Do Dogs have Eyelashes? 7 Cool Dog Eyelashes Facts

Yes, Dogs do have eyelashes, and they are there for the same purpose as that of humans, to protect their eyes from dust, debris and harmful particles. Unlike humans, Dog’s length of eyelash is based on the fur length. You’ll find some dogs having the longest and most beautiful eyelashes you’ll ever see.

Have you ever laid awake at night with your mind full of random thoughts and questions? Yes, that happens to all of us, and if you are a dog mom, you must have had a fair share of questions related to your dog. If you are here reading this, I know you’re thinking about do dogs have eyelashes and why do dogs have eyelashes. And worry no more, as we’ve it all covered for you.

Why do dogs have eyelashes, you ask? Well, it is for the same reason that we have eyelashes.

Do dogs have eyelashes
do dogs have eyelashes?

It can become really tough in winter with ice balls dropping all over the face. Get a proper winter coat for your Dog.

In order to protect the dog’s eyes from dust, debris, and particles, the dogs have eyelashes like humans. But unlike a human, the length of the dog’s eyelashes depends on the length of his fur. Most of the dogs having short furs have a short length of lashes. But for the long-haired dogs, to protect their eyes from the long strands,, they have long eyelashes to do the job.


What Breed of Dog Has Eyelashes?

After answering your query of do dogs have eyelashes and why do dogs have eyelashes, let’s now answer your question of what breed of dogs have eyelashes.

The breeds of the dogs that have eyelashes are not as specified. However, the fact that the long-haired dogs have log eyelashes is the truth. These breeds include small dogs such as Maltese and large dogs such as Sheepdog and Old English dogs.

Also, the English Bulldogs have a wrinkly faces, and this is how their lashes stand out. The breed Cocker Spaniels is known for having the longest lashes that dogs can have. Also, the breed named Lhasa Apso, who was named Prince Albert, has the Guinness World Record of having the longest eyelashes, with one eyelash measuring around 5.35 inches long.

This Lhasa apso is one of the ancient breeds found in dogs that belong to Tibet. One of the reasons they have the biggest eyelashes is that these dogs very heavy coats of fur having floor-length. These furs help them remain warm during the cold weather of Tibet. Their eyelashes are there to protect eyes from the strands of long fur.


Are You Supposed to Cut the Dog’s Eyelashes?

Now that your query of do dogs have eyelashes and why do dogs have eyelashes is answered, let’s now move to other stuff, like, are you supposed to cut down your dog’s eyelashes or not? If you are a dog’s mom whose dog has long eyelashes, then you are lucky. This is because not all the dogs have long eyelashes that enhance their looks.

Now, if the long eyelashes don’t bother your dog in any way, you can let them be. But if they start bothering your dog, you have to take care of the lashes and trim them from time to time. The reason is when the eyelashes become too long, they can turn around and cause irritation in the eye. This may cause scratches and irritation on the dog’s cornea.


Way to Cut Dog’s Eyelashes

Now that you have known do dogs have eyelashes and do they need to be trimmed, let’s now know how you can trim them. You can get this job done following these simple steps:

  • First and foremost, hold your dog with one of your arms and secure and his head tightly before cutting his eyelashes.
  • You can ask for someone’s help if you are unable to hold your dog and cut his lashes both at the same time.
  • Now that he is secure take a wet cloth and wipe any of the dirt or debris from his eyelashes.
  • This wiping process also helps in separating the eyelashes.
  • You have to separate the eyelashes and pull them in the forward direction. To do so, use an eyebrow comb.
  • Make sure you comb the eyelashes slowly in order to not pull them out.
  • Take short scissors in your hands.
  • Now pointing the scissors towards the dog’s nose, start trimming his eyelashes from one corner of his eye.
  • If your dog starts moving, turn away the scissors to avoid injury.
  • Start again when your dog is steady again.
  • Now repeat the same trim on the other eye as well, starting from the corner.
  • Comb the eyelashes again once the trimming is done. Make sure that the length of your eyelashes is short enough to not harm your dog. Also, check carefully that both the eyelashes are even in length.


Do Dog Eyelashes Grow Back?

After knowing do, dogs have eyelashes and how to cut dog’s eyelashes; you must want to know if your dog’s eyelashes will grow back once you have cut them. Well, look no more. As we have this query of yours covered as well.

Don’t worry about the growth of your dog’s eyelashes, as the answer is yes for this query. Their eyelashes grow back once you have trimmed them. The time that the eyelashes take to grow back varies from one month to two months, depending on the growth. It also depends on the length of the eyelashes once they are completely grown.

Have you ever seen dogs with fake eyelashes? If not, let us tell you. You can now buy fake lashes for your dog and give them the cuteness that you are looking for. Stop being upset if your dogs don’t have eyelashes. Now, you just got to look on the internet for fake eyelashes and get some for your dog.

Do dogs have eyelashes
do dogs have eyelashes?

Do dogs have eyelashes on the top and bottom of the lid? The answer is no. Unlike humans, the eyelashes of the dogs only grow on their upper eyelids, which means they do not have the eyelashes on their lower eyelids.


Do Dogs Have Eyebrows?

Now that you have finally known do dogs have eyelashes and why do dogs have eyelashes, do you want to know about do dogs have eyebrows? If yes, you are exactly at the right place. We have this query of yours covered for you in this portion.

So for this question, the answer is a no. Dogs do not have eyebrows as we humans do. However, they do have brow ridges that do appear on their facial muscles and their facial bone structure. They basically use the brow ridges instead of eyebrows to make the cute puppy face that they make.


Should Dogs Have Long Eyelashes?

After knowing do dogs have eyelashes, do you want to know should dogs have long eyelashes? If yes, this portion is for you.

Your query is justified because, for humans, we absolutely adore long eyelashes. The way you love your dog may make you think the long eyelashes will make your dog look more cute and adorable. However, it is not always about the looks.

Most of the dogs have short eyelashes; however, if yours have long ones, unfortunately, you will need to trim them with time. This is because the long eyelashes for the dogs can start turning in and harm their eyes. The long eyelashes of the dogs get caught in the fur and may result in entering the dog’s eyes.

Our eyelashes do enter our eyes, and the irritation is gone after few minutes, you must think. However, we are humans, and we are quick to do something about it. Your dog is unable to do anything about the irritation caused and even unable to complain.

This is why you have to do your best to keep him away from any kind of harm and irritation that may be caused due to his long eyelashes. Therefore, just knowing do, dogs have eyelashes isn’t enough. You must know how to take care of your dog’s eyelashes too.


What Happens if I Cut My Dog’s Eyelashes?

Now that this article covered all about do dogs have eyelashes and if you should cut them or not; now it will cover what happens if you cut your dog’s eyelashes.

Honestly, even thinking about bringing scissors closer to your dog’s eyes may seem very much horrible to you. Hundreds of questions like what happens if some injury is caused may hit your mind. However, you need to be very calm before doing this to your dog.

Cutting your dog’s eyelashes will result in preventing him from getting irritation by the eyelashes themselves. However, his eyelashes are there to protect him from any kind of harm to his eyes. However, this is a fact that his long eyelashes may turn around and enter his eyes, causing irritation.

Therefore, the ways mentioned in this article to cut your dog’s eyelashes will help you out big time. But remember, before holding your dog to do so, you have to relax your mind and keep calm to carry out this process.

So it is not just enough to know do dogs have eyelashes and why you should cut them. It is also necessary to have proper calmness and relaxation and to gain your dog’s trust before cutting his eyelashes with scissors.


Should I Trim My Dog’s Eyelashes?

We have covered everything for you from your queries like do dogs have eyelashes and why do dogs have eyelashes. Still, if you are looking to get an answer for should you trim your dog’s eyelashes or not, we have it covered for you as well.

If your dog has long eyelashes which are not irritating him, you can keep them going without a trim. However, make sure that you brush them on a regular basis to remove any debris or dirt from the eyelashes.

But if your dog has long eyelashes that may turn around and irritate his eyes, it is time to trim them. The main reason is that these eyelashes can cause irritation to your dog’s eyes and not serve the purpose for which they are present there.

You definitely don’t want this to happen because there is nothing your dog can do if the eyelashes enter his eyes. You will have to put effort to calm him down. Unlike humans, the dogs are not able to remove eyelashes from their eyes or splash water to get rid of the irritation. Therefore, prevention is always better than the cure.


Final Verdict – Do Dogs Have Eyelashes

Yes, the dogs do have eyelashes, and they are there for the same purpose as that of humans. However, some breeds of the dogs do have eyelashes while the others don’t. Not only this, even the length of the eyelashes depends on the dog’s breed. The large dogs may seem to have longer eyelashes as compared to the small dogs. Groom your dogs before the date.

Do dogs have eyelashes
do dogs have eyelashes

The dogs do not have eyebrows, but there are brow ridges that form the expressions of the dogs, like the puppy face that they make. The brow ridges appear on their face muscles and their facial bone structure.

Also, if your dog’s eyelashes are getting longer, it is better to cut them down. The reason being you don’t want these eyelashes to irritate the dog’s eyes. The too long length of the eyelashes does the opposite job than for which they are present there.

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