Bearded Dragon Basking : (11 Interesting Facts)

Bearded dragon basking is a natural behavior. Some bearded dragon owners don’t know how bearded dragons maintain their temperature while basking. If you don’t provide a platform for basking, then their behavior may change. If you want to keep bearded dragons happy, then you should give them the spotlight for basking.

Why do Bearded Dragon bask? Bearded dragon basking is an important process to maintain the optimum temperature of the body through external heat like heat from the sun and heat lamp to keep them healthy.

Bearded dragon basking
Bearded dragon basking – Why do bearded dragons bask

In this article, we will discuss why bearded dragons are basking, what a bearded dragon basking platform is, and many other things related to basking. Let’s dive into the details of this topic.


How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Basking?

When bearded dragons reach thermal maximum, then you will see the open mouth of bearded dragons. Open mouth behavior is known as gaping. It shows that dragons are at optimum temperature. This behavior enables them to eradicate the extra amount of heat from the body. Dragon digestion may be inhibited when there is no proper temperature.

Sweating behavior is not present in bearded dragons. That is why gaping is in dragons to remove the extra amount of heat. This is a very effective method to expel excess heat from the body. When there is overheating in the lizard, the lizard will go to a more relaxed place to maintain the body’s optimum temperature.

Mouth open breathing can be because of respiratory diseases. The same things are in herps diseases. This type of disease is fatal for snakes, but it is normal for bearded dragons.  Bearded dragon won’t bask, which results in a behavior change.


How Long Should A Bearded Dragon Bask For?

The basking time may vary according to the age of bearded dragons. Baby dragons can bask for about five to ten minutes a few times a day. If the temperature is one hundred and six Fahrenheit, bearded dragons can bask for about eleven hours per day. If the age of beardie is more than one year, then the temperature should be under one hundred and seven Fahrenheit.


What Is Basking For Bearded Dragons?

The critical area of beardie heating is the basking zone. The temperature should be ninety to one hundred and ten F in the basking zone. It depends upon the age of bearded dragons. You can achieve the desired temperature with the help of many gadgets like heating pads, heating emitters, heat lamps, etc.


Can A Bearded Dragon Bask Too Much?

Of course, bearded dragons bask too much, but you should set the interval of basking. Too much temperature of basking may disturb the behavior of bearded dragons. Lizards receive UV light and heat from sunlight.


Is It Normal For A Bearded Dragon To Bask All Day?

It is considered a normal behavior of a bearded dragon to bask all day. But this behavior can only be seen in some dragons. There is a particular type of lizards known as desert basking lizards, and they can spend much time in the heat for extended intervals.


What Should Be A Basking Area For Bearded Dragons?

An important area for basking bearded dragons is any zone that has no disturbance. Bearded dragon basking temp should be 90-110 F, but the temperature may vary according to the breed’s nature and dragons’ age. You can artificially achieve this temperature by using many electric instruments.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Not Basking?

There can be many reasons for bearded dragon basking. Any disturbance in the platform of basking can change the normal functioning of the bearded dragon.

When there is no basking, bearded dragons may have many health threats like calcium shortage, lack of vitamin that results in irreversible changes. When there is no basking, then there will be no pooping and eating. These conditions can be because of low temperature and disturbance in lightening and diet.


What Temperature Should A Bearded Dragon Basking Spot Be?

Basking spots should have a temperature between 31 to 38 degrees Celsius. At nighttime, the temperature should be at 21 to 24 C. The temperature can be measured with the help of a thermometer.

Any disturbance in temperature can lead to the functioning of the normal life of bearded dragons. That is why proper checks and balances are required.


What Is Bearded Dragon Basking Spot?

A bearded dragon basking spot is a place where they bask and gain heat to get the body’s optimum temperature. Why is a bearded dragon not basking? If the bearded dragon is not basking and shows gaping, then it means that this heat is not enough for him.

You should know that the habitat should be hot because it is helpful for indigestion. If there is any disturbance, then it can lead to improper digestion and other stomach issues.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Basking All Day?

All-day basking can be seen in a particular type of bearded dragons that live in deserts. Basking is essential for strong bones and proper growth. If there is not basking, there may be weak bones and results in other serious issues. Your bearded dragon can bask for about twelve hours.

Bearded dragon basking
Bearded dragon basking – Why do bearded dragons bask


General Bearded Dragon Basking Behavior

When bearded dragons have enough heat, or in other words, they have overheated, then you will see the open mouth. This behavior is for radiating the extra heat from the body to get optimum temperature. Gaining optimum temperature is necessary for proper body functioning.


Why Is Bearded Dragon Basking With Mouth Open?

You will see the open mouth of bearded dragons basking for long intervals of time. When they gain enough heat from basking, they start gaping by opening their mouth and radiating heat from the body. After all, over-temperature is also not safe for them.

There is no sweating procedure in bearded dragons as in humans. Humans radiate an extra amount of heat from the body by a natural process that is sweating. But the only method to remove extra heat is gaping in bearded dragons. If bearded dragons are in the tank and there is excess heat, they will start moving to the more incredible part of the tank.


Why Is Bearded Dragon Basking With Eyes Closed

Eye closing can also be seen in many bearded dragons while basking. This is a sign of relaxation. It would be best not to worry about it because this is a natural thing in a beardie.


Best Bearded Dragon Basking Platform

Many brands provide basking platforms for bearded dragons. These platforms have a heating system. You can set that temperature which is okay for bearded dragons.  But you should know essential points that are very useful for you if you want to ask them. While buying an ideal basking platform, you should know these points.

  • The size should be significant so that bearded dragons can easily fit in it. They can move comfortably on the platform.
  • The platform should be accessed quickly, and it should have enough space to move in it. They can move to a cooler place when they need not heat.
  • It should be safe. It means that in preparation of it, no toxic material is used.
  • It must be durable, and it can stand with a heat lamp.
  • It should be cleaned easily.


Does Bearded Dragon Need Heat At Night?

When bearded dragons are not independent, then it means that you should give them all the things that are needed for bearded dragons. You should provide them with the environment and habitat that is essential for them as we know that these are very sensitive living things. 

In the daytime, when there is more heat than there should be a cooler area in the tank to dissipate the extra heat from the body. The temperature is very necessary for them. At night, they also need the optimum temperature for proper body functioning. When bearded dragons are in the wild, they need a temperature of about 70 to 75°F; there should be the same temperature in the tank because it is necessary for the proper growth of the body.

It depends on you whether you are living in a hot place or cold, you should set the temperature according to the region. If it is very cold outside, you should maintain the optimum temperature in the tank.

If the temperature is below 65°F, should you set the temperature at that range that is okay for bearded dragons? For this, you can use many electric gadgets for the maintenance of the temperature of the tank.

Bearded dragon basking light can be provided by many heaters that provide low light and heat. You can buy heat emitters from stores that produce light and heat, and they will not disturb bearded dragons in tanks. The light from the emitter is okay for the sleeping of bearded dragons also. These instruments are very good for bearded dragons because they maintain the tank’s temperature when there is an increase or drop in temperature.


Basking Zones Of Bearded Dragons

The area where the bearded dragons bask in the basking zone. There should be a temperature between 90- 110 F. Temperature of baking depends upon many factors like age and the region where bearded dragons live. You can obtain this temperature artificially with the help of electric heaters.

You can use many other things like heating pads. You can place objects in the basking area on which bearded dragons perch upon. This object can be made of stones, rocks, driftwood, and three lambs. Bearded dragon basking rock should be free from molds or chemicals.

 When you are using the perch object from outside, you should be well aware that there will be no chemical or mold. Any harmful chemical on an object may disturb the normal functioning of bearded dragons.  It would be best if you cleaned or sterilized.

Never put rocks and the oven in the oven. If you are using rocks or stones, you can kill germs or sterilize them with the help of boiling.


Establishing Cool Zone

There must be a cooler zone in the basking area because when there is excess heat in the tank, they can move to the cooler place to maintain the body’s optimum temperature. The cooler zone should be at eighty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermoregulation is very much important in bearded dragons because they are very sensitive to temperature. Any minute difference in temperature results in a behavior change, and that results in many health issues.


Establishing Temperature Gradient

The ideal temperature is that that is suitable for bearded dragons. You can use many devices that will help you in maintaining the temperature of the tank or enclosure. You can set the warm temperature in the basking zone and set the cooler temperature outside the baking zone.

There should be a gradual increase in temperature from warm to cooler end. It is best for bearded dragons because, in wildlife, there is the same scenario of temperature. Bearded dragons feel good at this temperature.


Monitoring Temperature within Enclosure

Adjusting the temperature in the habitat is best for the growth of bearded dragons. To know the temperature in each zone, whether it is basking or cooler, you can use digital or mercury temperature.

While measuring the temperature, you should measure the temperature from both the cool zone and basking zone. Then you can gather the accurate readings.

Bearded dragon basking
Bearded dragon basking – Why do bearded dragons bask


Final Verdict On Bearded Dragon Basking

Bearded dragon basking is very important because they need heat, and they maintain their body temperature with the help of this adaptation. They gain heat in the wild by the sun, but when they are in a tank, you should provide heat with heaters.

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