Do Hedgehogs Like Water? (7 Interesting Facts)

Hedgehogs (Erinaceinae), are any of the small, insectivorous mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae. There are 17 genera with a total of about 54 species. Apart from Africa, they are also found in Asia and Europe.

Now that we know about hedgehogs and where they are found, what about when it comes to what hedgehogs and water.

Do hedgehogs like water? Hedgehogs do not like water because they are not aquatic animals. While in the wild, they live in dry and warm climates, so they have no need for swimming. It is also worth noting that hedgehogs are solitary creatures who prefer staying on land, as opposed to being around water.

Do hedgehogs like water
Do hedgehogs like water?


Do Hedgehogs Like Water?

No, hedgehogs do not like water or taking baths. Some hedgehogs love to swim, but that’s about it. Most hedgehogs will avoid getting wet.

Moreover, even if your pet hedgehog may enjoy sitting in the water for a few minutes, you will probably notice his skin will soon get wrinkled and he will be trying to climb out of the water in no time.


Should I Let My Hedgehog Swim?

Yes, hedgehogs can swim, but most of them don’t like to. Hedgehogs are able to float and paddle around in the water for a short period of time. However, they lose body heat quickly and do not have the capacity to rewarm themselves.

This is why it is best to never allow a hedgehog to swim or bathe unsupervised. If you want to give your hedgehog a bath, use warm water and keep him in a container or small pool so he doesn’t accidentally drown while trying to climb out.

You should also make sure that you have a towel nearby so that you can dry him off immediately after his bath. Talking about hedgehogs swimming, do hedgehogs like water in the first place? No, if a hedgehog takes to water, it is usually because they’re thirsty or simply hot.

Hedgehogs do not enjoy swimming in lakes or pools, but they’ll drink fresh water when they are thirsty. Hedgehogs are also more likely to bathe in plain water than play in it.


Are Hedgehogs Allowed To Swim?

Some hedgehogs love to swim, especially if their owner has introduced them to water when they were young. On the other hand, hedgehogs dislike the sensation of water and will usually avoid it.

That said, it’s important to introduce your hedgehog to swimming carefully and on its own terms, because a hedgehog that is forced into the water can become afraid of it.


Do Hedgehogs Swim In Ponds?

Although hedgehogs can swim, they are not good swimmers. They will usually tread water for a short period of time before getting exhausted and drowning.

When hedgehogs are in danger and need to escape to safety, they will often jump into a body of water, like a lake or pond. However, once in the water, hedgehogs cannot stay above the surface for long.

This is because they don’t have enough energy to keep swimming, so they will eventually get too tired and drown. Talking of whether hedgehogs swim in ponds, what about when it comes to swimming in general, do hedgehogs like to swim? Although most hedgehogs don’t like to swim, they are pretty good swimmers.

However, this can be a concern if you have a pond that they might fall into. If you do, then you should consider putting up some kind of barrier to prevent them from entering the water.


Do Hedgehogs Like Cold Water?

No, hedgehogs are not fond of water, especially cold water. They are therefore not suited for frequent submersions. If you want to give your hedgehog a bath, it is best to do so sparingly.

Moreover, if you have a hedgehog who is soiled with feces or urine, you can use a wet washcloth and gently clean the affected area. You do not need to bathe your hedgehog every time they get soiled, especially if they did not get it all over their bodies. Wet wipes work great for spot cleaning when necessary.

Talking of whether hedgehogs like cold water, what about water in general, do hedgehogs like water? Although hedgehogs can swim if circumstances force them to, they don’t like it too much.

Most pet hedgehogs have negative experiences with water because hedgehogs in the wild do not have access to any body of water large enough for them to swim in. It should therefore be noted that wild hedgehogs can swim if they must, but if given a choice, hedgehogs prefer dry land.


Do Hedgehogs Like Warm Water?

Yes, in fact, when bathing your hedgehog, you should always use lukewarm water, never cold or hot. Make sure that he cannot get his head wet since this will cause him to get chilled very easily.

Some people like to use the bathroom sink because it is easier to contain the water and keep it warm. You should also not leave your hedgehog alone while he is taking a bath because he might try to climb out of the sink and fall, which could cause serious injury to your spiky friend.


What Kind Of Water Do Hedgehogs Like?

In the wild, hedgehogs drink from ponds, small streams, and other bodies of water. They require plenty of water in captivity as well. Like dogs and cats, hedgehogs can easily dehydrate.

For this reason, it’s important to provide multiple sources of freshwater around your hedgehog’s enclosure. You can use a bowl or a water bottle. Water bowls are preferable because they encourage natural behavior, but they must be secured so that your hedgehog can’t tip them over.

Water bottles are more convenient for you, but your hedgehog won’t have as much fun playing in them as he would with a bowl.

Do hedgehogs like water
Do hedgehogs like water? Do hedgehogs like water in the yard? Do hedgehogs like water after playing?


Do Hedgehogs Like Tap Water?

Hedgehogs need fresh, clean water daily. With that in mind, if you have a hedgehog that is not drinking water well, or if it seems to have a problem with water, get it checked by a veterinarian.

There is also a common misconception that hedgehogs are so-called “self-regulating” animals and do not need water. However, this isn’t true since hedgehogs need fresh water every day, just like any other animal.

Talking about hedgehogs and whether they like tap water, what about when it comes to any kind of water, do hedgehogs like water, in whichever state? Because most pet hedgehogs come from places where there is no body of water large enough for them to swim in, most pet owners and breeders never teach their hedgehogs how to swim.

The good news is that you can easily teach your own hedgehog how to swim if you want him or her to develop their aquatic skills.


Do Hedgehogs Hate Water?

Although it can’t be said that hedgehogs hate water, they are not necessarily fans of water. They are also not natural swimmers, and can easily become waterlogged, which can lead to drowning.

Furthermore, if hedgehogs want a drink, they get most of their water from their food. The only thing hedgehogs enjoy more than eating is sleeping.

The average hedgehog sleeps between 15 and 18 hours a day! It’s no wonder when you consider how much energy they need for their spiny armor.


Are Hedgehogs Afraid Of Water?

Hedgehogs are not afraid of water. In fact, their thick ‘’fur’’ allows them to swim rather well. However, because they do not usually need to swim, they can be disoriented in the water and panic. If you want to keep your hedgehog as a pet, make sure that they get out of the water safely if they make it into your bathtub or pool.


Do Hedgehogs Need Water?

Yes, in the wild, hedgehogs can get their water from the insects they eat and any dew they find on plants. In captivity, however, hedgehogs need a constant supply of water. They should be given fresh water every day, if not more often.

Furthermore, it is best to use a heavy ceramic bowl that cannot be tipped over easily by the hedgehog to give it water. The bowl should be heavy enough so that a hedgehog cannot pick it up and carry it around the cage. 

You should also be aware of the fact that if your hedgehog manages to tip over its water dish, it could become wet and possibly ill.

According to the information above, there is no doubt that hedgehogs require water for their survival, but do hedgehogs like water? Hedgehogs aren’t amphibious animals and don’t like water. They can swim but they will usually take a long time to dry off, and they are prone to getting pneumonia more often than not.


Do Hedgehogs Drink A Lot Of Water?

Hedgehogs do not drink a lot of water. This is because they get most of their water from the food they eat. Hedgehogs are also nocturnal, so you might not realize if your hedgehog is drinking a lot of water, coz he will probably be doing so at night.

However, it is important to make sure that your hedgehog has access to fresh water at all times. Hedgehogs will often bathe in their water bowl, so it is important to check on the water every day to be sure that it is clean and fresh.

Talking of whether hedgehogs drink a lot of water, what about when it comes to pygmy hedgehogs, do pygmy hedgehogs like water? Most hedgehogs are not keen on water and they can get pretty stressed out by it. However, the pygmy hedgehog is a little bit more tolerant of water, so in some cases they may be more at ease with a bath than the average hedgehog.

That said, even pygmy hedgehogs still have their limits! If a hedgehog is getting too stressed out and unhappy about being in the water, then you should stop giving them baths.

Talking of pygmy hedgehogs, what about when it comes to hedgehogs that live in the wild, do wild hedgehogs like water? No, wild hedgehogs do not like water, and they will usually not go out of their way to drink it. They will, however, happily lap up any moisture they find in their food.


Why Do Hedgehogs Like Water?

Just because hedgehogs don’t drink much water doesn’t mean they don’t like water. In fact, many hedgehogs enjoy swimming and playing in shallow water. Hedgehog owners are often surprised to see their pets happily splashing around in a tub or baby pool.

In addition to playing in the water, hedgehogs will often groom themselves after spending time in the water. This is because they have oily coats that make it difficult for them to dry themselves off naturally. The water helps remove excess oil from your hedgehog.

Talking of why hedgehogs like water, what about when it comes to do hedgehogs like swimming? Hedgehogs are not good swimmers. They often get into water but have no means of getting out.

It is therefore important to keep a lookout when your hedgehog is being bathed, or if it is around water, to make sure it does not fall in.


Can Hedgehogs Swim Underwater?

When hedgehogs go underwater they can hold their breath for as long as they need to, but they have a nasty habit of sinking to the bottom and drowning. To prevent this you can use a small floater like the ones used on water pistols.

These floaters are usually made of hard foam plastic and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are attached to the hedgehog’s harness to prevent them from coming off. The float keeps them afloat when swimming, so that they do not sink to the bottom.


Final Verdict – Do Hedgehogs Like Water

In conclusion, how best can the question, do hedgehogs like water be addressed? Well, we can confidently say that hedgehogs generally don’t like water. This is because hedgehogs aren’t aquatic animals.

Do hedgehogs like water
Do hedgehogs like water? Do hedgehogs like water in the wild? Do hedgehogs like water as pets?

Furthermore, hedgehogs usually have no need to be near water bodies since while in the wild, they live in dry, warm climates. So, if the question, do hedgehogs like water arises, you now know the answer.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehogs a good and comfortable life!

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