Great Dane Beagle Mix : 3 Cool Pictures, Temperament

There are so many dog choices that it makes you confused about which dog breed is the best as a companion. The first step is to determine what temperament in the dog you want. Beagles or Great Danes are the best choices if you want friendly and kind dogs. But what if you are confused about which one is the best for you?

Should you pick the Great Dane Beagle mix? The Beagle Great Dane mix or known as ‘BeDane’ inherits the best temperament from both breeds. This hybrid breed is probably the high-energy and sweetest dog you’ve ever had. BeDane is loyal, playful, affectionate, and gentle.

We need more information about the mix between Beagle and Great Dane. Let’s read this article to the end.

Great dane beagle mix
Great Dane Beagle Mix Dog Breed Review


Can A Great Dane Mate With A Beagle?

It might be a challenge to reproduce Beagles and Great Danes of different sizes. A Great Dane is much larger than a Beagle. It sounds weird if both mate with each other. But breeders can do it, and they sell BeDane not as common as others.

Before you know about the Great Dane Beagle mix, you should know about the Great Dane dog breed info, such as their size, personality, and health. Then you can find information about the Beagle breed with the same data.


How Big Does A Great Dane Mix Get?

This hybrid has a tall muscular build with a great personality. The Great Dane Beagle mix can weigh from 60-150 pounds and 25-35 inches in height. The height and weight of this hybrid breed are the average of the two while still making it a huge canine.

Beagle is one of the best Great Dane mixes because of the personality match. Huge dogs don’t mean they will be scary, but this hybrid dog is lovable and playful, making every owner love them completely.


How Is A Beagle And Great Dane Mix?

The BeDane or Great Dane Beagle mix is not very common, although many breeders are willing to do whatever it takes to reproduce this hybrid breed. Instead of choosing Great Dane’s different breeds, they want to stay to reproduce BeDane. Because of their great characteristics, they are suitable to be a companion or show.

The mixing process can be done by artificial insemination. If you want to do the mating process between a giant and a small dog, there is the possibility of a horrid physical injury to the small dog.

The safest way is to implant a Beagle’s sperm into a Great Dane. Otherwise, the female Beagle may not be able to bear a hybrid breed with a large body.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Origin

The BeDane’s popularity began to rise two to three decades ago. The mixing process can be done naturally or accidentally breeding when the Beagle and Great Dane are in the same shelter. After BeDane exists, breeders reproduce this hybrid breed because they see how beautiful BeDane is with its muscular build and great personality.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Appearance

BeDane’s appearance depends on which gene is more dominant. Beagle and Great Dane mix have significant differences in size but are similar in personality. The BeDane has long and floppy ears and a straight tail. The coat color can be like feature patches and color spots or one block.


Great Dane Beagle Mix History

We don’t know much about BeDane’s history. But what we do know is that this breed has become popular in the last two to three decades. We might assume the Beagle and the Great Dane are in the same shelter, and accidental breeding occurs. You can expect this to happen in a place that mass-produces puppies without knowing or knowing the history of the mixed breed.

All that we know is Beagle and Great Dane have a significant difference in size, and I can’t imagine if the pregnant one is a Beagle and has to give birth to a mixed breed with a huge body.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Personality And Temperament

All hybrid breeds will look to the parents. Beagles and Great Danes are the sweetest dogs, and you’d expect the same from a BeDane. BeDane is a family-oriented dog. If you take from the nature of Great Danes, they are used to being pack leaders with alpha strong personalities.

Even though they look robust and stubborn, BeDane loves human company. Do not leave them too long because they are more comfortable with your presence near them. BeDane has a playful, affectionate, and charming personality.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Training

Both Great Dane and Beagle are super active dogs. BeDane is not a bit different. This breed needs to do a lot of exercises and physical activity to stay healthy. Training BeDane might be challenging because BeDane is sometimes uncooperative and stubborn.

Do short daily sessions instead of long training sessions. Try to have breaks to give BeDane a treat or enjoy the moment by playing around. If you can handle BeDane properly, they can change their habits and reduce their stubbornness.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Exercise

Don’t expect BeDane to be at home sitting or sleeping a lot. BeDanes love physical training, and they have a lot of energy to do it. Take them for a long walk in the morning and evening. If your dog looks bored at home, immediately take them outside for a walk.

The more often you invite BeDane out of the house, the more active they will be. For proper exercise, you can do running or athletic sports. If BeDanes have no physical activity, they can have destructive behavior.

If you are an owner who doesn’t have much time to give BeDane enough exercise, don’t try to take care of them. If allowed to continue without any activities, BeDane stressed more easily.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Skills

BeDane has a sharp sense of smell and has a strong personality as a pack leader. Although their bodies are not as big as Great Danes, they inherit their personality from their parents.

But this personality has its pluses and minuses. They can be a watchdog for you, but sometimes they are stubborn and difficult to train.

Another skill of BeDane is their stamina and ability to do many activities. If you are an owner who likes to run or walk around the house, BeDane is the right pet for you. BeDane is suitable for children. They can be patient and affectionate pets when around their owners.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Health

BeDane is usually healthy if they do a lot of activities. Breeders need to be honest about BeDane’s health condition when they sell it. BeDane can inherit health problems such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, arthritis, or obesity.

Other common problems can be inherited from their parents. You should know the history of BeDane’s parents and expect any possible health problems your pet will have.

Of course, we will take care of BeDane as much as possible by keeping the possibility of them from getting sick. If we know what possible health problems our dogs will have, we are better prepared to prevent the condition and keep our pets in their best health.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Care

Caring for BeDane can be seen in the grooming, training, and exercise requirements. You can expect moderate to intense shedding because Beagles and Great Danes have different grooming needs.

Beagles are BeDane’s parents who allow you to do frequent grooming because they fall out easily, and you have to vacuum frequently all year long. Do bathing twice a month to maintain coat health and reduce the possibility of hair fall.

Caring for BeDane depends on how much energy they can expend each day. If BeDanes lack activity, they tend to have destructive behavior. Try to do any activity that involves them. They love to do anything with their owners.

For training, you have to be patient to face their strong personality. But if you know the right way to teach them when they are calm, BeDane will easily be able to learn new skills because they are intelligent dogs.

Great dane beagle mix
Great Dane Beagle Mix Dog Breed Review


Great Dane Beagle Mix Grooming

It depends on which parent dog is more dominant. If BeDane has long hair, be prepared to do a lot of grooming requirements. The Beagle is a very intense shredder, while the Great Dane is moderate.

Don’t leave BeDane out too long. Although they can be heavy shredders, you shouldn’t leave them outside to avoid shedding. Bathe them if necessary, but not too often to keep their skin healthy. Twice a month is a proper time for their grooming requirements.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Adoption Process

Adopting a BeDane is a serious business. Before owners take care of BeDane, they will be asked what their owners will do for the health of their pet, how committed they are to their new pet. The new owners will fill out the application and be contacted by the organization for evaluation.

After being approved by the organization, BeDane will continue to be monitored by inspecting living conditions. If the requirements are not met properly, BeDane can be withdrawn back to the shelter. The owners must do what is best for their pets. Never underestimate the health condition of your dog because many want to take care of your dog.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Puppies

Caring for BeDane as a puppy is the best time. Beagle or Great Dane has a great opportunity for obesity. If you can balance your diet with enough exercise, you can grow from a puppy to a BeDane with a muscular build.

As puppies, BeDane will look like hyperactive dogs. Keep giving lots of activity, don’t let BeDane sit idle until they do destructive behavior. Take them for a walk every day, let the puppy learn new things from their environment.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Height Chart

Beagles and Great Danes have a significant difference in height and weight. Beagles are 13 to 15 inches high, and Great Danes are 28 to 35 inches high. The Beagle Great Dane mix size as a descendant of both breeds is likely 25-35 inches in height.

When viewed from the possible height, BeDane is still a huge canine. Despite their large build, this hybrid breed is playful and affectionate. It fits well with children and likes to spend time with its owners.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Weight Chart

No different from the comparison of the Beagle and the Great Dane in terms of weight, both have significant differences. The Beagle weighs about 20 to 30 lbs, and the Great Dane is 110 to 175 lbs. When viewed from both parents, BeDane has a possible weight between 50 to 150 lbs.

Because Beagles and Great Danes have a high chance of obesity, you need to control their diet and exercise. Don’t let BeDane have little activity because it will affect their health.

The BeDane’s lifespan includes between 8 and 14 years. Beagles have a higher possible life expectancy than Great Danes. The Great Dane is a huge canine with a lesser life expectancy because many people already know that the bigger the dog, the faster its lifespan.


Great Dane Beagle Mix Growth Chart

We can see BeDane’s growth from their body weight. If we provide the right portion of food, their development will be significant and healthy. For example, if you feed dry kibble cups per day, you will need to adjust the weight of your pet.

If you don’t feed it enough, BeDane’s growth will be stunted. They are active dogs and require a lot of energy to burn. The amount of food will have a big effect on their growth.

Try to give 1 to 2 cups per day when your dog weighs 20 to 30 lbs. Slowly adjust the number of cups per day as your dog grows and gets bigger. If BeDane has reached 80 to 100 lbs you will need to give 5 to 5 cups per day.


Beagle Lab Great Dane Mix

Right now, many breeders provide BeDane in their shelters. If you are sure to choose this hybrid breed, prepare a lot of energy to adjust your pet’s energy while being with you. Don’t leave them alone too often, so they don’t get separation anxiety.

Sometimes canine owners still want to make comparisons with other breeds. For example, some prefer Daniff (Great Dane mastiff mix) to BeDane. The Great Dane mastiff mix price for puppies starts at $800 and $1,500. In terms of size, the two-hybrid breeds are almost the same, but in terms of personality, they are different.


How Much Does A Great Dane Dog Cost?

The Great Dane value depends on what type you want to buy. There are Great Danes for companions or shows. It costs around $1800-$3000. If you need to find a Great Dane puppy, you can get between $1,000 and $1,500.

Taking care of the Great Dane Beagle mix is almost the same as the Great Dane in terms of size. But you should know what to expect with this mixed breed.


What Is The Best Breed To Mix With A Beagle?

Beagles are the 6th most popular breed in the US. Beagles are popular because of their intelligence and keen sense of smell. But if canine owners want to choose something other than the Great Dane and Beagle mix, the table below lists some of the Beagle mixes.

Beagle mixesAs known as
Pug and BeaglePuggle
Labrador and BeagleBeagador
English bulldog and BeagleBeabull
German shorthaired pointer and BeagleBoingle
Chihuahua and BeagleCheagle
Dachshund and BeagleDoxle
Husky and BeagleBeaski
Corgi and BeagleCorgeagle
Boxer and BeagleBoggle
Poodle and BeagleBeagapoo

Choose the best mix for you. If you understand some of the temperaments of the type of dog, it will make it easier for you to know the possible personality traits of the hybrid breed. For example, the Great Dane Beagle mix is a dog whose expectations are energetic, playful, affectionate, and gentle.


What Is A Good Breed To Mix With A Great Dane?

The Great Dane dog breeds have a great size as the name implies. Great Danes are often chosen by canine owners. They have a friendly and playable personality. Despite their large bodies, this breed fits well with children.

Hybrid breeds of Great Danes do not have to be large. For example, the Great Dane Beagle mix is a mix of a huge dog and a normal dog. Somehow breeders got over it and sold BeDane, and started to become popular in the US.


Final Verdict – Great Dane Beagle Mix

The hybrid breed will inherit anything from its parents depending on which gene plays out the most. If canine owners look at the history of BeDane’s parents, they will find it strange because Beagles are small dogs, and Great Danes are huge dogs. They are confused about how it works.

Great dane beagle mix
Great Dane Beagle Mix Dog Breed Review

About two or three decades ago, it was confirmed that it started from accidental breeding because the Great Dane and Beagle were in the same shelter. Right now, breeders prefer to do a safer way by implanting the Beagle’s sperm into the Great Dane.

Great Dane has a strong personality but is also affectionate and playful like his parents. They are active dogs and like to do anything with their owners.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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