How Long Do Parakeets Live? 5 Clear Ways To Prolong Parakeet Lifespan

Everyone wants to keep up a pet that must have a long lifespan so that it will not get sad and depressed when it has lived for some years, and the person has spent a lot of time with him and got attached and loved its beloved friend emotionally.

How Long Do Parakeets Live? An average parakeet will live for about 15 to 20 years. Prolonging Parakeet lifespan depends on the quality of care they receive as pets from you.

In this article, we will discuss how long do parakeets live. We will discuss whether the parakeets are worth keeping as pets. We will also discuss the following topics in detail

  • Parakeet Age
  • How long do parakeets live for
  • Bird Years In Human Years
  • Bird Age Chart or Budgie Age Chart

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How long do parakeets live
How Long Do Parakeets Live As Pets


How Long Do Parakeets Live?

How long do parakeets live? It is a fundamental question that many people have asked. It is a common subject that should be addressed because a pet’s life decides whether you should buy it or not.  

We can also get excellent knowledge from this article about the prevention and things you should do for your Parakeet so that you can increase the life expectancy of your bird and spend more time with it.

The average life for a parakeet is varied because of the conditions in which the Parakeet is living. Still, statistically, you can say that an average parakeet that lives in good conditions and has excellent health care and all nutritious food will live 15 years.

It also depends upon the type of Parakeet you are going to buy.  For example, The life span is different for The Monk, budgerigar, and the plain parakeets.


Types Of Parakeets and Their Lifespans

There are mainly Three Types of parakeets, and we’ll discuss their life span here:

The Monk Parakeet

It is a great idea to keep the mock Parakeet as a pet because it will live for the longest tenure.  This Parakeet will live for more than 25 years, and you can spend a great time with your pet as it will not cause any trouble or high maintenance, and you can even increase the life expectancy of this bird up to 32-33 years.

It would help if you took a lot of care for your Monk parakeet since it may get sick or get infected from even the smallest of infections caused by the weather conditions. 

The Budgerigar Parakeet

The Budgerigar parakeet is a small bird that has a long tail. It will usually live for about 6 to 8 years. Many factors will decide its fate. For example, the main thing for any pet is the affection and love it receives from its owner.

The Plain Parakeet

As for the plain Parakeet, its life expectancy is approximately 12 to 14 years.  In reality, this is not the final word on the bird’s age, as many people claim to have kept plain parakeets for over fifteen years.


How Long Do Parakeets Live As Pets?

How long do parakeets live? The Parakeet can live for many years, and they have an average lifespan of 15 to 16 years.  Although there are a lot of things that decide how long do parakeets live. Some of the deciding factors are given as below:

 Great Healthcare

If you take good care of your Parakeet, it will live for a long time.  Studies have shown that the birds kept clean and provided with more hygienic places to live and bath regularly tend to live a longer and healthier life.

If you do not provide a hygienic and clean environment, they have a shorter life expectancy.


Love And Affection

Additionally, a bird’s lifespan is directly proportional to the amount of love and affection it receives from its owner.  A poorly cared-for and not-loved bird will become sad, cold, and it will have no interest in living since you do not love it. 

Thus, it is said that birds who do not get much affection and care tend to live shorter, so the best way to make sure that your pet lives a long and fulfilling life is to love and pamper it a lot.


Quality Of Food They Are Having

Feed the parakeets with a good quality of healthy food, and they will have a healthy and longer lifespan.

Feed them with food that has high minerals and a good amount of vitamins and calcium.

These are the foods you can feed to your pet bird:


Wild Parakeet Life Expectancy

How Old Do Parakeets Live? The life expectancy of a parakeet is about 10 to 15 years. It could be less or more depending on the circumstances in which is it is living.

In one way, we can say that the wildlife parakeet will live longer than it is missed and kept in Captivity, and live independently. It would be eating whatever it wants to and will not be like a slave. But, there is also a condition that it may have a shorter lifespan because of the shelter problems, or the natural disasters may decrease the average lifespan. Also, we could apply the fact that in wildlife, there is lo of predators. So, the birds may fell prey to any of the wild animals and die earlier.

But, they enjoy a healthier lifespan and will have more energy living in the wild because they get all the fresh and natural things.


How To Tell The Age Of A Parakeet?

Parakeet Age Chart. Parakeet Life Expectancy for a parakeet is discussed. Now we will consult the bird’s age chart for a Parakeet and see how to tell how old a parakeet is.

There are two methods to tell how old is my Parakeet:

Note the Cap Feathers

With this method, you need to notice the cap feathers on a parakeet. If the Parakeet has striped feathers, it will be a young bird parakeet. This indicates that the age of three to four months.

The stripes are visibly seen on the cap feathers, and you can quickly identify them.

Check the beaks or Eyes

You can also check the color of the beak and the eyes for depicting the age of a parakeet bird.

How long do parakeets live
How Long Do Parakeets Live As Pets


Beak Color

When a parakeet is young and is only twelve to fourteen weeks, it will have a darker beak. What makes this color of the beak?

There is a chemical compound called Melanin. It is responsible for the darkening of the skin and body parts. At a young age, we see that the birds have a darkly stained beak. It means that the age of that bird parakeet is under six months.


Eyes Color

The black eyes are telling us the age o the Parakeet. If you see darkly stained black eyes, it is clear that it is a young and newborn parakeet. Its age is not more than two to four months.


Iris Color

The lightly colored iris defines the age of a young parakeet when it is seven to eight months. To see the iris’ actual color and get better results, see and analyze the color of the iris on bright, sunny days.

The sunlight will give a pure and natural color to the iris and make it easy for you to see the actual color and depict the age of a bird parakeet.


Budgie Age Calculator

Let’s discuss Bird Years To Human Years or human years to bird years. How does birds’ age is converted into humans’ age? It is a system in which we transform the age of a bird into human age. It is like a formula or that if a period of bird is three to four years, it will be up to twenty years of age for humans.

The more clear representation may be by a formula.

Age of bird = Age of Human/9 x age of your budgie

This should be followed for calculating the age of birds age in humans. For example, if we assume that an average human being lives for 70 years, then diving it by 9 gives us about 8.5 years. Now, if you have a pet and it has an age of four years. Multiply it with age you have calculated, which answers to about 29 years. Thus, this method could be used to calculate how old parakeets can live.


How Long Do Parakeets Live In Captivity?

how long can a parakeet live in Captivity? If we talk about it with logic, how would you feel if someone keeps you in a cage? Surely you won’t be happy and want to live freely or rather not live longer.

The same is the case with parakeets. You see, in the Captivity, the age or the lifespan of a parakeet is seriously affected. It is seen that if a parakeet is intended to live for about twenty-five years or more in Captivity, it will live five years less on average.

So, in Captivity, you will see that they only live for about 10 to 12 years.


Healthy Parakeet’s Lifespan

how long do parakeets live if it is beneficial? If you have a healthy parakeet, you will see that it has a longer lifespan of about more than 15 years.

How could you see if your pet parakeet is healthy? These are the signs of a parakeet who is healthy and happy:

  • The bird’s toes are clean
  • Parakeet is constantly chirping and singing
  • The eyes of the Parakeet are crustless
  • It feels more connected towards you and your friends.
  • Parakeet loves you by paying attention to your voice and calls you when you get home.


Parakeet Getting Sick

how long does a parakeet live if it is sick? If your pet gets sick for any reason, there are very few chances to live longer. In that condition, you need to take a lot of care of your bird parakeet.

If it is sick, it will show see of the symptoms; here are the common symptoms you could see for and take it to vet if necessary:


Parakeet With The Longest Lifespan

how long do parakeets live? A lady from London has claimed and is in the record book which aids that he had a bird parakeet which lived for more than 29 years. Yes! It is the most extended lifespan of a parakeet ever recorded.

When asked, what is the secret behind this, she said, “All is done love my Charlie as if it is a member of my family and pay equal attention to what it says and asks for”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do Parakeets Usually Die From?

How long do parakeets live? What do these parakeets usually die from? They could die from several diseases. But, on the top of the list I the fever. Parakeets are susceptible birds, and if they catch cold or fever, they will eventually die from these conditions if they are left unchecked.


Do Parakeets Get Lonely?

How long do parakeets live lonely? It cannot live lonely for a longer time. If you leave it alone, it will come back to meet you.


Do Parakeets Need To Be Covered At Night?

Yes, they need to be covered at night. They need to get a sleep of about nine to twelve hours. So, the pet owners should take care of their normal sleep and cover the cage. In this way, they will enjoy a healthier and joyful sleep without anything disturbing them.


Final Verdict On How Long Do Parakeets Live

How Long Do Parakeets Live? An average parakeet will live for about 15 to 20 years.

The thing that adds years to the age of a bird’s life is proper care, healthy, nutritious food, and love and affection it get from its owner.

How long do parakeets live
How Long Do Parakeets Live As Pets

So, if you want to have a pet that has a longer life, you need to follow this advice and love it, feed it healthy food, not bound it, spend more time with it, and make it sleep well.

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