Why Is My Ferret Scratching Carpet? (7 Clear Facts)

If you own a pet ferret, you may notice a rather disturbing behavior – in which the ferret keeps on scratching your carpet. Upon noticing this sort of behavior, you will want to know the reasons behind it and how it can be stopped. Read on, to find out.

Boredom is a common reason for a ferret scratching carpet. A ferret may also scratch the carpet while acting on its natural digging/scratching instinct.

Providing a scratching post, showing disapproval (by scruffing), using duct tape, keeping nails trimmed and using scent deterrents may help in stopping the ferret from scratching the carpet.

Admittedly, this sort of situation, in which a ferret won’t stop scratching carpet (or the ferret won’t stop digging carpet) can be very frustrating.

Ferret scratching carpet
Why Is My Ferret Scratching Carpet?

It is easy to get the impression that the ferret is out to annoy you. That is the sort of conclusion one may reach, if their ferret won’t stop tearing carpet.

But you have to understand that by nature and instinct, ferrets are ‘diggers’. You actually have to remember that the ferret doesn’t know that what it is scratching is a carpet!

It is therefore important to maintain perspective, even as you try to figure out how to get ferret to stop scratching carpet.

Without proper perspective, figuring out how to get a ferret to quit scratching carpets may prove impossible.

The important ‘perspective’ here is that the ferret is an animal. It is acting on its instincts. And it doesn’t know whether what it is scratching is a carpet. Neither does it know that it is infuriating you.

With that sort of background insight, figuring out how to stop ferrets from scratching carpet becomes easier.


Why Do Ferrets Scratch Carpet?

As noted earlier, the behavior in which a ferret keeps scratching the carpet can be cause for great frustration.

Once you note it, you will have several questions. Key among them will be, why does my ferret scratch at the carpet?

The whole thing is similar to what would play out, if you observed the ferret scratching the door or digging. It would (naturally) get you wondering, why is my ferret scratching at the door? Or why does my ferret keep digging

A scenario in which the ferret happens to be scratching the floor would, in a similar manner, raise related questions.

Those are on, why is my ferret scratching the floor? Or why does my ferret scratch so much/why do my ferrets scratch so much… and so on.

Generally then, any situations in which you find a ferret scratching raises questions.

So, indeed, what does it mean when a ferret scratches? More specifically, why do ferrets scratch the carpet?

Firstly, it is important to understand that ferrets have a natural instinct to dig. It is hard-coded in the ferret’s genes. Therefore in many cases, when you find a ferret scratching or digging, it is simply acting on its natural instincts.

Secondly though, there are cases in which the ferrets dig out of boredom. This may also relate to the confinement that the pet ferrets find themselves in, and their desire to get out of it.

So you find the ferret digging with the subconscious objective to escape confinement.

Thus if my ferret won’t stop scratching the carpet, I would attribute it to these sorts of factors.

Ferret scratching carpet
Ferret Scratching Carpet Daily


How Common Is It For Ferrets To Scratch Carpets?

Very common. Indeed, most of the people who keep pet ferrets have encountered the carpet scratching behavior at one or another point.

In forums where ferret owners exchange ideas, it is not uncommon to find a ferret owner crying out ‘Help! Ferret scratching carpet’. Or ‘Help! Can’t stop ferret scratching the carpet’.

So the phenomenon of ferrets scratching carpets is fairly common.

And it means that if you find your ferret scratching the carpet, he isn’t weird. It is something many other ferrets do.


How To Stop Ferret Scratching Carpet?

There are several strategies you can use, to stop your ferret from scratching carpet.

One approach you can use is that of providing the ferret with alternative toys to scratch on. In this regard, for instance, you can provide a scratching post.

A scratch post tends to be very effective at this sort of thing. Indeed, even when working out how to stop cat scratching carpet for attention, a scratch post would usually be recommended.

For a ferret, it also works quite well.

Another helpful approach is that of showing disapproval whenever you find the ferret scratching the carpet. This you can do through scruffing, hissing and so on. With time, the ferret may get the hint and stop scratching.

There are also those who say that time-outs can help in getting the ferret to stop scratching the carpet.

Scent deterrents may help in some cases.

If it is a lone ferret, you may provide it with a cage-mate. These are social animals, and loneliness really affects them. With a cage-mate, the ferret may stop being so bored, and hence stop scratching.

You can also consider ferret-proofing parts of the carpet, with duct-tape or other materials of that nature. A carpet protective mat may also work well.

And you can install a ferret gate, to bar the ferret from accessing parts of the house it shouldn’t access.

It of course also helps to keep the ferret’s nails well-trimmed at all times.


Final Verdict – Ferret Scratching Carpet

Ferrets often scratch carpets due to their natural instinct to scratch or dig. So they do it because it is part of their nature. Ferrets may also scratch carpets due to boredom.

The phenomenon of ferrets scratching carpets is quite common. Therefore if you find your ferret doing it, don’t think that the ferret is weird. And also don’t assume that the ferret is deliberately trying to upset you.

You may get the ferret to stop scratching the carpet by providing it with better things to scratch. Those include scratch posts.

Ferret scratching carpet
Ferret Scratching Carpets

If the ferret seems to be experiencing boredom due to being alone, you can consider procuring it a cage-mate.

You may ferret-proof sections of the carpet using materials such as duct-tape and protective mats. Scent deterrents may also work well in some cases.

And keeping the ferret’s nails well-trimmed can greatly minimize its potential to cause scratching damage to carpets and other surfaces.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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