Do Guppies Like Current? (7 Interesting Facts)

Aquatic pet owners love it when their aquarium is full of fish with different color variations. In addition to thinking about the right decoration for the aquarium, water currents have an essential role in the tank. Some fish have no problem with the water current, but some are disturbed. Let’s talk about guppies.

Do guppies like current? Guppies don’t like the current. The long fins from guppies are not suitable for tanks with strong currents. It will benefit mobility in not moving water or slow water current. In the wild, guppies exist only in slow-moving waters, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Do guppies like current
Do guppies like current?

If you want to know why guppies can’t be in any water current and how we can anticipate it, let’s read this article to the end.


Do Guppies Like Current?

Guppies do not like the current, and can only live in slow-moving waters. If you force guppies in a tank with heavy or fast current, it will cause harmful effects like stress, exhaustion, lethargy, and stress.

Many people are happy when they see guppies swimming against the current. But they can do that only in slow water currents or not moving waters. If the guppies seem to have trouble swimming around the tank, it’s a sign that the water current is too heavy for them.

Guppies love swimming from the bottom of the tank to near the surface. Having an air pump or filter that creates a current in the tank will make guppies uncomfortable. If guppies continue to be in a place that they are not comfortable with, it will interfere with their health, diet, and behavior.


Do Guppies Like Strong Current?

Guppies don’t like strong currents. The robust or heavy flow will only make guppies unhealthy and shorten their life expectancy. It may not be a problem for large fish with flow made from an air pump or filter, but not for guppies.

Do fancy guppies like current? Some guppies adore the filter stream and swim through it. But do not use a filter that can affect the flow in all parts of the tank air. Guppies are playful when they swim into the current, and the current doesn’t bother them that much.

There are several filters or air pumps that cause strong currents. Some fish, such as gold barbs, flying fox fish, and danios love strong currents, are not the same as guppies that usually live in not moving waters.


What Kind Of Water Do Guppies Need?

Guppies are tropical fish that require warm water with at least 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 82 degrees at maximum. Use an aquarium heater if the room temperature cannot adjust to the needs of the guppies. Just a one-degree difference can affect the health of guppies in the aquarium.

Use dechlorinated tap water to keep it clean. We can’t say for sure if tap water will be safe for guppies. You can use brackish water like their natural habitat. But if you want to have crystal clear water in your aquarium, you can put guppies in freshwater aquariums.

Do guppies like flow? As long as guppies can get out of the flow created by the filtration systems, guppies will play in the flow whenever they are in the mood to do so. Not all guppies will enjoy the flow in the aquarium.

Every aquarium needs a filter to keep the water clean from ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates levels. Several filters can affect water flow, but some only provide a little flow.


Do Guppies Like Playing In The Current?

When guppies accidentally approach the water near the filtration, they will enter the current created by the filter. If the current is not too big, your guppies can play with the current until they get out of the flow.

Pay attention to the guppies’ behavior towards the current. If the guppies repeatedly return to the place where the current appears, it is a sign that the guppies love to play with the flow.

But you can’t expect all guppies to like playing in the water current. Some guppies will look confused to get out of the water as hard as they can and stay away from the spot so that the same thing doesn’t happen.

The table below will show some of the behaviors that will be shown by guppies when they face a water current.

Guppies behaviorExplanation
Struggling to swimGuppies will flip over vertically or horizontally, and can’t stand with the current.
Changing swim patternHeavy currents make guppies swim in one particular direction.
Sitting in the bottom of the tankGuppies are exhausted and need to rest.
Stopped swimmingStay at a spot without any movement.
Moving on the same spotThe guppy’s body movement is on the current and cannot get out.


Do Guppies Need Moving Water?

Little fish like guppies will have a hard time moving water. If guppies stay in moving water for too long, they can become stressed, tired and reduce their life expectancy. Guppies swimming against the current will burden his body if it happens often.

Check the entire tank. If moving water occurs in all corners of the tank, then adjust the filter or air pump so that it does not cause strong water currents. Guppies prefer to live in not-moving water.

Do guppies like current? The current is fine if it’s escapable and only in some parts of the tank. Now and then, you will see guppies following the current and playing in its groove.


Do Guppies Die In Strong Current?

The guppies’ survival rate will decrease if you force them to stay in tanks with heavy current. Guppies will find it difficult to swim around tanks and get tired easily. Even if you give a lot of food, guppies will find it difficult to survive and enjoy the environment in the tank.

Do guppies like current? You can see how the guppies swim. If they enjoy the current by swimming around in the tank and return to where the current comes from, they are happy with the water current in the tank.

Do guppies like strong currents? No guppies are happy with strong currents. Guppies will only play with escapable current and not too high. Making guppies is not healthy because the water current is something you should avoid.

Do guppies like current
Do guppies like current? Do guppies like current in winter? Do guppies like current in summer?


What Type Of Flow Do Guppies Like?

Guppies will enjoy the water flow that can swim into it, and it’s not difficult to get out of the area. You can add a tank with some decorations and live plants if your filtration system cannot be adjusted to how strong the current is.

Guppies cannot be included in aquarium fish that like a strong current, because they have tiny bodies that cannot survive long in these conditions.

Do guppies like current? You can only see guppies can like the water current in the tank by looking at the way they swim. If the guppies stop moving or are under the tank, it is a sign that the guppies are tired of the existing water current.


Do Guppies Like Strong And Fast Current?

In their natural habitat, guppies prefer slow water currents or calm water. Their long fins are not suitable for swimming in fast currents. The guppies will find it difficult to adjust their body while swimming if they are facing the opposite direction from the current direction.

What fish like fast-flowing water? Pearl danios and dwarf neon rainbows love fast current water. Although the two fish can comfortably live in the same tank with guppies, guppies can’t stand fast-flowing water.

Do guppies like current? Only current can be made to swim in it and can escape from the area. Guppies will find it challenging to live in tanks with heavy flow. Find a filter that does not cause a strong current, or put some aquarium decorations to reduce the current appearance in the tank.


Should You Reduce Current In Aquarium Water For Guppies?

Look at the condition of your guppies while swimming. If you see them having difficulty swimming, you might consider reducing the current until you see them comfortable swimming. Water current is the main thing to consider when caring for guppies.

If you give food to guppies but the tank has a strong flow, the guppies will have a challenging time chasing food. If the guppies cannot catch food, they will run out of energy and require a lot of effort to eat.

The long-term effect will make guppies quickly exhausted, refusing to eat, and stressed. You will often see guppies sitting at the bottom of the tank to rest and wanting to get out of a tank whose current is not suitable for them.

Do guppies like current? Slow current or not-moving water is the best place for guppies. Their natural habitat is calm water and doesn’t require a lot of energy to swim wherever they want.


What Temperature Do Fancy Guppies Like?

In addition to water current, tank temperature affects the health of guppies. They can withstand temperatures of 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit or 22-28 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is below 21, put the tank to get sunlight to keep the temperature stable.

Guppies are tropical fish that will be comfortable living in warm water. Don’t let guppies be at a cold temperature to avoid health issues. If you want to have a constant tank temperature, you can use a heater.

Do guppies like the light on or off? Guppies need darkness to be able to rest optimally. You can turn off the lights around the tanks between 6-8 hours and give them a light to signal a waking time.


Are Fancy Guppies Aggressive Because Of The Strong Flow?

Generally, guppies are peaceful fish and will not cause any problems with other fish. If there is an aggressive action, it is just the guppies attacking their species. Guppies can act aggressively when they are stressed.

One of the causes of guppies that can be stressed is water current. If it’s too strong, the guppies will have a hard time getting around and enjoying their time. Guppies can act aggressively on other fish as a form of their annoyance.


Are Fancy Guppies Hardy?

Guppies are hardy fish. Even though they are hardy, that doesn’t mean they can withstand any conditions. One proof that they are hardy fish is that they can survive in brackish water and freshwater. Not many fish can live in these two different types of water.

Guppies are peaceful fish, will not cause harm. Some things that can stress guppies are temperatures that are too hot or too cold. And strong flows that make it difficult for them to swim.


Final verdict – Do Guppies Like Current

Guppies come from a lake, pond, or river that has calm water. If you want to care for guppies in the aquarium, ensure you don’t have tanks with heavy currents. Guppies can only withstand tanks that have slow current or escapable current.

Some guppies like to play in the water. But if they find it challenging to carry out their activities because of a strong water flow, they will be easily stressed and feel uncomfortable.

Do guppies like current
Do guppies like current? Do guppies like current in the wild? Do guppies like current in captivity? Do guppies like current in the pond?

A sign of them being uncomfortable with water flow is how they swim. Guppies will flip up and down, stop in one place because they are exhausted, or stop moving because they cannot move freely in the tank.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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