How Often Do Axolotls Eat? 5 Efficient Axolotl Feeding Schedule By Life Stages

Are you interested in caring for axolotls in your aquarium? Of course, some things need to be considered so that your axolotl lives a healthy life and becomes a long-lived aquatic pet that can accompany your days. The main factors that determine the health of axolotls are the right time to eat and the portion that adjusts to their size and age.

How often do axolotls eat? Adult axolotls need to be fed every two to three days, with smaller to intermediate portions. Make sure each serving will be enough for the axolotl to finish within one to three minutes.

Of course, you will ask what needs to be prepared for axolotl food? What about young axolotl food? To answer some questions and more, let’s read this article to the end.

How often do axolotls eat
How Often Do Axolotls Eat


How Often Do Axolotls Eat?

Feeding axolotls should be seen from their age. There will be differences in how much food a hatchling, baby, juvenile, subadult, and adult axolotl needs. Understanding some of these differences will lead to maximum axolotl body development and a healthy lifestyle for them.

The most common thing is that the axolotl must be fed every two or three days because its body also needs time to digest its food completely. If you feed too often, the axolotl can get constipation or impaction, which can be bad for your axolotl’s health.

Feeding with the right portion and time will ensure the axolotl can live a long time in captivity. The type of food given can vary if the axolotl is an adult because their sense is sharper than that of the young axolotl.


How Often Should I Feed My Axolotl?

In a week, you can feed the axolotl three times. But not always axolotls need to eat three times per week because you need to see their behavior when fed. If the distance between meals is too short, the axolotl can also refuse the food you give it.

How often do axolotls eat? Adult axolotls can receive food every two or three days, depending on what food they last ate. If the size of the last meal was slightly larger than usual, you could feed again three days later.

If you have a young axolotl, you will need to feed it more often than the adult one. Although the portion is not as much as adults, the frequency of eating is more for their body development.


How Often Do Baby Axolotls Eat?

Baby axolotls can be fed one to two times a day by observing their behavior when fed. Do not overfeed because you will waste food and leave a leftover that can dirty the tank quickly.

The axolotl is an aquatic pet that is sensitive to water quality, and if the water conditions are bad, the axolotl can also refuse any food you give it.

How often do baby axolotls eat? To be safe, you can give it twice a day by giving an alternate menu so that the axolotl is also used for several different types of food. Do not give food such as pellets or dead prey because the sense of the axolotl is not yet fully developed when it is still a baby.

Live foods are the best food choices, as axolotls are also attracted to moving foods. Even hungry axolotls can be aggressive towards other axolotls or small fish because they are always on the move.

How often do axolotls eat when they grow older? The greater the frequency of eating, the axolotl decreases, but the portion was given can be larger. Once the axolotls are used to being properly fed, they can also go without food for up to three weeks.


How Often Should A 6 Month Old Axolotl Eat?

If the axolotl is more than five months old, then it can be categorized as an adult, and you can feed them every 2-3 days.

Juvenile axolotls are at the age of three to five months, while five to six months are late juvenile or subadult. After that, the axolotl’s sense is growing, and other types of food can be given besides live foods.

Six months old axolotls can already eat pellets or dead prey because they are used to the smell and texture even though they don’t see the food moving.

You can also space them out to time their meals to avoid overfeeding or constipation. Axolotl’s healthy digestive system can be seen from how long they poop after eating. If your axolotl produces waste the day after eating, then that is a sign that your axolotl is in good health.

How often do axolotls eat? If the age is six months, the axolotl is included in the adult axolotl feeding schedule every 2-3 days. If the axolotl refuses food when you space it every two days, you need to reduce it to three days.


How Long Can Axolotls Go Without Food?

Many axolotl owners ask this question because if they have other things to do and leave the axolotl alone, they can estimate how long the axolotl can survive without food.

Adult axolotls can survive without food for up to three weeks, provided that they have a regular diet and appropriate portions. For a young axolotl, you can assume that it only lasts up to two weeks without food. The younger the axolotl, the more often they need food.

If you plan to leave the axolotl for more than three days, you’re still in a safe time. Feed your axolotl a little more than usual, but don’t overfeed.

Overfeeding will only worsen the condition of the axolotl’s body, so you need special ways to keep them okay if you make preparations to not feed them for more than three days.

How often do axolotls eat? Axolotls usually eat once every three days if you want to provide a safe pattern to prevent overfeeding. If the portion you give is less than normal, you can feed the axolotl every two days.


How Often To Feed Axolotl Pellets?

Pellets can be alternative foods if the axolotl has entered subadult and adult age. You need to look at the type of pellet you are giving and ensure the pellet is enough in the axolotl’s mouth to avoid impaction.

Pellets are not suitable for young axolotls because, in addition to their sense that they are not as perfect as adults, axolotls prefer live foods such as crustaceans, daphnia, or worms.

How many pellets should I feed my axolotl? If you give pellets to an axolotl with a small size, give it until the axolotl is less interested in the pellet you provide.

This will ensure that the axolotls are satisfied with the number of pellets you give them and that they have had enough to eat for the day.


How Much Do Axolotls Eat?

Apart from knowing how often do axolotls eat, you should also know how much axolotls eat according to their age and size. The table below will briefly describe the method of feeding axolotls according to their life stages.

Life stagesFrequencyRecommended foods
HatchlingTwice per dayBaby brine shrimp
BabyTwice per dayFrozen bloodworms or blackworms
JuvenileOnce per dayWomrs, crustaceans, and gel food
Subadult/late juvenileEvery other dayLive foods, dead prey, pellets
AdultEvery 2-3 daysLive foods, dead prey, pellets

How much food can be given to axolotls can be seen from their response when fed. Keep feeding until the axolotl refuses, and clean up any uneaten food, so it doesn’t contaminate the tank.

How often do axolotls eat
How Often Do Axolotls Eat


How Much Do Baby Axolotls Eat?

To find out how many babies’ axolotls need food, you have to do research by distinguishing between one baby’s axolotl and another. Give them as many baby brine shrimp as they want until they refuse.

Each baby axolotl will receive a different amount of baby brine shrimp, depending on their current appetite. Do not give portions in the same amount because we do not know whether the baby axolotl wants to eat a lot or not.

Although it must be fed twice a day, you must give a gap between the first and second meals. If it’s too close, there’s a good chance that your baby axolotl will be full when you feed it again, and if it’s too long, it will slow down their development.

How often do axolotls eat? If the feeding time is regular, then the axolotl can eat according to their needs every day.


How Often To Feed Axolotl Worms?

Axolotl likes worms ranging from babies to adults because it includes live foods. The portion given must be adjusted to the size of the axolotl and its age. Cut off the worms with a size not too large so that the axolotl can swallow it immediately.

Although axolotls have teeth, they cannot use their teeth to chew their food because their teeth are only used to grasp their prey.

You can give worms every few times and alternate them with other types of food so that the axolotl also gets other nutrients from foods such as crustaceans, gel foods, or daphnia.

How often do axolotls eat? Axolotls eat more often when they are young and will eat less when they reach adulthood.


How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

If you want to find a common axolotl, you can look for it for $30-$75. For the rarer types, you’ll need to pay more than $75 like piebald, GFP axolotl, or very rare morphs like chimera, mosaic, or enigma for over $200.

Also, pay attention to other costs such as water maintenance and food. Axolotls also need to pay for their food because various types of food must be given to maintain their body condition.

How often do axolotls eat? As adults, axolotls need to eat every 2-3 days. You can estimate the cost of food per month from $40-$60.


How Long Do Axolotls Live?

The axolotl is considered a long-lived aquatic pet with an estimated life of 10-15 years. If in the wild, the axolotl can only live 6-8 years or lower because it has entered the critically endangered status, and living in the wild is much more difficult than in captivity.

Regular feeding with the right portions will ensure the health of the axolotl to become a long-lived aquatic pet.


How Often Do Axolotls Poop?

If the axolotl is healthy and fed regularly, the axolotl will poop the day after being fed. So the axolotl can poop every two to three days. You could say how often do axolotls eat, also the same as how often do axolotl poop.

If the axolotl eats too much and causes constipation, the poop time will be longer, and special treatment such as fridging is needed so the axolotl can release the poop and recover its condition.

Avoid feeding the axolotl too often or too large a size so the axolotl can digest it quickly. Don’t forget to quickly clean the tank from the axolotl droppings because the axolotl is a silly creature that can eat its poop.


Final Verdict – How Often Do Axolotls Eat

Understanding the schedule and the right type of food given to the axolotl according to its life stages will help you maintain the axolotl’s health. If you can regularly take care of them, you can reach the axolotl’s life expectancy as a long-lived pet of up to 15 years.

How often do axolotls eat
How Often Do Axolotls Eat – Healthy Axolotl Eating Habits

Axolotls should not eat too often to avoid constipation or impaction. Providing a regular eating schedule will launch their digestive system, and their metabolism will also be stable.

Adult axolotls need to eat every 2-3 days, while young axolotls will eat more often for their body development. Give them the right amount of food, and keep feeding them until they refuse. Don’t forget to clean the food rejected by the axolotl so it doesn’t contaminate the tank.

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