What Is The Target Dog Breed? Is Target Dog A Bull Terrier? 7 Cool Facts

There are many people who find the dog that the Target Corporation uses in its marketing campaigns fascinating. They then express interest in knowing what type of dog it is, what its care needs are like, and how they can get to own a similar dog. This article has the answers.

The Target dog breed is Bull Terrier. It is a cute dog whose defining features are an egg-shaped head and triangular eyes. This is a loyal but at times somewhat stubborn dog. It gets along well with people, but can occasionally be mean with other dogs. You can buy a Bull Terrier from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter.

Bull Terriers have been in existence for long, right from the 19th century. But it was the use of one of these dogs in the Target mascot that popularized it, especially in North America.

Consequently, we have seen many people wanting to know, what dog is the Target dog, and whether it is possible for them to acquire a ‘dog from Target breed’.

Target dog breed
Target dog breed

So the dog in Target commercial ads is a Bull Terrier. But it is important to understand that it may not always be possible to get a dog that looks exactly like the Target dog mascot.

That is because Target’s mascot dog is specially painted. Moreover, the Target mascot dog is specially trained.

Nonetheless, now that you know that the Target dog breed name is Bull Terrier, you can set out in search of a dog within that breed. You should be able to find something close to the Target Bull Terrier – in appearance and in behavior.


What Is Target Dog’s Name?

One of the first questions that people tend to ask about the Target mascot dog is on its name.

In that regard, people ask, does the Target dog have a name? And if yes, what is the name?

In asking this, what the people seek to know is not even the Target dog breed name per se.

Their interest, at this point, is simply in knowing the Target mascot dog name.

And as it turns out, the Target dog name is Bullseye. More specifically, that is the Target mascot name. Thus, if you ever come face to face with the Target dog, and call it by the name ‘Bullseye’, it should respond to that name!


What Kind Of Dog Is The Target Dog?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question about the Target mascot dog is as to what type of dog it is.

Some people want to know the breed of Target dog so that they can hopefully acquire a similar dog for themselves.

Others want to know what breed Target dog belongs to just out of curiosity.

Against that background, you often have people asking, what type of dog is the Target dog?

Indeed, what kind of dog is Target dog? More precisely, what is the Target dog breed? The answer is Bull Terrier. English Bull Terrier is the Target dog breed Bullseye belongs to.

And if you had the what type of breed is the Target dog question, now you know the answer. It is a Bull Terrier.

To some people, that Bull Terrier Target dog breed answer is rather underwhelming. There are people who always imagine that the Bullseye Target dog breed is a very exotic one.

Therefore in asking the what breed of dog is the Target dog question, they expect the answer to be some very exotic/rare breed.

But the answer to the what kind of breed is the Target dog question is ‘Bull Terrier’. That is also the answer you get to the what type of dog is Target dog question.

In some circles, if you ask the what breed is Target dog question, the person responding may go further and tell you that it is a Miniature Bull Terrier.

Semantics aside, the Target mascot dog breed is Bull Terrier.

That is actually the Target ad dog breed. It is the dog on Target commercial campaigns.

Thus if you were wondering, is the Target dog a Pitbull, then you know that the answer is no. It is a Bull Terrier.


Target Dog Breed Physical Features

Earlier, in answering the what breed is the Target dog question, we saw that it is a Bull Terrier.

Now the Bull Terrier Target dog breed has certain notable physical features.

It typically has an egg-shaped head. The eyes in this dog are triangular.

The Bullseye dog breed (Bull Terrier) usually comes in colors such as white, brindle and black. You may also find some red or fawn Bull Terriers. Sometimes, several of these colors may be there in a single Bull Terrier dog.

The Target Terrier dog breed (as it has come to be known) is often in the 21 to 22 inches range in height.

A Miniature Bull Terrier, on the other hand, will normally be below 14 inches in height.

In terms of weight, a Miniature Bull Terrier will typically be in the 20 to 35 pounds range.

So those are some of the defining Bullseye dog Target breed physical characteristics.

While at it, it is important to point out that some people refer to this as the Jack Russell Terrier Target dog. But the one in Target commercial ads is more of a Bull Terrier, than a Jack Russell Terrier (though of course both are Terrier dogs).

Thus when answering the Target dog what breed question, you should avoid citing Jack Russell Terrier as the breed name. This is a Bull Terrier, if one cares for accuracy.

Target dog breed
Target dog breed


Target Dog Breed Temperament

While answering the what is the breed of the Target dog question, we established that it is a Bull Terrier.

Now in terms of temperament, Bull Terriers tend to be high energy dogs while young. Then they become more laid back as they get older.

It is a loyal dog, which is friendly with humans, but somewhat mean with other animals. The Bull Terrier can be particularly mean to other dogs.

It is an intelligent dog, but can often turn out to be somewhat stubborn.

Due to its potential for stubbornness, training has to start early. And the training has to be consistent, for it to be effective with this dog.

Because it was originally bred as a fighting dog, it can be a bit mischievous. And it requires quite a lot of exercise. 

It also has a tendency to chew/gnaw on all manner of things. Therefore while acquiring a Bull Terrier as a pet, this is something you need to beware of.


Target Dog Breed Grooming Needs

So far, we have established that the Mascot dog for Target is a Bull Terrier.

Its grooming needs are modest. True, the claws may require frequent clipping, as they grow quite fast. But the aspect of hair brushing, which is what most people have trouble with, is not too bad in this dog.

The Bull Terrier is the sort of dog that may be alright with once a week hair brushing.

You of course also need to undertake other typical dog grooming tasks on your Bull Terrier, such as brushing the teeth. But it doesn’t really have exceptional grooming needs.


Target Dog Breed Health Issues

The Target commercial dog breed (the dog in Target commercials) is Bull Terrier. That is what we have established so far, in this article.

As it turns out, the Bull Terrier Target dog breed does have certain health issues that potential owners need to beware of.

First is the fact that dogs in the Target dog breed (Bull Terriers) are exceptionally prone to deafness. Quite a number are actually bone unilaterally or bilaterally deaf.

Further, dogs in the Target dog breed (Bull Terriers) are also exceptionally prone to allergies. These are typically allergies that manifest through skin problems. Hives can be particularly common in these dogs.

The Target dog Terrier breed (specifically the miniature Bull Terriers) may be prone to luxating patellas. This is a knee problem can adversely affect a dog’s quality of life, without proper treatment.

The eye problem we refer to as lens luxation also occurs in Bull Terriers – specifically the miniature Bull Terriers.


Target Dog Breed Life Expectancy

The Target dog type is Bull Terrier. And in terms of life expectancy, this dog usually has good prospects (with proper care). The Bull Terrier is the sort of dog that may live for as many as 10 to 15 years.

Even the miniature Bull Terriers often manage 10 to 14 years.


How To Get A Dog Similar To The Target Dog?

If you want to get a dog similar to the one in Target commercials, you start by finding out what type of dog it is that is in Target commercials. Here, we have already established that it is a Bull Terrier.

So a Bull Terrier is what you should be looking for. That is if you want to end up with a dog similar to the one you see in Target ads.

One option that is available to you is that of researching on Target dog breeder near you. So you find if there is a breeder selling Bull Terriers near you.

Then you can proceed to buy the Target dog (Bull Terrier) from the local breeder.

Unfortunately, you may not actually have the option of buying a dog from Target. That is unless you wish to buy the Target dog toys (which by the way are also quite popular in certain circles).

What if you can’t find a Target dog for sale (a Bull Terrier for sale) near you? In this case, what you would need to do is expand the search. If you search far and wide enough, you should eventually find a Target dog breed puppy on sale.

What about the Target dog breed price? The Target dog breed cost (Bull Terrier cost) tends to be higher than average. A Bull Terrier puppy may be in the $800 to $2,000 range.

Thus, if you happen to find a Target dog breed for sale somewhere, that is the price you will normally be looking at.

There are also times when you may find a Target dog (Bull Terrier) at a dog rescue/shelter, from where you can adopt it.


Final Verdict – Target Dog Breed

The dog that appears in Target Corporation ads is actually a Bull Terrier.

Bull Terriers’ defining characteristics include an egg-shaped head and triangular eyes. The triangular eyes are particularly exceptional, as apparently no other dog has them, besides the Bull Terrier.

In terms of color, Bull Terriers may range from white to black, brindle, fawn and red. Sometimes, in a single Bull Terrier, it may be possible to find two of these colors together.

The Target dog (Bull Terrier) was initially bred as a fighting dog. It can therefore be quite mean with other animals, especially dogs. But with proper socialization, it is possible to minimize this.

Target dog breed
Target dog breed

In its interactions with people though, the Target dog (Bull Terrier) tends to be quite nice. This is the sort of dog that can coexist even with kids.

The Target dog (Bull Terrier) doesn’t shed too much, and its grooming needs are modest.

With proper care, it is reasonable to expect a Bull Terrier to live for 10 to 15 years. That is barring accidents and other similar issues.

You can purchase a Target dog (Bull Terrier) from a breeder. There may also be a possibility of finding a Bull Terrier in a dog rescue shelter, from where you can proceed to adopt it.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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