Husky Rat : (7 Interesting Characteristics, Pictures)

A husky rat as the name suggests is a rat that has markings just like a husky dog. A husky rat isn’t a breed but a tag used to differentiate these rats that have marks similar to husky dogs. These rats are also called roan rats and they are distinguished easily. These rats are just like other rat breeds like dumbo rats or white rats.

When talking about the origin of these rats, there is no certain answer to that. However, many consider them to have originated from Russia or some other part of eastern Europe.

When husky rat breeds are born, they only have a single color but as they grow, they grow white hairs through roaming. This process starts at the age of a month and they will keep growing and changing their pattern until they reach adulthood.

Husky rat
Husky rats

A husky rat would reach maturity in 4-6 months. Male rats may take more time than female rats to reach adulthood. While a male rat may reach sexual maturity by 10-12 weeks of age, the female rat would mature faster, which is by 8-9 weeks of age.


How Long Do Husky Rats Live?

A husky rat lifespan is as much as the lifespan of an average rat. Husky rats, even though they look different, aren’t very different from other fancy rats, so a husky rat would live just as much as an average fancy rat would. A husky dumbo rat would live for around 2-6 years depending on the care they get.

If the owner provides good care, it is also possible to extend the life of a pet husky or mole rat. To let the pet rat live the most of its life, the owner should make sure that they provide the best diet, environment, proper care etc.


How Big Do Husky Rats Get?

How large will a siberian husky rat terrier get? A husky rat size can get as long as 15-20 inches. A male husky rat size would be more than a female rat. It should be noted that even though, males would be longer than females but female husky rats would get sexually active before a male husky rat.

A male husky coat rat would weigh around 400-700 grams while a female husky rat would weigh only around 350-450 grams.

Many owners are observed feeding their pet husky rats to eat more than required, to make them look more fluffy, but owners should note that it is recommended to never practice such a thing to intentionally overfeed the rat. This can lead to obesity in husky rat or roan, which can further shorten their lives and affect their health.


What Is A Husky Rat Like To Pet?

Husky rats are very active, social, intelligent, and playful pets. These pets are also very peaceful and easy to maintain. Husky rats are seen to recognize their owners and even follow their owners.

Overall rats are wanderers, who like to explore and just rats are no different. Because they are so social, the owner can keep more than one rat in the terrarium. There are many husky or mole rat video on YouTube to make yourself equipped with the behavior of a husky rat terrier.

Overall, a husky rat would be a good choice because they are social and peaceful rodents that are also very low maintenance. If an owner can’t give enough time to their pet, except for the attachment with the owner, a rat would do fine, if they have a partner and a vibrant environment.


How To Care For Your Rat?

When an owner decides to adopt a husky rat, the wonder should keep in mind some of the measures. Though rats are very easy to maintain, they will still need the care of their owners, so that they can thrive to the best. The first thing that owners should keep in mind is to provide the best for the rat.

There shouldn’t be a bullying rat, that may cause stress among the pet. There shouldn’t be another pet like a dog or cat that should bother the rat.

The owner should provide a vibrant environment in the terrarium of rats by adding various toys, structures, play wheels and obstacles to keep the rat active and stimulated throughout the day.

The owner can also keep their pet equipped by hiding the food and letting the rat find it, it will ensure that the rat stays happy and confident. This is a great way of keeping the rat equipped and motivated in the terrarium. Good food and a clean environment are major keys to providing the best care for pet cream husky rat.

The owner can bond with their husky rat by freeing them in an open, cage, room. However, owners should be very careful when allowing them out of their cage, as they can chew clothes and electrical wires.

Furthermore, the owner should make sure that they provide good quality food. The meals of a rat should be versatile with different textures. Additionally, clean and fresh water should always be kept near the rat. If the owner has more than one rat, and if the one rat is bullying, it should be separated from the rest of the rats.


What Do Husky Rats Eat?

All rats including husky rats would have the same kind of food. Rays are omnivorous. The owner should provide a variety of food and meals consisting of fruits, meats, vegetables etc.

The best diet the owner can provide to their pet husky rat should consist of a 60% vegetarian diet including fruits, vegetables etc and 40% of the diet should consist of rat pellets.

When looking for rat food, the owner should make sure that they provide 16% protons and 4-5% fat content in readymade rat food like pellets.

Some of the different food items that an owner can feed their pet can consist of the following table

Fruits and vegetablesCooked foodFoods to avoid (toxic food items)Treats or snacks
  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Berries without pits
  • Endives
  • Bananas
  • Peas
  • Pears
  • melons
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Meat
  • Corn
  • Meat – fish, chicken, or red
  • Red cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Potato
  • Garlic
  • Raw beans
  • Caffeine
  • Onions
  • Chocolate
  • Uncooked sweet 
  • Avocado pits, skins, or leaves
  • Salty foods
  • Processed human foods
  • Low sugar cereals
  • Mealworms
  • Seeds
  • Cooked rice
  • Grains
  • Cooked pasta
Husky rat
Husky rats

The owner should note that when it comes to treats, owner should note that the food items listed in treats and snacks are very high in sugar for a rat terrier husky mix. Though these treats are non-toxic, owners should not feed these treats regularly.

These treats should be given at intervals because rat husky is prone to obesity and may get health problems if they are given such foods regularly.

Furthermore, for the pet blue husky rat to have a healthy and long life, the owner should only provide food that is healthy for the pet. The owner should avoid food items that are toxic to rats. Some of the toxic food items listed should be avoided.

Additionally, the owner should maintain hygiene levels in the tank of rat terrier and husky mix. A fresh supply of food, fresh water, cleaning the cage and toys so that bacteria doesn’t grow anywhere in the tank of go huskies black rat.


What Type Of Cage Does My Pet Rat Need?

The owner would need to provide adequate space to their boston rat terrier husky mix. It is highly recommended to provide cages with a platform to climb on. Otherwise, a rat would need at least a cage that is 90cm long and 60cm deep and 150cm tall. If the owner has more than one rat, the cage would also be required to be bigger.

Furthermore, the owner should note that they can’t have a glass tank for their cattle dog rat terrier husky. A glass tank would be suffocating for a terrier chihuahua husky mix rat and ventilation is a very important aspect for a rat to survive.

A wire cage with a solid base like wood would be perfect and there shouldn’t be any dust in the cage to avoid any respiratory problems in rat terrier x husky.

The owner would also be required to add a nest box in the cage of the husky rat breed so that rats can have a place to relax. Furthermore, the owner should never put the cage of their husky rat terior in direct sunlight or near too hot or cold weather.


Will My Husky Hump My Rat Terrier?

It can be common for rats to hump each other and it won’t be a surprising view if the husky humps rat terrier. Husky rat genetics and genetics of all other rats are developed this way to be attracted towards the other rats. So it is normal.


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Husky Rat?

Many owners ask where to find a husky rat for sale? Even though husky rat for sale are very common to find in most European and Asian countries, it is often difficult to track them in the USA or Canada.

If the owner wants to adopt a husky and rat terrier mix in the USA, they can consider checking online sites and big pet store chains like PetSmart and Petco.

A husky rat price can be around anywhere between 35-70$. In addition, a cage, toys, food, a nest box, and bedding, are some of the additional costs that will come with adopting a husky rat het set.


What Health Problems Are Pet Rats Susceptible To?

Unfortunately, a pet blaze husky rat can suffer from infections related to respiratory diseases and they are transmissible from one rat to another. Another issue can be red discharge around the rat eyes. It isn’t blood but mucus, which needs to be cleaned by the owner for their husky rat terrier mix.

A husky rat morph can even develop a tumor. However, most of the health issues among rats can be staggered by providing a proper diet, a clean and safe environment and regular physical activity.


Some Husky Rat Facts

  • Husky Rats are very clean rodents. 
  • Husky Rats have an exceptional sense of smell
  • Husky Rats are very sociable
  • Husky Rats or any other rats can’t vomit or burp
  • Husky Rats can be trained
  • Husky Rats and other rats can laugh


Final Verdict – Husky Rat

A husky rat is a very sociable rodent. They can recognize the owner and even follow the owner. Husky Rats are very beautiful rats that are known to make very peaceful and entertaining pets. If taken care of properly a husky rat can live up to 77 years.

Husky rats can get as long as 20 inches and its weight can increase up to 400-700 grams and 300-450 grams in males and females respectively. The owner can take care of them by providing them good food, water and the environment by adding toys, structures, and spinning wheels in the tank.

Husky rat
Husky rats

When setting up the Terrarium of rats, the owner should never put their rats in a glass tank, which can suffocate them. A cage with ventilation would be a good choice, and if it has a floor, that would be a great place for any rat to live. Furthermore, the owner should never put the cage of their pet in direct sunlight.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet rat a good and comfortable life!

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