Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice? (7 Brutal Health Issues)

Dogs, especially young puppies by nature are very curious, adventurous, exploring, and testing. This is nature’s way of training them. They learn by experience.

At home also, they will try to get hold of everything if not guided or stopped at right time. Dog owners ask can dogs eat uncooked rice, and what to do if their dog accidentally ate uncooked rice.

Cooked rice is not bad for the dog. In fact, rice is part of their healthy diet. Uncooked rice is not good for their digestion and can make them sick.

Suppose at home the dog ate uncooked rice, which he is not supposed to, then he should be disciplined if caught red-handed and kept under watch for any signs of sickness.

In this post we look at the question can dogs eat uncooked rice, what happens by eating uncooked rice, and what to do in case the dog ate uncooked rice.

Can dogs eat uncooked rice
Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice – dog ate uncooked rice


Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice?

Yes, the dog will eat uncooked rice, but this is undesirable. It should not be given to the dog. Uncooked rice is not digestible by the dog’s gastrointestinal system.

If eaten my mistake in small quantity (compared to dog’s physique) uncooked rice will not give any problem, only minor stomach ache. But if eaten in large quantities, it can be serious.

The simplest symptoms of eating uncooked rice will be vomiting and diarrhea. More serious symptoms are dehydration, constipation, blood in the stool.


What Happens If Dog Eats Uncooked Rice?

People ask what are the side effects of eating uncooked rice. In small quantities, nothing will happen. Just a small discomfort, some bloating and stomach ache.

If the dog ate uncooked rice in larger quantity, the raw rice will absorb all the water in the dog’s abdominal track and set constipation or the dog will vomit and get diarrhea.

Dehydration will occur if the problem prolongs for many hours. The dog can get constipation and may pass blood in stool, after 24 hours.

Uncooked rice also has Bacillus cereus bacteria, which can give food poisoning to your pup.


Is Uncooked White Rice Bad For Dogs?

We frequently come across questions from dog lovers asking can dogs eat uncooked rice. Uncooked rice, any variety, is all bad for the dog, especially if taken in large quantity.

The dog should be discouraged from eating uncooked rice of any variety. Keep the stock out of reach of the dog-and children also-, so they do not develop a liking for it.


Can Dogs Eat Undercooked Rice?

The answer is yes. The dog will eat undercooked rice, but it is not desirable.

Undercooked and uncooked rice has the same effects on a dog’s digestive system. Besides digesting with difficulty, undercooked rice can still have cereus bacteria. Cereus can give food poisoning to the dog, which can turn serious if not treated in time.


Can Uncooked Rice Upset A Dog’s Stomach?

Yes. Uncooked or raw rice can upset a dog’s stomach because it is not built to digest it.

If the dog has eaten a small quantity, then he will get some stomach ache, vomit, and may have diarrhea. He will be dehydrated and would need fluids for rehydration.

If the dog ate uncooked rice in a larger amount, then it is a more serious case. Besides vomiting and diarrhea, the dog can get constipation and pass blood in stool in 24 hours.

If the dog has a fever, is lethargic, and not eating, then he is infected with bacteria and has food poisoning. Consult the vet immediately.


My Dog Ate Uncooked Rice – What To Do?

Generally, if people are asked can dogs eat uncooked rice, they are not sure about it. We get queries that my dog ate uncooked rice and ask is uncooked rice bad for dogs.

First, try to find out how much uncooked rice the dog ate. Secure the raw rice, by placing it beyond the reach of the dog.

The raw rice, once it goes into the dog’s digestive system, will absorb water, leaving the dog dehydrated. Watch the dog for 24 hrs, as the food takes that long to come out.

If the quantity is small then not much is required. The dog may throw up the rice, get an upset stomach, and or diarrhea. Do not feed the dog for at least half a day.

Give plenty of water and fluids to the dog, so he is not dehydrated. Although he will be lethargic, the owner has to be caring for him at this moment.

In more serious cases the dog will pass blood in its stool, or can fall ill due to food poisoning with infection from Bacillus cereus bacteria.

The dog will be lethargic and not eat food or drink. Take the dog to the vet immediately.

If you know for sure your dog has eaten a lot of raw rice, then do not attempt to induce vomiting yourself, as it can become more serious. Best advice is to consult the vet and let him handle it.


Dog Ate Small Amount Of Uncooked Rice – Will He Be Ok?

Well, it depends, how much uncooked rice the dog ate. Like for a small Chihuahua, one tablespoon full would be near-fatal. While the same amount for a Great Dane, will cause nothing.

If really it is a small amount, then you should not worry about your pet. Just observe if he vomits or has diarrhea. In 24 hrs if the stool is OK, then this will pass.

Don’t feed him for half a day, just give plenty of fluid, water, and love.

It is serious only if the dog has constipation, or passes blood in stool, or has fever. Take him to the vet immediately.


My Dog Ate Uncooked Brown Rice – What To Do?

For the dog’s digestive system, both uncooked white or brown rice is the same.

Uncooked brown rice is not digestible, and the dog will show the same symptoms like stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dehydration, etc., and in serious cases blood in stool.

Observe dog for dehydration and worsening condition in 24 hours. Do not feed him for 12 hours at least. Normally the dog will be ok in this period. If condition worsens, call the vet.

Can dogs eat uncooked rice
Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice


My Dog Ate Uncooked White Rice – Will He Be Ok?

Dog owners often enquire is raw rice bad for dogs or can dogs eat uncooked rice. Yes, uncooked or raw white rice is bad for the dog, as its digestive system cannot digest it.

Uncooked rice will absorb water in dog’s stomach according to its volume, which will partially dehydrate the dog. The dog will feel bloated. If it is a small amount, it will pass in 24 hours.

The dog can throw up the rice or it can get diarrhea, depending on how much the dog ate. If it is more serious he can get constipation with blood in his stools. It can also form a lump and block the intestine.

In rare cases, the dog can get infected by the Bacillus cereus bacteria. Consult your vet if above symptoms persist for more than 24 hrs.


Dog Ate Uncooked Instant Rice – What To Do?

Instant rice is fully cooked rice, but then dehydrated. For consumption, one just adds water & cook for few minutes.

If the dog ate rice in small or moderate in quantity, the instant rice should not be a source of any problem, since they are already pre-cooked. The only thing is they will swell after absorbing water in the stomach.

The dog might feel somewhat uncomfortable for few hours. Give plenty of water, so the dog is not dehydrated. Keep the dog under observation for at least 24 hours until first poop.

If the intake is more than the dogs’ capacity, then the immediate reaction will be vomiting and diarrhea also. If severe diarrhea is observed, then consult the vet.

Try to give water to prevent dehydration. Do not feed the dog for at least 12 hours. Do not try to induce vomiting by yourself. Consult the vet.

There is no serious threat from instant rice overfeed. Besides the discomfort, it will flush his guts.


Dog Ate Uncooked Rice Symptoms And Health Issues

If your dog ate uncooked rice, as its master you should have some inkling of his mischief. The symptoms are described here in order of occurrence.

  1. Discomfort – Compared to normal daily activity, you can observe the dog is lethargic, not playful, not eating.
  2. Stomach ache – Touching his stomach he will growl.
  3. Vomiting – The dog will throw up the uncooked rice.
  4. Dog can have diarrhea, in few hours of eating, depending on how much he ate.
  5. Canine can have diarrhea in 24 hrs, and rice will come out in stool.
  6. Furry friend may have constipation. Can have blood in stool next day.
  7. Dog can have fever due to food poisoning-infection by Bacillus cereus bacteria.

Normally there is no serious threat to health from eating uncooked rice. However if not taken care of for a longer period, it can develop into serious complications due to other factors.

How To Treat Dog After Eating Uncooked Rice?

People are quite surprised to know the answer to the query can dogs eat uncooked rice, is yes. Although they are not supposed to.

If you have discovered that your dog ate uncooked rice, then do not feed the dog at least for half a day, so things get to normal.

Just try to give water and oral rehydration fluids to the dog, to prevent dehydration. Show affection to the sick dog.

Only mild vomiting and diarrhea will happen. Keep him under observation for 24 hours. If condition worsens, consult the vet immediately.

If the vet recommends, vomiting may be induced, to bring out the rice. If it is not big ingestion, then things should settle in 24 hours, with stomach ache giving discomfort to the dog.


How To Prevent Dog From Eating Uncooked Rice In The Future?

Do not punish the dog when you discover that your pooch has eaten un-cooked rice, as he will not be able to relate the punishment to an incident earlier.

Rather he will relate the punishment to the activity he was doing at the time of punishment. The best would be if you catch him red-handed. Then the punishment would be effective.

If he is eating uncooked rice, it means he is relishing it. Don’t let him eat in your presence, like if you spill some on the floor (kitchen) when cooking and he tries to eat it.

The best is to keep it out of reach. High up on the shelf. Put in a sealed or closed jar or bottle. He can easily tear a bag or pouch. Best would be in a pantry with locked door.



Is Raw Uncooked Rice Dangerous For Dogs?

One of the questions people ask about dogs’ eating habits is can dogs eat uncooked rice. Eating uncooked rice is not life-threatening for a dog. However, it is not desired.

If the eaten quantity is small, then no worry. It will pass with some discomfort and stomach ache to the dog. He may vomit a little, or have mild diarrhea.

Just keep him under watch and keep him hydrated by feeding water. Don’t give any food for at least 12 hours. Will be OK in 24 hours. Do consult his vet once.

If the quantity is more than his capacity, then it can give problems. Vomiting and diarrhea can be severe, will get constipation and bloody stools in 24 hours. Will be dehydrated and out of spirits. Take him to the vet immediately.


What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Uncooked Rice?

First thing, do not panic. Try to assess how much rice he has eaten. If a small quantity, do not worry, it will pass in 24 hours. Symptoms would be low spirits, vomiting, and slight diarrhea.

Watch for 24 hours and give water or rehydration fluids to keep hydrated. Consult his vet is advisable if there are other health issues with your dog.

If the quantity eaten is more, then the dog will have more discomfort, bloating, constipation, and might be bloody stools by 2nd day. This is serious situation and might worsen. Take him to the vet immediately.


Can Dogs Eat Half Cooked Rice?

Can dogs eat uncooked rice or half-cooked rice is a common query from many dog enthusiasts. Although dogs have strong stomachs, their digestive system is not built to digest uncooked or half-cooked rice.

Half cooked rice will give same sickness symptoms as the uncooked rice, only maybe a little less. But the dog will be uncomfortable and bloat. Vomiting and diarrhea can happen.

Half-cooked rice can have bacteria like B. cereus not killed by full cooking, which can give food poisoning.


Final Verdict On can dogs eat uncooked rice

People are less aware that the answer is ‘yes’ to the question can dogs eat uncooked rice? Dogs will eat uncooked rice, but it is not desirable. Cooked rice is part of dogs’ normal diet and is also an ingredient of the store brought feed.

Dogs’ digestive system cannot digest the uncooked or semi-cooked rice, and should never be given to them. If they have eaten by mistake, then keep them under watch.

Can dogs eat uncooked rice
Can Dogs Eat Uncooked Rice – dog ate uncooked rice

If you are sure it is a small quantity, then need not worry. It will pass in 24 hours. Just do not feed the dog for 12 hours minimum. May throw up the uncooked rice or have mild diarrhea.

In the next 24 hours provide light meals. Depending on general health and if the quantity eaten is more, the dog will be bloated, uncomfortable, constipated, and pass blood in stools after 24 hours.

This situation demands immediate attention of a veterinarian. Give plenty of water and rehydration fluids throughout to prevent dehydration.

Eating uncooked rice itself is not serious for the health of the dog if done in small quantity.


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