Cytopoint Killed My Dog : Is It Safe? (7 Clear Facts)

What would you do if your dog had an allergy? Every dog owner will look for the best way to relieve allergies. Immunosuppressants and corticosteroids can relieve allergies, but those treatments can cause side effects on your pet. How about Cytopoint?

Some dog owners say, ‘Cytopoint killed my dog’ . Is it true that Cytopoint is not safe? Based on research from search engines, many dogs are affected by severe side effects after getting Cytopoint.

Some dogs get adverse reactions during the first dose, others after receiving several Cytopoint treatments such as epilepsy and gastrointestinal effects. Not a few dog owners also talk about their dog dying because of Cytopoint.

Cytopoint killed my dog
Cytopoint Killed My Dog

We need to know in detail whether Cytopoint has a poor effect on dogs or can relieve the dog’s allergies? Let’s find out in this article.


What Is Cytopoint For Dogs?

Cytopoint is an artificially synthesized substance drug with an injection model to cause changes in a dog’s physiology and function. Cytopoint will target the dog’s immune system like a synthetic monoclonal antibody.

If you want a simple explanation, Cytopoint is a dog’s antibody to find and bind the inactivated parts of the dog’s immune system. Its main target is Interleukin 31 or cytokine. Cytokines have different functions that affect a dog’s body in many ways.

The Interleukin 31 in dogs is responsible for immunity against pathogens. If something gets in the way of IL 31, your dog will easily catch the disease.


Is Cytopoint Safe For Dogs?

Cytopoint is recommended by veterinarians to reduce atopic dermatitis with clinical symptoms in dogs and has been used in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Cytopoint is preferred to be given subcutaneously over intravenous or intramuscular injections.

News of ‘Cytopoint killed my dog’ emerged from A 10-year-old dog after using Cytopoint with a fatal condition three days after the injection. But this dose is the second dose because the first Cytopoint was given 5 weeks earlier without any side effects.

We cannot directly conclude the cause of death of dogs due to Cytopoint because at the first dose the dog did not feel any adverse effects. We can say Cytopoint is safe if the vet advises and carries out the procedure.


What Are The Side Effects Of Cytopoint For Dogs?

The usual side effects after dogs get Cytopoint injection are self-limiting and lethargy. There are some uncommon side effects, such as hyperexcitability, urinary incontinence, vomiting, and pain at the injection site.

Sometimes if the canine owner faces adverse effects, they will think, ‘Cytopoint is killing my dog’ although that is not necessarily true.

You should be aware a few days after your dog has any Cytopoint injection, consult your vet, whether Cytopoint is working well for your dog’s health.


Is Cytopoint Safe For Dogs Long Term?

Based on the Cytopoint website, Cytopoint is a safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment for your dog. Many vets have used Cytopoint when a dog is itchy due to atopic dermatitis. Although this drug reduces allergy symptoms in dogs, not a few dogs are also affected by adverse effects or even fatal conditions.

If you want to learn about the Cytopoint lawsuit, you must have evidence to show whether there is a toxic exposure and your dog has a health condition after use. File a complaint to the drug company before your dog passes away.


Does Cytopoint Have Long-Term Side Effects?

Cytopoint never reports on long-term side effects, but there are side effects such as lethargy, fatigue, and self-limiting a few days after injection. Otherwise, Cytopoint has 75-90% efficacy in treating allergic itches in dogs.

The Cytopoint injection killed my dog cases are rare conditions where there is a possibility that the dog has experienced health conditions before the injection.

This drug is an off-label medication, so you don’t need a prescription to use it. But it is advisable to ask dogs how and when is the right time to use Cytopoint for dogs.


Can A Dog Overdose On Cytopoint?

Please remember that Cytopoint is for subcutaneous use. Avoid foaming or excessive shaking. Administer the entire contents of the vial. Any drug can cause an overdose if you don’t understand the right dose for your dog. Below is a dosing chart for Cytopoint.

Dog’s bodyweight (kg)Cytopoint strength (mg)

The rule of thumb for Cytopoint is that it should not be used for dogs weighing under 3 Kg, during pregnancy, lactation, or in breeding dogs. Hypersensitivity reactions, such as facial edema, urticaria, and anaphylaxis may occur in rare cases (more than 1 but less than 10 dogs in 10,000 dogs).


Can Cytopoint Cause Aggression In Dogs?

There is a Cytopoint injection for dogs reviews on April 22, 2022, from Grinilda R., Northeastern New Jersey, shows dogs can be a little bit aggressive and tired after receiving a Cytopoint injection for about over a year. After that, the dog owner planned to have an appointment with the vet.

Many gave positive reviews after Cytopoint injection compared to the ‘Cytopoint killed my dog’ review, which could be categorized as rare cases. Any skin issues caused by atopic dermatitis can be relieved using Cytopoint without any severe side effects.


Can Dogs Have A Reaction To Cytopoint?

There are several rare side effects, such as diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and some common cases, such as rashes and swelling on the face, even though 1 in 1000 dogs. Every dog owner should be aware of dogs showing any symptoms after getting the injection.

Sometimes there are Cytopoint complaints from canine owners about adverse effects. The vet can provide a solution to reduce the severe conditions of dogs affected by drug allergies or overdose.

Cytopoint killed my dog
Cytopoint Killed My Dog


How Does Cytopoint Work In Dogs?

Cytopoint is a non-steroidal and non-chemical product as a substitute for natural dog antibodies with minimum side effects. Cytopoint has antibodies that suppress the itching of atopic dermatitis symptoms. The protein in Cytopoint will bind Interleukin 31 (IL-31) and block it. The itching goes away afterward.

You can give a second dose three or four weeks later. Keep an eye on whether there are adverse effects on dogs, even if only in rare cases.

You need a vet appointment even though Cytopoint can be purchased without a prescription. In addition to requiring the proper dose by adjusting the dog’s weight, Cytopoint can be administered by injection under the skin.

Cytopoint injection killed my dog is one of the rare cases with dogs when there is an overdose or the dog is on other medication.


How Quickly Does Cytopoint Work In Dogs?

Each dog has its variations, but the efficacy of Cytopoint usually occurs within 24 hours of administration. Cytopoint is a suitable alternative to immunosuppressants or corticosteroids for treating dog allergies.

The injection will continue to work from 24 hours after administration until the next 4-8 months. Consult the vet for the proper dose and check the dog’s condition and whether it is suitable for Cytopoint injection.

The common side effects are rashes and lethargy. Try to give you enough to drink and see if the dog’s condition and the itching problem go away.


Cytopoint – May Be Seriously Hurting Dogs

Each type of medication has risks and benefits. Some dogs are allergic because of the drug content or dogs who are undergoing treatment with other drugs. If there are two drugs currently in the dog’s body, there is a possibility that one of the drugs will cause adverse effects.

But Cytopoint has been approved in the US since December 2016. If you want to reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis in dogs, try asking your vet for Cytopoint treatment.


How Long Does Cytopoint Last In Dogs?

Cytopoint is safe to use, a painless and small injection that is administered under the dog’s skin with the same process as vaccination. The itchiness due to atopic dermatitis can be reduced after 24 hours of injection, and the effect can remain in the dog’s body for 4 to 8 weeks.

But not all dogs get the same effect because the reaction to the dog will be different. The last Cytopoint injection didn’t work for my dog. After the first dose it worked well. It’s possible when I was too soon to give the second dose because I noticed my dog was starting to itch and scratch its body.


Cytopoint Side Effects For Dogs

Although less than 10% of the occurrence of side-effects of Cytopoint, it doesn’t mean it will not happen to your dog. Before doing Cytopoint treatment, you should ask your vet about your dog’s condition, and whether Cytopoint can reduce your dog’s problem when he is allergic.

In PetForums on May 9, 2020, someone said that the dog is in ER due to Cytopoint after receiving 20 and 40 mg injections. The dog was in good condition when he got home but became fatigued. After the dog vomited once, the owner decided to take the dog to the ER.

One week later, the dog owner said that his dog was getting better and that their dog had another condition, Addison’s disease. There is no sign that Cytopoint is a contributing factor.


My Dog Died A Painful Agonizing Death After Getting Cytopoint

Another ‘Cytopoint killed my dog’ story comes from PetForum. A user named Suzanmcclure on Jan 11, 2019, bring a picture of their dog. Without any clear context as to how their dog died, how many Cytopoint doses had been given, and how their dog was before death.

Other users expressed their condolences for the event and other users shared their experiences after their dog received his 5th Cytopoint injection.

How Cytopoint killed my dog? The dog is 10 years old and suddenly became sick after the 5th injection. The dog was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, and the vet performed a blood transfusion.

After an overnight blood transfusion was performed, the dog’s condition could not be helped. There is no further info on whether Cytopoint is the primary cause or not.

There are several GI issues with Cytopoint injection, and the vet recommends bringing the dog immediately for a medical examination. If dog owners can contact the vet quickly, they can help the pet’s condition before it gets worse.


Why Was Cytopoint Discontinued?

There is no reference to Cytopoint discontinued because Cytopoint still exists and can be a routine treatment for dogs affected by atopic dermatitis. Don’t forget to ask the vet if your dog is suitable for Cytopoint treatment.

Ask the vet if your dog is on any other medication that could cause adverse effects with Cytopoint injection or not.


Final Verdict – Cytopoint Killed My Dog

Cytopoint is a drug to treat allergic pruritus in dogs by injection. Cytopoint functions like a dog’s antibody to neutralize dog IL-31 like normal immune functions. The drug works on the dog’s body for between 4-8 weeks until your dog needs another injection.

Cytopoint killed my dog
Cytopoint Killed My Dog – Cytopoint Killed My Dog Accidentally

There are rare cases that can occur when a dog receives Cytopoint injection, such as GI issues, hyperexcitability, and urinary incontinence.

There are several dog owners’ reviews about how badly Cytopoint reacts to their dogs, ranging from clear explanations to stories without solid evidence.

Every decision to give Cytopoint injection must be approved by a vet, even though you can get this drug without a prescription.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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