Do Rats And Rabbits Get Along? (7 Interesting Facts)

As pet owners, having more than one pet is fun. Common choices for animals as pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, or birds. Many pet owners want two different types of animals to be cared for in one place. Rabbits are adorable, intelligent, and playful animals. Rat is cute, smart, and gentle as a pet.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Pet rats and rabbits cannot coexist for several reasons. Rats think of playing with rabbits when they pull the rabbit’s fur. When rabbits feel bothered, they will kick the rat and cause injuries. Unvaccinated rats can transmit fleas and bacteria to rabbits.

Some of the reasons above still haven’t discussed everything about the dangers of rats if they live together with rabbits. Let’s read this article for full info.

Do rats and rabbits get along
Do rats and rabbits get along?


Do Rats Get Along With Rabbits?

It is not recommended to keep rats with rabbits in one cage. Pet rats are less aggressive than other rodents but can still attack rabbits in various ways. Rats can grab the rabbit’s resting place, and rabbits get stressed more easily by whatever the rats do to them.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Rabbits will easily hurt the rats. Even if it wasn’t intentional, rabbits of different sizes would hurt the rats. Although the chances of rabbits hurting rats were nearly impossible, the impact when rabbits did it on rats would be large.


Can Rats And Bunnies Live Together?

Living together in one house is still possible, but not in the same cage. You can see the rats and rabbits can exercise together, and there is no aggressive behavior toward each other. Rats and rabbits will protect themselves, not intending to seek trouble.

Can rats and rabbits get along? Yes, only in their playtime. Rabbits need quiet when in their cage, and so do rats. Both are territorial. They cannot live in the same territory.


Will Rats Attack Rabbits?

There are possible rats for attacking rabbits. Pet rats can attack rabbits during playtime. Even though rats think of it as playful behavior, rabbits can get annoyed. Hungry rats can attack bunny’s babies. Keep rats away from baby rabbits. Rats are pets that can’t be tamed like cats or dogs. We can’t control what Rats want to do to other pets.

Do rabbits kill rats? A rabbit is a docile animal that will not disturb the rat. Rabbits can scare the rat when their territory is taken and end in a fight. But most rabbits prefer to flee to fight. Rabbits will not be rude to other pets.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Rats and rabbits can get along during playtime. But they must have their place to live without being in the same cage.


Can Pet Rats And Rabbits Live Safely Together?

The risk is too great letting rats and rabbits together in one cage. Rats can attack rabbits if they are in the same territory. Even though the rabbit doesn’t want to hurt the rats, when the rabbit wants to get rid of the rats by kicking them, the effect will be serious and can cause injury.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Rabbits and rats cannot cohabitate. If you insist on putting them in one cage, you need to observe both behaviors. Do not let any aggressive action from one of them. If your pet is stressed, you will regret it.


Why Should Pet Rats And Rabbits Be Separated?

Rabbit mothers are overprotective of their babies. Rabbit mothers can attack rats who want to get inside the pen while nursing. The rabbit will kick the rats with full force and can be fatal to rats if hit by a fatal spot. Although the possibility of a rabbit attacking a rat is tiny, it is still possible.

Can rats mate with rabbits? Rats and rabbits can’t interbreed due to being two different families. Both are not interested in each other and will not mate.

Do rats and rabbits get along? It’s not a big problem as long as rats and rabbits are only together when playing.


Do Rats Eat Rabbits?

Rats don’t eat rabbits. Rat’s normal diet is anything they can find. Although they can eat any scraps, rats still prefer to eat fruit, while rabbits refer more to fruits and vegetables. The table below is some of the rat’s diets and rabbits’ diets.

Rabbit’s dietRat’s diet
Fresh fruitsGrains
Oat hayInsects
Rabbit pelletsNuts
Timothy hayRat pellets
VegetablesSmaller animals

If you already know that rabbits are larger than rats, are rabbits afraid of rats? No. Rabbits are not afraid of rats. Even though the rats attack them, they are only trying to defend themselves. Do rats and rabbits get along? Can’t if in one cage.


Are Rabbits Afraid Of Rats?

Rabbits will not be afraid of rats. They never interfere with rats’ activities. Think about rat and rabbit love compatibility in one house by watching them play together.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Yes, only during playtime. But you have to keep an eye on both of them to avoid aggressive actions.

Do rats and rabbits get along
Do rats and rabbits get along?


Do Rabbits Eat Mice And Rats?

Rabbits are vegetarians, and they would not eat mice or rats. Rats can be attracted to the smell of rabbits when rabbits lack a proper cleaning, as well as rabbit droppings and urine. Rat and bunny will not eat each other because of their different diets.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Rabbits feel uncomfortable if there is a rat in their cage. Smaller rats can surround rabbits or attack rabbits as their territory is taken.


Bunnies And Rodents – Can They Be Friends?

The rodents’ and bunnies’ friendship is usual, but it can happen. You can see rats playing around with rabbits without any problem. But don’t bring the rodents near the baby rabbits, or the mother rabbit will be furious and kick the rodents to go away.

Can rabbits and rats live together? They can live in the same house but cannot be in the same cage. Even if you have a large cage, they must be separated.


Do Wild Rabbits And Rats Coexist?

Wild rabbits and rats have their activities. Their food sources are different. Rabbits spend 8 hours grazing on grass, while rats are not interested in grass. In nature, rats and rabbits are not companions.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Where they live with different routines makes them rarely see each other in the wild.


How To Get Rid Of Rats When You Have Rabbits?

Wild rats can go after rabbits’ food or baby rabbits. Use cages with wire mesh sizes that are small enough to prevent rats from entering the cage. Keep rabbit cages out of reach of wild rats. Clean up rabbits and cages daily. Rats like bad smells from rabbits and uneaten or spoiled food.

You will rarely see a bunny vs rat if the bunny is always clean and the bunny’s cage is always safe. Do rats and rabbits get along? Wild rabbits will not intentionally approach rabbits because they are only looking for food. Rabbits have no problem with the presence of rats if they don’t bother them.


Do Pet Rats And Rabbits Get Along?

Try to put rats and rabbits during playtime. Rabbits can enjoy the rat that goes around the rabbit’s body. If the rat starts pulling on the rabbit fur, you should be involved in separating them before any aggressive action occurs.

Can you keep rats and rabbits together? No, it is not recommended to put rats and rabbits in the same cage. Do not take the risk because these two animals are territorial.


Do Wild Rabbits And Rats Get Along?

Wild rabbits feel protective when they have babies. They will not let the rat approach the baby for fear the rat will hurt their baby. Can rats and rabbits play together? Wild rabbits have no desire to play with rats. They have their activities and prefer not to disturb the rats.

Do rats and rabbits get along? It depends on how pet rats approach rabbits. It wouldn’t be a problem as long as they were away from baby rabbits and only played with adult rabbits.


Can Rats And Rabbits Be Friends?

Rats and rabbits can become friends when playing together. Avoid rats biting the rabbit’s fur or trying to bite the rabbit’s body. Separate them when there is aggressive action from one of them.

Does rabbits attract rats? Rabbits attract rats because of their impressive smell. The more rabbits had a scent from their unclean body condition, the closer the rats got to them.

Do rats and rabbits get along? Rats and rabbits might get along when doing activities together but cannot coexist in the same cage.


Do Rabbits And Rats Get Along?

Rabbits and rats might get along but can’t be in the same cage. Can rats kill rabbits? Rats can’t kill rabbits due to size differences. Requires a lot of rats to kill one rabbit. But rats will only eat dying rabbits because they smell bad rather than live rabbits.


Final Verdict – Do Rats And Rabbits Get Along

Rabbits and rats are cute, adorable, smart animals to have. Having them in the same house is possible, but you should keep an eye on them when they approach each other. Rats can annoy the rabbit by biting or pulling on the rabbit’s fur, and the rabbit will feel annoyed.

Do rats and rabbits get along
Do rats and rabbits get along at home? Do rats and rabbits get along in one cage?

Do not put rabbits and rats in one cage because they are territorial animals. Putting them together will stress one of them out and make their life unhealthy. When introducing them, make sure they are properly introduced.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet rat and pet rabbit a good and comfortable life!

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