Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal? (9 Interesting Facts)

Having bearded dragons as a pet needs to know a few things to take care of them. Besides supplying food or setting up their cage like a natural habitat, you must understand what bearded dragons do every day. Knowing what bearded dragons do in the morning or evening will fulfill their needs. We still don’t know when the bearded dragon is more active.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? Bearded dragons are diurnal. They will do almost all their activities during the day. Their activities from the time they wake up until they sleep at night are about 10 to 13 hours. The rest of the day will be rest. Some choose to sleep in the nest, and some bury themselves in the substrate or sand to hide.

To find out why bearded dragons are diurnal or some of the frequently asked questions about bearded dragons being nocturnal, let’s read this article.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal
Are bearded dragons nocturnal?


Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal?

Bearded dragons need sleep at night. This fact will show that the bearded dragon is diurnal. They do several activities such as hunting and roaming around during the day. Some owners will bring their bearded dragons for sunshine or basking for their health.

Their active time during the day is between 10-13 hours. That time is more than enough to admire the bearded dragons and take care of them in person.

If you are a worker in the office and can only go home at night, you will skip the moments when they are active and only see them at rest.


Are Bearded Dragons More Active At Night?

No. Bearded dragons are diurnal animals and require rest at night. They need a break after 10 hours or more of activity from morning to evening. Bearded dragons will sleep between 8-12 hours. Sometimes bearded dragons will sleep longer for specific conditions.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? No. Bearded dragons that are active in the night must be found for the cause. Their rest time can be disrupted by something, such as temperature, tight spaces, or conditions that stress them out.

If bearded dragons continue to be active at night, they will become weak and unresponsive because they are too tired or not rested enough.


What Do I Do With My Bearded Dragon At Night?

Bearded dragons need a night of quality sleep to keep them healthy. When it’s night, you need to turn off any white light near their tank. Bearded dragons, like humans, will shut their eyes to sleep and will be disturbed if there is too much light in their room.

Turning off the white lights is the main thing that needs to be fulfilled for the bearded dragon at night. If you need to provide light to see their activity or condition at night, use ultraviolet light with a purple glow to keep the room shady.

Bearded dragons can wake up at night if their room temperature is not suitable. Bearded dragon temperature and humidity must be kept stable. If they are too hot, it will disturb their sleep, and the bearded dragons will look like hot people pacing back and forth in their tank.


What Time Do Bearded Dragons Go To Sleep?

There is no specific time for bearded dragons to go to sleep. They will go into caves or find a suitable place to sleep when the lights in their tanks are off. Bearded dragons have the same habit of resting at night unless they are not healthy or have certain conditions.

If you want to give your bearded dragon a good sleeping pattern, try adjusting the lights in their tanks by giving them between 8 hours or more to turn off or replacing them with ultraviolet light.

Are bearded nocturnal? No. Bearded is not active at night. They will carry out their activities during the day, such as foraging food, basking, or roaming around the tank.


How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Bearded Dragons Need?

Bearded dragons can sleep between 8-12 hours, depending on whether their room is dark or not, and the temperature of their tank is stable or not. Set a time for the bearded dragon’s tank lights to turn on because the bearded dragons will quickly head to their caves to sleep.

Make it a habit to follow the bearded dragon’s sleeping time habits, because bearded dragons will look more fresh and energetic in the morning if they have an excellent sleep quality. Give them a quiet, dark room to get used to falling asleep quickly.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? No. Bearded dragons should reduce their activities at night. Do not let their room be exposed to white lights because they are sensitive to light and interfere with their sleep time.

Try to use ultraviolet light in purple or close to black to keep the tank lit without disturbing the bearded dragons’ vision at night.


Do I Turn Off My Bearded Dragon Lights At Night?

Some reptile owners prefer to keep bearded dragons in a dark room with no lights by providing a heater for their tank to keep the temperature stable.

If your bearded dragons are used to a dark room every night, don’t change the pattern. Breaking their habits can interfere with the quality of sleep they have.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? No. Turning off the lights at night is a sign that bearded dragons need time to rest without any light bothering their eyes. Bearded dragons are diurnal who will wake up in the morning to start their activity.

Turning off the lights is necessary if you have bearded dragon sleep lighting. This lamp is a special lamp to illuminate the bearded dragon’s tank without disturbing their sight. Purple or dark blue lights are sleep lighting that is suitable for reptiles.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal
Are bearded dragons nocturnal?


Do Bearded Dragons Need Darkness To Sleep?

Bearded dragons will get proper sleep in a dark room or their tank only has ultraviolet light for lighting.

Some pet owners choose to keep the lights on in the bearded dragons’ tank to maintain the temperature inside. But the case must be followed by the existence of caves or special places for the bearded dragon to hide without being exposed to bright lights.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? If the bearded dragon needs darkness during sleep, it will indicate the bearded dragon will sleep at night. They are animals that are active during the day. Try to keep an eye on their tanks to see if the bearded dragons are more active during the day or night.


Is It Bad To Wake Up Your Bearded Dragon?

Forcibly awakening bearded dragons will make them stressed and dizzy. Just like you, if you wake up because of something when you sleep it is not so sound. You will be dizzy or uncomfortable with the condition after waking up. Do not disturb their sleep if there is no essential reason to wake the bearded dragon.

If you want to clean the bearded dragons’ tank or feed them, you can do so without disturbing their sleep. You can remove the bearded dragon from the tank in the morning and put it in a special place for them to bask while you clean their tank.

Disturbing a bearded dragon’s sleep should only be done when they are sick, and you want to check their body temperature or condition after receiving treatment. Waking bearded dragons up is easy, so you should know your reasons for waking them up.

How long do bearded dragons sleep at night? Between 8 to 12 hours. It depends on what activities are done during the day.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Running Around At Night?

Bearded dragons are not supposed to wake up at night. They will only wake up if something is bothering them, like the temperature is too hot, the tank is too cramped, or something is scaring them.

Check how big they are compared to the tank. If the bearded dragon is placed in a small tank with no room for them to move, the bearded dragon will easily get stressed. Sometimes bearded dragons will feel threatened just by seeing their reflection.

Temperatures that are too high also make bearded dragons wake up from their sleep and go around to cool their bodies. If bearded dragons don’t have caves, mud, or sand to burrow themselves, they’ll have a hard time sleeping.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal? The dragons that were running around because of something at night weren’t due to their habit, but rather something had happened to them. Try to find out what causes bearded dragons to wake up and give them what they need as soon as possible.


Are Bearded Dragons Less Active At Night?

Bearded dragons do not carry out their activities at night. If their room is dark, the bearded dragon will look for the right room to sleep in. Bearded dragons will sleep better if they are in a quiet and darkroom.

Turning off the lights around the tank will form a good habit. Bearded dragons need more than 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Check the bearded dragon’s condition when it wakes up in the middle of the night. Try checking the tank temperature or the bearded dragon condition that is seen walking in the tank at night.

The table below is a list of some possible bearded dragons waking up at night.

Bearded dragon at nightExplanation
High temperatureBearded dragons can’t stand high temperatures and will wake up looking for ways to cool their bodies.
Feel threatenedThere was a loud noise or something that woke them up. Bearded dragons that feel uncomfortable will wake up until the condition is resolved.
StressDirty tanks, annoying tank mates, or small tanks can stress the bearded dragon and wake up at night.
Health problemsBearded dragons will look weak and try to find a place to rest. Their hot bodies will keep them awake.


Are Bearded Dragons Not Nocturnal?

Yes, bearded dragons are not nocturnal. The sign that the bearded dragon is diurnal is basking behavior. No nocturnal animals will be basking in the sun every day because they have to sleep.

The bearded dragon will go into the caves when the lights in the tank go out. Nocturnal animals are more comfortable in the dark and continue to carry out their activities, while bearded dragons are not.

How do bearded dragons sleep? Bearded dragons will lie on their stomach in a tree. They are often seen sleeping in a vertical position. Their eyes will look closed, and will not respond to their surroundings.


Should Bearded Dragons Sleep During The Day?

Bearded dragons can sleep all the time in case of complications due to irregular temperatures in the tank. If you see a bearded dragon sleeping during the day, it is a sign that they are not well. Bearded dragons will sleep at night and need a quiet, undisturbed atmosphere.


Final Verdict – Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal

Bearded dragons are diurnal animals that carry out all their activities during the day. They will look for food, roam, bask, and do other activities for up to 10-13 hours. After entering the night, the bearded dragon will look for the right place to sleep.

You need to turn off the light around the bearded dragon’s tank to make the room dark. Bearded dragons will stop their activities and sleep between 8-12 hours.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal
Are bearded dragons nocturnal?

If you notice a bearded dragon waking up at night running around or looking uncomfortable, find out whether it’s their health condition, temperature, or something that scares them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet bearded dragon a good and comfortable life!

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