Pied French Bulldog : 15 Cool Piebald French Bulldog

Are you considering taking up a Pied Frenchie Bulldog as a pet? Or are you just curious and keen on getting some facts about the Piebald Frenchie Bulldog? In either case, you will find this article helpful – as it has information on the physical features, temperament, care needs and how you can acquire a Pied Frenchie Bulldog.

The Pied French Bulldog is simply a French bulldog whose main coat color is white, but has patches of a darker color on the body and/or the head. There are, among others, fawn, blue, red, lilac, merle, white, black, sable and honey Pied French Bulldogs. They are alert, playful, sociable and reasonably easy to care for dogs.

There are people who may refer to the Pied French Bulldog as a Piebald French Bulldog. Thus when people make reference to Piebald French Bulldogs or Pied French Bulldogs, they are referring to the same dogs.

Is a pied french bulldog rare
Is A Pied French Bulldog Rare?

It is important to point out, right from the outset, that the Pied French Bulldogs are similar to other French Bulldogs in all respects. It is only the Pied French Bulldog colors that set them apart.

But in terms of temperament, intelligence, trainability, care needs and so on, the Piebald French Bulldog is similar to all other French Bulldogs.


What Is A Pied Dog?

A pied dog is simply one whose coat is primarily white, but has spots of a darker color on its body and/or head.

Therefore in the context of dogs, the term ‘pied’ is simply a description of appearance.

For instance, the phrase ‘blue pied’ may refer to a dog whose primary coat color is white, but has blue spots on its body and/or head.

Generally, a pied color dog has a white coat, but with spots of a darker color. That is the essence of pied dog color.

A pied Bulldog may have a primarily white coat, but then you find that it has tan or black or gray spots on its body and/or head.

There is a certain pied gene in dogs, which brings about these color patterns.

But to be sure, there is no specific pied color in dogs. The term is a description of a pattern, rather than a specific color.

With that background knowledge, we can now proceed to answer the what is a Piebald French Bulldog question.


What Is A Pied French Bulldog?

A Pied French Bulldog – also known as a Piebald French Bulldog – is a Frenchie Bulldog whose coat color is primarily white, but has spots of a darker color on its body and/or body.

What does pied mean in French Bulldogs? In French Bulldogs, the term ‘pied’ is a reference to the pattern where you find a primarily white coat, with spots of a darker color.

So that is the most basic Pied French Bulldog meaning.

For instance, if you find a white with black spots French Bulldog, it may qualify to be termed as a piebald.

Similarly, a gray and white Frenchie may qualify for the ‘piebald’ label. That is if the primary coat color is white, but the dog has gray spots on its body and/or head. So in this case, the grey and white Frenchie is a piebald.

But if it is a primarily gray Frenchie dog, with just a few white spots on its body, then it may not qualify to be termed as a piebald. Therefore it may be possible for a grey and white spotted French Bulldog to fail the piebald test.

That is similar to how a black and grey spotted French Bulldog would fail the piebald test.

The same rule would apply for a fawn and white Pied French Bulldog.

The piebald markings French Bulldog possesses may be of a wide range of colors.

The Pied French Bulldog DNA is largely similar to that of any other French Bulldog. Where you may find some difference is in the color genes. So that is where the distinction for Pied Frenchie dogs lies.

To reiterate, the Piebald Frenchie is a regular French Bulldog in all other respects. Only the body color pattern sets the French Piebald Bulldog apart.


What Are The Common Pied French Bulldog Colors?

Pied French Bulldogs come in many different colors. Indeed, the French Pied Bulldog is usually considered to be ideal on account of the many color options available for it.

You may find a pied fawn French Bulldog, a red Piebald French Bulldog, a pied lilac French Bulldog, a pied brindle French Bulldog or a pied merle French Bulldog.

It may also be possible to find a white Piebald French Bulldog, a black and white Piebald French Bulldog, a sable Piebald French Bulldog and a honey Pied French Bulldog, among others.

It is important to mention that kennel clubs don’t always recognize all these colors. The AKC, for instance, will only recognize fawn, brindle as well as cream Piebald French Bulldogs. Not the others.

We shall nonetheless proceed to describe all the major Piebald French Bulldog colors.


Fawn Pied French Bulldog

Here, you find that the French Bulldog has a coat that is primarily white in color. The darker color that makes it ‘pied’ is tan. Therefore the dog has patches that are tan (with a yellowish hue) against a primarily white coat.

And that is what makes it a fawn Piebald French Bulldog.

At least when it comes to the French Bulldog pied fawn is described by that pattern.

And in the context of the French Bulldog fawn pied is quite a popular pattern.

A full grown fawn Pied French Bulldog has a rather exquisite appearance. On the whole, the fawn Piebald French Bulldog patterns have a certain quiet elegance to them.


Blue Pied French Bulldog

In this Piebald French Bulldog, the primary coat color is white. But there are bluish patches on it. These patches have a gray hue (getting a truly blue patch on a dog can be hard).

Other parts of the dog, such as its eye rims (or even the eyes themselves), the nose and lips will also tend to have this blue color. A full grown blue Pied French Bulldog usually has a very impressive appearance.

That applies whether it is a blue pied female French Bulldog or a blue pied male French Bulldog.

By the way, it may also be possible to find a blue fawn Pied French Bulldog. Even a blue pied merle French Bulldog is something that exists, according to some breeders.

But there are those who will tell you that the blue merle Pied French Bulldog is almost a myth.

Blue in dogs is usually quite a rare color. Consequently, finding a blue Pied French Bulldog for sale can at times be challenging. When you find it, the blue Pied Frenchie may not come cheap.

You only need to research on how much is a blue Pied French Bulldog, to see the kind of figures in question. But then, the blue Piebald French Bulldog has the beauty to justify the price.

In fact, there are those who find the blue Pied French Bulldog cost too low in comparison to its prestige value.

Blue Pied French Bulldogs are highly sought after. Even in places like Paris itself, you find that Bulldog Frances pied blue has great demand.

Even if you lower standards, and opt for a blue fawn Piebald French Bulldog, you may have challenges getting it. The same also applies for the supposed blue merle Piebald French Bulldog. They are rare.


Red Pied French Bulldog

In this dog, the primary coat color is white. But then, the dog has patches that are red (with a brownish hue) on its body and/or head.

The red in this context is, of course, just a darker shade of brown. It would be pretty much impossible to find blood red patches on a dog.

Nonetheless, the reddish patches on this dog, which have a brown hue, against its primarily white coat, qualifies it for the French Piebald Bulldog tag.


Lilac Pied French Bulldog

The dark spots that qualify this dog to be termed as a ‘piebald’ are of a grayish-brown color.

This is an extremely rare Pied Frenchie Bulldog color.

Nonetheless a lilac and tan Pied French Bulldog is obtainable in certain circles. That is in spite of it being a relatively rare Frenchie Pied color.

Indeed, if you were to ask, what is the rarest color of French Bulldog, this is one that may come up often.

If you happen to find a genuine full suit lilac French Bulldog for sale, you should count yourself quite lucky. A lilac Piebald French Bulldog is not always easy to come by. Only occasionally will you find someone offering a lilac Pied French Bulldog for sale.


Brindle Pied French Bulldog

In the brindle Pied Frenchie, you will find a coat whose primary color is white, but with brindle (tiger-like) stripes.

The pied brindle Frenchie has a very exquisite appearance. It is a piebald color French Bulldog enthusiasts often show great admiration for.

But breeding it may be a challenge. And that is because getting suitable Pied French Bulldog stud dogs for it may not always be easy.

Interestingly, this piebald brindle French Bulldog pattern enjoys recognition, even by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

So what makes the French Bulldog pied brindle are the tiger-like stripes, against a primarily white coat.

Save for the white primary coat color, this dog would otherwise have strong resemblance to the Myrtle French Bulldog.


Merle Pied French Bulldog

In this Bulldog, the coat has a primarily white color – but then it has patches that are blue and gray in color.

So in essence, it is a tri Pied French Bulldog.

This is one of the rarer French Bulldogs. So there are relatively few people offering a pied merle French Bulldog for sale at any given time. And when you do find one on sale, the pied merle French Bulldog price will usually be quite hefty.

Nonetheless, the pied merle Frenchie is worth its value, thanks to its rarity and appearance.


White Pied French Bulldog

By definition, a Pied French Bulldog is one whose primary coat color is white, but with patches of some other dark color on its body and/or head.

There are, however, those who say that a dog whose coat is entirely white, with very few patches of a darker color on its body and/or head can still qualify to be termed as a piebald.

That is how the white Piebald French Bulldog gets into this list.

There are also those who use the word ‘white’ in this context for marketing purposes.

Some people who are shopping for French Piebald Bulldogs may not know the right terminologies.

Thus, you may find someone seeking a black and white Pied French Bulldog. So such a person, in a French Bulldog black and white spots are viable. Therefore they set out in search of a pied black and white French Bulldog.

It therefore makes sense for the breeders to include a category for ‘white Pied French Bulldogs’ in their marketing pitches.

After all, where you have a French Bulldog white with spots of any color, it may qualify to be referred to as a ‘piebald’.


Black Pied French Bulldog

Here, you will find a coat whose primary color is white, but which also has spots that are black in color.

It is a simple but elegant pattern. Indeed, should you encounter a black and white French Bulldog full grown, it would be hard not to be impressed by it.

That is because the full grown black Frenchie pied Bulldog oozes elegance, through and through.


Sable Pied French Bulldog

What you get here is a French Bulldog whose coat is primarily white, but also has patches that are sable in color.

This is one of the most beautiful French Piebald Bulldogs. It also usually doesn’t come cheap. And that is if you are lucky enough to find one on sale.


Honey Pied French Bulldog

The coat here is primarily white, but it has patches whose color is light tan.

Therefore in the areas where the dog has spots, there is an appearance akin to that of poured honey.

This is how the dog acquires the ‘honey Pied French Bulldog’ tag. But this is one of those rarely used Pied French Bulldog names. It is nonetheless an interesting pied color French Bulldog, if you happen to get it.


Irish Pied French Bulldog

In the Irish pied dog, what matters is not the specific color in which the patches are set out, but rather where on the dog’s bodies the patches are.

So in this case, you will find the darker color patches on the back, while the belly has the primary white coat color. The neck and feet may also be white in this case.


Extreme Pied French Bulldog

Whenever there are discussions on Piebald Frenchies, you will often hear someone ask: what is extreme Pied French Bulldog?

In an extreme Piebald French Bulldog, the primary coat color (white) covers more than 90% of the surface. So the dog only has a few patches of a darker color. Or the darker color patches only cover a small area of its body.

So you find that it is only a sparsely speckled Frenchie. That is what makes it an extreme French piebald Bulldog.

Is a pied french bulldog rare
Is A Pied French Bulldog Rare?


Pied French Bulldog Size

The French pied Bulldog is in the category of small dogs.

In terms of height, it will typically be in the 11 to 12 inches range. And in terms of weight, it will normally be in the 18 to 26 pounds range.

Normally, the pied male French Bulldog is not much bigger than the pied female French Bulldog. Thus the male and female Pied French Bulldog are roughly the same size.

Thus if you were looking for a massive French Bulldog, you may not be in for much luck. That is unless you opt to use the word ‘massive’ in a relative sense.


Pied French Bulldog Temperament

In terms of temperament, Pied Frenchies are described as being alert, playful and sociable.

Don’t let the ‘Bulldog’ name mislead you. These dogs don’t have any bullying tendencies. They can get along well with other pets, even cats. And they are quite good with kids. They do, however, have a ‘tough’ look on their faces.

Ultimately, you have to remember that even a full grown spotted French Bulldog is still not a particularly big or intimidating dog. Therefore it is not harmful to kids or other pets.


Pied French Bulldog Care Needs

Pied Frenchie Bulldogs don’t shed too much. Their hair is not too long either. Therefore once or twice per week brushing should suffice for them.

Their claws grow fast. Therefore regular trimming may be necessary.

These dogs require relatively little exercise. But you should nonetheless create a schedule that allows them to exercise at least a few times per week.

In terms of food, they seem to have a special liking for dry kibble. But you need to give them a varied, balanced diet.

One or two cups at most of food should be enough. But divide it into two or three meals. And ensure that the dog has constant supply of water.

If yours is a Piebald French Bulldog puppy, you may need to arrange for more mealtimes (like 4 per day). Pied French Bulldog puppies require modest amounts of food. But it needs to be spread over several mealtimes.

You need to remember that the French Bulldog puppies pied or otherwise tend to experience hunger faster. That is what necessitates more mealtimes for the French Bulldog pied puppies.

Those are among the care requirements you need to be ready for, while taking up a pied face French Bulldog as a pet.


Pied French Bulldog Health Issues

Some of the health issues that French Bulldogs experience are of orthopedic (bone-related) nature. They include patellar luxation and hip dysplasia.

The dogs may also be prone to eye issues, such as cataracts and corneal dystrophy.

A body-wide problem they are prone to is the brachycephalic issue.

Sometimes, on account of these issues, you may hear people asking, what’s wrong with Pied French Bulldogs? But to be sure, these are problems that afflict many other types of dogs as well.

And the piebald gene French Bulldog gets the pied color pattern from doesn’t come with any other special health implications. So the health issues for these are similar to those for all other French Bulldogs.

It is worth mentioning that these dogs may not be able to withstand harsh weather well. So during extremely hot days, they may need air conditioning. And during the extremely cold winters, they may need jackets.


Pied French Bulldog Life Expectancy

A French pied Bulldog can usually live for between 10 and 12 years.

Thus if you take up a Pied French Bulldog puppy today, you can reasonably expect it to be with you for 10 to 12 years – if all goes well.


How To Acquire A Pied French Bulldog?

The most straightforward way to acquire a Pied Frenchie Bulldog is by buying a puppy from a reputable breeder.

You start by conducting a search for ‘Pied French Bulldog for sale near me’.

If you are lucky, you may find local breeders offering Pied French Bulldog puppies for sale locally.

But if you can’t find Pied Frenchie puppies for sale locally, you may need to search further afield.

Generally, if you want to find a genuine pie face Frenchie, you need to be ready to spend a bit of time and effort searching.

But it is almost impossible to completely fail to find someone offering a Piebald French Bulldog for sale.

Are Pied French Bulldogs rare? The answer is ‘yes’. But they are not so rare that one would be completely unable to find one that is available for sale.

However, if you have very specific French Bulldog pied color preferences, things can be a little more complex.

For instance, if you want a pied blue French Bulldog (and nothing else), then you may indeed fail to get one at the time you go shopping. Otherwise you may find yourself having to settle for a French Bulldog spotted grey – or some other color.

Another way to acquire a Pied French Bulldog will be to adopt one from a dog rescue shelter. But considering the Pied French Bulldog price, this is a highly valuable dog, which very few people would be willing to abandon.

Nonetheless, you can check with local shelters. You may just be lucky.


How Much Is A Pied French Bulldog?

Generally, a French Pied Bulldog doesn’t come cheap. You only need to research on how much are Pied Frenchies, to see the actual figures. But on the whole, you should be ready to fork out upwards of $2,000 to get a French Pied Bulldog.

The rarer ones go for as much as $3,000, with the rarest going for figures in the $10,000 range.

Therefore if you were wondering, are Pied French Bulldogs more expensive than most other dogs, then the answer is ‘yes’. They are indeed more expensive than most other dogs. And that is due to their elegance, as well as the prestige factor.


Final Verdict – Pied French Bulldog

By definition, the Pied French Bulldog has a coat that is primarily white in color, but with patches of a darker color on its body and/or head.

Is a pied french bulldog rare
Is A Pied French Bulldog Rare?

There are, among others, fawn, blue, lilac, red, brindle, sable and merle Pied French Bulldogs.

The French Pied Bulldogs are playful, alert, sociable and quite intelligent. They are small dogs, and are capable of getting along well with kids and other pets.

These French Pied Bulldogs are quite expensive. But they are prestigious to own, and they have great elegance which justifies their typical prices.

You can acquire a French Pied Bulldog from a breeder. You may also get a French Pied Bulldog from a shelter, though given their value, very few people ever abandon the Piebald French Bulldogs.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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