Frog Butt : Do Frogs Have Butts? 9 Interesting Facts

On the Internet, we can find out any knowledge from the interesting to the unexpected. This time we will discuss frogs. If all this time you know about frog anatomy in school, do you even think about frog rear? Many of us see pictures that show there is a frog that has a human-like butt. Is it true?

Is your pet frog butt round or pointed? Frogs generally have a rounded vent or a pointed vent like a butt. But you can’t imagine frogs having a human butt because frogs don’t sit at a 90° angle as humans do. Some frogs have human-like buttcheeks even though not as well-defined as human butts.

Are you curious how frog butt or toad butt? Does every species have it, or only certain? Let’s see in this article.

Frog butt
Frog Butt – Do frogs have a butt?


Do Frogs Have Butts?

The discussion of many people about “do frogs have butts” is not just a joke, because after the photo of a frog butt appeared, many people thought and wanted to see whether it was true that all frogs had butts. Most frogs have a round rear or slightly pointed end but no cheeks.

Do not think that frogs will have the same butt as humans because generally, frogs do not sit on their rear ends as humans do. Yes, some frogs have a rear underbelly, but that doesn’t mean all frogs have it.


Why Do Frogs Have Butts?

All animals that have legs will have butts. THe butt-cheeks will help animals to perform movement, jumping, climbing, or crawling. Even though animals have butts, not all of them can be seen directly.

For example, if you want to check frogs with small sizes, whether they have a frog butt or not, it will be a little challenging. They have to be at the right angle to see whether or not there is a round rear that you want to prove. You’ll see toad butt more often than frogs because toads are fatter.


Do Frogs Have Butt Cheeks?

Not all frogs have butt cheeks, but some can be listed to tell which species have rear underbelly and which have butt-like legs. Let’s look at the table below.

FrogButt-like legsRear underbelly
Rain frogNoYes
American bullfrogYesNo
Australian tree frogNoYes
Canadian toadNoYes
European common frogYesNo
American toadNoYes
African bullfrogYesNo
African clawed frogYesNo

To determine the presence or absence of frog butt cheeks, you need to look at the big frogs because they are easy to observe and have well-defined posteriors.

Most of the toads have a toad butt due to their larger body. Frogs mostly have tiny bodies and only look pointed rear rather than the round rear.


Why Do Frogs Have Butt Cheeks?

If human butt cheeks are used for cushioning when we sit, most animals do not sit as humans do. You will often frog-like squatting when you are about to jump or stay in place, not using the rear to be on the ground.

The scientific term for frog butt is a vent. In human terms, butt refers to butt cheeks. But frogs that do not have one are still referred to as the same thing.

The scientific term for butt in frogs has only one exit way for the urinary, reproductive, gastrointestinal systems, and chambers of the genitals. If we call it frog butt and one hole, scientists call it frog vent.

Do frogs have butt cheeks? Frogs that have large bodies will appear to have butt cheeks. Frogs that have tiny bodies must be observed first.


Similar To Why Do Humans Have Butt Cheeks

Researchers believe that the human butt will help us stay upright. We can walk and run firmly because of the butt cheeks. The thick gluteal muscles on the butt will help us ease the transition on our legs when walking or when running and produce a distinctive curve to the human’s posterior.

Although frogs only have tiny butt cheeks, frogs will also form a posture according to their function to strengthen frogs in jumping or swimming. Toads, which have larger bodies, cannot jump as high or as far as frogs, and they use their legs only for walking, not hopping around.

There is also a type of gecko that has a pointed rear and is known as the crested gecko frog butt. Their butt is pointed like a frog butt, which barely looks like butt cheeks because it is covered by both legs.


Can Frogs Fart?

Frogs are the species whose farting status is uncertain. Although we can see frog ass for large frogs, it does not mean that every species that has a butt can fart. If the frogbutt emits gas, it will not cause any vibration to be audible because their sphincter muscles are not strong.

Let’s say frog butt emits gas, but there will be no sound and no vibrate, which we can assume is a fart. With the small body shape of frogs, it will be more difficult to observe whether frogs can produce farts like other larger animals.


Do Frogs Have Eyes On Their Butts?

There are no eyes on the frog butts, but the researchers found eyes on the underside of the tadpole’s body that function the same as the eyes even though they do not connect to the brain. An ectopic eye of the tadpole shows that their development is unique, and the creature is not blind.

When they become frogs, they no longer butt frog has eyes because they have developed their eyes and connect with the brain. Only the tadpole has this uniqueness, and there is no scientific research that shows any frogs that have eyes in the frog butt.


What Happens If Frogs Have Butt Injury Or Illness?

The frog butt is close to the legs, and many types of frogs have a pointed rear so that it will affect them if they get an injury or illness. The effect can be on the ability to jump or swim.

Frog butt
Frog Butt – Do frogs have a butt?

If there is an oddity when the frog will jump or swim, pay attention to the frog but if there is an injury or something that does not look normal.

Illness is easy to see from frogs if they have abdominal bloat. This can occur during poor digestion due to gas bubble disease, overeating, or intestinal infection.

If frogs have a butt similar to a human butt because of their large body, you should ask your vet for treatment for illnesses related to their rear underbelly. Don’t hold them if you see unusual behavior. Leave it to the experts, so they don’t get stressed and the disease will get worse.


How To Make Sure Frogs Are Healthy?

Keep your frogs hydrated and clean. Frogs absorb water using their skin instead of drinking directly with their mouth. Clean frogs tank from algae and any droppings to maintain a healthy environment.

Choose good food for the frogs, don’t give the frogs food too big to avoid impaction. Frogs like to eat crickets or worms and try to provide live foods rather than dead prey.

Fill the tank with a suitable substrate. Provide a substrate that is by their natural habitat to enjoy living in captivity. Give light and a suitable temperature to avoid overheating.

Put live plants, a pile of rocks, small ponds for them to do their activities. As much as possible you provide a comfortable place so that they live according to their life expectancy.

Do not handle your frog because they can be stressed and can make them hurt. Putting it from a certain height will also hurt the frog, and we will not pay much attention to it until the frogs show unusual behavior due to pain.

Leave them in the tank and watch their activity without touching them.


Do Toads Have Butts?

Most toads have a larger body than frogs. If frogs are known for their tiny butt cheeks, the toad butt can be seen because of their large body. Toads have chubby hind legs which are easy to observe and a rear underbelly which not all frogs have.

As shown in the table, American and Canadian toads both have butt-like posteriors from an observational standpoint.


Do Toads Have Butt Cheeks?

Toads have butt cheeks even though they don’t look like humans. If you see toads around your house, look at their undersides to see the rear underbelly to prove that toads have them.

Frog buttcheeks can only be seen at a certain angle or huge frogs. Don’t be surprised if the toad has butt cheeks because animals have butt cheeks according to their respective body functions.


Final Verdict On Frog Butt

Frog butt is a unique thing that you need to know because people talk about a frog rear that looks much like a human rear on social media. You need to observe to see several types of frogs that have a butt because not all frogs have round rears. There are also pointed rear and human-like rear.

Frog butt
Frog Butt – Do frogs have a butt?

You can’t see the well-defined buttcheeks of frogs like humans because frogs don’t use their butt to sit and frog feet is closer to their butt. But you have to be sure that the frog has butt cheeks with functions that adapt to the needs of his body.

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