German Shepherd Husky Mix: 23 Cool Shepsky Facts

The German Shepherd Husky mix, also called the Shepsky, is an intelligent, sweet, and playful crossbreed of dogs. Although they can often grow up to be significant, it will never stop them from enjoying being a very loving lap dog.

The German Husky combines the best aspects of theater (active) breeds and the smaller dog breeds. They can be very affectionate and friendly with children.

There are still many people who don’t know about this mix of breeds. Even though this mix of dog breeds is one of the most popular among others, let’s look at the frequently asked questions about Shepsky.

German shepherd husky mix
German Shepherd Husky Mix


What Is An German Shepherd Husky Mix Called?

There are many different German Shepherd mixes out there, but the term “Shepsky” has become one of the more common ones. This Husky mix is referring to German Shepherd mixed with Husky.

In this way, they are the same breed but have a few differences in size, behavior, and structure, making them very appealing to many people.

A German Shepherd Husky mix is going to have much more energy than its purebred counterpart. This energy is often referred to as the “angriest” of all the two dogs’ differences.

They can be pretty stubborn at times, but they are also very loyal and will stick by their owner 100%. These dogs also tend to be very sensitive and reliable.


How Big Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Get?

The Shepsky can be a medium or large-sized dog. In a full-grown state, their weight is about 45 – 88 pounds. And their height is about 20 – 25 inches.

If you plan on getting Shepherd Husky mix puppies from a pet store, you need to ask the owner what he thinks their puppies should be eating. Like humans, the amount of food your German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix gets each day will depend on several factors.


Are Husky German Shepherd Mixes Good Dogs?

Husky German Shepherd mix is a good breed for your family, especially for children and older people. This breed is enjoying going outside as much as possible because they have so much energy.

If you look at the German Shepherd and Husky mix, you can tell that the two types of dogs are intelligent and friendly.

But if you want to know for sure what kind of Shepsky you will care for, make sure you find out what your puppy’s parents will be like and how the puppy was trained.


How Long Do German Shepherd Huskies Live?

The German Shepherd mixed with Siberian Husky lifespan is about 10 to 13 years. But the true answer depends on a variety of factors.

Factors like the environment where you live, how well you keep them with a portion of healthy food and healthy exercise, and sometimes it depends on the dog’s temperament.


How Much Does An German Shepherd Husky Mix Cost?

The German Shepherd Husky mix price is $500 – $1000. German Shepherd x Husky puppies can sometimes be quite costly when it comes to their mix because their dam and sire (mother and father) can each have different characteristics.

Their dam’s bloodline can be more inbred, and she can be more likely to produce offspring that share her physical traits. You will pay a higher premium for sires whose dam has shorter, softer coats but a more assertive, more energetic personality.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Explained In Detail

If you’re thinking about getting a Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix, you want to make sure that you research everything first. It’s important to know what you’ll be getting into before deciding which dogs to get.

Knowing about the origin of mixed breeds will help you learn more about their behavior and care for them.


History Of German Shepherd Dogs

The History of German Shepherd Dogs dates back over a hundred years. They were first developed as a herding dog, which is to herd farm animals originally. From these herding, shepherds were developed, and the hunting dog was born.

German Shepherds were used in the arena, and then they were sent to Europe to be used by royalty. Because they are quite large dogs, they were a show stopper in those days.

They are known for their long and beautiful coats. Their coats come in many colors, including silver, chocolate, cinnamon, and black. Some are a bit more wrinkly than others and need regular grooming to keep them looking their best.

The good news is that the history of German Shepherd dogs is rich and exciting. There are many stories about how they protected the German royalty during the Cold War and how they helped save Europe from the advance of the Third Reich.

No wonder many want the German Shepherd to be mixed with other breeds because of its unique characteristics. German Shepherd Husky mix size not far from the original, only a difference of 10-20 pounds for the average German Shepherd weight.


Husky Dogs History

Siberian Husky was developed by people in eastern Siberia. Before the Russian Revolution, many of these dogs were used as sled dogs.

The Siberian Husky is known for its strength and stamina. It has strong muscles and very good cardiovascular. In fact, it can run at 50 mph. This breed will stand up to the most severe weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, and they make excellent watchdogs.

The history of the Husky can be found in many places. Some say hunters in Alaska discovered the dog. The dog was so well hidden that the hunters had to use a snowplow to get the Husky to come out. The dog was then shot, and the story of the Siberian Husky Dogs was born.

There are many different colors and patterns available in the breed. These include silver, black, and gold. German Shepherd Husky mix black is one of the colors that can be obtained from the Husky mix with the dominant black color in the crossbreed.


What Does A Husky German Shepherd Mix Look Like?

The primary colors of Shepsky are

  1. Brown German Shepherd Husky mix
  2. Black Husky German Shepherd mix
  3. White German Shepherd Husky mix
  4. Blue Shepsky
  5. Red German Shepherd Husky mix

Their coats are pretty long and silky. Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix coats are also very dense and sturdy.

When people ask about “What does a Husky German Shepherd look like?” The answer is a bit of both. You can see a bit of German Shepherd and a bit of Siberian Husky mix into one.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppies

Most of the time, breeders or pet owners buy German Shepherd Husky mix puppies as a means of improving the breeding stock of the breeder’s dogs. It may be that the breed is particularly rare or has historically been challenging to find.

It may also be that the dog you are buying is extremely rare, and thus the breeder wants to improve the stock. Or they could be simply interested in owning a different breed. Whatever the reason, these German Shepherd mix puppies can make beautiful additions to your family.


How To Choose German Shepherd Husky Mix Breeders?

How to choose Shepsky breeders has been a source of worry and anxiety for many people. Husky Shepherd is in high demand, and the supply is very limited. Make sure that you have a lot of options before you even consider buying a puppy.

You should check out the American Kennel Club (AKC) website for information on the history of each breeder. This is important, as you want to make sure that your Husky mixed with German Shepherd will grow up in a healthy, safe environment.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

When they start looking for Shepherd Husky mix puppy for sale, many people go to the breeder. The breeder, usually, is experienced in breeding for this type of dog. He or she knows all the traits of a good Husky.

You can usually learn about the background of the litter if you go into the breeder’s office with an explanation of why you want to see a German Husky dog. It’s a good idea to have an idea of what your expectations will be when you bring the puppies home.

Many reputable breeders will let you know upfront how many purebred Huskies there are in the litter. This is important because you’ll want to know the number of Shepsky puppies that will be born.


Husky German Shepherd Mix For Sale – Adult Dog

When looking for an adult black Husky Shepherd mix, you need to know what characteristics you’re looking for to determine whether or not this is the right dog for you. You have several choices when it comes to finding a German Shepherd mixed with a Husky for sale.

One of the first things to decide on is what kind of temperament you want in an adult Shepsky. Some people prefer dogs who are more laid back while others are more aggressive.

It’s crucial that you carefully match the personalities of your new adult dog with the right person in the household. Your adult dog will be a part of your family for a long time, so be prepared for this.


Are Gerberian Shepskies Bad With Kids?

No, Shepsky is good with kids because this breed is a combination of a babysitter and a cop dog. Many people wrongly assume that the Husky and German Shepherd mix is terrible with kids because they are guard dogs.

While some tend to be guard dogs and excessively protective of children, others are friendly and gentle with children. The personality of your Husky Shepherd mix is generally determined by the breed and the type of work you expect your dog to do.


Are Shepsky Mixes Easy To Train?

It’s average. Not so easy, and not so hard. However, it can be difficult to train by commands; Shepsky loves to please and is a very fast and fun breed to have. They get along well with children and other pets, but they can be aggressive towards other dogs.

Because of their aggression, Husky mix German Shepherd need to have a professional trainer to teach them obedience.

While German Shepherd Husky is one of the easiest dog breeds to train, they do require a lot of time and energy from the owner. They are great pets for those who do not have the time to take care of a dog.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Temperament

Shepsky has the physical qualities of being a very strong and intelligent dog, the stamina needed to run and hike and work all day long, the sweet temper and good health, and the desire for friendship and companionship that can last through life.

The German Shepherd Husky mix temperament is known for having a friendly, loving disposition that makes it a great companion to have around. Husky German Shepherd is known to be one of the most affectionate of all breeds, and you should be prepared to have a real good time with this breed.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Color Coat

If you are looking for a Shepsky with a long coat, you may be wondering how to choose the right color. You may have seen many Huskies with long coats but wonder what color is best. Several colors can work for your dog, and some of them will look better than others.

The two most favorite colors are the black Husky German Shepherd mix and the white Husky German Shepherd mix. Both of them are preferred because of their standard colors and their own uniqueness.


Black German Shepherd Husky Mix

Black German Shepherd Husky puppies have the rare and exotic combination of good temperament and great energy.

They like to be the leader of the pack. They also need to have good training with other dogs. The more you train them, the better chance they will have with other dogs.

While some of the dog owners prefer black because like the leader of the pack, others prefer the white German Shepherd Husky mix puppy.


White German Shepherd Husky Mix

White German Shepherd Husky mix is considered to be a rare dog breed, but there are still many of them in existence. They are very calm and gentle and make great pets. Many White German Shepherds mix in with other varieties because they have a tendency to be a very friendly breed as well.

German Shepherd Husky mix white also make great watchdogs and are known for being obedient and gentle with their masters.

German shepherd husky mix
German Shepherd Husky Mix


Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Shed?

Yes, long haired German Shepherd Husky mix shed during changing of the seasons. The German Shepherd and Siberian Husky are dogs with double coats, which will be shedding when a particular season changes.

Both have thick coats during winter and will be shedding when they change to summer. Ensure you are brushing their coat regularly 2 to 3 times per week because Shepsky has a thick and smooth coat.

Make sure you are brushing their coat to remove the excess fur starting from the Husky Shepherd puppies so that their coat remains healthy and shiny.


How To Groom Husky German Shepherd Mix

You should never feel like you have to be a professional groomer to properly groom this Husky and German Shepherd. Just knowing proper techniques is enough.

In addition to the brushing, you should clip any loose hairs sitting on your furniture or floor. One of the problems with Husky Shepherd mix dogs is that their hair can get matted up.

A regular clipper will do the trick here. Do not use human hairbrushes or anything else to clip the hairs. You should also never use a rubber hairbrush since these can cause damage to your mix’s skin.

As for eating, just make sure you give your dog something to eat while they are grooming. Never feed your dog dry food. They need water throughout the day, and it should always be given to them in good food.

If you notice your Husky getting less or more of the proper nutrition, take them to the veterinarian. It may be a nutritional imbalance causing the behavior or perhaps losing their hair gradually.


Husky German Shepherd Mix Weight

Most Siberian Shepherd dog weigh no more than 88 pounds, but some can get as heavy as 90 pounds. This depends on the activity level and whether the Husky is indoors or outdoors.

Since both dog breeds are medium-sized dogs, the mixed breed will weigh about medium to large-sized dogs. Husky German Shepherd mix is the best dog for people who like larger dogs that runs around their yard and plays actively with them.

Just like any other dog, Siberian Shepherd loses and gains weight. At about ten to twelve pounds for females and six to eight pounds for males, this breed generally stays in good health.

German Shepherds mix readily with other dogs of the same breed and should be socialized from an early age. They have a high prey drive, so they must be fed often to keep their appetites at bay.


Do Husky German Shepherd Mix Like To Cuddle?

Of course, they do. Most of Shepherd Husky mix enjoy snuggling up with you in the middle of the night. They have been shown to sleep longer if they have their favorite person to snuggle with. It is comforting to know that your dog trusts you and likes being around you.

When viewed by their parents, Huskies like cuddling with their owners and family. Even though they are independent dogs, Husky also loves being around people.

Meanwhile, German Shepherd loves cuddling because, in addition to making their bodies warmer, they also feel safe or protect you.

Husky German Shepherd cross has the same characteristics as both breed parents, so they like cuddling with kids and other dogs.


Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Love Their Owners?

Yes, because Shepsky is an intelligent and loyal dog, the same as both of its parents. Siberian Husky x German Shepherd is a mixed-breed dog that is just as friendly and loving as a medium-sized dog.

Most German Shepherd mixes have a very good temperament and are easy to train. Several factors could indicate that Shepsky loves its owners.

One of them is how you give them affection, make them safe and healthy, and reward them when they do good things. Love or not, your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy to you is also determined by how you, as the owner, love your dog.


Are Husky German Shepherd Mix Dogs Loyal?

Some people say that white Husky German Shepherd and other big dogs from specific breeds are. They can be loyal, dependable, and so protective of their owners that they can become guard dogs.

When they become guarding dogs, that usually means they defend the family members’ territory they are bred to protect. They have been born for generations to be guard dogs, and many do just that.

German Shepherd and Husky mix puppy make good companions because they are loyal and love attention. However, they need plenty of exercise, and they love to explore new things. They also like to be around children. They tend to get bored if they do not have much activity.


How Do I Know If My Gerberian Shepsky Is Happy?

Sometimes, you will have to ask yourself, how do I know if my Husky German Shepherd mix is happy or sad? If you see your dog at the end of the day with a smile on his face and he will be licking his lips, that can be very telltale signs that he is happy.

When the German Shepherd Husky puppy is really happy, he will be out in the open and in full view of you. He will be up and around doing the things that make him happy. If he is not happy with you, he will be timider about approaching you.

German Shepherd and Husky are energetic dogs. If you come home from work and greet you by running and wagging their tail, that is also a sign that they are happy with your arrival.


How Long Can A Husky German Shepherd Mix Be Left Alone?

Same as Husky, German Shepherd Husky cross can be left alone 4 hours maximum. While the Husky German Shepherd Mix Puppy, you should not be left alone for 1 hour for each month of age.

The length of time of stay away from will also depend on the owner. A stay-away dog may simply decide that the time is not suitable for them any longer. On the other hand, a more settled dog may merely want to explore the new surroundings and get used to the routine of being with you.

Shepsky is more active and doesn’t mind tiring themselves is likely to get away for a long time. However, a Shepsky that is more sedate and comfortable will likely be staying closer to home.


Are Husky German Shepherd Mix Dogs Aggressive?

One of the most significant differences between a German Shepherd Husky mix dog and a purebred German Shepherd is in their aggressiveness. Most German Shepherds are pretty headstrong, but Huskies can be very friendly dogs.

On the other hand, the Alaskan Husky German Shepherd mix can be a little too aggressive for some people. This is because some owners have been around Huskies for a long time and have bred them to be a guard dog and/or overly aggressive.

The German Shepherd Husky mix dogs can actually be very good at obedience training, as long as the owner spends plenty of time with it and teaches it correct obedience commands.

These dogs were probably crossed between different breeds, but they often have the same characteristics as their respective breed.


German Shepherd Husky Mix Health Problems

German Shepherds are some of the healthiest dogs on the planet. They’ve been bred for centuries as working dogs, and their traits as working dogs are well suited to a human’s lifestyle.

And just as with people, you will want to care for your German Shepherd mix correctly so that you can keep him or her healthy for as long as possible.

A Siberian German Shepherd Husky mix is a unique dog, and just like any other mix, there are things you need to know about German Shepherd breeding to help you get the best possible puppy for yourself and your family.

These German Shepherd mix health problems are easy to fix and many times can be prevented. Let’s take a look at some health issues that Shepsky can get.


Shepsky Health IssuesExplanationHow To Prevent German Shepherd Husky Mix Health Issues
Hip & Elbow DysplasiaThe joints of the body become unstable and loose. Most of the overweight and obese dogs are diagnosed with this issueBalance and healthy diet, routine exercise, limiting the stress of your dog
Corneal DystrophyCorneas become opaqueRequire treatment by veterinary ophthalmologist
CataractsImperfections in the eyes lensPeriodic monitory and surgery by vet
EpilepsySeizures of unknown causeProviding your dog with a zinc supplement

Breeders who suspect that a German Shepherd mix may have one or more of these conditions should take the time to confer with the local vet.

Shepsky health problems are unavoidable, but owning a healthy mix of German Shepherd puppies can minimize your dogs’ chances of suffering from them.


Final Verdict – German Shepherd Husky Mix

Before choosing Husky German Shepherd mix puppies as your next family pet, you must make a final decision on just which dog breed is best for you and your family. Not all dogs are made equal.

A large percentage of the time, the reasons why people choose a specific breed of dog are based entirely on appearance. If that is the case with you interested in Husky Shepherd mix puppy, then it’s very important that you make this decision based on sound knowledge and research about these unique dogs.

A German Shepherd Husky mix is great for those who like a giant dog but still want the benefits of a good dog breed. If you’re going to get a mixed puppy, be prepared to wait at least six weeks before you can take the puppy home.

If you’d like a puppy and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a Gerberian Shepsky, consider purchasing a purebred German Shepherd mix from a reputable breeder.

Their distinctive look makes them ideal for these jobs because they have an even temperament and a beautiful coat.

German shepherd husky mix
German Shepherd Husky Mix

Because Gerberian Shepsky have a lot of energy, purebred German Shepherds make very good watchdogs. They will protect their owners from potential danger and will often stand up for their owners if attacked.

German Shepherds Husky mix are a great family dog because they are very affectionate and loyal. They are also very playful and energetic, making them an excellent match for very active families.


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