Dog Water Meaning : Where Did DogWater Come From? 7 Clear Facts

While playing video games, browsing through online forums or otherwise interacting with other people, you may come across the phrase ‘dog water’. That may then make you have an interest in knowing the meaning of ‘dog water’. Read on, to find the meaning and origin of this phrase.

The modern dog water meaning is where the term is used as a reference to someone who is very bad at a game or another endeavor. It basically means ‘trash’. Thus if you are playing a video game, and someone tells you that you are dog water, they are saying you are exceedingly poor (‘trash’) at the game.

In the 1960s, the term ‘dog water’ had been used as a reference to dog’s liquid from its private part and other fluids that bodies produce during sexual encounters. That seems to be the dogwater original meaning.

The term was then all but forgotten for decades. Then more recently, some people happened to use it, apparently in the course of a Fortnite video game.

Dog water meaning
Dog Water Meaning

Then it spread virally, to a point where in certain circles, people are using it in almost every sentence.

So in the modern sense, when someone tells you, you’re dog water, they basically meaning that you are trash at whatever is under consideration.

Some people may opt to tell you, your dog water, your dogwater or simply ur dog water.  The meaning is still the same.

In some cases, rather than telling you directly, they may just post you the you are dog water meme. The meaning remains the same.

Then again, when someone tells you ‘you dog water’, they may just be out to make fun of you, rather than insult you.

The dog water slang therefore has different meanings, depending on the context of usage.


What Does Dog Water Mean?

Dog water means ‘trash’. That is the most basic dog water meaning. If, for instance, you research for the Urban Dictionary dog water meaning, that is what you get.

But the dog water meaning Urban Dictionary gives is contextualized. It is in the context of playing a video game, that someone may tell you, you are dog water. And what they mean is that you are ‘trash’ (at that particular game).

By extension, what if someone refers to you as absolute dog water? They just mean that you are absolute trash – at that particular game you are playing.

Outside the video gaming circles, the dog water term is also starting to come up in ordinary sports circles. Thus, while shooting basketball hoops with someone, you may hear them say, youre dog water.

This would mean that you are trash at that sport.

If you check for a dog water definition in sources like the Urban Dictionary, you realize that it refers to ‘trash’.

In a sports game, if you make a move that really costs your team, your teammates may tell you, your trash your dog water. That would be a double reference to your ‘uselessness’.

In general terms, that is the answer to the what do dog water mean question. But there are nuances, as we shall see shortly.


What Do Dog Water Mean In Gaming Circles?

It is in video gaming circles that the term dog water first made an appearance in modern times. It was specifically in the video game Fortnite dogwater became frequently used in recent times.

This leads to the question: what is dog water in Fortnite video game? More specifically, what is dog water mean in Fortnite video game?

The answer is that the term dogwater Fortnite video game enthusiasts use simply refers to ‘trash’.

Thus, if you are playing Fortnite and someone tells you, youre dogwater, they just mean that you are no good at the game. They mean that you are ‘trash’, at the game.

The dog water slang has spread to other games, beyond Fortnite.

But the meaning for dog water Fortnite enthusiasts established has persisted. In Fortnite dog water refers to trash (a person who is no good at the game).

And that is the meaning for which this phrase has usage in most other games.


What Do Dog Water Mean In Online Forums?

The dog water saying is coming up rather too frequently in certain online forum threads.

Sometimes, people may not even use the dog water words directly. Instead they use the dog water meme: which has become quite popular in certain circles.

Thus, while discussing some subject, you hear someone telling you, your dog water kid! And that then gets you wondering, what is dogwater?

It can be even trickier where, instead of telling you directly, someone just posts the your dog water meme. Here, you have to start by working out, what is the dog water meme?

Dog water meaning
dog water meaning

Then after identifying the dogwater meme, you have to figure out, what is dog water meme a reference for? If someone posts you the you’re dog water meme, what do they mean? It can all be very confusing.

Now in online forums, when someone tells you that you are dog water, they mean that you are ‘trash’. It may be due to the views you are giving on the discussion topic, or something else…

Then again, it may be a case where someone just heard the term being used somewhere. Then they decide to use it on you, even without knowing its actual meaning.

Sometimes, you ask such a person, what’s dog water – and you find that they themselves can’t answer! They may mumble something about dog watered somewhere blah blah blah: while blushing all along.

But you realize that even they don’t know the actual definition of dog water.

In fact, going through most of the what does dog water mean Reddit threads, you come to learn that many people use this slang without knowing its actual meaning.


What Does Dog Water Mean In Text?

If someone sends you a text with the ‘dog water’ reference in it, you may find yourself having to lookup the dog water meaning.

And if you research on what do dog water mean, you learn that it means ‘trash’. That is the dog water Urban Dictionary meaning.

And even when you research on what does dog water mean in Fortnite (because apparently the term came from Fortnite video games), you find that it still means ‘trash’.

And that dog water fornite meaning is what has universal acceptance.

Therefore in a text, the term ‘dog water’ would be a reference to trash.

But you need to understand that dogwater meaning is contextual. In a text, someone may tell you that you are dog water (‘trash’), but in a good way!

The dog water meaning in Fortnite is ‘trash’ – someone who is absolutely useless at the game. But in other circles, it may be a term of appreciation for, say, a laidback approach to things.

All in all, if you were wondering, what do dog water mean in text, that should be the best explanation for it.


What Do Dog Water Mean In Sports?

While playing some sport game, a teammate may tell you that you’re dog water. And that causes you to start thinking, what do dog water mean?

Your research reveals that the term (in its modern usage) originated in gaming circles. Then you dig further, to find out, what does dogwater mean in gaming? Then you come to learn that it means ‘trash’.

This would therefore mean that if someone refers to you as dog water in a sport, they mean that you are absolutely no good at that sport.


What Is The Origin Of The Dog Water Slang?

In the search for a dog water meaning, it may be necessary to trace the origin of the term.

For instance, if you want to know, what do dog water mean, a reference to the dog water original usage can be helpful.

You may trace the dog water origin to the 1960s: where the term was a reference to dog’s fluids that bodies produce during sexual encounters.

Even further back, there are those who say that it used to be a reference to water that had been contaminated by a dog. Hence totally useless water. Trash.


Is Dog Water A Bad Word?

Depending on its usage, dog water can indeed be a bad word.

In the video gaming context, for instance, if someone refers to you as dog water. They mean that you are absolutely useless (at that game). They mean that you are beyond poor, at that game.

But in another context, it can be a term of endearment! In some circles, if someone tells you ‘you are dog water’ they may just be appreciating your laidback attitude.

There are also those who use the term simply because they heard it being used. So they use it not as an insult, but as an endearment term: especially in those testosterone-driven macho circles.

Thus, in an ironic twist, the dog water insult can be a term of endearment!


Final Verdict – Dog Water Meaning

The term dog water means ‘trash’. Therefore if someone tells you that you are dog water, they mean that you are trash: not generally, but at the specific task at hand.

For instance, while playing a video game, someone may tell you that you are dog water if they realize that you are no good at it.

Similarly, while playing some actual sport game, a teammate may tell you that you’re dogwater when they realize that you are rather poor at it.

Dog water meaning
dog water meaning – dog water meaning in fortnite

Because the term often feels pleasant to pronounce, there are people who use it just for sake of it: without reference to its deeper meaning.

Therefore someone may tell you that you are dog water not really because they think that you are ‘trash’, but simply because they heard the phrase being used elsewhere and fell in love with it.

Therefore the actual dog water meaning may largely depend on the context within which the phrase is used.

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