Dog Microchip Lump : (4 Interesting Ways To Detect)

Technological progress is increasing day by day. Your dog can have a high-tech inserting microchips to track their location if they are lost. But some owners are worried that there is a side effect of installing a microchip that will cause a dog’s microchip lump.

Is dog microchip lump safe? Microchips can leave a lump in the place where it was inserted. The lump on your dog’s back is like rice seeds or small grains of wheat in their skin. Bumps due to microchips are nothing to worry about, and they don’t happen very often either.

Dog microchip lump
Dog microchip lump

If you are still unsure about whether the dog microchip lump is harmless or can become a tumor or something worse, you need to read this article to the end.


How To Tell If Your Dog Has A Microchip?

Each microchip that is installed on a dog has a number, owner’s identity, and the dog’s identity. Microchips are beneficial if you find a stray dog and can be returned to its owner. The table below is a few ways to see if a dog has a microchip in its body.

Detect microchipExplanation
Dog’s collarSome companies use metal tags on the dog’s collar to indicate that the dog is chipped.
Feel the microchipDog microchip lump will feel between the shoulder blades. Use your fingertips and apply gentle pressure under the skin.
X-ray the dogThis is done if there are problems such as the microchip cannot be used. Taking a radiograph to ensure the microchip is still there.
Scan the dogTurn on the scanner, and start scanning from the dog’s shoulder. Continue in other parts of the body if no microchip is detected.

Having a microchip in the dog will make it easier for you to find dogs when they run out of control. If you find a dog that is not near its owner, you can do a scan to help the owner who is looking for his lost dog.


Can I Feel My Dog’s Microchip?

If your dog doesn’t have a dog microchip lump, you’ll have a hard time feeling the microchip in the dog’s shoulder. When the microchip is properly inserted into the dog’s body, you can only scan your dog to ensure the microchip is working.

Can you feel a dogs microchip? You can feel a slight microchip if you do a gentle press on the shoulder blades. Don’t force it if you don’t feel anything, and use another method to feel the microchip.

If your dog has lumps after inserting the microchip, you can feel the microchip, although this is not common. Lumps are also harmless to your dog, and they can still do the activity normally.


What Does A Microchip Feel Like?

Microchips have the same length as a grain of rice. Many owners are worried about their dog if it is inserted into the microchip and afraid the microchip will cause injury or tumor. Lump on dog after microchip is also not common if a person on duty can insert properly.

Even your dog will not feel pain when the microchip is inserted into their body. There are some dogs whose bodies react because foreign objects enter and have a lump-like appearance. The tissue will naturally break down, and the lump will only feel temporary.


Can Microchips Cause Abscesses?

The abscesses in dogs after the microchip installment are rare occasions. You should immediately consult a vet if you see a dog microchip lump getting bigger and forming an abscess.

Dog microchip infection can occur, and an abscess is an example of a side effect of a microchip. Although it is unusual, it does not mean that it will not happen. Your vet will give your dog treats so that the abscess heals quickly.


Can A Dog’s Microchip Get Infected?

Dogs can get an infection if the veterinarian fails to implant the chip in the right place. When the implementation process is smooth, your dog will not feel pain, no soreness or swelling.

Infection can occur during the process of inserting the microchip. Some canines will bleed where the microchip will be inserted. If the vet uses unclean equipment and does not apply pressure to cease swiftly the bleed, infection will occur at the microchip site.

Dog microchip lump is normal because the dog’s body reacts to the presence of foreign objects. The lump will deflate over time.


Can A Microchip Move In A Dog?

The microchip is placed in a usual position and made sure not to move by itself. If the vet misplaces the microchip too far from the neck, the microchip can migrate elsewhere to the chest or leg area.

Can my dog’s microchip move? When the vet inserts correctly, the microchip will not move anywhere and stay in position for a long time. If there is a dog that has a microchip shifted from its original place, it will not move far from its original location.


What Happens If My Dog’s Microchip Moved?

Microchip manufacturers have a way of ensuring the microchip stays and doesn’t transfer to other parts of the dogs. The chip cannot move on its own between the shoulder blades.

Dogs microchip lump doesn’t have any effect on your dog. Some canines’ bodies can heal a lump over time and look like a normal shoulder.

Don’t worry if your dog has side effects after installing the microchip if your dog’s shoulder condition is not severe.


Can A Dog Microchip Cause A Lump?

Yes, dog microchip lump does occasionally happen. The inflammation can occur because the dog’s body reacts to the microchip as a foreign object enters its body. The inflammation will improve in one or two weeks without any treatment or adverse effects.

Can a microchip cause a lump? Yes, but it’s uncommon. The lump at site of microchip is not permanent and heals over time. If you see the microchip site getting worse within a few days, immediately consult a vet to be given treatment or medication.


Dog Has Lump On Back Where Microchip Was Inserted, Now What?

The lump is harmless and does not require medical attention. If you are worried about a dog microchip lump, you can take your dog for a consultation with the vet.

There is a dog microchip tumor reported from two dogs and two cats. But the tumor cannot be directly linked because of the microchip. There is a possibility that the dog has a tumor other than the microchip. Or coincidentally the location of the malignancy is at the microchip site.

When you find lumps in your dog after the microchip installment, allow a week or two for the lump to break down naturally.

Dog microchip lump
Dog microchip lump


Is It Normal To See Lump On Dog Neck After Microchip Surgery?

If you decide to microchip your dog, look for a trusted veterinary professional who usually implements microchips. Although it’s not 100% guaranteed that a dog microchip lump won’t happen, the chances of it happening are very small.

Of the more than 4 million animals that did microchips, less than 400 animals were reported to have experienced adverse reactions. The harmless lump will disappear in some time, not until something serious happens like pet microchip cancer.

If the adverse reaction occurs in the neck instead of the shoulder, you need to take your dog to the vet to check what happened so that the lump occurs where it shouldn’t. What may happen is a lump between the shoulder blades, not the lower neck.


Does A Dog’s Microchip Feel Like A Lump?

Not all dog’s microchips will cause lumps. If the implementation process is successful, you will find it difficult to feel the microchip even if you gently press the dog’s shoulder. When inserting the microchip into the body, your dog will also not be in pain when the procedure goes smoothly.

Lump around microchip dogs only happens occasionally and will improve over time. You can check whether the microchip is active by scanning. Dog microchip lump does not harm your dog and does not need any treatment to overcome the symptoms of the lump.


How Can You Tell If A Dog Has A Chip?

The easiest way how to tell if a dog is chipped is to look at the between the shoulder blades, whether there is a dog microchip lump after the installation process is carried out.

If your dog has had the microchip for a long time, you can do a scan or X-ray to see if the microchip is still active and in the same position. The X-ray process ensures the microchip is still in the initial state and works well, not moving far from the shoulder blades.

There will be no serious problems in your dog, such as abscesses or tumors. Ensure the microchip implementation procedure is appropriate and carried out by a professional.


Do Microchips Cause Cancer In Animals?

There are only old reports about the implementation of microchips on rats and mice, and it can cause cancer. The report says rats or mice are likely to develop cancer and the appearance of tumors.

Millions of dogs already have microchips, and there are very few reports of microchips linked to malignant tumors. If so, the chances of it happening are very small. Until now, no microchip cancer has been reported wherever you are.

Even dog microchip lump are uncommon things. The thing only happens if the vet makes a mistake during the procedure. Another factor is when the dog’s body reacts with an incoming foreign object.


Dog Microchip Side Effects

Microchipping is a safe procedure. Whatever the medical procedure, there are risks. First, swelling at the injection site will improve over time. Second, the displacement of the chip in the body, although it is rare.

The percentage of errors regarding microchip installments is minimal, and side effects only occur occasionally. No dog has suffered for years just because it has a microchip.

No need to be confused about pet microchip side effects. Monitor their behavior and always see the condition of the injection site for the next few days. If the situation gets worse, you can consult a vet.



Do Microchips Leave A Lump?

Every dog reacts differently to microchip injection. Some dogs experience temporary swelling or lumps and can recover after a week or two later. If an abscess or tumor occurs at the injection site, consult your vet immediately.


What Does A Microchip In A Dog Feel Like?

If your dog appears to have a lump in their shoulder blades, you can hold it gently, and it will feel like a grain of rice. When the installment procedure is correct, no lump will occur in the dog.


Final Verdict On Dog Microchip Lump

Giving the dog a microchip will make it easier for you to find the dog. It helps you if one day they run away and get lost. The percentage of more than 60% of stray dogs can return to their owners because we can find the lost dog through the microchip.

Dog microchip lump
Dog microchip lump

The procedure for inserting a microchip requires a professional vet who usually injects the microchip between the dog’s shoulder blades. The dog will not feel pain or weakness after the procedure.

Some dog bodies make adjustments to foreign objects with swelling or lumps with temporary conditions. Without treatment or medicine, the swelling condition will improve in a few days.

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