Why Does My Rabbit Always Run Away From Me? 7 Clear Reasons

Rabbits are clever and instinctive creatures, and you will see many strange behaviors in them when you own them. Like many people ask, why do my rabbits always run away from me?  It can be because of angry behavior, feeling trapped, and when they are not familiar with a new person.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me?  When they are angry or afraid of some person, then they run away from that place. They learned from previous experience. When someone chases them, traps them, and picks them, they don’t want to go near that person.

In this article, we will discuss whether my rabbit will run away, how you can make your rabbit calm, why my bunny keeps running away from me, and many other things. Let’s dive into the details of why does my rabbit always run away from me.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me
Why does my rabbit always run away from me?


Why Does My Rabbit Run Away When I Try To Pick Him Up?

Rabbits have a very instinctive nature, and they are skittish naturally. They are famous pets all over the world. Nowadays, domestic rabbits are trusting and very friendly towards humans, and they are well socialized at a young age.

Instead of taking him in an ice way, we strongly grasp them and make them hurt. That is why many owners say that why does my rabbit always run away from me? Many reasons, like they don’t want to be held, that they want to escape from you when you are going to pick them up.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me? The following are the reasons that are worth considering if you want to know why my rabbit always runs away from me.


Does Not Want To Be Held

How do you tell if your rabbit hates you? Many people say that rabbits are very cuddly pets. But, many of them don’t like it when we hold them. When you hold them, then this is a scary condition. That is why they run away from you when you rush towards them to pick them up.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me? Many people don’t know how to pick or handle them, so they hurt their rabbits. When they sense any danger, then they try to escape from that place and then hide them in a burrow to make them secure.

They are not hunters. That is why they can only run away. They can’t kill or prey on animals. They don’t want to pick, and this is a natural thing for them.

My rabbit runs towards me, if you build trust, you can pick him up, and he will not feel insecure, but this needs proper training. Although they are very intelligent, it isn’t easy to train your rabbits.


Feels Trapped

If they feel cornered, then they try to run from that condition. Why do rabbits run away from you? They try to go out from the place where they feel any threat. They are very clever naturally, and when you try to pick them, they rush towards the safest place.

In wildlife, they dig burrows which is a very good hiding place, and it will save them from being hunted. When they feel trapped, they try to hide their body.


Don’t Want To Return To Enclosure.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me? Some rabbits are there that don’t want to return to the enclosure. They are very intelligent animals, and they can easily recognize patterns in behavior. That is why they are best at defending them.

Rabbits that don’t want to go back in their cage can run away when trying to chase them. Normally rabbits do not want to come back to their pen because they want to live independently. Many cases that are in our market have very small sizes.

These cages make rabbits feel trapped and cramped, which is why they avoid coming back in their cage or penning.


Rabbit Is Mad

In some cases, rabbits are mad, and then they try to run away from you when they feel scared. They can express aggression and angry behavior.

How to tell if your rabbit doesn’t like you? In these cases, you have to do something good that rabbits like. This thing is important to make them normalize. They may go away from you to tell you that he is upset because of you.

Diet can also change behavior. They are herbivores, and they don’t like to eat meat and flesh. Their digestive system is only compatible with the digestion of greenery.

You should give them their best highly nutritious, balanced diet. Wagtail is a gesture for you that he wants to play. They may also tease you by sticking their tongue out of their mouth.


Rabbit Is Playing

Why does my rabbit always run away from me? When they want to play with you in a happy mood, they may go away from you. They like to tag play, and they come towards you. After coming, they come back, and they play this game to make them happy and good.

What does it mean when your rabbit runs around really fast? They may play with other rabbits also. Physical activity is very important for them. It would be best if you made them independent in free space and then let them move freely and play.

Physical activity makes them physically and mentally sharp. That is why they are very intelligent and clever animals. They are well energetic and live animals. Because of these characteristics, pet parents want to own them.



They can also show aggression if something is not suitable for them. Why does my bunny run away from me? If you don’t give proper attention to them and don’t give their favorite treat or meal, then they can get angry at you. Then they don’t want to go near you.

You will see that they try to escape from the place in which you are present. Many owners tell that we see this type of behavior change when we don’t give them a treat. Rabbits start ignoring them when they do. They are very sensitive living things.


Not Familiar With People

Many pets can see that when they are not familiar with the new thing, they show a reactive attitude towards these things. They are very curious about new things, and they may eat, lick or nibble things.

Why is my rabbit running away from me all of a sudden? In many cases, if some person is not familiar with a pet before then, they may try to know or escape from that person. Why does my rabbit run away from my other rabbit? They think that he can hurt or harm them. The defensive system in rabbits makes them run away.

In the wild, rabbits are prey animals, and when they see large creatures, they go to hide under something. Why does my rabbit always run away from me? They feel that this large living thing is a predator, and they may kill them. This condition is also seen in domestic rabbits.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me
Why does my rabbit always run away from me?


What Can I Do If a Rabbit Is Scared Of Me?

Rabbits are instinctive naturally, and they get scared when they feel any threat or fear from the environment or surroundings. It is important to make them calm.

What are the methods that I can adapt if the rabbit is scared? Following are the points that tell us what we can do if they feel scared of us.


Avoid Picking Him Up

You should not pick him up when they are scared of something or scared of you. You can make them calm and happy by sitting with your rabbits. By stroking them, you can also minimize the fear of rabbits. You should sit near rabbits quietly and wait for them to come towards you.

Any sound or unwanted noises can also make them frightened. That is why sitting quietly is very important in this regard. It would help if you made them feel you are ignoring them. After this, rabbits will not feel any threat from you, and they feel that you are a friend of theirs.


Spend Time With Rabbit

One of the best things to make anybody close to you is spending time with them. If you want to see the stronger bond between you and your rabbits, you should give them much attention and time. The more time you give to rabbits, the more the bond will be stronger and vice versa.

When you spend much time with them, they are familiar with you, with your smell, movement, and voice. Then they trust in you and don’t go away from you. You should be well aware of the body language of your rabbit. If they are uncomfortable, fear, and anxiety, you should immediately solve the issue of your rabbits.


Make Rabbit Comfortable

Many cages and enclosures of rabbits are very small, and they will not move freely in this cage. They feel happy when they are living independently.  It would be best if you gave them a clean and spacious cage that they can easily move in this spacious cage. It would help if you gave them time for outside recreation also.

Will my rabbit run away if I let it outside? Yes, but keep your eye on them. If you are not present in the home, then don’t let them free from a cage. It is because they may eat the poisonous and toxic items and then result in severe toxicity. It can also lead to death if left unchecked.


How Can You Calm Your Scared Rabbit?

You can calm the scared rabbits by giving them proper care. One of the important things in calming them is that you can change their environment also to make them calm and happy. You must be ensuring that you should remove all causes that are behind the anxiety and stress.

If they are feeling unsafe and insecure, you should remove the causes behind the insecure feelings. Several ways that can make them calm and happy. You should follow all of these to resolve the issue of rabbits.


Move Rabbit To Safe Place

If they feel the threat from some new place, you can keep them in the previous place, so they feel comfortable and calm. It would be best if you made them familiar with the new place after that you can keep them.

Many rabbits feel scared when they explore new things, and you can keep them calm and remove any threat. You can also cover the cage with some cloth to make them normal. There must be no unwanted noise there because it can also cause stress in them.


Offer Favorite Treat

How do I stop my rabbit from running away? Offering treats is an effective way to make good relations with them. And in the case of making them calm, giving them a favorite treat is an important solution. It is because when you give them a treat, it will distract the mind of your rabbit.


Puzzles Toys

You can also use the puzzle toys with hidden food, and then rabbits try to find food. These toys are also essential for making them normal if they feel any threat or are scared.

Why does my rabbit always run away from me
Why does my rabbit always run away from me?


Final Verdict – Why Does My Rabbit Always Run Away From Me

Why does my rabbit run away when I try to pet him? Many reasons are there if the rabbit is running away from you, like when they feel trapped, they run away from you. When you don’t give them a favorite treat, don’t give proper attention to them, or feel angry, they don’t want to come near you. They start avoiding you.

You can make them calm and normalize by giving them favorite treats, puzzle toys, proper time, care and attention, etc.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet rabbit a good and comfortable life!

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