Do Hedgehogs Drink Water? (9 Important Facts)

Hedgehogs have become a popular pet in recent years. Many are starting to enthusiastically take care of them by providing what they need from their diet to other requirements. If you already know what foods are good for a hedgehog’s health, now let’s think about the drink.

Do hedgehogs drink water? Yes, hedgehogs drink water. They are better given normal water than flavored water. Do not provide hedgehogs with any drink that contains sugar or chemicals that endanger their health. Giving water with healthy ingredients, or normal water is the safest choice.

Do hedgehogs drink water
Do hedgehogs drink water?

To know the benefits of water for hedgehogs and how much we need to give them, let’s read this article to the end.


Do Hedgehogs Like Water?

Hedgehogs can enjoy whatever drinks are served to them. Hedgehogs are not fussy when it comes to drinking, and they can drink whatever is in the bowl near their feeder. You must know what foods and drinks are suitable for maintaining the pet’s health.

Try to provide the hedgehog with a drink every day. Don’t forget to replace the bowl with fresh water. The quality of the water you provide will determine their health.


Do Hedgehogs Drink Water?

Hedgehogs need water as their daily requirement. Besides being a healthy diet, water can help make it easier for food to pass through the hedgehog’s digestive system and provides hydration. Water and fiber can work together for their diets to bulk up.

Place the water bowl within easy reach of your hedgehog. Try water and food bowls in adjacent places, so they can choose which one to consume first.

Several owners put a water dispenser in addition to a water bowl beside the food place. It can be an option for hedgehogs to drink a lot.


How Do I Give My Hedgehog Water?

Hedgehogs have long snouts that can make it difficult to reach the water. Try to have a water bowl with a low size to make it easier for the hedgehog to drink.

Take a look at how hedgehogs drink in the water bowl you provide. If they can inhale water easily, they will avoid sucking water through their nose.

Hedgehog drinking a lot of water. Make sure you always provide a water bowl full of freshwater. Check every few hours to see if the water in the bowl has run out or is there still. If you don’t have a little water dispenser for hedgehogs, try to provide water in their cage.


How Long Can Hedgehogs Go Without Water?

We can determine from how big the hedgehog’s size and age. The younger the hedgehog, the more water hedgehog’s need. Older hedgehogs can still find ways to keep their body dehydrated, while younger hedgehogs will find it difficult and faster to starve or get thirsty.

Hedgehogs need water for their daily routine. Do not leave the hedgehog without eating or drinking for several days. If they are in these conditions, the hedgehog’s condition will worsen. Make sure you have a hedgehog water bottle to deal with their dehydration.

Do hedgehogs drink water? Yes, hedgehogs should drink as part of their healthy diet.


How Do Hedgehogs Drink Water In The Wild?

Hedgehogs look for dews or puddles as natural water sources. If they can’t find any, they will ingest water from their prey. If you ever find a hedgehog in the wild, it will be a drinking pond. Sometimes they get stuck because of the sloping sides of the exit ramp.

There is nothing wrong with a shallow dish of water around the ponds for wildlife access to drink until they are satisfied.

How often do hedgehogs drink water? Hedgehogs will look for a drink around them whenever they need it. They are not picky about the water to drink.


How Often Do Hedgehogs Need To Drink Water?

Hedgehogs need to drink every day. Ensure you can refill the water bowl two to three times a day. On hot summer days, you can give more water. Don’t forget to put a water dispenser that’s easy to reach, as hedgehogs need more water when they get too hot.

Hedgehogs need lots of water to stay hydrated. If the hedgehog is not drinking water, ensure you provide food with water, such as insects.


Do Hedgehogs Drink From Water Bottles?

Hedgehogs can drink from water bottles once they get used to it. They may struggle at first. Some hedgehogs have chipped teeth from trying to get water out of the metal head of the bottle for too long.

Water bottles are a safer step than water bowls. Besides being cleaner, the possibility for water to be maintained for several days is also higher. Water bowls get dirty more easily from dust or dirt sticking into the hedgehog’s steps that accidentally enter the bowl.

Do hedgehogs drink water? Yes, hedgehogs need water every day. Don’t let the hedgehog get thirsty.


Do Hedgehogs Drink A Lot Of Water?

The younger the hedgehogs, the more they need to drink. Adult hedgehogs need 25-40 milliliters of water per day, while young hedgehogs can get up to 60 milliliters per day. Hedgehogs who do a lot of activity in the cage or outside the cage need more water.

Do hedgehogs drink water
Do hedgehogs drink water?

As long as the portion of drinking hedgehog is not far from the numbers above, you don’t need to worry. But if you see hedgehogs wanting to drink all the time, take them to the vet to check if they’re getting thirsty because of disease or because they just want to drink more.

Do hedgehogs drink from water bottles? Hedgehogs can get used to water bottles, although they have to be patient with water dripping out of the metal head with less as much as when they siphon straight from the water bowl.


Why Is My Hedgehog Drinking A Lot Of Water?

There are several possible reasons why hedgehogs drink a lot of water. The table below will explain some of the possibilities.

IllnessDiabetic, tumors, or cancers that make hedgehogs always want to drink more to boost their glucose levels.
DehydrationHedgehogs that eat a lot need to be balanced with water. Sometimes hedgehogs need to drink a lot to make it easier for food to be processed in the digestive system.
Hot weatherHedgehogs can’t stand the heat, and they’ll need lots of water to cool off.
Too much activityHedgehogs that move to and fro and do a lot of activities will make them thirsty easily.


Do Hedgehogs Drink Milk?

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. They can’t drink milk by any means. Animals that can drink milk are those that have lactase enzymes to break down the sugars inside the milk. Hedgehogs do not have this enzyme, and it is not recommended that you give them any dairy products.

Do hedgehogs drink a lot of water? Yes, and keep hedgehogs away from milk.


Do Hedgehogs Drink Milk Or Water?

Pet owners want to give the best to their pets. Sometimes they think milk is the best choice for hedgehog growth and development. But this is wrong. Hedgehogs cannot drink milk, and it is better to give normal water without any taste.

The hedgehog water bowl is simply filled with good quality water, without the need for sugar or other mixtures. Never give hedgehog milk, even in small portions. Animals that are lactose intolerant will get sick easily if given dairy products.


What Kind Of Water Do Hedgehogs Drink?

Hedgehog in the wild is different from in captivity. In the wild, they can get many drinks from ponds, lakes, banks, or streams. They don’t need to be afraid of water quality because it’s their natural resource. Unlike the hedgehog pet who cannot drink tap water carelessly.

You will need to filter the water to remove the extra magnesium and calcium. Drinking too much tap water will put the hedgehog’s bones and teeth in poor condition.

How do hedgehogs drink water in the wild? Hedgehogs don’t have to be hard to drink in the wild. They just need to get closer to access to water and immediately drink according to their needs.


How Much Water Should Hedgehogs Drink?

Hedgehogs need water between 1 and a half to 2 and a half tablespoons every day. The needs of hedgehogs can be seen from their age and size. The younger the hedgehog, the more it needs to drink. Their small bodies need more food and drink.

Do hedgehogs drink water? Yes, hedgehogs looking for water in the wild. Ensure you can provide easy access to drinking. Hedgehogs that have a lot of activity will need more water.

How much water do your hedges drink? Hedgies need a drink every day. Ensure you can give between 25-60 milliliters, with sizes varying depending on the needs of your hedgies.


Final Verdict – Do Hedgehogs Drink Water

Hedgehogs need water as part of their healthy diet. It is recommended to provide fresh water. If you use tap water, make sure you have dechlorinated to remove magnesium and some harmful chemicals in the water.

Do hedgehogs drink water
Do hedgehogs drink water?

Hedgehogs aren’t fussy about whatever they drink. Do not give flavored drinks. The sugar content can make hedgehogs unhealthy. The best way to give hedgehog drinks is to prepare a water bowl or water bottles of good quality every day.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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