Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Flies? (7 Clear Facts)

Dogs are usually brave and fearless when facing any situation, but did you know that our furry friend sometimes shows signs of discomfort and fear around flies and other flying insects? If flies are small and insignificant animals, do they pose a risk to dogs?

Why is my dog afraid of flies? Dogs are afraid of flies for several reasons, such as traumatic experiences, anxiety, sensitive hearing due to the fast movement and buzzing of flies, genetics, inadequate socialization, and more.

Here, you will learn why dogs can be afraid of flies and help your pet reduce their fear by feeling more comfortable around insects.

Why is my dog afraid of flies
Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Flies?


Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Flies?

When your dog is afraid of flies, we have to know what is causing it. There are many reasons dogs can be terrified of flies. One of them is the fast movement of flies. Flies that can move around quickly make it difficult for dogs to keep track of.

The unpredictable movements of flies can scare dogs and trigger their fear responses. Dogs starting to be afraid of quick and erratic movements of flies will bark, hide, or run away anytime they sense a fly.


Why Do Dogs Hate Flies?

A dog that’s so scared/nervous about flies could be due to something. Sometimes flies have irritating noises when flying around us or our furry friends.

Maybe we can tolerate the sound of flies moving around, but our canines will be disturbed because their hearing is more sensitive.

Humans can hear up to 20,000 Hertz, while dogs can detect further up to 65,000 Hertz. Any fly noises can disturb dogs and make them afraid of many flies.


Why Is My Dog So Afraid Of Flies?

Dog has a crippling fear of flies because he has had a negative experience with flies or flying insects. For example, dogs will remember the pain and discomfort if your furry friend is ever stunned or bitten by a flying insect like black fly or wasp.

The traumatic experience can trigger dogs when they associate any flying bugs, which can cause potential danger and pain, making them afraid of all types of flies.

So, if you see your dog starting to get scared when there are flies around, it might be a past event that traumatized your dog.


Why Are Some Dogs Afraid Of Flies?

Some dogs can be afraid of flies because they don’t like their annoying sound. There has been a negative experience in the past or because of a lack of proper developmental socialization during the dog’s early stages.

Why is my dog afraid of flies? Because when I was a puppy, my dog didn’t have enough exposure to get to know various sounds, sights and experiences. This condition makes my dog see flies as potentially threatening creatures because it is unfamiliar.

You can avoid this by providing proper socialization and helping dogs adapt in different situations, including with flies.


Do Flies Bother Dogs?

If your dog’s coat is unclean or matted due to skin condition, it might attract flies. Some illnesses or diarrhea can cause flies to wander around the dog and can bother the dog. Ensure brushing and regular bathing of your dog to keep the dog’s coat in a good condition.

Why is my dog afraid of a fly? The sound of noisy flies makes dogs uncomfortable and causes a fear response. Dogs have more sensitive hearing than us, so the buzzing sound from flies’ wings can irritate our pets. Dogs will hide because they are uncomfortable surrounded by flies.


Why Do Flies Scare Dogs?

Flies do not intentionally scare dogs. They may be interested in what the dog has, such as the matted coat or unclean parts of the dog’s body. The area around the dog’s anus is the best choice for flies, because flies want to lay their eggs there.

If there are flies surrounding your dog, try checking your dog’s cleanliness.

My dog is afraid of a fly buzzing around inside the house. Another possibility is that my dog is terrified because of a traumatic biting experience or doesn’t like the buzzing sound around their ears.


What Do You Do When Your Dog Is Scared Of Bugs?

My Mini Pincher is terrified and trembles when she sees flies and moths. I guess My Mini Pincher doesn’t have enough experience dealing with bugs.

One way to help a dog when he is afraid of insects is to invite him to play outside and keep him away from insects. I did this a few times until my Mini Pincher learned that bugs weren’t so scary.

Introduce your dog to moths or flies from a distance. Slowly reduce the distance between the dog and the flies. Repeat the sessions until dogs become more comfortable with bugs near them.


Why Is My Dog Terrified Of Flies?

Rescue dogs scared of flies can be due to traumatic experiences. Dogs that have been bitten by flying insects will prefer to stay away when flies or other insects are present. Because according to dogs, all flying insects have the potential to cause the same pain.

Signs that your dog has had a negative experience with flying insects are that their body trembles and panics when there are flies buzzing around the house.

Start consulting a veterinarian if flies or other flying insects are causing great anxiety in your dog. The vet can recommend any prescribed treatment plans and appropriate medications to deal with the dog’s anxiety.


Why Are Dogs Scared of Flies?

When a dog suddenly feels terrified of flies at night, maybe dogs remember something bad. For example, rescue dogs have unhappy memories of living in a dirty environment and experiencing fly infestations.

A fly in the house can trigger memories for dogs traumatized by flies.

Why are dogs scared of flies? Dogs that have dirty bodies will attract flies. Some parts of a dog’s body, such as scars and the anus, are places that flies target to lay their eggs.

Flies will continue to surround the dogs and make the dogs uncomfortable to the point of being afraid of flies. Ensure your pet has a clean coat, and there is no chance for flies to get close to them.


Why Are Some Dogs So Afraid Of House Flies?

Sometimes, we have to deal with flies that enter the house. Dogs are afraid of flies when we use fly swatters to shoo or kill flies. There are two possibilities. Either our dog is scared of house flies or the dog is afraid when we use a fly swatter.

Why is my dog afraid of fly swatters? Sometimes, dogs can be scared of being hit by someone with items such as fly swatter. Dogs feel uncomfortable when pet owner hold fly swatters because of the sudden movement and noise when we hit a fly on a surface.

If a dog has suffered punishment a long time ago, the sudden loud noise and sudden movement can trigger bad memories.


Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Fly Swatters?

We might wonder why is my dog afraid of flies, or is our dog scared of fly swatters? Dogs may act normal when there are flies in the house, and don’t react in any way if there is a buzzing sound from the flies.

But when our dogs see us holding a fly swatter, they hide or whimper. It makes us think that dogs are not exactly afraid of flies, but the tool that we use to kill the flies.

Most owners admit that they never hit their dogs, but dogs feel uncomfortable when you handle flying swatters. Dogs that have experienced bad punishment will be scared of sudden noise or movement, especially when you hold fly swatters to kill any flies near your dog.


Why Do Dogs Get Scared Of Flies?

My dog shakes when she sees a fly. Because there are many possibilities that dogs can be afraid of flies, we will summarize some of the possibilities that dogs can be scared of.

Reasons why dogs are afraid of fliesExplanation
Flies sudden and erratic movementsDogs are unable to track the movement of flies and trigger their instinctive fear.
Sensitive earsDogs can detect up to 65,000 Hertz. Sensitive hearing makes dogs easily disturbed by the buzzing sound of flies.
Been bit beforeDogs have been stunned or bitten by a flying insect before.
Lack of exposureDogs do not have sufficient experience interacting with flies and consider flies to be unfamiliar creatures.
Negative experienceDogs have been traumatized by flies, such as being chased or swarmed by flies in the past.
AnxietyDogs suffering from general anxiety. If a dog is stressed and feeling anxious, the presence of a fly can trigger their fear response.


Why Is My Dog Suddenly Scared Of Flies?

Try to see several possibilities from the table above. If you feel any traumatic experience or anxiety problem with your dog, try to find help for a dog afraid of flies.

By providing several therapeutic methods, your dog can reduce its fear of flies or even stop being terrified.


Why Does My Dog Like To Catch And Eat Flies?

Dogs who have a lot of energy and get bored will enjoy the challenge of catching flies to help them pass the time, and feel like they are doing something.

Stop your dog if they eat too many flies, but if they are chasing flies to pass the time, let them do something fun.


Can Dogs Hear Flies?

Yes, dogs have sensitive hearing. Dog’s hearing is four times better than human. Many dogs consider flies to have the most annoying sounds compared to other insects.


Can Dogs Smell Flies?

Dogs’ sensitive sense of smell and hearing makes them excellent for search and rescue creatures. Yes, dogs can smell flies. Dogs can also be trained to sniff out various types of insects.


How To Stop My Dog Barking At Flies?

Try giving desensitization training to your dog. Help your dog overcome fear by gradually exposing your dog to flies, when outside or inside the house. Dogs will bark when they are afraid of flies.

Start to introduce dogs to flies, see your dog’s reaction and adjust the training process until they stop barking when they see flies. Do this training until the dog becomes less fearful and more comfortable even though there are flies around them.


How To Help A Dog Scared Of Flies And Other Insects?

When your dog is afraid of flies or other insects, we must know the cause. Some common causes of dogs being scared of flies are due to traumatic experiences and anxiety.

How to help my dog anxiety attacks from flies? Communicate with the veterinarian about your dog’s condition and what the vet can do to manage your dog’s anxiety.

A professional dog behaviorist can provide guidance for positive reinforcement techniques and desensitization training. Several medications and prescriber treatment plans are necessary if your dog experiences persistent anxiety.


Final Verdict

There are many reasons why dogs can be afraid of flies. Dogs have sensitive hearing, which makes them disturbed if there are many flies around them.

The next reason is because a dog has trauma after being bitten by flying insects or a bad experience when the dog has lived in a dirty place.

If your dog is excessively afraid of flies and is experiencing anxiety, you can consult a veterinarian to get special training to reduce dog fear, or medication and treatment plans if necessary.

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