Are Pregnant Dogs Aggressive? (9 Important Facts)

Proper care of a pregnant female dog is essential to ensure a successful pregnancy. The owner must provide it with meticulous care throughout this period, which can last from 55 to 72 days, and carefully prepare for the birth.

Before the female dog gives birth, she will need a pleasant, clean and quiet atmosphere, a proper diet and exercise routine, and also adequate veterinary care. However, the hormonal and bodily changes that dogs go through during this period can affect their mood.

Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Yes, pregnant dogs can be aggressive. However, it depends on the dog. Some dogs may act differently from others. Some may be calm while others may be aggressive. Some of them may ask for help or become clingy, while others may like to stay alone.

Are pregnant dogs aggressive
Are pregnant dogs aggressive?

Anyway, the owner should respect the behavior and requirements of their dog and try to make them as comfortable as possible.


Are Pregnant Dogs Aggressive?

Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Yes, pregnant dogs can be aggressive. It’s just the hormones that fluctuate, which makes them sometimes agitated or aggressive. The gestation period among dogs is only two months, which makes the process of baby growth much faster. So, a dog will go through a lot of sudden changes in a short period.

It is very common for dogs, even dogs that are very cute and friendly, to be more aggressive during this stage. During this time the owner should keep in mind to keep a safe distance and make the pregnant dog feel safe.

During this time pregnant dog fighting is normal. If the owner has more than one pet, all other pets, children should not come in contact with the dog. The owner should not keep a pregnant dog around other dogs.

Another reason why a dog may be more aggressive during this period is that they might feel unsafe and think that they can be harmed by someone who comes to them. Because they are in such a vulnerable space, it is best to give the required space to the dog.

Do pregnant dogs get aggressive? Are pregnant dogs aggressive towards other dogs? Yes, it is very natural for dogs to get aggressive during the period of pregnancy. A dog may even get aggressive towards the owner. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need their owner.

This is a very vulnerable period for dogs, so dogs should be given full cooperation. If the dog asks for some space, they should be given some space, if the dog is clingy during this time, the owner should make sure they make their pets comfortable.


Why Are Pregnant Dogs Aggressive?

Why are pregnant dogs aggressive? Pregnant Dogs are just possessive because during this time, their body is very vulnerable and they are having some hormonal fluctuations. 


Does A Dog’s Temperament Change When Pregnant?

Are pregnant dogs more aggressive? Yes, dogs’ behavior changes during pregnancy. Dogs will not become more aggressive but other changes in behavior can also be noticed which may include:

Lethargy– A dog may be less active, may not interact at all. This step ensures that dogs have enough energy to save energy and protect their babies. The owner should always try to keep the dog motivated if the dog is interactive with the owner.

Sickness- Morning sickness is also common for dogs that are pregnant. The owner should be in regular touch with the vet and should continuously tell them about their position and feed required medications to the dog.

Abnormal eating– Lack of eating will happen mostly in the second half phase of pregnancy. A dog will eat abnormally and consume more than required and the owner should encourage the dog to have a good diet as prescribed by the vet.

Clinginess- The dog can be following the owner everywhere. During this time, dogs need the support of their owners, so owners should make sure they always stay there for their dogs.

Nesting– When it’s time to give birth to babies, a dog will start nesting. However, it isn’t required because the owner will take their pet to the vet. However, it is normal for dogs to do this. During nesting, dogs will find a new and comfortable place and sometimes dogs also try to shift their beds to the place where they feel comfortable and safe.


How Do Pregnant Dogs Act?

There is no certain set of behavior that a dog will follow. Different dogs behave and act differently during the different stages of pregnancy. Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Yes, Some dogs may get more aggressive while others may stay calm, some dogs might become more clingy while others may start isolating themselves.

So, it cannot be put in a sentence on how a dog will behave. Different dogs will have different emotional fluctuations. Owners should walk the dog, if they demand some space the owner should give some to their pets, if the dog is clingy, they may need some petting, so owners should cooperate with their pets as much as possible.


Do Pregnant Dogs Get Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Do dogs get more aggressive when pregnant? It can be possible that a dog may get aggressive during the pregnancy period. It is recommended for owners to separate the other dogs from the pregnant ones so that the pregnant dog isn’t bothered by other dogs.

Are pregnant dogs aggressive? When a dog is pregnant, there is very much a possibility that the pregnant dog will become aggressive towards other dogs. It is just their maternity instinct to safeguard themselves and their babies from other dogs. Giving some space to a pregnant dog is the only solution an owner should take.


Are Female Dogs Aggressive After Childbirth?

Pregnant dog aggression is normal however It is normal for a dog to become aggressive even after giving birth to their babies.

Dogs often become possessive of their babies and consider that they have danger from other dogs, they believe that dogs will hurt their babies. So, to protect their babies, dogs may get possessive and even aggressive towards some dogs.


How To Comfort A Pregnant Dog?

The best way to comfort pregnant dogs is to understand what they want. If a dog wants to be alone, the owner should give them space, this will give them comfort.

If the owner observes that their dog likes to stay close to them, they should stay with them and make them comfortable by petting them or playing with them. The owner should also understand when are pregnant dogs aggressive.

Are pregnant dogs aggressive
Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Are pregnant dogs aggressive at public places? Are pregnant dogs aggressive with humans?


How To Care For A Pregnant Dog?

Owners must take good care of dogs when a dog gets pregnant. During this time, they would need all the attention and care an owner can give them. This is a very vulnerable time for their mental health and physical health. So owners should ensure they take well care of their pets.

The owner should discuss with their vet how they can take full care of their dogs. Some of the suggestions are given below.



A pregnant dog will need a very healthy and regular diet. The owner can’t feed the wrong food during this time because it may even lead to serious health complications.

The owner should provide high protein food that is also rich in fat and minerals. The food needs will naturally increase 1-2 times. So, owners should make sure they put extra food on their plates.

The owner should never deprive their pregnant dog of food. If possible, the owner should put in a little extra food. However, owners should also keep in mind not to overfeed the pet, overfeeding can cause obesity and high blood sugar problems.  To avoid that and understand how much food the pet needs, the owner should consult with the vet.



The owner should exercise pregnant dog. However, you should never misunderstand, exercising with the excessive workout. Exercise means a little movement that the pregnant dog must get.

The owner should take their dog to short walks and little playtime with the guidance of the vet. Pregnant dog jumping should be avoided. The movement is very important so that the dog doesn’t just eat and has no movement.

The owner should not overstrain their dog and at the same time not have them just sitting and doing nothing.



The owner should regularly get their pregnant dog checked at the vet. All necessary vaccinations should be given to the dog for safety from worms, fleas, parasites etc.

The vet, in addition, would give the required medication as required by the dog.


Pregnant Dog Behavior Week By Week

Dogs will give birth to their babies around 63-64 days after conception. There are different stages that a pregnant dog will go through during this time, physically and emotionally. A lot of changes came during this time in mother dogs and dogs.

Some of the highlights are as follow:-

After mating, the to-be pregnant dog for around the first 35 days will stay stable and normal as there is nothing much growth in the size of the fetus. Afterwards, the gestation period will start.

In 25 days, the owner can see the development of the fetus. During the first phase and second phase of pregnancy, the owner may not find any vital changes, however, behavioral changes vary from dog to dog, there is no certain answer. Are pregnant dogs aggressive after 25 days? It depends on the dog.

From day 42, changes will arise like an increase in weight and a change in their diet. Sometimes, dogs may not eat enough food but owners should be persistent to feed them. During this time the owner may see some mood swings. The owner needs to be very cooperative with their pets.

The final phase of pregnancy may cause dogs to find a quiet place to give birth (this will happen when dogs are just about to give birth). During this final phase, dogs will distance themselves from others.

The owner should keep in mind that every dog is different and may react differently to pregnancy. How they will behave and give birth to babies always differs from dogs. So owners shouldn’t rely on specific information because it may not be similar to what their dog is going through.

It is best to always be in touch with the vet and keep observing the requirements of the dog. Keeping the dog comfortable is the most important thing for the owner during the time of the pregnancy and their health.


What Are Dog Pregnancy Complications?

Dystocia is the main complication a dog may have during whelping. Eclampsia, Hemorrhage, Retained Placenta, Metritis, Mastitis, Maternal damage to puppies are some of the post-pregnancy complications a mother may have.



Why Do Dogs Lay On Pregnant Bellies?

It is the response of a dog to the changing scent of pregnant bellies. 


What Are The Signs Your Dog Knows You Are Pregnant?

Some of the symptoms that a dog may give are Barking, Whining, Chewing, Jumping up, Scratching, or Play bowing tells that they know the owner is pregnant.


Do Dogs Get Aggressive When You Are Pregnant?

In some cases, dogs can get aggressive. However, it would be rare that they will attack.


Final Verdict – Are Pregnant Dogs Aggressive

Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Yes, most of the time pregnant dogs do get aggressive and possessive. It is normal and the owner should cooperate with their pet and avoid keeping it with the rest of the dogs.

Are pregnant dogs aggressive
Are pregnant dogs aggressive? Are pregnant dogs aggressive with kids? Are pregnant dogs aggressive at home? Are pregnant dogs aggressive daily?

If the dog doesn’t like it, all sorts of contact should be eliminated with the dog to comfort them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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