. The table below shows some price ranges based on their rarity.

RarityRange priceExamples
Common Axolotls$30-$75Leucistic, White albino, Wild, Melanoid
Uncommon Axolotls$50-$100Copper, GFP, Heavily-marked melanoid
Rare Axolotls$250-$1000Firefly, Enigma, Piebald, Lavender
Very Rare AxolotlsMore than $1000 or Not soldMosaic, Chimera

For the first step in caring for an axolotl, choose a common axolotl that has a beautiful color like starburst axolotl for sale. The starburst axolotl is a wild-type with gold freckles that has a beautiful color combination. Wild-type has the same price as the common axolotl.

If you are already an axolotl enthusiast, you will have the desire to look for rare axolotls such as firefly axolotls for sale. Although not all pet stores have it, it is still possible to look for it in various forums.

But if you are looking for very rare axolotls like chimera axolotls for sale, you are hard to get them because of the tiny chances for the axolotl to be born. Chimera axolotl is not a selective breed and can only occur due to a development accident.


Where Can I Buy An Axolotl Near Me?

Finding an axolotl pet for sale near me is not difficult because I can ask some friends who have axolotls. Knowing where to buy an axolotl will also help me to find references on how the axolotl develops well.

Axolotl for sale near me has a price range between $30-$75 by getting healthy adult axolotls and references about the right tank and age-appropriate food.


Axolotl For Sale Online

You can search for buy axolotl online and find an axolotl for sale price from common to very rare morphs. If you want to treat axolotl eggs from eggs, look for references on buy axolotl eggs online, and prepare a special tank with live plants and enough space to put axolotl eggs until they hatch.

Ensure delivery will be safe because you want to get axolotls in a healthy condition, and there are no problems in shipping.



Where Can You Buy Axolotls?

Look for the nearest pet store or fish store. Look for references to ‘baby axolotl for sale near me‘ from friends or breeders who provide axolotls.


Where To Buy Axolotl Near Me?

Where to buy an axolotl is determined by local authorities whether it is legal to own an axolotl or not. If allowed, you can search for axolotl breeders near me and start looking for common to rare axolotls for sale.


Where To Sell Axolotls?

Selling an axolotl is possible if local authorities allow it. You can sell them at exotic pet stores or other axolotl owners who collect axolotls.

One of the states that allow axolotls as pets are Colorado. Look for info about axolotls for sale Colorado, and you can sell your axolotls at stores near your area.

Do not sell axolotls in a state that is prohibited from owning axolotls. The axolotls will be taken by local authorities, or you will be punished by the applicable law.


How Much Is Axolotl Pet Price?

Axolotl as pets can be obtained from $30-$75 for common morphs and can be more expensive if the breed is rarer. GFP axolotl price can reach $75 or more even though the main gene is from the common axolotl because the protein can be passed down through several generations.

If you choose rare morphs, the axolotl as the pet has a range of $250 or more, depending on the size and how unique the color is.


How To Buy Axolotl Online?

Look for a pet store that provides a way to order axolotls online. Choose the type of axolotl that you do, do the axolotl buy at once with the desired equipment or needs such as food, aquarium sets, or tank mates.

Ensure the shipping address and shipping security are used for the axolotl of your choice. Ask the insurance of the goods you buy if something happens from the delivery.


What Is The Rarest Axolotl?

Rarest axolotls can only be obtained from developmental errors such as mosaic axolotl or chimera axolotl. These axolotls only have a percentage of less than 1% to get the same type.


Final Verdict – Where To Buy An Axolotl

You can find an axolotl to pet as a pet if local authorities in your state allow it. You can legally own an axolotl or sell it without a problem. Look for axolotls at exotic pet stores or from axolotl enthusiasts.

Where to buy an axolotl
Where to buy an axolotl? Where to buy an axolotl in the US? Where to buy an axolotl in UK? Where to buy an axolotl in Canada?

Prepare knowledge in advance about caring for axolotls from water parameters, tank mates, proper food, and suitable tanks. If you can meet these requirements, you can treat axolotls to their life expectancy.

The price of the axolotl is determined by its rarity, size, and age. The common axolotl price starts from $30-$75, while the rare axolotl starts from $250 or more. You can get a lower price for young axolotl.

The recurring cost of axolotl such as the food or water requirement of the axolotl is $35-$65. Start to find where to buy an axolotl, and start caring for this adorable aquatic pet to accompany your days.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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