Dog Jumping Off Balcony : (9 Important Facts)

Petting a dog is certainly not an easy task. To pet dogs means taking complete responsibility for their care and health. However, dogs being dogs, do some mischievous things that cause them great harm. Even after taking such good care, one of the common mishaps that can happen with a dog includes a dog jumping off a balcony.

It is very common for dog jumping off balcony. Sometimes they get lucky but sometimes they may injure themselves brutally. The owner should note that a dog would never jump off a balcony intentionally. They may be anxious or stressed, when trying to chase something or if they have a poor vision. The owner should make sure that they provide proper balcony proofing to keep their pet safe.

Dog jumping off balcony
Dog jumping off balcony


Why Is My Dog Jumping Off Balcony?

A dog balcony jump is something every owner fears. Though owners may try their best to avoid their dog from jumping. Like using a dog balcony fence or dog proofing the whole house, it is important to understand that there can be some reasons that make them jump so that the owner can control and work on those reasons. 


The following is the list of some reasons why a dog will jump off a balcony and how the owner can avoid it. 

Anxiety and stress

When a dog is stressed or anxious about something, they stop thinking straight. When a dog is stressed, it will just act without thinking about the outcome which can lead to the dog jumping off balcony.

Sometimes, when they are chasing something or escaping from something, a dog jumping off balcony is also possible without thinking of the outcome.

A dog can get into a stressful situation quite a lot. Some of them are when they hear too loud noises, when they are being chased etc. Though they are known to protect their owners, their response to fear can sometimes even override their need to think about themselves.

Another reason why a dog may jump off the balcony can be trying to chase a bird or a small animal they saw from the balcony.


When finding a partner 

Though it may seem illogical, a dog jumping off balcony is possible after seeing a female dog from their balcony and may try to chase her by jumping. Even the urge to mate can let them make irrational decisions.


Chasing the toys

Sometimes, dog jumping off balcony when they lose their toys. To get their toy back they may forget that they are risking their life. So, the owner should make sure that they let their dogs play away from the balcony.

If the owner is playing with the dog, the owner shouldn’t throw toys near the balcony or open windows.


Poor vision

If a dog has poor vision it can also lead to the dog jumping off balcony. These dogs are prone to falling more than any other dog because their perception of depth Jha’s been affected.

If the owner has a dog that has any such problem they should be extra careful when petting such dogs.


Trying to find the owner

When the owner goes to work, sometimes dogs may get bored or even anxious, trying to find their owners. When finding the owner, sometimes dogs are also seen falling off the balcony. Sometimes, even when dogs see their owners coming from the street, with excitement they are seen falling off the window or balcony.


Why Is Puppy Jumping Off Balcony?

Why will a dog jump off a balcony? Puppies are inexperienced when it comes to assessing the height, which makes them more vulnerable to falling off from a height. Furthermore, puppies being so playful and active is another reason why having a balcony guard for dogs is necessary.

The owner should make sure to have a dog proof balcony, when welcoming a puppy into the house. It should be the duty of the owner to not let the puppy go near an open window or balcony as it is risky even if it is a puppy proof balcony.


How To Make A Balcony Pet Safe?

How to pet proof a balcony? The owner should puppy proof balcony railing with a mesh wire. The owners should make sure that the trailing isn’t short enough for the dog to stand on it. There should be kept plants on the ground and railing if there is space.

Keeping plants on the ground of the apartment patio for dogs will make sure they have something to make themselves busy with and keeping plants on the railing will make sure that the length of the balcony increases, diminishing their chance of jumping and the dog falls off balcony.


How To Keep Dog From Falling Off Balcony?

The owner should make the balcony puppy proof. The owner should also try their best to never let the dog or cat go near the balcony as much as possible. Having a dog safe balcony will be effective if the owner wants to keep their pet near the balcony.


Can I Leave My Dog On The Balcony?

Yes, the owner can leave the dog but the owner should make sure to have proper dog balcony safety to avoid having dogs jumping off the balcony.

Many owners also question: why do dogs jump off balconies? Dogs or puppy on balcony may see something that may let them make haste decisions. It can be something exciting, scary, or agitating, which lets them jump without thinking.

So, it is best to have balcony protection for dogs if the owner is planning on leaving dog on apartment balcony.


How Do I Keep My Dog From Jumping On The Balcony?

The owner should make sure to have their balcony dog protected. The first thing an owner can do to avoid a dog jumping off balcony would be to not let them go or play around the balcony.


Do Dogs Know Not To Jump Off Heights?

Yes, dogs perfectly understand that jumping off a height will hurt them but sometimes when a dog is too busy playing, chasing or being anxious, they may end up falling off height without the intention to hurt themselves.

Dog jumping off balcony
Dog jumping off balcony


How Can I Make My Dogs Balcony Safe?

The owner can add dog safe railings and add coverings, plants, nets, and other safety measures for apartment balcony for dogs. Taking all safety measures will ensure to avoid dog jumped off balcony.


My Dog Just Jumped Off A Second Story Balcony, What To Do?

Many owners complain “Our dog jumped from a balcony” to avoid such mishaps happening again, the owner should use safety measures including balcony gap blocker, plants nets, and wire mesh to not let dogs jump.

In addition to the balcony, some dogs also jump off other ramps, you may be wondering- has anyone’s dog ever jump off a deck? Yes, dogs can jump off the deck too due to the same reason of not thinking about the outcome.


Will Dogs Jump Off Balconies?

If the owner is leaving the dog on the balcony, the chances of the dog jumped off deck can increase a lot, especially if there is a lot of disturbance in the neighborhood and there is no dog proof your balcony.

So, to answer, do dogs jump over balconies? Yes, they can and many people have already experienced this horrible incident but will a dog jump off a cliff also? Yes, if they are not in haste, they can even jump off a cliff.


How High Can A Dog Jump From?

If leaving dog on apartment balcony, there are many chances where dog jump off roof sometimes dogs can even jump off even higher places, many owners even complain that their dog jumped out second story window.

It can be horrible, even a dog jumping off balcony dream can be very horrible, so to avoid this situation, the owner should dog-proof their house.


Why Would A Dog Jump Off Balcony?

Why are dogs likely to jump off balconies? A dog is a curious animal and a very active animal, which is often a liability for them because out of excitement or without thinking too much, a dog may jump off the balcony.

Many owners often complain that their Puppy almost jumped off the balcony, which is very unfortunate but how to stop dog jumping off balcony? Well, the owner can just make sure that the dog doesn’t go near the balcony or the owner can make the balcony dog jump proof.

When the owner complains that my dog just tried to jump out of the window, the owner should understand that it is the only way to keep dog from jumping off balcony. So, the owner must be very careful.


Will A Dog Jump Off A High Balcony?

Do dogs know not to jump off balcony? Yes, dogs do know that they don’t have to jump off a height which will cause them injuries and pain. However sometimes when they can’t process their action it leads them to jump.

Some of the common reasons that propel a dog to jump would be chasing something, trying to reach someone or something, poor eyesight, etc.

To conclude the answer, are dogs smart enough to not jump off a balcony? Yes, dogs are smart enough but they may jump sometimes when they are too fast to process things when they are stressed when chasing toys, finding partners or owners or due to poor vision.


Will A Puppy Jump Off A Balcony?

Even a dream of dog jumping off balcony is dreadful, which is why it is important to stop dogs jumping off balcony. However, a question arises how to stop dog from jumping? The owner should make sure that they do not let their pet go near the balcony, if they do, the owner should make the balcony jump proof.

Keeping in mind the size of a puppy, it can be concluded that puppies are more prone to get out of space present in grills than an adult dogs.

Though they may not be able to jump off the height, they are at the same risk of jumping as an adult and they may even require special attention when it comes to dog proofing the balcony.


Final Verdict – Dog Jumping Off Balcony

It is often seen and heard about a dog jumping off balcony. It is extremely unfortunate and daunting. To avoid such mis-happenings, the owner should make sure that they provide proper balcony proofing if the owner thinks that their dog will stay or will more often have access to the balcony.

Even though a dog may not intentionally try to jump, there’s a possibility that it will jump. When a dog is in a situation that is too fast for them to process or think about the consequences, they would have already taken the step.

Dog jumping off balcony
Dog jumping off balcony

A dog may jump off a balcony by seeing another dog to mate with or a cat, rat, butterfly to chase, dogs are even seen jumping off the balcony when they see their owner coming home, while sometimes they may jump off due to stress or anxiety and sometimes they may jump when they have a poor vision.

So it is required of the owner to avoid letting the dog go to the balcony. If the owner wants to put their dog on the balcony, the owner should make sure that the dog protects the balcony properly.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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