Do Parakeets Sleep Standing Up? (7 Cool Facts)

Every beginner parakeet owner will be confused about how their new pet sleeps after doing activities most of their time standing up. Moreover, we know that birds are not like humans who can put their bodies on the mattress by stretching their bodies and placing their heads in a soft place.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Parakeets will prefer to sleep standing up. They will tuck one leg up to prevent heat loss, close their eyes, and tuck their face into their feathers. Some parakeets can do one or more of these three things.

Do parakeets sleep standing up
Do parakeets sleep standing up?

Understand how parakeets’ sleep will help you know what they need. Parakeets need maximum quality sleep for their health. Let’s read this article on how parakeets sleep and what they need during sleep.


Do Parakeets Sleep At Night?

Parakeets have dark hours for sleep, and they typically sleep at night. In the wild, parakeets will sleep from dusk to dawn. Ensure they have between 9-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Many parakeet owners prefer to cover their cage with a cloth or something dark to keep heat in the cage and prevent light from disturbing their pet.


Do Parakeets Sleep Standing Up?

Most parakeets will sleep standing up. They will put one of their feet underneath themselves for comfort to keep the heat from their feet that don’t have feathers.

The standing position will keep the birds’ muscles up and ready to fly whenever they need it. Even though they are in the cage, the habit remains.

Do birds sleep standing up? Most bird species will sleep standing up. They will clamp themselves in a tree or log to prevent falls. You will rarely see birds falling because their foot grips are not strong enough.


How Do Parakeets Sleep?

There are many sleeping positions that parakeets can do. Most parakeets will lift one leg to rest on the lower body to keep their feet warm. All the parakeets sleep with their eyes closed. Some put their heads into their necks to rest along.

The average parakeet takes about ten hours to get good quality sleep. Sometimes they will change places to change their feet which are placed underneath themselves, or find another more comfortable position.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Yes, parakeets will be more comfortable sleeping standing up. They are used to this method by crawling up their claws into trees.


In What Position Do Parakeets Sleep?

The parakeet will sleep on top of a perch and begin to relax before going to bed. Parakeets will start to close their eyes, and some of them will put their heads back into the feathers. Parakeets feel safe if they sleep in the highest perch or highest cage and are steady in their position for 9 or more hours.

The parakeet’s sleeping positions are upright with one leg raised, or with their head tucked into the back while resting their head. Just like humans, parakeets can change sleeping positions now and then find their comfort.


Why Do Parakeets Sleep Standing Up?

Most of the bird species sleep by standing up. No bird sleeps lying down under a cage, as humans sleep on a mattress. Parakeets can sleep tucking their head inside the feather or lifting one leg.

Beginners will be confused when they see their parakeets sleeping by bending their heads. But it is something that parakeets usually do to sleep more quietly and will not be easily disturbed by shadows or light passing in front of them.


Do Parakeets Sleep Upside Down?

Not all parakeets sleep upside down, but some enjoy this position. Humans will think an upside-down position will be dangerous and uncomfortable, but some parakeets do that by hanging up using their claws to sleep upside down.

It is one way for parakeets to sleep at the highest altitude in the area they live in. They will feel more comfortable if they hang in the highest place, then sleep with a tucked head.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Normally, a parakeet will sleep standing up on a small piece of wood placed in a cage or special place that can maintain balance while sleeping.

Do parakeets sleep standing up
Do parakeets sleep standing up?


How Do Parakeets Sleep At Night?

Parakeets will sleep from dusk to dawn. They can be more relaxed if they put their head into their wings. It will make them darker, comfier, and rest their head. It is recommended to cover the parakeet’s cage with a cloth to make it easier for the parakeet to get into a dark room.

Parakeets are sensitive to light or loud noises while sleeping. Try to provide a comfortable space for them to rest, because their sleep time is quite long, between 9-12 hours. Disturbed sleep quality can worsen their overall health.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Yes, parakeets sleep at night with standing up and one leg lifted. They do this to maintain the temperature of their featherless legs. If they feel warm enough, the parakeet can change legs to warm up afterward.


Where Do Parakeets Sleep In The Wild?

Parakeets sleep in hollowed-out tree trunks or other cavities. You will often see parakeets nesting in eucalyptus. The hollow logs are a great place for them to rest. The parakeets sleep the same way as those in captivity. They tuck their head inside their wing and one leg up underneath themselves.

Parakeets will head to the highest branches to avoid predators and prepare themselves if one day they have to run from a bad situation. Their sleeping position will be advantageous when the condition is critical.


How Do Parakeets Sleep In A Cage?

Parakeets can seek the highest place in the cage such as sleeping upside down, or sleeping in a log with one leg up. It will minimize heat loss and make them more comfortable. Their eyes will be closed, and they should be in a quiet room without any interference from sound or light.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Yes, parakeets sleep more often standing up than upside down. You’ll often see parakeets sleeping upside down in the cage more often than in the wild.


Do Budgies Need Quiet To Sleep?

Budgies need a quiet room to get maximum sleep quality. Do not expose the parakeet’s cage to loud noises or excessive light. If parakeets wake up frequently due to many distractions, they can be stressed.

Do budgies sleep standing up? Yes, budgies sleep with one leg up and closing their eyes. Standing up will keep their muscles from flying if at any time there is a threat that endangers them.


How Do You Know If Your Budgie Is Sleeping?

The most common thing is to see them close their eyes. The parakeets will start sleeping at sunset until the sun goes up. You can see the budgies begin to relax and rest their heads into the wings.

Another way is to see one of his legs raised. It is a way for budgies to reduce heat loss because their legs don’t have feathers.

After knowing how budgies sleep, now we need to know what we need to do to give budgies sleep with maximum quality.

Tips to parakeet sleep betterExplanation
Cover parakeet’s cageCovering their cage can contribute to a better sleep and no light gets through.
Quiet roomKeep parakeets away from sudden and loud noise.
Nice and tidy cageParakeets can’t clean their own cage. If their cage is clean, parakeets will be more comfortable to rest.
Suitable temperatureEnsure the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent heat loss.


Can Budgies Sleep With The TV On?

It is not recommended to place a budgie’s cage near a TV with a loud sound. Budgies can wake up with loud noises. If they don’t have good quality sleep, budgies can get sick easily.

Treat your pet like how you do your activities at home. If you can be disturbed by the TV sounds when you want to sleep, don’t let budgies near the TV while they are trying to sleep.

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Yes, parakeets or budgies sleep standing up. They can steady in that position without falling until they wake up.


Do Budgies Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

No. Budgies close their eyes every sleep. They can tuck their head inside the feather for comfort and feel more secure because they can’t be bothered by passing light.

No budgies sleep with their eyes open. All budgies sleep with their eyes closed and look for a comfortable spot for their sleep time which can be more than 9 hours.


Do Budgies Sleep During The Day?

Budgies can take a nap or continue their disturbed sleep at night. Normally budgies can sleep during the day between 30-45 minutes or longer depending on how long they want to rest their body. But if budgies have enough rest time, they won’t sleep during the day.


Final Verdict – Do Parakeets Sleep Standing Up

Do parakeets sleep standing up? Parakeets sleep by standing up and there are several other behaviors they usually do. Parakeets will look for the most comfortable place from the highest position in the cage or the trees. They will lift one leg to maintain the temperature of the leg that has no feathers.

Do parakeets sleep standing up
Do parakeets sleep standing up?

Give parakeets a quiet and dark space to get maximum sleep quality. Parakeets need between 9-12 hours of sleep. If their sleep time is less than that, parakeets can sleep during the day to make up for their lack of sleep at night.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet parakeet a good and comfortable life!

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