Is My Pacman Frog Dead? (9 Clear Ways To Check)

Pacman frogs are very delicate and slow species and often don’t move at all. It may leave a question in the owners’ mind- is my Pacman frog dead? Pacman frogs are one of the favorite frog pets for many owners. Their beautiful skin with subtle lines and shapes not only makes them wonderful but fascinating.

Is my Pacman frog dead? Pacman frog can die of various reasons including lack of oxygen levels, infections or diseases, poor, unhygienic or stressful living conditions, old age and high or low temperatures are some reasons why a Pacman frog dies.

Is my pacman frog dead
Is my Pacman frog dead?

There can be many reasons that lead to the dead Pacman frog. Frog owners should understand the requirements and conditional well being of Pacman frogs to help their Pacman frog survive. Besides understanding the requirements, owners should also look for symptoms of dead Pacman frog.


Is My Pacman Frog Dead?

To fully understand if the Pacman frog is dead or not, the owner should be aware of all the symptoms of a dead Pacman frog so that the owners can easily decipher if they can help Pacman frogs in emergencies.

Before a frog dies, most of the species show enough symptoms to understand if there is something wrong with them, including drowsiness, lack of interest in everything.

When a Pacman frog dies, the symptoms of their death include 

  • discolored skin, where the frog loses its skin color and turns white. 
  • When flies are on the frog’s body. 
  • When a frog isn’t moving for a very long time. Owners should check if the frog is breathing. 
  • When frogs are leading with their belly upwards is also a sign of death
  • Closed eyes and no breathing, when a frog isn’t making any movement and neither is moving its neck in and out. That is also a clear sign that the frog has died
  • Loose body, if a frog isn’t attentive holding its body on the ground and its body seems to be spread over the ground is also another sign.
  • When the tongues of food are hanging out of their mouths
  • When frogs are not holding on their hands or legs and they are just hanging on the ground.
  • When a frog’s body is stinking.


Dead Pacman Frog – Reasons For Dying

Many owners find it hard to face frog death and may ask is my Pacman frog dead? If so, what is the reason? There can be many factors that can contribute to the death of Pacman frogs. After losing the pet frog, owners often get confused and wonder where they went wrong. There is a list of factors that can affect the survival of frogs.


Major Factors

  • Owner’s attachment : frog owners often adore their pet frog more than needed which includes picking them up a lot, putting them on cold surfaces like the kitchen, bathrooms, moving them a lot. All these factors contribute towards a stressful environment which can lead to the death of frogs.
  • Improper diet : Pacman frogs need a sufficient diet that includes all required nutritional values. Improper diet is one of the main reasons for the dead Pacman frog
  • Lack of lighting : Pacman frogs also require lighting that impersonates a day and night cycle in their environment. A fluorescent bulb light in their environment for 12 hours every day is also a vital requirement.
  • Poor temperature : Putting frogs in either too much heat or too cold can lead to deprivation of water levels and other health conditions. Pacman frogs should be kept in an average environment with proper humidity. 
  • Poor environment : If the Pacman frog isn’t provided with enough space and if he lives near loud noises and other physical aggressions then it can also contribute towards stress and further to death.
  • Harmful drinking water : The frog owners and any other pet owners should provide clean drinking water which should be easily accessible.
Is my pacman frog dead
Is my Pacman frog dead?


Other Factors

  1. Diseases : Bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections can lead to deterioration of frogs’ health and further to death. If the owner notices any signs included below in the article should contact the vet immediately.
  2. Unhealthy food : Owners often feed the wrong food to their frogs. One of the most common mistakes owners make is that owners feed even unknown bugs and insects to their frogs. Some unknown frogs can be a potential danger to the Pacman frogs.
  3. Lack of humidity : It is vital to maintain a 70-80% of humidity level in the setting of the Pacman frog. Pacman frogs’ natural habitat is a very humid environment. A humid environment helps their respiration and helps to retain the moisture level on frogs’ skin. It also helps to maintain hydration levels. 
  4. Old age : Pacman frogs can also die due to the natural stage of their dying age. On average, a Pacman frog lives for 10-15 years, so if the frog dies during this age then probably it was the natural condition of the frog. 


Do Pacman Frogs Play Dead?

Pacman frogs can play dead. Especially, whenever the frogs want to prevent attacks from predators or when they feel stressed or threatened, they might play dead as a kind of survival response.

Pacman frogs can also flip over on their backs as a sign of stress. So the owners should look after these symptoms. If the frog living in the pond do that, owners should arrange an inside setting for the frog.


Is My Pacman Frog Dead Or Hibernating?

Frogs often go to hibernation between October to February to avoid extremely cold temperatures. So during this time, the Pacman frog may be hibernating. To make sure if the frog is fine and normal, owners should look after the moving throat of the frog. If it’s moving then everything is fine. 


How Do I Know If My Pacman Frog Is Dying?

Pacman frogs show many signs before they die, that includes the absence of appetite, dry skin, abscesses on limbs, runny or discolored stool, lethargy, not eating, film over eyes, discoursed skin, weight loss, unfit to latch onto prey, drooping jaw, ulcers (open wounds), bleeding, appears disorientated, breaking down of limbs, not sloughing or shedding, redness on the belly or bottom of hind legs or erratic jumping and stretching out hind legs are all bad signs and shouldn’t be ignored.


Pacman Frog Not Moving, What Should I Do?

Pacman frog requires an environment with good humidity levels,  proper temperatures and exposure to UV rays, failing to get these requirements can lead to dizziness, sluggish behavior and loss of appetite. So, frog owners should provide these requirements to keep the frog healthy.


Final Verdict – Is My Pacman Frog Dead 

Having a Pacman frog can be a wonderful experience. However, many times owners get confused due to the different behaviors of frogs and ask is my Pacman frog dead? Frogs’ behavior including hibernation and playing dead can often increase the confusion.

However there are few symptoms like physical changes in a man frog or stinking or flies around the frog are all symptoms of a dead Pacman frog. Frogs can also show symptoms before they are going to die like dizziness or lack of interest in everything. Many reasons lead to the death of frogs including infections, external factors, food, water etc.

Is my pacman frog dead
Is my Pacman frog dead?

To ensure that the frog survives, owners should take good care of the food, water of frogs. They should provide a natural or close to the natural setting around the frog. Pacman frogs require a certain level of humidity so the owners should also keep in mind to maintain the humidity level around the Pacman frog.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet frog a good and comfortable life!

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