Pomeranian Husky Mix : 35 Cool Facts About Pomsky Dog Breed

Any dog lover can be indecisive on what breed of dog to keep. Many breeds are available with various characteristics and features that may not be as attractive as the Pomsky dog breed, known as the Pomeranian Husky Mix.

Are you searching for information about this breed that helps you gather enough facts on what this breed is all about?

You have maybe received a lot of praise about this breed from either friends or on social media. Right? This breed is very recent, and it is gaining popularity. Because this dog type is crossbreeds of other pure breeds, you expect them to exhibit a mixed appearance and traits.

Pomeranian husky mix pomsky
pomeranian husky mix pomsky

Some articles on this breed may not provide the exact facts you need to understand about this breed. That is why you need to dig deep and gather enough facts about this breed.

This article provides you with necessary facts that will guide your decision-making process on how to take care of these adorable, cute dog species. By reading the article, you will be better positioned to understand all you need to domesticate this pet in your home.


Pomsky – Pomeranian Husky Mix

A Pomsky/ Pomeranian Husky mix dog breed. It is a designer small/medium-sized dog that arises from breeding the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian dog breed. It is the best breed globally in terms of its intelligence, independence, loyalty, and playfulness. Its beauty and small size make it a desirable breed.

However, this breed has its undesirable traits too. It has a high prey drive; thus, it may find other smaller animals and children intimidating, but with a commitment to training at the puppy’s earlier life stage, all parties’ coexistence can be peaceful.


Pomsky for sale near me

The Pomeranian Husky mix dog price varies depending on quality, eye color, size, coat color, and markings. On average, a Pomsky puppy can cost between $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the breeder.

The maintenance cost of a Pomsky full grown can be on average $2,000 per year. This cost covers food, toys, veterinary bills, and preventive medication. Due to the uncertainty in the hereditary health problems that the breed can develop, a medical insurance cover would be a viable option to cover any future expensive requirements.


What two breeds make a Pomsky

The Pomsky dog breed is a hybrid of the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian, thus the Pomeranian Husky Mix name.

Pomeranian Husky Mix puppies are expensive and hard to find as it is a recent venture entered into by breeders, and thus the pros and cons of this new mixed breed have not been exhausted.


Are Pomskies good dogs?

Pomskies make wonderful family dogs. Their eagerness and loyalty to please make them be a source of joy in the home. However, their possessive nature of toys around other pets should be in your mind as this may cause them to get intimidated. They can also be dangerous to toddlers due to their high energy exertion.

The unpredictable nature of Pomskies makes the argument of whether they are good dogs or not inconclusive. It is difficult to discern the specific aspect of the parents’ breed temperament that the Pomskies inherit. They can develop behavioral issues and possess a stubborn nature that makes them disobedient to their owners’ commands.

They can be good and friendly dogs when the owner puts in enough commitment during training at their early life stages. Regular walks, exercise, and socialization help them to maintain their calm.


Do Pomskies stay small forever?

The size of a Pomsky adult is very variable. They can grow till they attain a weight of 30 pounds and a height of 15 inches. A Pomsky puppy does not remain puppy-sized forever.


What is a Teacup Pomsky?

This is a Pomsky that weighs less than 7 pounds. It has a textured thick coat available in a wide range of different colors, making it desirable to dog lovers. It is very delicate in nature despite being crossed by the husky dog breed that is considered a tough breed thus needs careful handling.

The types of teacup Pomsky are based on the head shape of the dog. The fox head type resembles a fox, the teddy bear face type, and the baby doll type.


How fast do Pomsky grow?

Pomsky usually takes a year to achieve its full size.

At six months, a Pomeranian Husky mix usually has already achieved half of its growth. By the end of a year, it is expected to be just about fully grown physically, mentally, and sexually.


What age does a Pomsky stop growing?

A Pomeranian Husky mix attains the adult age at 18 Months. Most Pomskies at this age are physically, mentally, and sexually mature enough. At 18 months, their bones ought to have reached full length, and the dog is at its maximum height.


How big is a full grown Pomsky?

A Pomsky size is inherited from its parents. Its size ranges between that of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. How big does a pomsky get? A full grown Pomsky can range between 13-28 inches high, weigh up to 20-30lbs and be up to 18 inches long from chest to rear. However, variations may exist as this Pomeranian Husky mix technology is still in the developmental stage.


How long does a Pomsky live?

The average lifespan of the Pomsky dog breed is between 13 and 15 years. This is an estimation based on both the parents’ breeds. Pomskies average life expectancy is estimated as the new breed has less than 10 years of existence.

The parent breed, Siberian Husky, has an average lifespan of 12 to 14years, while the Pomeranian has an average of 12 to 16 years. Therefore, a Pomeranian Husky mix is expected to live for an average of 12 to 15 years, and it is possible to live longer with proper health care.

The length of life is also dependent on the quality of healthcare, vaccination, and feeding.


Pomsky Generations-F1, F2, F3, F1B, F1X

F1 generation Pomskies are a product of purebred female Siberian Husky and a purebred Pomeranian male. The puppies are 50% Pomeranian and 50% Siberian Husky. These puppies cost less than F2 and F1B Pomsky generation that takes more effort and time to produce.

F2 generation Pomskies are products of F1 Pomskies. The mother and father are F1 Pomskies, the grandmother is a Siberian Husky, and the grandfather is a Pomeranian.

F3 generation Pomskies consist of the product of F2 Pomskies for both parents. The puppies can later be bred back to their original parents to give F3B puppies.

F1B generation Pomskies is a backcross Pomsky generation. It is as a result of breeding an F1generation Pomsky to a Purebred parent. Breeding a Siberian Husky female to an F1 Pomsky male produces 25% Pomeranian and 75%Siberian Husky.

F1X Pomsky is produced when a Pomsky is crossed with a German Spitz and/or an American Eskimo dog. You can cross one or both breeds with a Pomsky to give rise to an F1X.


Pomsky colors

Pomskies come in various shades of colors and markings. They can be white, black, tan, brown or reddish-brown, blue, or mixed colors.

The Foxy Pomsky has unique blue eyes with a foxy red coat. The Plush Pomsky has a coat color that is a combination of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. From the Husky, they inherit the color, and from the Pomeranian, they adopt the marks.

The Pure White Pomsky differs from a red Pomsky in appearance. It has a white coat with unique eye colors such as black, grey, brown, red, or just a mixture of the colors. The Blue-eyed Brownie has attractive blue eyes and coat color that can vary between tan, reddish, cream, white and brown.

The short-haired cutie has colors ranging between light brown, black, and white with black patches.


What is the temperament of a Pomsky?

A Pomsky temperament keeps varying from one puppy to another depending on the parents. Generally, they tend to have an independent streak of the Siberian Husky parent breed and the Pomeranian parent breed’s outgoing character.

The Pomsky dog possesses a stubborn trait inherited from its parents. This trait makes it difficult to train compared to other dogs at older stages as earlier socialization is critical for them to be friendly with other humans and be less clingy.


Is a Pomsky hypoallergenic?

A Pomsky is not hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means that the dog cannot induce an allergic reaction to those allergic to dogs,

Pomskies shed their thick and double-covered coat each year, completely. Those with allergies who do not vacuum frequently will feel their allergies worsening or resurfacing during such periods.


How many times a day do you feed a Pomsky?

For the first six months at the puppy stage, these Pomsky puppies need to be fed three meals daily. Snacks can be incorporated in between the meals.

After six months, Pomsky should consume food twice a day, and snacks can be incorporated into the meals.


How much should a Pomsky eat?

Many factors affect the amount of food required by a Pomsky. These factors include the type of dog food, the activity level of the Pomsky, etc. While 2-4 pounds Pomsky requires to feed on approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cups of feed per day, a Pomsky weighing up to 17 pounds may require 1 to 11/4 cups of food per day.

Some dog foods have instructions on recommended portions that you should feed to the dogs; thus, the dog owners need to keep these portions in mind. The diet should include solid meat protein-focused ingredients with complete nutrition for active dogs.


Are Pomskies smart?

Pomskies are brilliant dogs and are easily compliant with reward-based training methods. However, their parent breed’s stubbornness and willful nature require the dog owners to be in an alpha position during training. They can easily take advantage of the weakness portrayed by their owner.


Does Pomsky smell?

Pomskies do not smell under normal circumstances. Health issues such as skin infections or oral infections can produce a very foul odor. A soiled fur and flatulence can cause the Pomskies to smell too.

To keep Pomsky smelling fresh and make bonding times more delightful, brushing the dog’s coat provides an opportunity to spot problems such as infections and dry skin before they develop into serious conditions.

You can prevent odor associated with ear infections by frequently cleaning the ears at least once a month. Pomsky should bathe using a pH-balanced shampoo whenever their coat becomes dirty and smelly.

Brushing teeth at least three times a week improves the oral health of a Pomsky as it removes plaque that causes cavities, prevents tooth decay, and ensures the dog has fresh breath.


Are Pomskies cuddly?

Pomskies are clingy in nature and like to cuddle up next to their owners, making them great pets to keep. Their highly protective nature makes them yappy around other pets or strangers.


Are Pomsky good with cats?

Pomskies can get along with cats when they associate with the cats when still very young.

If the Pomsky dog inherited the Huskies prey-drive trait, it might be too difficult to get used to a home with cats and little children as they find these things intimidating.

Pomeranian husky mix pomsky
pomeranian husky mix pomsky – pomeranian husky mix temperament


Do Pomskies need haircuts?

Pomskies are characterized by having a double coat. Thus, it is highly required for them to the regularly trimmed around the eyes and ears.

Any extra hair in their canals needs to be removed using a scissor. For thick fur Pomsky, strong clippers are required for regular clipping to reduce the risk of skin infections.


How often should you bathe your Pomsky?

A Pomsky should bathe every one to three months. When the dog spends most of time outdoors, they should bathe once a month. The frequency of washing a Pomsky is inversely proportional to shedding in that the more the number of baths, the less the shedding of its fur.

The dog owner needs to use warm water, dog shampoo, towels, and a blow dryer for a proper bath.


Do Pomsky bark a lot?

A Pomsky has good watching abilities that sometimes make them overprotective of their owners and their families. This makes them bark every time a stranger approaches.

A bored Pomeranian Husky mix can exhibit excessive barking too. These problems can be avoided through consistent training and engaging the dog in activities that use extreme energy levels.


Are Pomsky hard to train?

Pomskies require training at a very early stage in life. Once a Pomsky is grown, it isn’t easy to train it. This is because it’s a dog breed that combines the Pomeranian Husky Mix-all hard-to-train dogs.

A young Pomsky possessing more of Husky’s temperament and independence may require the pet owner to seek professional assistance to make the dog follow commands.

It is also possible to get a Pomsky that is easily trainable with no tendencies of aggression.

These aspects are evenly possible, but these cannot be known for sure when buying the puppy. It’s a 50-50 possibility.


How high can a Pomsky jump?

A Pomsky weighing between 20-30 pounds can jump as high as 3 feet. This is a form of hyper behavior that should not be encouraged unless it is calm and confident.

Keeping the puppy engaged will ensure the energy levels are used up and thus avoid such behaviors.


Are Pomskies loyal and affectionate?

Pomskies are generally affectionate and loyal. The watchdog trait of Pomskies adopted from the Pomeranian breed and the Siberian breed’s good-natured disposition will generate the affection and loyalty aspect.


Why does my Pomsky howl?

Howling is a natural phenomenon for any dog as a means of communication to its owner. A Pomsky doesn’t usually howl a lot. Still, in cases where they howl too much, this is attributed to not being well socialized, insufficient training at the puppy stage, lack of plenty of daily exercises, and mental stimulation.

Pomskies can also howl to seek attention or help, express frustration or be bored, be confused, and desire to protect or express intimidation from other animals.


How do you stop a Pomsky from biting?

Providing a chew toy to a biting Pomsky enables them to feed their urge to bite.

Crying to express being hurt is also a way of expressing dissatisfaction, and it will be able to learn that the act was wrong. The dog will stop the behavior, and if it sticks to the changes, rewarding it will be the best way of instilling the sense of what is right and wrong when playing together.


How long can a Pomsky be left alone?

This Pomeranian husky mix can cope well alone at home only if they are well trained beforehand. Depending on the age, maturity levels, individual temperament, on average, a well-trained Pomsky can be left alone for up to 8 hours.

Many daily exercises and mental stimulation make this dog breed feel relaxed enough to behave well when left alone. A bored Pomeranian Husky Mix is a destructive dog as it will channel the boredom and loads of energy to entertain himself and burn off the extra energy displeasing the owner at the end of the day.


Do all Pomskies have blue eyes?

Not all Pomskies have blue eyes. Any breeder cannot guarantee eye color.

At 2 weeks, when puppies open their eyes, they have blue eyes—Over time, the eye color changes. Pomskies can have one eye one color while the other eye has a different color. Usually, there will be one brown eye and one blue eye- the Bi-eyes.

Pomskies can also have one blue eye, and another eye may be half-blue and half-brown- the Party-eyes.


How much walking does a Pomsky need?

A Pomsky needs a minimum of a 20-minute walk, preferably in the morning, long walks in the afternoon, plus play sessions during the day due to its high energy levels. They are described as dogs posing a playful, gentle, and confident trait.


Do Pomskies need a lot of exercises?

Pomskies require moderate exercise that is achievable through a good walk every day. Extra play sessions are also good to exhaust their high energy levels and be less destructive.


Why are Pomskies so expensive?

Getting pomsky for sale may not be easy. Pomeranian Husky Mix puppies can have a price range from $1,000 to $5,000. This is attributed to them being the hottest designer dog breed greatly sought for and having few reputable Pomsky breeders supplying them; thus, demand and supply forces influence the price.

Pomsky price have added to the cost of dog toys. These dogs are very playful, and boredom makes them destructive. Thus, dog toys will provide them something to chew on and burn energy.

Training costs to enable these dogs to be obedient to commands add to maintaining these dogs. Depending on work schedules and avoiding boredom as it makes Pomskies restless and anxious, leading to destructiveness, additional doggie daycare costs range from $12 to $38 a whole day.


Are Pomskies good for first-time pet owners?

Pomeranian Husky mix can inherit a stubbornness trait from the Siberian Husky thus may not be suited for first-time pet owners. Their unpredictable nature concerning temperance and being territorial makes the dog not recommendable by breeders to families with little children.


What problems do Pomskies have?

These dogs tend to be affected by the common health problems of both their parents. Their genetic makeup makes them easily predisposed to allergies, eye problems, heart diseases, and skin issues, among many others.

They are prone to dental conditions thus need their owners to ensure regular teeth cleaning.


How to choose Pomsky breeders?

Pomskies are relatively a new breed of dog; thus, you need proper research to get a professional responsible breeder with some experience. It is advisable to seek registered breeders’ references by contacting official organizations like the International Pomsky Association who offer high quality Pomsky puppies for sale.

The best quality breeder should have both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. The right Pomsky breeder should provide proof of health screening and genetic testing for the parent’s dogs whenever a prospective buyer requests this documentation.


Final Verdict – Pomeranian Husky Mix

Among other dog types, you know, Pomeranian Husky Mix is a controversial breed. Pomskies are cute dogs, and when they are from a responsible breeder, they are the best dog breed to keep. However, the behavioral traits of Pomskies being unpredictable gives rise to a lot of “maybes,” making them not recommendable to families with little children or other pets.

Pomeranian husky mix pomsky
pomeranian husky mix pomsky – pomeranian husky mix characteristics – pomeranian husky mix pomsky diet

They are also expensive in terms of the costs of acquiring them and maintaining them. Pomskies are a crossbreed of two dog types; thus, it requires you to be open-minded as you cannot be so sure how big it can get when you buy a puppy and the behavioral traits it can adopt.

Alternatively, rescuing or adopting a Pomeranian Husky Mix can be one way to acquire the dog. This prevents overpopulation and ensures shelter dogs have a home too.

After gathering such rich information about this dog breed, you can decide how to start domesticating this pet. If you already had the dog breed, it is now easy to maintain your pet and make it happy.

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