Maine Coon Mix : (21 Interesting Facts!) – Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

Maine Coon cats fall into two broad categories. There are purebred Maine Coon cats. Then there are Maine Coon mix cats. Because of their physical and mental characteristics, Maine Coon cats are greatly desired.

Cat owners whose felines have unique appearances/behaviors often want to know whether their kitties are (at least) part Maine. Hence a cat owner will frequently pose this question: is my cat part Maine Coon? In this article, we will be finding out how you can tell.

The best way to tell if your cat is Maine Coon mix is by looking at its appearance and behavior. A Maine Coon mix cat will tend to have some of the characteristics we associate with Maine Coon purebred cats and also miss a few. The mix cat will tend to have the Maine Coon defining characteristics, but often in ‘diluted’ form.

Maine coon mix
maine coon mix

The characteristics that define a Maine Coon purebred cat include larger body size, large furry (raccoon-like) tail and ear tufts. Others include oblique, wide-set eyes, large paws (often with extra toes), a liking for water and dog-like behavior. A Maine Coon mix will tend to have some of these characteristics, while missing out on others. It is only DNA testing that can give conclusive answers on whether a given cat is a Maine Coon mix. But looking at the said characteristics can nonetheless give useful hints.


Is My Cat Maine Coon Mix?

In other words, is my cat part Maine Coon? To answer that question, you have to look at the cat’s appearance and mannerisms carefully. Suppose you notice that your cat is bigger than average (almost the size of a dog).

In that case, you would have reason to believe that he is at least part Maine Coon. That would hold, even if the cat lacks some other defining Maine Coon purebred characteristics.

Similarly, you may notice that your cat is big and has lynx-like tufts in his ears. Or you may notice that your cat (strangely) likes to play with water and prefers chirping to meowing.

It could also be a scenario where your cat has a bushy, raccoon-like tail and muscular rectangular build. Or where the raccoon-like tail is appearing in combination with a lion-like mane… In all such situations, you would have reason to believe that your cat is Maine Coon mix.

You may ask: isn’t there a fool-proof way to tell if mine is part Maine Coon cat? The answer, unfortunately is no. Nothing short of a DNA test can tell you with 100% certainty that yours is Maine Coon mix cat.

That is because it is possible to find Maine Coon mix characteristics in cats that are actually purebred Maine Coons. Similarly, you could find a Maine Coon purebred cat with all the traits of a Maine Coon mix cat.

So the best approach is to know the characteristics that define a purebred Maine Coon cat. Then if your cat has those traits, but in apparently ‘diluted’ form, he would likely be Maine Coon mix cat.

Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat


How Can I Tell If My Kitten Is Mixed With a Maine Coon?

Another way of putting it: is my kitten a Maine Coon mix? Well, one way to tell would be by looking at the kitten’s paws. Paws of part Maine Coon kittens will tend to be bigger than ‘normal’ – often with extra toes. Another way would be by looking at the kitten’s eyes. Are they are somewhat oblique shaped? And are they wide set? If they are (and the kitten has a few other Maine Coon traits), he could be Maine Coon mix.

You could also look at the kitten’s growth rate. Maine Coons tend to mature slower. Another thing you could look at is the kitten’s vocalizations. Is he more into chirping or trilling than he is into meowing? If that is the case, and he has several other Maine Coon defining features, he could be Maine Coon mix.

Thus if you want to know how to tell if a kitten is a Maine Coon mix, start by researching. Research with a view to understand the traits that define a Maine Coon cat (purebred). Then check your kitten for those traits. If he has some of them prominently visible (while also lacking a few), he could be a Maine Coon mix.

Admittedly, figuring out how to tell if kitten is Maine Coon mix immediately after birth can be difficult. But as the kitten continues to grow, the traits should start becoming clearer.

Further, figuring out how to tell if your kitten is a Maine Coon mix with certainty/no doubt can be hard. You could easily mistake a kitten that is genuinely a Maine Coon mix for something else. Conversely, you could mistake a kitten that has absolutely no Maine Coon blood for a Maine Coon cat mix. But things tend to become clearer as the kittens grow.


What Two Breeds Make a Maine Coon Cat?

It is widely believed that Maine Coon cats came from Norwegian Forest cats and other mysterious extinct breeds. Some experts believe that Norwegian Forest cats and Siberian cats could have given rise to Maine Coon cats.


What is a Maine Coon Hybrid?

A Maine Coon hybrid is what you get when you interbreed a Maine Coon cat with another species. Alternatively, if you interbreed a Maine Coon with a cat from another genetically distinct population you would get a hybrid. In the latter case, the interbreeding would be within the species, but with genetically distinct populations.

So, is my cat part Maine Coon if he is a hybrid? The answer is ‘yes’. As long as he is a hybrid between a Maine Coon cat and another breed, he is part Maine Coon.


Do Maine Coon Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Or, in more specific terms, is my cat part Maine Coon if he likes to cuddle? The answer is mostly in the affirmative.

Maine Coon mixes — just like Maine Coon pure breeds — tend to have a liking for cuddling. In the Maine Coon mixes, affinity for cuddling may, however not be as strong. It may not be as strong as what we find in purebred Maine Coons. But you will still tend to find some degree of it.


Do All Maine Coon Cats Have an M On Their Head?

Many Maine Coon cats (especially those with tabby pattern body color) have an ‘M’ on their head. But not all Maine Coon cats have the said ‘M’ on their head. There are some Maine Coon cats that don’t have tabby pattern body color. In those, you won’t find an ‘M’ on their heads.


Do Maine Coon Cat Mixes Love Water?

You may be wondering: is my cat part Maine Coon if he seems to love water?

The love for water is a defining feature for all purebred Maine Coon cats. Many of the Maine Coon mixes also love water. But not all of them. Those that do may not love it as much as the pure breed Maine Coon cats. Remember what we said with regard to how to identify a Maine Coon cat mix? It will tend to have the traits that define the pure breed Maine Coon cats. But only to a certain degree. That applies to the love for water as well.

Thus, you find that many Maine Coon mixes love water. But not to the same extent as the pure breed Maine Coons.


Why Are Maine Coons So Big?

Maine Coons’ big size is mainly attributable to their slow maturing process. So they keep growing for longer. Thanks to the slow maturing process in Maine Coon cats, they end up developing bigger muscles. They also end up with a bigger bone structure. It is on account of these that their overall size is so big. It is in their genes. Because they are native to cold Maine State, they developed bigger bodies to hold a greater amount of heat.

The big size is seen even in Maine Coon mixed breed cats. Indeed, if you want to know how to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix, look at growth. Is the cat is maturing too slowly but attaining a very big size? He could well be a Maine Coon mix (or possibly even a Maine Coon pure breed).

Fat Tabby Cat


How Long Do Maine Coon Mix cats Live?

Life expectancy for Maine Coon purebred cats is in the 10 to 16 years range. For a Maine Coon mix, the expected lifespan should be shorter, but close to that range. So you could be looking at anything from 9 to 14 years. But of course it all depends on the cat’s health. It also depends on how well it is taken care of and how ‘lucky’ it is.


Are Maine Coon Cat Mixes Aggressive?

The purebred Maine Coon cats are generally friendly and not aggressive. The typical Maine Coon mix personality is similar. But you do occasionally find Maine Coon mix cats that are rather aggressive.

You may ask: is my cat a Maine Coon mix if he has an aggressive personality? In other words, does an aggressive personality disqualify a cat from possibly being a Maine Coon mix? Here is the answer: it is possible for a cat to be aggressive, and still be a Maine Coon mix. Aggressiveness doesn’t completely disqualify a cat from possibly being a Maine Coon mix. Furthermore, cat personalities are not only shaped by their genes, but also by the environments in which they are nurtured.


Do Maine Coon Cats Shed a Lot?

Yes, one of the defining features for Maine Coon cats is that of shedding. So they do shed a lot: more than is typical for cats.


How Big Will a Maine Coon Mix Get?

A Maine Coon mix will typically get very big, but not as big as a purebred Maine Coon cat. A purebred Maine Coon cat could rise up to 16 inches in height. It could also stretch up to 40 inches in length. A Maine Coon mix will come closer to that. But it is unlikely that the part Maine Coon cat would grow as large as a pure breed. Indeed, this is one of the better ways to tell the mixes from the pure breeds.


How Do I Know if My Maine Coon Mix Is Big?

There is one key way of knowing if your Maine Coon mix is big. That is by comparing his full adult size to that of a purebred Maine Coon cat. If the mix’s size is close to what is expected of a purebred Maine Coon, know that he is ‘big’.


Are Maine Coon Mix Cats Hypoallergenic?

Most Maine Coon cats are hypoallergenic to some degree. But you are unlikely to find a Maine Coon mix (or indeed any other cat) that is completely hypoallergenic. Thus when interacting with a cat (whether a Maine Coon mix or anything else), the allergy risk is always there.


How Fast Do Maine Coon Mixes Grow?

Maine Coon mixes grow at varying speeds. There are some that grow fast. Then there are those that grow at a slower pace (similar to that of purebred Maine Coons). The growth pace depends on what else it is a ‘mix’ of (besides Maine Coon). If it is a mix of Maine Coon and a faster growing cat breed, it could end up growing fast.


How Much Do Maine Coon Mix Cats Cost?

Maine Coon mix cats tend to be quite expensive, though not as expensive as purebred Maine Coons. Of course, you may sometimes come across unscrupulous breeders/vendors. Those may try to pass Maine Coon mix cats off for purebred Maine Coons. You could therefore end up buying a Maine Coon mix for the price of a purebred Maine Coon cat.

Generally though, Maine Coon mix price tends to be lower than Maine Coon pure breed price.

The price could be affected by things like the Maine Coon mix cat’s appearance. Thus, a ‘cute-looking’ orange Maine Coon mix may go for a higher price than a plain white Maine Coon mix.

Maine coon mix
maine coon mix


Why are Main Coon Mix Cats So Expensive?

The main reason why Maine Coon mix cats are so expensive is because they are rare and unique. They are therefore regarded as ‘gems’ – hence their higher cost. Furthermore, at a more practical level, the breeders incur huge costs in breeding these cats. That is mainly because they consume more food, occupy more space… and so on. So their cost ends up being higher.


Do Maine Coons Like to Be Picked Up?

Notwithstanding their big sizes, Maine Coons are among the cats that like to be picked up. They like being picked up and being held. It is something they seem to enjoy greatly.


Are Maine Coons High Maintenance?

Well, you have to consider the fact that they consume more food (because of their bigger size). Other than taking more food, Maine Coons are not ‘high maintenance’ in any other way.


How Smart are Maine Coon Cats?

Maine Coon cats are very smart. They are among the smartest cats. Indeed, one way to figure out how to tell if my cat is a Maine Coon is by checking intelligence. So smart are Maine Coon cats that they are trainable: almost to the same degree as some dog breeds.


Maine Coon Traits

The Maine Coon cat has certain traits that set it apart from other cat breeds. These traits pertain to Maine Coon’s sociability, trainability and temperament. Others pertain to Maine Coon’s grooming needs and size.


Maine Coon Mix Temperament

Many Maine Coon mix cats will tend to have temperaments similar to those found in purebred Maine Coon cats. In that regard, they are gentle (not aggressive). They are also independent: but not in a hostile way. And they are very playful. Maine Coon mix cats will tend to have a similar temperament. But with some slight variation. You may find a Maine Coon mix cat that is gentle, but not as playful as a purebred Maine Coon. Or one that is gentle, playful but too clingy… and so on.

If I wanted to understand how to tell if my cat is part Maine Coon, temperament would be key. A cat that is ‘abnormally’ large yet has a friendly and playful temperament could likely to be part Maine Coon.


Maine Coon Mix Grooming Needs

Because many Maine Coon mixes shed heavily, that is an important grooming area. But then again, in a certain Maine Coon mix short hair may be present. (Remember, the Maine Coon mixes tend to have some slight variations from Maine Coon pure breeds). Further, because of their typically bigger than average claws, claw clipping may be another aspect of grooming. Other Maine Coon grooming needs may include for brushing and hair clipping.

Bathing can be part of Maine Coon cat mix grooming (unlike other cats). But don’t rely too much on the fact that purebred Maine Coon cats love water. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all Maine Coon mixes will love water in a similar way. You need to watch your Maine Coon mix cat behavior around water, to figure out how to proceed.


Maine Coon Mix Trainability

Maine Coon mix cats tend to be very easily trainable. For sure, they may not be as easily trainable as the purebred Maine Coon cats. But they tend to have some degree of trainability.

You may ask: how do I know if I have a Maine Coon mix cat that is trainable? And the answer would be in simply trying. So you try to train the cat, and see how well he is able to understand and act on instructions. You have to ‘start small’ and be patient.


Maine Coon Mix Sociability

Most Maine Coon mix cats tend to be highly sociable. They are sociable with humans, other cats and other animals (including dogs). The degree of sociability in a Maine Coon mix may, of course, not match that of a pure breed. But most Maine Coon mix cats have some decent degree of sociability.


Maine Coon Mix Size

A typical Maine Coon mix cat will tend to be of bigger-than-average size.

Again, the Maine Coon mix cat’s size may not be as big. It may certainly not be as big as that of a purebred Maine Coon cat. But it tends to be generally larger. This is not to say that every bigger-than-average cat is necessarily a Maine Coon mix. Neither is it to say that a Maine Coon mix cat can’t be small. It is just that, on average, Maine Coon mix cats tend to be bigger. And that is on account of the Maine Coon genes in them.


Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

Some Maine Coon mix cats have longer lifespans: comparable to those of Maine Coon purebred cats. Those are in the 10 to 16 years range. But we also have some Maine Coon mix cats with rather short lifespans. Much depends on what else the cat is a ‘mix’ of (the other breed). It could be a mix of a breed that tends to have short lifespan. In that case, it could end up living for fewer years.


Orange Maine Coon Mix

You may be wondering: is my cat part Maine Coon if he is orange? And the answer is ‘maybe’. It is possible to find an orange Maine Coon mix cat. Sometimes, one of the parents giving rise to an orange Maine Coon mix cat has an orange hue. At other times, you get an orange Maine Coon mix cat even if none of the parents has orange hue.


Maine Coon Mix Black

If you search hard enough, it may be possible for you to find a black Maine Coon cat. There are people who love these black Maine Coon cats. We also have others who can’t stand them. Maine Coon cats come in almost all colors – black being one of them. There are some Maine Coon cats that are entirely black. Then there are those part Maine Coon mix cats in which black is present alongside other colors.


Maine Coon Mix Kittens For Sale – Where to Buy

There are clubs and other organizations that specialize in breeding Maine Coon cats. You can buy Maine Coon mix kittens from them. You can also buy Maine Coon kittens from individual breeders. There is yet the other option of trying to shop for Maine Coon kittens online.

Maine coon mix
maine coon mix


Final Verdict On Maine Coon Mix

Maine Coon mix cats are ideal for people who want truly unique cats (both in appearance and in behavior). Some Maine Coon mix cats may be cheaper and hence more affordable than purebred Maine Coon cats.

If the idea of owning a Maine Coon mix cat fascinates you, you can proceed to order for a kitten. Enjoy the growth of Maine Coon cat since it will happen quickly. In a few years’ time, you would hopefully be having a remarkably big, affectionate and intelligent cat purring around.

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