Do Guppies Clean The Tank? (7 Interesting Facts)

Do guppies clean the aquarium? That’s a long debate of our topic from last night when I had a meeting with my friends at the dinner table. We will look into this.

Do guppies clean the tank? Tank or aquarium cleaning of fish is a great task that we need to do with smart work. Algae isn’t easy to wipe off, and guppy fish and other fish can effectively clean the tank by eating the algae green.

In this blog post, we will discuss why do guppies clean the tank, how they do it, and some other fish that clean the aquarium algae.

Do guppies clean the tank
Do guppies clean the tank?


Do Guppies Clean The Tank?

Guppies are favorite pets of aquatic life and have very good abilities to make this environment clean and sustainable. So how do guppies clean the tank?

If you got a nasty tank with lots of stuffed algae and other microorganisms, you would find it very hard to clean the tank without any help. Rubbing the tank with a powerful cleaning agent will take a lot of time.

But we have some special creatures on earth that do this job for you without needing any help. Some fish like guppies are a great option for this.


Do Guppies Create A Lot Of Waste?

Every organism creates wastes, so guppies create waste. But their waste is just a tiny matter mainly sold that’s very less than most fish.

But we assume that fish guppy owners relate to the poop’s foul smell and know a weekly replacement of water in the tank is necessary.

So, guppies do create waste that’s not very much, but if tank water’s not replaced, it smells terrible. The main cause of foul-smelling water is ammonia created because of the wastes of guppies.


Guppies Eating Algae

Where guppies are very good pets to keep, many potential benefits are enjoyed because of them. Algae and guppies are two organisms that have a predator and prey relationship.

The main diet of guppies is not eating algae, but these constitute a small portion of their diet.

Algae feed on the oxygen of metabolism that they extract from oxygen. If the algal bloom occurs in a pond or lake, nature favours the production of guppies.

The guppies will eat water algae, and you will understand how do guppies clean the tank at home.


Algae Eaters To Keep with Guppy Fish

Besides guppy fish, there are a lot of algae eaters that you can keep in the tank to get rid of excessive algae in the water tank.

The guppies alone cannot take care of algae, and therefore, you need to buy some other fish (algae eaters) that helps clean the tank.

Here, we have the top 5 algae eaters that are favorable for this purpose:

  1. Bristlenose Plecos
  2. Otocinclus Catfish
  3. Siamese Algae Eater
  4. Snails
  5. Shrimp


Bristlenose Plecos

The first creature that assists in cleaning the fish tank is Bristlenose Plecos. These fish are pretty convenient to keep without creating a big mess.

You won’t believe that these fish will help guppies eat the algae and live at the bottom portion of the tank. Therefore, it will not trouble the guppies at all.


Otocinclus Catfish

Otocinclus Catfish are the second choice for you to keep with your guppies. These fish are very indigenous and keep your fish tank all clean.

With guppies’ help, they will even clean the tank from all sides and not harm the plants in the tank and the guppies.

But, we have a major concern here. Otocinclus Catfish are very sensitive to water conditions, and that’s why we must regularly change the water from the tank and keep the temperature set for both guppies and Otocinclus Catfish.


Siamese Algae Eater

We have another great algae eater that goes well with guppies. What about Siamese Algae eaters? These are the best eaters of algae.

But you won’t mind using them only in a condition when the algal bloom has destructed the structure of the guppies’ tank. Besides, these fish are great friends of guppies.

They will aggressively eat away all the algae in the water and will be the perfect eaters and cleaners of the tank. Aquatic water also competes with algae to eradicate them when there’s oxygen depletion in some sea regions.



If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet friend for your guppy that also helps in cleaning the tank algae, then snails are the best option in this regard.

Why do guppies clean the tank with snails effectively? It’s because snails are very calm pets, and guppies will live in peace with the snail.

A few snails that are best for the guppies tank cleaning are:

  • Nerite
  • Mystery
  • Apple
  • Malaysian Trumpet
  • Ramshorn



We have the last best algae eater here for you. These are the shrimps. Why didn’t we think of these fantastic organisms before?

Shrimps are great to keep with your guppies as they will help eradicate all the bad things such as hair follicles and other bacterial and algal creatures.

But before using shrimps with the guppies to clean the tank, make sure your puppy isn’t eating away your shrimps. It means you can build spot spots to hide for your shrimps.


How To Maintain A Guppy Tank?

Maintaining a guppy tank is one of the easiest things to do if you’re interested in cleaning your guppy tank.

We can share some of the things that are necessary for this:

  • Maintain the water pH at 7. It has a direct benefit for your guppy
  • Change the water after 7 days
  • Provide the algae eaters if necessary
  • Provide the right amount of minerals in the water
  • Try and use the well water


How To Keep Guppy Tank Clean?

You can easily keep the guppy tank clean with minimum effort. All you need is the patience that keeps your guppies also healthy.

Always clean the whole tank after 1 or 2 months when much waste has been accumulated inside the tank. This thing will make sure that guppies are healthy.


How To Take Care Of Guppies In An Aquarium?

Taking care of guppies will be a great challenge if you’re a newbie in this field. A guppy requires proper sunlight and a direct heat source to get the desired heat energy every day.

If you’re paying attention to keeping the water temperature to a certain recommended temperature, it will surely make your guppy ill.

So, sunlight and other things such as diet, minerals, and water replacement are needed.


How Often Should You Clean A Guppy Fish Tank?

There’s a specific set limit on when to change the guppy fish tank. We have a great option for you to replace about 20-30% of the water every week.

But strictly maintain this rule to change the water at least once a week. Also, you need some algae eater or any other chemicals to remove the materials and wastes deposited at the bottom of the tank.

The best algae eaters we suggest are as follows:

  1. Bristlenose Plecos
  2. Otocinclus Catfish
  3. Shrimp
  4. Siamese Algae Eater
  5. Snails
Do guppies clean the tank
Do guppies clean the tank? Do guppies clean the tank as algae eaters? Do guppies clean the tank daily?


How Do You Keep A Guppy Tank Clean?

Keeping the guppy tank clean is an important milestone to achieve. But you have to be very sure and concerned by putting your effort into choosing the right things necessary for the tank.

Water dGH must be within 12, and the pH must be equal to 7, as that’s neutral. Guppies’ tanks must be cleaned periodically, and also changing the water is crucial.


Are Guppies Messy Fish?

Guppies are not very messy fish. These fish produce nitrogenous waste compounds such as ammonia, but you can clear these things by regularly changing the water from the tank.

The fecal production by guppies is also not very huge, and you can easily clean the tank using the right algae.


How Do I Know If My Guppies Are Happy?

You know your guppies are happy if they exhibit signs of being happy and healthy, including:

  • Smooth and brightly colored scales with no discoloration.
  • No bumps or abnormal growths on the body.
  • Flared out fins.
  • Clear, normal eyes with no clouding or bulging.
  • Normal breathing, not too slow or too rapid.
  • Active swimming.


Why Is My Guppy Tank So Dirty?

Guppy tanks are generally dirty because they need to be cleaned regularly and periodically.

The waste produced by guppy is foul-smelling and causes algal bloom in the water tank. So, replacing water each week by 25% will keep tank water in perfect condition.

This step will also ensure the guppies’ well-being and help you keep the tank clean.


What Do Guppies Need In Their Tank?

Guppies don’t need a lot of things in their tank to be healthy. Only a few things are the need of guppies such as:

  • Sunlight
  • Proper Food
  • The Cleaning Of Tank
  • Providing The Best Nutritious Food
  • Sometimes A Partner
  • Don’t use small tanks
  • Don’t overpopulate guppies in a tank

You can take care of these things to be tension-free yourself and keep your fish stressed free as well as keeping the tank cleaner!


How To Take Care Of Guppy Fish In A Bowl?

Petting your fish guppy in a blow isn’t a good thing, but you can try this if you can’t afford to have a full fish aquarium.

Guppy fish in a bowl will need chlorinated water and will need you to replace it every day. Try to replace more than 60% of the water daily. If you can’t buy the chlorinated water daily, invest one time to get a filter machine and make your chlorinated water at home.


Do Guppies Need Hiding Places?

Yes, guppies do like hiding places very much, and those places will also contain wastes and poop. So you better try and clean all the hiding spots in your guppies’ tank. This thing will ensure you have a cleaner tank!


Do Guppies Need Clean Water?

Everybody likes clean water. Clean water is essential for anybody to live longer. Guppies’ tank water must be clean, so you have a fish with a longer lifespan.

Clean water also rules out the risks of many deadly diseases that any fish can catch; therefore, you need to make your guppy live in clean water to be in the best of health!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Keep A Guppy Tank Clean?

You can keep a guppy tank clean by removing 20-30% of the water daily and refilling it with fresh water. All you need is chlorinated water.


Do Guppies Clean Algae?

Yes, the alga is of the best and favorite diets of guppies. You can use these guppies to clear an aquarium where algae production has depleted oxygen.

But keep other fish with the guppies to help them eat the algae and clear up the tank without much trouble.


Are Guppies Messy Fish?

Not true in all cases, but guppies are messy to some extent. You see, when guppies are in large numbers, they produce fecal matters that contaminate water with ammonia. And this ammonia isn’t healthy for the guppies.


How Do I Know If My Guppies Are Happy?

There are a few signs that will tell you that guppies are happy and very healthy:

  • Moving rapidly
  • Always feeling their eyes are brightened
  • Active breathing
  • Normal fins and gills


Final Verdict – Do Guppies Clean The Tank

Guppies are great pets to keep in the fish tank, do guppies clean the tank when there’s an overproduction of algae?

Well, the certain answer is yes, but in a limited quantity. Keep the fish guppy in a certain number to clean the tank. Also, buy some fish such as snails and shrimps that go well with guppies.

Do guppies clean the tank
Do guppies clean the tank? Do guppies clean the tank in captivity? Do guppies clean the tank as pets?

Then these guppies will clean the tank and not cause any trouble. That was all about do guppies clean the tank. Please share and comment on this to keep supporting us!

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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