Do Beagles Smell? 9 Conclusive Reasons For Beagles Stinking

Why do beagles stink? And if they do, why do beagles smell bad? I think we all questioned it at some point in life.

I have owned two Beagles since I was a kid. I love my Beagles a lot. It had been my bestie from the moment I bought them.

But every time my friends come to my home they never leave without questioning me why my beagles stink. Well, I never felt my beagle’s smell so strange, because I was used to it.

But I need to agree that beagles’ smell is quite different. Beagle’s smell is quite distinct from all other dog breeds. For some people, it smells fishy; while for some others, they smell like corn chips.

Do beagles smell
Do Beagles Smell – Do Beagles Stink – why do beagles smell bad

After 7 years of being the owner of 2 beagles, I came to know a lot of information about why beagles stink. So, let us explore all the reasons why beagles smell bad and how to get rid of beagle smell.


Some Facts About Beagles

  • Great sense of smell: Do beagles smell things to identify them? Beagles contain 225 olfactory receptors that can detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy according to the article published by the Lake Erie College Of Osteopathic Medicine. They have such a strong sense of smell that they stand out in the top 3 breeds that have a great sense of smell.
  • Great hunters: Do beagles smell to hunt? Back in ancient times, beagles were used for hunting. They have great speed and good sensing capacity which makes them a perfect hunter. Nowadays, they are still used in some regions to hunt small animals like rabbits and hares.
  • Most famous: Beagle is one of the most common breeds that we all see very often.


Are Beagles Easy To Train?


Why Do Beagles Stink?

Do beagles stink? Good question. There are many reasons why beagles stink. Let us get to know some of them.


Natural Beagle Odor

Do beagles smell because of their natural odor? In ancient times, beagles were used for hunting. They were trained and fed by dividing them into packs. So like all other hounds, beagles do stink, so that they can easily identify their pack members. So, by this, we can say that inheritance is also one of the reasons why beagles stink. It is completely natural. You don’t need to worry about it at all.


Going Outdoors

Do beagles smell because they go outdoors? If your beagle loves to go in the environment and play for a while then your beagle does stink. Beagles absorb all the dirt, dust, and odor from the garbage when they go out. This dirt along with its body oil accumulates. After some time all this accumulated dirt can stink your beagle.


Uncleaned Ears

We all love beagle’s long and floppy years which look so cute. These long and floppy years prevent sunlight and air from entering into the beagle’s ears.

This creates a warm and moist condition which can make it easily prone to skin infections. This causes them to emit a stinky odor from their ears.



Farts and bumps can also be one of the reasons why beagles stink. Farts and bumps are generally caused due to the indigestion of food.


Skin Infections

If your beagle has different skin issues, then excessive growth of yeast and bacteria. This is the reason why your beagles stink.


Bad Breath

Lots of sugar in your beagle’s diet can build up plaque and tartar over time. This can cause bad breath quite easily in your beagle.


Anal Sacs

Dogs contain scent sacs on both sides of the anus. If the anal sacs of it get infected then it produces a stingy smell. If your dog is licking its anal sacks or rubbing its bottom to the ground then it is more likely to have anal infections.

A strong fishy smell, swelling near the bum, and struggling to poop are the other symptoms that you can observe if it is suffering from anal sacs infection.


Rolling into fox poop

Rolling into fox poop is also one of the inherited traits in beagles. Due to sitting on all the accumulation of dirt, it will stink easily.


Why Does The Beagle Stink When It Is Wet?

Do beagles smell when wet? We all know that the stinky smell of the beagle is strongest when it is wet. Every time I take my beagle to bathe I cannot bear its smell at all.

Beagle’s skin contains lots of microorganisms on its skin and coat. All these microorganisms are accumulated when it plays outdoors or gat’s dirty.

When all these microorganisms mix with water they dislodge and spread into the air. This is the reason why do beagles stink a lot when they are wet.


How To Prevent a Beagle’s Stinky Smell?


Why do beagles smell? This happens for many reasons. It could be dirt. Brushing your beagle before taking it to a bath can reduce the amount of dirt on its body. Take a soft and smooth brush and gently rub it all over its body. You can generally brush your dog twice a week.

Do not brush your beagle’s coat with a comb made up of hard surfaces. Do not apply too much pressure while brushing it. Brushing your beagle after coming from outdoors and before a shower can be the best time.



Do beagles smell from not bathing for a long time? Cleaning your dog once a month can help to prevent your dog from stinking. Some people shower their beagles too often.

This can reduce the number of natural oils in your beagle’s skin and coat. So, bathing it once a month with a mild shampoo is enough.

If you didn’t have any such shampoo suitable for your dog then I got a simple DIY shampoo that you can easily make at home.

Do beagles smell
Do Beagles Smell – Do Beagles Stink – why do beagles smell bad


DIY Dog Shampoo

IngredientsCastile soap(1 tsp).

Water(1 cup).

Lavender oil(5 drops).

Mint oil(5 drops).

Empty shampoo bottle.

ProcedureTake an empty shampoo bottle.

Take all the ingredients mentioned above in given amounts.

Mix all the ingredients and pour them into an empty shampoo bottle.

Use it whenever you take your beagle to shower.


Take a small amount of mild shampoo and rub it thoroughly all over its body. Let the shampoo sit on its skin for 10 minutes. Then rinse water until all the shampoo is gone and your beagle feels fresh.

The above DIY shampoo can prevent your beagle from getting skin infections. It contains lavender and mint oils that can get rid of your beagle smell. So, try it once. You will not regret it.


  • Drying: The best way to get rid of the stinky smell from your beagle when it’s wet is to dry it out.
  • Dog clothing: Having dog clothing can prevent your beagle from accumulating all the dust, dirt, and odors from the atmosphere. So, shopping for clothes for your beagle can prevent it from getting stinky.
  • Ear cleaning: Cleaning your floppy beagle’s ears can prevent ear infections in your beagle. So, take a clean tissue paper, and clean your beagle’s ear regularly. Do not use any sharp objects to clean ears. Do not apply too much pressure while cleaning it. Always be gentle while cleaning your dog’s ears.
  • Sugar-free diet: Excessive sugar consumption is one of the major reasons if your beagle is having bad breath. Sugar can cause plaque and tartar.


So, maintaining a sugar-free diet for your beagle can prevent it from smelling. Use sugar-free alternatives for your dog snacks.


How To Prevent Farts In Your Beagle?

Do beagles smell when they fart? Beagles do stink a lot when they fart. Farts are generally caused by indigestion issues in beagles.

So maintaining a healthy diet can prevent farts. Your beagle can be allergic to some food items. Generally, preventing sugar in your beagle’s diet can be one of the best things that you can do.

Give your beagle foods that are rich in protein content. Chicken, Eggs, and dairy products can be the best alternative for sugar.

Instead of giving your dog snacks made up of simple carbohydrates, go for some snacks that contain complex carbohydrates like oats and quinoa. They are far better than simple carbohydrates.

Along with giving your Beagle healthy food, make it exercise more often. Take it to a nearby park nearby and let it play along with its friends. Because beagles do stink a lot when they are overweight.

Avoid table scraps for your beagle. The food that humans eat is high in sugar and fat levels which is not recommended in beagles’ diets. If your beagle is lactose intolerant, then avoid giving it any kind of dairy product.

Do beagles smell if they eat food fast? Beagles do stink when they eat food too fast. Beagles do not chew well, if they eat food too fast. This can lead to improper digestion. Eating too fast can increase its air intake levels, which can upset its bowel system with increased gases in it.

Feed your beagle in smaller portions several times a day for healthy digestion. Pineapple can also prevent your beagle from indigestion issues. It contains some enzymes which can break down large indigestible proteins. My beagle loves its taste a lot. But do not feed it too much. Whatever you feed your beagle, feed it in limited portions.

Your beagle can build strong bones and a healthy digestive system from exercising.


How Far Can a Beagle Smell?

Do beagle smell very far and wide? Beagle is the third animal among the top five strong sensing animals. A beagle’s scent sensing capacity can vary according to lots of different conditions.

Wind and type of scent can vary on how far a dog can smell. Under general conditions, a beagle can smell up to 20 km. Its scent is 100-10000 times greater than humans.

This feature makes it ideal for being used in hunting and police investigations. It is really amazing that beagles can smell that far. Isn’t it? I use my beagle’s scent-sensing power to find out some things that I lost.


How To Maintain Beagle’s Dental Health?

Do beagles smell because of bad breath? Beagles do smell sometimes due to bad breath.

We learned that excessive sugar consumption is the main reason why your beagles stink. But a sugar-free diet alone can not help your beagle maintain good dental health. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

Make your dog chew some soft rubber toys for healthy teeth.

Feed your dog carrots. Chewing carrots can prevent plaque and tartar formation. But remember, to feed it in moderation. Feeding too many carrots is not good for its health.


Final Verdict – Do Beagles Smell

Do beagles smell for a reason? Beagles are one such beautiful breed that ranks third in having a great sense of scent or smell. But it is one such breed that stinks very easily. There are many reasons why beagle stinks. Natural beagle odor is one of the main reasons why your beagles do stink. This natural odor is nothing but an inherited trait.

Do beagles smell
Do Beagles Smell – Do Beagles Stink – why do beagles smell bad

Why do beagles smell? Era infections, Body oils, Skin inflammation, beagle farts, and bad breath are the other reasons why beagles stink.

How do beagles smell stop? We can’t completely get rid of the beagle’s smell. But we can reduce it.

Maintaining good proper hygienic conditions, bathing your beagle regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, choosing sugar-free products, and making it exercise more often can all help you prevent your beagle from stinking.

Do not forget to clean your beagle’s paws and toes. Don’t forget to use proper gloves when cleaning your beagle. See that your beagle’s diet contains high nutrition value with a good amount of protein.

I think this article is helpful to you. DO beagles smell? Beagles do smell, but it should not become an excuse if you want to buy a beagle buddy. Following the above-mentioned tips can prevent your beagle from stinking. So, try it once.

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