What Is A Bait Dog? 9 Menacing Facts About Bait Dogs

One of the questions that tend to come up once in a while in dog lover forums is as to what exactly a bait dog is. In this article, you will find information on what a bait dog is, how to know if a pup had been used as a bait dog before, how to rescue a bait dog, among other related things.

What is a bait dog? It is a dog that dogfighting enthusiasts use (in a cruel manner) to test and develop other dogs’ fighting instincts. Effectively, they use the bait dog as a ‘punching bag’ – on which the ‘main’ fighting dogs can practice mauling.

In most parts of the world, dog fighting is illegal. But once you start researching for facts about bait dogs, you soon discover that, in many places, there is apparently an underground dog fighting culture.

What is a bait dog
What is a bait dog?

And wherever that sort of underground dog fighting culture exists, you will often see the unmistakable bait dog markings.

Through such signs of a bait dog (bait dogs markings), you know that the poor pup had some cruel people use it as a ‘punching bag’ for other dogs.


Are Bait Dogs A Real Thing?

Wherever there are discussions on bait dogs, the first question that tends to arise is as to whether bait dogs are real.

For normal dog lovers, the very idea of using a dog as a ‘punching bag’ for another dog to practice mauling/mutilating seems so unreal. That is why some people regard the whole thing as a ‘bait dog myth’.

Moreover, in most parts of the world, dog fighting is illegal. In fact, in all states in the US, dog fighting is a felony. Against that background, the idea of using bait dogs for dog fighting sounds so counterintuitive.

So, indeed, are bait dogs a real thing?

The answer, unfortunately, is ‘yes’. There are people who are cruel enough to draw pleasure from dogfighting sports. And where there is dog fighting bait dog tends to be present.

And whereas dog fighting is a crime, there are people who still take part in it, underground.

The use of a bait dog in dog fighting apparently gives the people who practice it some sort of sick, masochistic pleasure. So bait dogs are a real thing.


What Is A Bait Dog?

A bait dog is one that dogfighting enthusiasts use (inhumanely) to develop the fighting instincts of their ‘main’ fighter dogs.

Dogfighting entails getting dogs to maul each other. But to get a normal dog to develop that capability to maul another dog for nothing, the inhuman organizers often have to use bait dogs.

The bait dog thus effectively serves as some sort of ‘punching bag’ for the main fighting dogs to use in developing their mauling skills.

So that is the bait dogs dog fighting usage.

And if you had the what is a bate dog question, that is the simple answer for it.

To be sure, it is not just dogs that these people use as bait. Cats often fall victim to this too. That is why the what is a bait dog or cat question is quite common.

In all cases, while answering the what are bait dogs and cats question, we have to make reference to the dog fighting ‘sports’.

Specifically for the bait dog dog fighting is a gory affair where it (the bait dog) endures the ‘punching bag’ role.

Thus ‘punching bag’ (for the main fighter dogs) is best bait dog definition you may get.

The dogfighting contests use the bait dogs to develop the main fighting dogs’ fighting prowess. They specifically use the bait dogs (which some refer to as ‘bate dogs’) to get the main dogs used to ferociously mauling other dogs.

Thus for people with questions like what’s a bait dog, what is bait dog mean, or what does bait dog mean, that is the answer.

Even for those asking, what is a baiting dog, this is still the answer for it.


What Is A Bait Dog Used For?

Bait dogs in dog fighting context typically serve three purposes.

The first purpose is that of testing the fighting instincts for the ‘main’ fighting dogs. So they just expose the ‘main’ fighting dog to the bait dog, and watch how it reacts. This tells them how much fighting instinct the main fighting dog has.

The second purpose is that of getting the main fighting dogs to be used to the idea of mauling other dogs. So the dogfighting contest organizers incite the main fighting dogs to maul the bait dogs, to achieve this end.

The third purpose is where the dog fighting context organizers simply entertain themselves, by having their main fighter dogs maul the bait dogs.

Even when you make reference to the bait dogs meaning given earlier, these are the roles you can infer.

Clearly then, for the bait dog fighting is a gory affair. But the people who organize the dog fighting contexts nonetheless derive pleasure from the poor dogs’ agony.

Once the dogfighting context organizers fully develop their main fighting dogs’ mauling instincts, they may present them at ‘major’ dogfighting contests.

Meanwhile, they proceed to get rid of the bait dogs: either by abandoning them or by outright killing them.

Ultimately, if you were wondering what are bait dogs used for, now you know the whole inhumane tale.

In all this, we mustn’t mistake a bait dog with a dog bait.

Dog baiting usually entails setting up poison traps for dogs, with the intention of killing the dogs because they have become problematic. So for the what is baiting dogs question, that is the answer.

Focus here, however, is on the bait dogs that the folks who organize dogfighting contests use.


How Do They Select Bait Dogs?

To answer this question, we have to make reference to the what is a bait dog definition we gave earlier.

We saw that a bait dog is one that dogfighting enthusiasts use to develop their main fighting dogs’ mauling capabilities.

That is the essence of the definition we gave, while answering the what is a bait dog question.

From that definition, it should be clear that in selecting bait dogs, they go for smaller ones that won’t hurt the main fighting dogs.

There are certain bait dog breeds which dogfighting contest organizers seem to prefer a great deal. Big but gentle dogs may also get to suffer this role.

The desirable behaviors of a bait dog include docility, but also with a bit of agility. Those are the characteristics of a bait dog they prefer.

In fact, those seem to be desirable features in all dog fighting bait animals.


How Do They Acquire Bait Dogs?

Earlier, in answering the what is a bait dog question, we saw that it is one that dogfighting enthusiasts effectively use as a ‘punching bag’ for other dogs. That is the basic bait dog meaning.

Further, in answering the what is a bait dog question, it became clear that the people who make use of these bait dogs are mostly disreputable characters.

It should therefore not come as a surprise to learn that most of dogs they use in this way are stolen.

They may also get in touch with folks who are seeking to give up their pet dogs. They pretend that they want to rehome the dogs. Then once they acquire them, they proceed to use them as bait dogs.

The poor person giving  up the dog may not even know what is a bait dog, let alone what they use it for. So they innocently give up their dog to people who proceed to mistreat it badly.

There are people who may run breeding programs for bait dogs. If you research on what is a dog bait farm, you may get some hints in this direction…

Most of the bait dogs that dogfighting contest organizers use are, however, stolen.

In this context, one may ask, what is a bait dog marking? And the answer is that it is a marking allegedly applied to homes with dogs that are earmarked to be stolen and then used as bait dogs.

So that is what a bait dog mark (in this context) is all about.


How Do They Use Bait Dogs?

Here, again, we need to start by making reference to the answer we gave to the what is a bait dog question. We saw that it is essentially a dog that dogfighting enthusiasts use to develop their ‘main’ fighting dogs mauling prowess.

Further, in answering the why are bait dogs used question, we saw that it is to test and develop the main fighting dogs’ mauling/mutilating instincts.

That is also the answer one would give to the what is the purpose of a bait dog question.

Now we need to sink deeper, and establish how exactly the dogfighting enthusiasts use the bait dogs.

Often, the bait dogs have their mouths shut with duct tape. Breaking their teeth is also common. Then the main fighting dogs are introduced and incited to maul the bait dogs (which can’t fight back).

In the process, the dogfighting enthusiasts get to test their main fighting dogs’ prowess. They also get to develop their main fighting dogs’ endurance.

Thus if you were wondering, what is a bait dog used for in dog fighting, this the answer.

But all this, of course, is different from use of a dog as bait while hunting. What does it mean when a dog is used for bait in hunting? It is where you use the dog in order to attract the animal you are hunting for.

Upon spotting the bait animal (dog), the animal being hunted comes close. The hunter can then kill it directly using a weapon or using a trap.

Fishing may also entail the use of bait animals. Like, for instance, what is a water dog bait? It is an animal you use to ensnare a water dog, so as to fish it out.

What is a bait dog
What is a bait dog?


How Do I Know If My Dog Was A Bait Dog?

We need to first ask ourselves, what is a bait dog? And as we saw earlier, it is a dog which dogfighting enthusiasts use as a ‘punching bag’ to develop their main fighting dogs’ ability to maul/mutilate other dogs.

Against that background, how to tell if a dog was a bait dog should be fairly easy.

It will typically have bad scars all over. Sometimes, it won’t have teeth (as they often knock off the bait dogs’ teeth, to keep them from fighting back).

Further, the bait dog may have missing ears. They often cut off the ears, and tongues in some cases, in order to prevent the main fighting dogs from latching on them!

In behavioral terms, the bait dog may be unreasonably fearful or unreasonably aggressive to other dogs. It may keep on barking in a persistent manner. And it may get too excited on stairs…

Actually, if you research on what is a Pitbull bait dog traits, you will tend to find many of these.

But if, for instance, you research on what is a suspension bait dog, it takes you in another direction. This is because the suspension bait dog comes into question within the context of baiting dogs that have become problematic (with poison).

So when the dog bait is in suspension form, that is the reference.

For the purposes of our discussion though, how to tell if a dog was a bait dog is easy. You look at the dog’s appearance and behaviors.

In terms of appearance, it may have scars all over. Its ears, tail and even tongue may be nipped out. And it may have its teeth knocked off.

In terms of character, it will tend to be overly fearful or overly aggressive.


Can A Bait Dog Be Rehabilitated?

Yes, it is possible to rehabilitate a bait dog.

Earlier, in answering the what is a bait dog question, we may have created the impression that bait dogs go through so much torture that they become incapable of rehabilitation.

But the true position is that bait dogs are usually capable of rehabilitation. There are many success stories of rehabilitated bait dogs. So it is doable.


How To Rescue A Bait Dog?

The first step in rescuing a bait dog is typically that of spotting it. It can be tough getting the dogfighting enthusiasts to pass on the bait dogs they are no longer using. This is because they fear encounters with law enforcement.

But as noted earlier, these people often abandon the bait dogs once they are no longer useful to them. So that is when you spot the former bait dogs.

After spotting the bait dog, you may need to organize veterinary attention for it. As we saw while answering the what is a bait dog question, these pups undergo lots of mistreatment.

Therefore medical treatment is often necessary.

After that, you can put the dog through a rehabilitation process.

If you are unable to rehome it yourself, you can organize for a dog rescue shelter to take it in.


How To Stop Dogfighting?

Earlier, in answering the what is a bait dog question, we saw that it is primarily a ‘punching bag’ dog that dogfighting enthusiasts use in preparation for dogfighting contests.

Therefore if we are to stop this cruel animal treatment, we have to stop dogfighting.

One way to stop dogfighting is to ensure that you never buy tickets to dogfighting contests. Even when visiting nations where it is legal.

If the dogfighting enthusiasts lack a revenue stream, they will surely stop it.

It is also helpful to desist from gambling on dogfighting contest outcomes, or otherwise supporting the dogfighting ‘industry’.

Upon spotting signs of dogfighting taking place or about to take place somewhere, you can (cautiously) notify law enforcement. That is if you are in a place where dogfighting is illegal – as is the case in all states in the USA.


Final Verdict – What Is A Bait Dog

A bait dog is one that dogfighting enthusiasts use to test and develop the fighting instincts of their ‘main’ fighter dogs. It is essentially the ‘punching bag’ used in preparation for the main dogfighting contests.

The bait dogs often have their mouths shut with duct tape, to keep them from fighting back. They may also have their teeth knocked off with tongues, tails and ears cut off, to make them suitable for use as bait dogs.

Dogfighting enthusiasts steal most of the animals they use as bait dogs. They may acquire a few through adoption from unsuspecting people seeking folks who can take in dogs that they are unable to sustain.

What is a bait dog
What is a bait dog?

Thus before giving up your dog to someone for rehoming, you need to be sure that they won’t use it as a bait dog or otherwise mistreat it.

Dogfighting is cruel. By denying it revenues, and working with law enforcement wherever it is illegal, you can help in stopping it.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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