Can Male Guppies Live Together? (9 Interesting Facts)

Guppies are fish that are becoming popular with many owners. The guppies’ pattern and color, peaceful temperament, and undemanding nature are the reasons why guppies are one of the best fish. Sometimes pet owners don’t pay attention to the gender of the fish they buy and just put it in the same tank.

Can male guppies live together? Male guppies are not a problem if they live together even though there is no female. Don’t put too many male guppies in the same tank to avoid aggressive actions such as bullying around them. Although possible, you need to measure how many guppies can fit in one tank.

Guppies are amazing fish with stunning colors and patterns. To find out the detailed reasons for male guppies in a tank, let’s read this article.

Can male guppies live together
Can male guppies live together?


Is It OK To Have All Male Guppies?

It is possible to have two guppies or more in one tank if you have a large tank. Guppies can be aggressive if they often meet in tight spaces. Although guppies are peaceful fish, sometimes guppies show aggressiveness towards others for some reason.

To reduce the frequency of male guppies interacting with each other, it is recommended to put female guppies or not put too many male guppies in one tank. But even if you put the female guppies in the tank, there is still the possibility that the male guppies will fight each other for the female.


How Many Male Guppies Should Be Kept Together?

Ideally, you can put 3 guppies in a 5-gallon tank. Provide enough space. They can swim freely without a fight over a narrow place. Many pet owners prefer to keep more female guppies than male guppies.

Guppies will be more active if placed in a tank as a group. But if you want to put more than 3 guppies with different colors or patterns, ensure you have guppies in 10 gallon tanks with aquarium decorations like their natural habitat.

Can male guppies live together with betta? It is possible, but keep an eye on them. If you see several guppies who are injured because they often fight with each other, try separating the male guppies.


Will Male Guppies Fight?

Yes, male guppies can fight for several reasons. Fighting can happen because male guppies are fighting over women. If you put fewer female guppies than males, you will often see male guppies fighting each other.

The second possibility is that male guppies are bullying others. If there are male guppies who have damage on their fins, try consulting the vet whether your guppies can get fin rot or not. Male guppies together can show an aggressive nature in a small tank. Try to give them space with a big tank.


Can All Male Guppies Live Together?

It depends on how big the tank you use to put the male guppies. They can cohabit without problems if the guppies have enough space to swim.

Can male guppies live together? Try to have a male only guppy tank and see how your guppies behave. I tried to keep the male cobra guppies with other species for a few days. After I saw the guppy cobra had a cut on the fin, I decided to separate some of the males into different tanks.

All male guppies will increase the chance of attacking each other if the tank is not too big. Ensure you have a tank with a rule of 1 guppy per 2-gallon tank. The bigger the tank you have, the more you can fill the tank with male guppies.


Are Male Guppies Aggressive To Each Other?

Male guppies should only have one in the tank surrounded by female guppies. Male guppies have territorial and bullying behaviors to show their power and dominance. Male guppies will only be aggressive towards other males when fighting over their female or territory.

Keeping male guppies without females will cause males to fight with each other. The more often guppies act aggressively, the higher the chance for guppies to be fin rotted from each other’s injuries.

Can male guppies live together? It is possible, but the possibility for male guppies to act aggressively will be high.


How Many Male Guppies Can Live Together?

Try to have a ratio between female guppies and male guppies in one tank. One male per two females, and no more than 3 guppies if you have a 5-gallon tank. Too many guppies in one tank make guppies easily stressed and act aggressively between one male and another.

Can I keep male and female guppies together? It should be. Guppies should be the only male in one tank because they have territory and dominant behavior. There are fewer females than males, which will make the guppies aggressive towards each other or one male will bully other guppies.


Can 3 Male Guppies Live Together?

A lot of aggression will happen when you put more than two male guppies in one tank. Try to put 3 male guppies 1 female, and see how they behave when fighting over one female for their mate.

You need to consider the number of females and males in one tank. Male guppies will bully and fight to get the desired female.

Can male guppies live together? The guppy behavior can’t be prevented if you put the same gender in one tank. Male guppies are born with their dominance and want to show their power.


Can Male And Female Guppies Live Together?

Stocking fewer male guppies than female guppies is something aquatic pet owners should do. Guppies will become peaceful fish if there is no aggressive action between the males. Try to put one pair of guppies before you enter another.

Can female and male guppies live together? Watch out when you put more than one pair in the same tank. Male guppies can fight each other while fighting over territory or looking for a mate. Male and female guppies tend to be together, but male and female guppies must be separated.


Can Just Male Guppies Live Together?

It is possible if you agree to give male guppies a large tank. If the rule of thumb is one guppy per two gallons, you can adjust how many male guppies are in a tank depending on the capacity. A large tank will reduce the risk of aggressiveness because each guppy will have their territory.

Aggressive action will begin when you sow female guppies in the tank. Male-female guppies can live together, but not if more males are in the same tank. More female guppies are much safer than males in one tank.

Do female guppies fight? Female guppies will only harm each other, not as bad as male guppies who can fight while inflicting injuries.

Can male guppies live together? Never lose your eye for the number of male guppies in one tank. Male guppies can hurt each other because of territory or want female guppies by showing their dominance.

Can male guppies live together
Can male guppies live together? Can male guppies live together as pets? Can male guppies live together daily?


Can Male Fancy Guppies Live Together?

Two male fancy guppies are still standard if you have a five-gallon tank. You can add two or more women to give positive vibes to your male guppies.

All male guppy tanks will only make guppies worse in the long run. Frequently fighting guppies will damage their bodies. It’s not uncommon for their fins to have scars from attacks by other males. The untreated scar for a long time can cause infections, such as fin rot or other severe injuries.

Can male guppies live together? Prepare to move male guppies or separate from each other if you see guppies fighting each other too often. No pet owners want their pets to live in one place and fight each other. Separating them is the best move for guppies’ health.


Ideal Male To Female Guppy Ratio

Entering a pair of guppies will feel less if you have a 5-gallon tank. Try to put one female guppy until it has a 2:1 ratio with fewer males. The more space and fewer male guppies in the tank, the atmosphere in your tank will be avoided from aggressive action.

The guppy male is willing to fight others when they want to do the mating process. Sometimes some guppies fight over the female guppies for the mating process.

Try to put the male guppies in the same tank as the female. It doesn’t matter if there are fewer male guppies, as long as you have the right ratio.


Can Male Guppies Live Together With Other Fish?

Aquatic pet owners will wonder what other fish fit in the same tank as guppies. The table below is a list of some suitable fish for guppies.

Fish that compatible with guppiesExplanation
SwordtailsHave unique-color, living in groups, easy to care for, and can get along with guppies.
PlatiesPlaties and guppies breed as much as they can. Keep an eye on your tank if it starts a lot of baby platies.
Cory catfishPositive vibes fish with friendly behavior and peace with other fish.
Bristlenose plecoBristlenose can meet guppies quite often because of their territory. Guppies are mid-dwellers while bristlenose are bottom-dwellers.


No matter how many male guppies you want to put in one tank, guppies’ tank size should be considered. You won’t want to leave your guppies tank size too small with more than two or three guppies.


Can Guppies And Male Betta Fish Live Together?

Male guppies in the same tank are already causing problems. If you want to add another fish with a highly aggressive level, such as the male betta fish, it’s the same as pouring gas on a burning fire.

There are two possibilities. There will be one male betta fish or male guppy who can’t stand the fight. Both fish have territorial behavior and trigger aggression. Not suitable to put them in one tank.

Can male guppies live with male bettas? No. Don’t put male guppies and male betta fish in the same tank. Choose another fish that is proven to be peaceful in a tank and doesn’t cause any trouble.


Endler Guppy Male Vs. Female

Putting male and female guppies in one tank is essential. You can pay attention when choosing an Endler guppy fish, by looking at the size between the two.

Female Endler is bigger than male. Male guppies are more colorful and their tail has a color combination that serves to attract female interest.

Another difference lies in the dorsal fin. Male guppies have long dorsal fins, and they appear to flow in water when they swim. Female guppies have shorter dorsal fins and will not move even when they swim.

All male guppy tanks will indeed give color and excitement to tank owners but have a high risk of attacking each other. It’s better to put male and female together even though female guppies are not better than males.


Final Verdict – Can Male Guppies Live Together

Male guppies have territorial behavior and can be aggressive when meeting other males. Guppies enthusiasts prefer to put one male and many females to avoid many fights between guppies and increase their interaction.

If you want to try putting all-male guppies in one tank, see how big the tank you use. Ensure you have 1 guppy per 2 gallons of water. If you have a 5-gallon tank, you can put 3 male guppies at maximum.

Can male guppies live together
Can male guppies live together? Can male guppies live together in aquarium? Can male guppies live together at home?

A large place will reduce the chances of male guppies attacking each other. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be clashes with each other. If you see that guppies are injured during a fight, try separating the guppies and treating the wound to prevent fin rot.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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