Belgian Malinois Mix : 20 Interesting Mix Breeds

Are you confused about choosing the best herding dogs? Try to have the Belgian Malinois dog. Although many do not choose the Belgian Malinois due to the dog’s temperament, which is aggressive, territorial, and protective. But dog owners have their idea of getting a Belgian Malinois mix.

The crossbreed will dilute the genes of the Belgian Malinois with other breeds. By choosing a proper mate, you can get the best temperament or appearance of Belgian Malinois descent. If you don’t want to have the Belgian Malinois because of its aggressiveness, you can choose a mixed breed that is up to your needs.

But how do you know which is the best Belgian Malinois mix for you? We have several lists of popular Belgian Malinois mixes by briefly explaining them. Let’s read this article to the end.

Belgian malinois mix
Belgian Malinois Mix


Is Belgian Malinois A Mix Breed?

The Belgian Malinois is a purebred and a world-class worker who bonds with its human partners. Its characteristics are well-muscled, elegant, no-frills look, with dark Belgian chocolate eyes.

Many dog owners are hesitant to own a Belgian Malinois purebred because they are strongly protective and territorial. They need firm training with socialization from an early age, and not all owners can do it.

Mix Malinois has many possibilities in terms of appearance and temperament. Many canine owners want to try owning a Malinois x puppy to find out how to live off a Belgian Malinois mix since a puppy.


What Does A Malinois Look Like?

A Belgian Malinois has a similar appearance to the German Shepherd, even though it looks blonde and smaller. Malinois has a fawn color, short haired, black overlay, black mask, and ears. Belgian Malinois full-grown size around 60-80 pounds for males and 40-60 pounds for females.

With a fairly large body size, the Belgian Malinois is considered to have an elegant body rather than a bulky one. Some canine owners wishing to own a smaller dog will opt for the Belgian Malinois mix. They are trying to find offspring to get a Belgian Malinois mini.

The Malinois mix puppy is expected to have the best traits from its parents by having less temperament than the Belgian Malinois purebred.


Is A Belgian Malinois A Good Family Dog?

The Belgian Malinois is a high-energy working dog. If you are not an active owner, you can find it challenging to care for this breed. But if you want to have descendants from Belgian Malinois, try to have a Belgian Malinois mix.

Belgian Malinois is good with children and their owners but not so good with small pets or other dogs. Ensure you only have Belgian Malinois in your home for their best happiness.

If there are canine owners who want to have more than one dog, they will choose a Belgian Malinois mix puppy with a temperament that can go well with other pets. You can look for references for Belgian Malinois mix puppies for sale with the best traits.


Why You Shouldn’t Get A Belgian Malinois

A Belgian Malinois can’t stand it if they don’t have activities. They will be easily stressed if they get bored. Mals will be restless and frustrated when they have nothing else to do. If you are canine owners who travel often and work long hours, Belgian Malinois is not for you.

Many dog owners want to own Belgian Malinois because they are protective and lovely dogs, but do not have much time to fill their activities. Then owners chose the Belgian Malinois mix, hoping the Malinois mix could survive even alone for long periods without stress or boredom.


Belgian Malinois Cross Breeds

Choosing a Belgian Malinois mix for sale is an essential part because you have to know the nature of both parents. You will hope that the traits of his descendants will get the best of both. Belgian Malinois mixed with other popular dogs, such as the Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, Husky, or Labrador.

The Belgian Malinois mix is the choice for owners who want to match their availability with the Belgian Malinois nature they can’t afford. For example, owners would like to own a Belgian Malinois but one that is not very active or has a less temperament.


What Is The Belgian Malinois Mixed With?

It depends on the owner’s needs. The owners’ requests vary, some want a Belgian Malinois mix with their favorite breed, and some want a Malinois puppy mix because they want the best trait from both parents.

There is another reason to do the Belgian Malinois crossbreed. You want to have a smaller dog size, without losing the original nature of the purebred. The most common choices for crossing breeds with Belgian Malinois are labradors, greyhounds, huskies, boxers, pit bulls, German shepherds, and many more.

Whatever the choice of Belgian Malinois mix, you must be able to understand temperament, health record, and what to do for the best care.


How Do You Train A Malinois Mix?

Training every dog will be more suitable if it starts with their puppies. Belgian Malinois mix puppies are easier to absorb information, and they still want to explore things they don’t know. Ensure you teach them how to socialize and spend their energy.

The Belgium Malinois mix has many possible traits from its parents, it can follow from the purebred, or a mixture of the two. Whatever type of Belgian Malinois mix you have, ensure you provide plenty of exercises and are gentle with your dog. Bonding when they are puppies will build trust and confidence.


Belgian Malinois Mixes

Although the Belgian Malinois is a good dog for the family, many canine owners would like to have a Belgian Malinois cross to mix all the good traits of the Belgian Malinois with other breeds. Below are some popular Belgian Malinois mixes to make sure your choice of what breed is right for you.


Belgian Malinois Pitbull Mix

Many canine owners want to own a pit bull, and that’s an unfair excuse. Belgian Malinois mix pitbull is one of the right choices to get the best temperament from both. The Belgian Malinois pit mix still has high energy and needs a lot of time with its owners. They easily develop separation anxiety and need your attention.

Belgian Malinois pitbull cross is a playful hybrid with their curiosity referring to games and toys. If you have a lot of time, you can accompany them during playtime. Giving the pitbull Belgian Malinois mix plenty of playtimes will reduce their likelihood of destructive behavior, keeping them out of frustration and boredom.

Malinois x pitbull is affectionate, goofy, and courageous. Even though they are maximally the only pet at home, they make a wonderful family pet.


Belgian Malinois Mix Husky

The Siberian husky is famous for its adventurous dog, while the Belgian Malinois is an active and strong dog. Both parents need high energy needs. The husky Belgian Malinois mix is only suitable for canine owners who like to take their dogs on adventures.

There is a lot of maintenance that must be done for Belgian Malinois mixed with husky, from coat, skin, to proper diet. It will be challenging for inexperienced owners to take care of this mix.

Belgian Malinois mix husky has protective properties that are suitable for guard dogs. They can supervise every family member for safety. Ensure you give them obedience training and socialization from puppies.

The Belgian Malinois mix husky requires a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours of activity every day. Do not let them run out of activities, because it can affect their body shape and their destructive behavior. Do exercise together such as hiking, running, or playing with toys. They can be comfortable with a cage in the yard where they can run and relax however they want.


Belgian Malinois Australian Shepherd Mix

The Australian Shepherd has a robust herding and instinct background, while the Belgian Malinois is more of a protection background. The Belgian Malinois and Australian Shepherd mix will be as strong and protective as their parents. Only experienced dog handlers are suitable for this breed.

The Belgian Australian shepherd became common in the last two decades starting from accidental breeding to specific breeding. You will need to shed moderately for this breed because this hybrid has short hair and does not shed that badly.

The need for exercise should start with the Belgian Malinois Australian shepherd mix puppy with long walks or hiking to spend their energy regularly. If you don’t have much time to walk, you can play with them like catch a ball or any activity that makes them run.


Belgian Malinois Dutch Shepherd Mix

Another Belgian shepherd mix is a crossbreed with a Dutch Shepherd. The Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherd are both herding dogs. If the parents have similarities, then you could say this breed is the best herding dog compared to other Belgian Malinois mixes.

The Dutch Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix will look purebred because their coat type and build look very similar. The slight difference is in the Dutch shepherds’ coat color with a dark brindle coat. The black mask and ears don’t go away like pure breed and might have fluffier tails than Belgian Malinois.

The Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix are more friendly than Belgian Malinois and good with kids. Since both parents are active dogs, this breed is not suitable for beginner owners. This mix requires lots of exercise and extensive training. You can sometimes find them destructive even though they don’t have an aggressive nature.


Belgian Malinois Doberman Mix

Next, we got Belgian Malinois mix with Doberman. The Doberman used to be a guard dog. If you choose the Doberman Malinois mix, you will have a watchdog as well as a personal protection dog.

Both breeds have different patterns. Doberman x Malinois has a coat color combination of fawn, tan, black, and other mixed colors. Some breeds have floppy ears, and others according to their parents.

The Doberman Belgian Malinois mix has a lower prey drive so it is suitable for pet owners who want to have more than one dog. Ensure you train socialization with other pets from puppies, and train their hunting instincts that are owned by their parents.


Belgian Malinois Chihuahua Mix

This includes the Belgian Malinois mix which was unexpected. Chihuahuas are known for their small bodies and have a significant size ratio to Belgian Malinois.

This crossbreed is a rare mixed breed because of the risk of breeding both of them. Some owners are lucky to have a mini Malinois dog which is the expected size of a chihuahua.

The mini Malinois has a problem with his temperament. The feisty character of the chihuahua and the agreeableness of the Belgian Malinois will be a challenging activity for every owner. But because of their small bodies, the problems they create are not a genuine danger.


Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix

Mastiff is a very affectionate dog type and has a good nature. Slightly the opposite of the aggressive Belgian Malinois. The mastiff Malinois mix has a black mask-like their parents with a flatter face.

The Malinois Mastiff mix makes a fantastic guard dog because they are protective and affectionate. They are a little mellow and want to always be close to their owners. Strangers will feel uncomfortable, and their only concern is the safety of their owners.

This Belgian Malinois mix has a large size which is not suitable for canine owners with a child. If your dog is not well-behaved, it can knock a child over.


Belgian Malinois Terrier Mix

The Malinois terrier mix is a medium to a large dog suitable for trainers and experienced dog owners. The fox terrier and Belgian Malinois have different appearances. No one can predict how this Belgian Malinois mix will end up looking. Even though fawn remains the base coat color, uniquely this hybrid has curly hair and a party pattern.

To avoid some behavioral issues, you should give them training and playing time. This hybrid is prone to separation anxiety. You should spend a lot of time with them.


Belgian Malinois Greyhound Mix

Greyhounds are intelligent dogs, while Belgian Malinois are athletic and protective dogs. You will get a greyhound Malinois mix with a lean, large, and limber dog that fits the family. The combination of the elegant body of the greyhound and the muscular build of the Belgian Malinois makes this mix appearance more athletic.

The Belgian Malinois hound mix is a social dog, and it doesn’t matter if they’re around strangers. Even though they seem shy towards strangers, they don’t show any signs of aggression.

The Belgian Malinois mix black has elongated legs, a black mask, and ears. The coat color usually is tan or fawn.


Belgian Malinois Mix Golden Retriever

If you want a Belgian Malinois to be more friendly than usual, you can get a Belgian Malinois mix with a golden retriever. The Belgian Malinois retriever mix is fluffier and thicker than the Belgian Malinois. It has floppy ears and a black mask, with gold to fawn coat color.

The Belgian Malinois mixed with golden retriever is suitable as a family dog because it can be friends with all family members, including your children. The friendly demeanor of the golden retriever Belgian Malinois mix remains a good guard dog. They will warn you when there is danger approaching.


Belgian Malinois Mix Askal

Askal is a dog that originated from the Philippines. Askal and Belgian Malinois have the same height and lifespan. This Belgian Malinois mix will have low maintenance. You’d expect this mix to have a bit of a black mask in mind because Askal doesn’t have a black mask or ears. The difference between the two is only the litter size. Other than that, they have a lot in common.


Belgian Malinois Mix Labrador

Labrador retrievers are known as the best family pets. If you want to own a Belgian Malinois labrador mix, you will expect to see a goofy dog that can make its owners laugh.

The Belgian Malinois labrador mix puppies are suitable for beginners because they only require low maintenance. The range in color is tan and yellow. If the parent is a black labrador, there’s a good chance their bodies have a solid black color.

The Belgian Malinois lab mix temperament is lovely and affectionate. They still have territorial behavior and high prey drive.


Belgian Malinois Beagle Mix

The Beagle is the 6th most popular breed with an insatiable curiosity and boundless energy. The body of the beagle is smaller than the Belgian Malinois. If you choose this Belgian Malinois mix, you will get a mini Belgian Malinois.

Beagle Malinois mix has black masks. You can get between upright ears or floppy ears for offspring. Their temperament is less-aggressive than Belgian Malinois and affectionate.


Cane Corso Belgian Malinois Mix

The Cane Corso Italiano is one of the best breeds for the Belgian Malinois mix. The work ethic of Belgian Malinois will be combined with the stoic personality of cane Corso. The result is loyal, courage, wise, and regal.

This mix is unique because it has a propensity for obedience or it is easy to teach something. Besides that, this hybrid is playful even though it has a serious demeanor like a guard dog.

Belgian malinois mix
Belgian Malinois Mix


Belgian Malinois Mixed With Boxer

The Boxer and Belgian Malinois are powerful hybrids that are good both for protecting or working at your home. This Belgian Malinois mix will be more independent than its parents and is more suitable for owners who have a lot of time outside the home.

This hybrid has good tolerance for other animals and is rambunctious with family members. Even though they are quite smart, they can become stubborn if they are not trained in good behavior. If you are the firm and patient owner, this hybrid is right for you.


Boerboel Malinois Mix

Boerboel and Belgian Malinois have a slight difference in size, but there is a significant difference in weight. The personality of this mix is a little bit spunky. Keep an eye on their activities and don’t leave them alone too often.

This mix will have a high energy level and be a little difficult to train. The training method with breaks or daily sessions is more meaningful than long-run sessions.


Belgian Malinois Mix With Rottweiler

The rottweiler Belgian Malinois mix is still relatively new. Their parents have similar temperaments and historical backgrounds, so you’re likely to get a high-energy, protective, and intelligent dog. The distinctive black coat with mahogany markings is one of the hallmarks of this

This hybrid will have a medium to large size which can be ascertained when they have reached the full-grown state. Their appearance varies, with the color cot from mahogany to tan. Sometimes has white patches on the chest and a black mask, although that’s not always the case.


Belgian Malinois And Poodle Mix

Poodles and Belgian Malinois are opposite one another. The results of this crossbreed are unpredictable. You can’t tell how much this breed gets, or any physical trait they might have.

Parents have short to medium coats with the possibility of curly, wavy, or straight, with moderate to non-shedding maintenance. If the genetics is more poodle, you’ll get a small Belgian Malinois, but there’s a good chance you have medium to large-sized dogs.

Fawn is the most common color of this breed. The temperament is a combination of friendly social dogs with their intelligence. Despite their small bodies, they are guard dogs.


Belgian Malinois American Bulldog Mix

We’ve discussed more than 15 of the best Belgian Malinois mix dog breeds, but it’s incomplete if we don’t discuss crossbreeds with the American bulldog. There is a significant difference in the size of the bulldog and Belgian Malinois. You will get a mixed breed between medium to large dogs with the most likely in the medium size.

American bulldogs are loyal, friendly, and energetic. Belgian Malinois is known for being protective and high-energy. Prepare yourself for a high-energy hybrid and multiple capabilities to become a guard dog.


Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd is a sturdy mix that goes well with Belgian Malinois. What is a German shepherd Belgian Malinois mix called? Malinois X. You will get a hard-working dog according to the nature of both parents.

The Belgian Malinois mix German shepherd are loving and affectionate family protectors. This hybrid has an intimidating appearance but always wants to get the attention of its owner.

Many are eyeing the German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix puppies for sale because of their smart, lovely, a bit stubborn, and playful dogs.


Belgian Malinois Mix Short Names

There is a name for each Belgian Malinois mix. Let’s have a look at the table below.

ParentsAlso known as
Belgian Malinois and pitbullPitbull Malinois
Belgian Malinois and huskyBelusky
Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherdMali-dutchie
Belgian Malinois and dobermanDobernois
Belgian Malinois and greyhoundMalinois greyhound
Belgian Malinois and labradorLabrador Malinois
Belgian Malinois and Cane CorsoMalinois Italiano
Belgian Malinois and boxerBelgian boxer
Belgian Malinois and German shepherdMalinois X


Final Verdict – Belgian Malinois Mix

Belgian Malinois are protective, affectionate, and strong dogs that are suitable as guard dogs. If you want to crossbreed, ensure you know the nature, size, and health records of the parents. Coat color, personality, and health problems will be passed down from their parents.

Belgian malinois mix
Belgian Malinois Mix

If you choose a Belgian Malinois with small dogs, such as a chihuahua or a poodle, you will likely get small sized dogs.

Belgian Malinois do not fit in the same house with other pets. But if you mix with certain breeds, there is a possibility that the offspring can go well with other pets. Match which crossbreed suits your needs.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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