Do Rabbits Lay Eggs? 5 Countries With Cool Easter Egg Myth

If we talk about rabbits, maybe you are already familiar with the sight of rabbits and eggs, even as a symbol in Easter eggs.

Since there are still many who don’t know this, of course, many people ask about “do rabbits lay eggs?” to get rid of their curiosity.

Rabbits don’t lay eggs. Like most Placental mammals, baby Rabbit Kits get nurtured inside the mother Rabbit’s body until the Kits body is developed and able to survive independently. They are then birthed into a group of litters that are peanut size.

Do rabbits lay eggs
do rabbits lay eggs

If we know rabbit doesn’t lay eggs, but why are so many confused and questioning about “do bunnies lay eggs or give birth?” Of course, this is the origin story about bunnies and eggs. Let’s talk about this.


Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?

One of the most enduring questions bothering us for years is, “Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?” Although we had some knowledge as children of rabbits living in the wild, I wasn’t sure that they had any way to fertilize an egg.

Rabbits are mammals, and they don’t lay eggs. If you still know many people who ask about this, of course, they ask about “do rabbits lay eggs” and the correlation between bunny and eggs in Easter.

Easter bunny laying eggs of various colors, along with a basket near the grass. Of course, you can see lots of pictures of it if you search on search engines about bunny easter eggs.


Rabbit Laying Eggs Story From 1700s

The Easter bunny was introduced by German immigrants in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. In that time, they brought over their Osterhase or Oschter Haws tradition, which is related to the egg-laying hare.

That story tells about the rabbit would lay various color eggs as gifts for children who do good. And the kids make nests for the bunny so that they leave their eggs, and sometimes kids leave out a carrot for that bunnies.

Since this tradition, many have asked about “does Rabbit lay eggs?” Especially every child who asks about the origin story of that tradition. This tradition spread across America, and it is the Easter tradition and is related to rabbit eggs.

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Are Rabbits Born Or Hatched?

Rabbits have a live birth and are not hatched. Many people are mistaken and ask about “do bunnies lay eggs?” Easter eggs symbolize birds lay eggs, and rabbits give birth in early spring. These become symbols of the fertility of the earth.

Mammals like rabbits don’t lay eggs. Even rabbits give birth to a heavy litter in the early spring. Why does the question “do rabbits lay eggs” come up so often when discussing Easter eggs? Because it is often depicted rabbit inside the basket and colorful eggs near the basket, there are no pictures of birds around it.


How Does A Rabbit Give Birth?

Before giving birth, the rabbit will do nesting behavior for about a week. She will begin to nest with piling up bedding. A rabbit will take items and carry them in its mouth or loose bedding to make a comfortable place to give birth.

The nesting behavior will prove that it is not “rabbit egg hatching” but give birth. Rabbits will give birth at night and can have up to 15 babies. That’s why you must have enough space for the rabbits and their newborns.

You don’t need to care for baby bunnies because baby bunny will nurse from their mothers twice a day until five weeks later. Another thing that proves the “rabbit egg” thing, namely the rabbit breastfeeds its cubs, while the animal that lays does not breastfeed.


Do Easter Bunnies Lay Eggs?

In the old Easter tradition, bunnies lay eggs. But as time passed and many didn’t know how it happened, many began telling their children that rabbits were only delivering the eggs.

Stories about “do rabbits lay eggs” originated in Germany in the 1700s from the egg-laying hares. Until the 20th century, this story is still famous with the nickname Easter Bunny. When that story originated in Pennsylvania, there were more rabbits than hare, that’s why it’s called Easter rabbit or the Easter bunny.


Why Is It An Easter Bunny With Eggs?

There is a tale about Easter bunny with eggs and told by Adolf Hotzmann in 1874. It is said that there is a German goddess of springtime, and there is a correlation between Easter, Bunny, and Easter Eggs.

There is a frozen injured bird in the story and is turned into a rabbit by the Goddess, and they can still lie eggs. That’s why the Easter bunny can lay eggs.

Can rabbits lay eggs in that story? Yes, because it comes from a bird that the Goddess of springtime makes a rabbit. But do rabbits lay eggs in the real world? No. It’s just all tales.

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Why Does The Easter Bunny Bring Eggs?

After the story about the Easter bunny spread in America, many asked, “does rabbits lay eggs?” Because the origin story is egg-laying hares and not the rabbit.

Because many are confused by the story and still want to carry out the tradition, the story begins to tell the rabbit to bring the eggs and deliver them to the kids with good deeds. This story also exists in Australia, with little bilby having egg-delivery duties.

Do rabbits lay eggs
do rabbits lay eggs

Some countries have different stories about “do rabbits lay eggs?” because if you know the story about Easter in France, easter eggs were delivered by church bells. And in Switzerland, the cuckoo is delivering the easter eggs.

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What Does The Egg And Rabbit Have To Do With Easter?

The story of the rabbit and eggs in Easter simultaneously has a large birth and birds laying their eggs in the spring and became a symbol of new life.

Does this prove that do rabbits lay eggs? No. This is just a symbol and is devoted to Easter celebrations, not to use facts in everyday life.

There are many Easter bunny symbols used today, with the image of a bunny with colorful eggs to represent new life.


Where Did Easter Bunny Come From?

If “easter hare with laying eggs” originated in Germany in the 1600s, then the first “easter bunny” appeared in Pennsylvania in the 1700s.

This story originated from German immigrants and introduces the tradition of easter eggs with the hare as egg-laying symbols. But at that time, in America, there were more rabbits than a hare. That’s why from the Easter Hare tradition, to become an Easter Bunny.

Do rabbits lay eggs? In the origin story, the hare can lay eggs. Whereas in America, the story is turned into a rabbit who delivers the eggs. After the tradition spread in America, kids happily celebrate Easter eggs and always ask about the origin story of “do rabbits lay eggs”.

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Final Verdict On Bunnies Lay Eggs Myth

When people ask about “do rabbits lay eggs?” That question is a reference to the easter bunny. We know that rabbits give birth and not lie eggs. But the Easter eggs tradition in America is more about the Easter bunny, and the rabbit is associated with colorful eggs.

With the development of the story of the Easter tradition of the German immigrants, the story rabbits lay eggs spreads faster and is known as the Easter bunny.

We know that bunnies laying eggs is a myth, and we need to explain in detail the origin story when our kids ask about it. By knowing the origin of the story, our kids can better understand the traditions and enthusiasm in carrying out their traditions for future descendants.

Do rabbits lay eggs
do rabbits lay eggs

Every country has a different story about Easter eggs, and Easter Bunny only applies to America. Here are the different story about Easter in a different countries:

Country Story
Switzerland The cuckoo bird brought the eggs on Easter
French The church bells fly with the eggs
Germany The egg-laying Easter hare
Australia The little Bibly delivering the Easter eggs

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